and teasing them

You tease them and then overstimulate them

(Hyung line)

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“Jagi, come back!” You had dragged him up to the bedroom saying you needed him but the minute he payed hands on you, you left, leaving him to just lay there with an erection.

It’d been an hour and he was sick if you’re teasing so he made the decision to advance on you. He trailed kisses up your thighs and stroked your hair, you finally obliged, dropping to your knees and sucking him off.

He came, head thrown back and fingers clutching your locks of hair, you pulled away giving him a cheeky grin before starting to pump his cock again.

“I swear Jagi, I’m too old for this shit.”

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All day, all fucking day Yoongi has been left at home to suffer while you were out partying and sending him provocative pictures of your barely there clothing slipping down and showing your skin.

The moment the door opened Yoongi was down the stairs and pinning you against the wall. “Someone missed me.” You muttered against his lips, palming his erection.

“Mm,” he hummed, arms pulling you down to the sofa with him, “ride my cock for me baby.” You moaned as you slid down, feeling full to the brim. You bounced up and down, clenching your warm walls against his member until he came, but even then you didn’t stop, relentlessly bouncing up and down until his cock twitched and came again.

“Oh my god you’re insane.”

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“Y/N-Ah, please stop.” He whispered through gritted teeth, the room was freezing cold yet his skin was hot to to the touch. Most likely due to the fact you were palming his cock through his jeans.

“You alright hyung?” Namjoon asked from the other side of the table, looking concerned.

“Yeah, I just think I’m wearing to many layers.” You squeezes his duck and he jumped, playing it off as seeing a bug.

“Hoseok, babe,” you felt his forehead in fake worry, “I think your getting sick.”

“Oh! Hyung you should go home, don’t worry about us we’ll be fine!” Jimin smiled, ushering the two of you out the doors. He barely made it to the car before you were unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out his boxers.

His orgasm washed over and he expected you to stop and let him recover but you didn’t, slurping and licking at it, smirking as whimpered under your touch.

“Y/N-Ah we should go, someone could see us.”

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The bass was thumping in your ears, but your were only focusing on the way Namjoons eyes followed your every move, you’re every step, you’re every breath. You gave him a suggestive stare, glancing round for someone to dance with, until an attractive male offered to dance, you took that offer. Watching as Namjoons body tensed and he gritted his teeth, he stood up and tapped the mans shoulder.

“Mind if I talk to her for a minute?” He didn’t wait for an answer, dragging you over to one of the bathroom stalls, “suck.” He said, simply nodding to his hard cock. You did, head bobbing up and down as the bathroom block was filled with lewd sounds of your mouth slurping around his dick, you held your mouth open as he came. Swallowing and then starting to suck again, he pulled your hair.

“Watch when we get home baby girl.”

Imagine S.Coups making Woozi flustered by constantly complimenting the younger on everything he does, even if it’s something simple.

171119, up10tion in tokyo (cr. sunyoul_prince)

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Osomatsu San: Bentos!

He’s beyond happy right now, he loves being taken care of.  His s/o would get his gratitude as soon as he got home, teasing them about how they’d make a great spouse.  He’d start asking them to make lunch for him more often. 

His heart melts when he’s given the bento, showering his s/o with affection and praise on the spot.  Words can’t express how much he loves and appreciates this.  He’d be too shy to ask them to make him another one, but he’d drop hints. 

He’s impressed at their cooking skill and can’t help but imagine them being together and them being his cute spouse.  He’d tell his s/o how much he loved it when he got home and would occasionally ask them to make him more. 

He’s in awe that they did this for him and that it was well made; meaning they put a lot of time into it.  He’d deny the gift at first, not thinking they should waste their time on him, but he’d really appreciate it, as he loves his s/o’s cooking. 

He grins, giving his s/o a bear hug and would mentally fight with himself all day, trying not to eat the lunch before lunchtime.  Once he got home, he’s showering his s/o in praise and will definitely ask his s/o to make him another one. 

He’s so touched and smug about this gesture at the same time.  He’d of course take pictures and share on social media, but he’d also genuinely take the time to thank his s/o for their hard work.  

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Can you also do 24 for Stoll twins/Percy?

*brothers. Sorry, I’m very… peculiar about this? It bothers me how often they’re called twins even though they’re not… xD”

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Oh, they’re all good at this. It started out with Travis whispering naughty shit into Percy’s ear during a cabin-head meeting to fluster their adorable boyfriend.

Only that Travis has vastly underestimated what a little shit Percy Jackson can be.

Because Percy? He can top that off by not just whispering but also running his feet up their legs and teasing them at very inappropriate places.

Connor is mainly just flustered, though he and Travis do team up on Percy for payback.



It kind of escalates to the point where they manage to be kicked out of a meeting.

NCIS Imagine: Inter-Agency Co-Operation

NCIS Imagine: Inter-Agency Co-operation
Word Count: 520
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Prompt:  gibbs x reader where they just haven’t had alone time in so long bc they were working a really hard case so they go into director sheppard’s office bc shes at a conference and almost hook up but she gets back early and walks in on them and teases them about it 
The case is going nowhere slowly, and after four days of practically living at NCIS HQ, you’re ready to kill someone. You remove your weapon from your holster and just manage to lock it in your desk drawer when you hear Gibbs’ cellphone ring. It’s a dreadfully short conversation and you know it’s doesn’t mean anything for the case you’re all working on.

 It’s clear the conversation has annoyed him even more, so you don’t question when he steps up to your desk and growls out a ‘with me’ to you, before making his way to the elevator, not waiting for you because he knows you’ll follow.

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Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


Osomatsu San: Hand Kisses

He thinks it’s cute his s/o likes that kind of stuff and would probably tease them about it for awhile.  He’d try it out when picking them up for their next date and kiss their hands gently, grinning up at them, 
“You said you liked this kinda stuff right?” 

He probably already does this sort of thing to his s/o all the time anyway, but once he found out his s/o actually thought it was romantic, be prepared for him to do it 10x more often. 
“I’m humbled by your affection my love, allow me to repay the favor.” 

He’d shuffle awkwardly, secretly being a lover of romance stories and cliches, he’d find the action quite romantic as well.  He wouldn’t really be sure about when to do it, so he’d end up trying it right after his s/o said something, 
“L-Like this? …Sorry! That was really weird, wasn’t it?” 

He’d grunt in response, a blush tinting his cheeks as he imagined a more suave version of himself doing this for his s/o.  He’d kinda beat himself up for a couple days, trying to get the courage to try it, 
“…W-What? Don’t look at me like that, you said it was romantic, right?” 

He’d nod, swinging his legs off the couch, the point would kind of fly over his head at the time but once he found an opening later, he’d be reminded of what his s/o had said and would try it, 
“Like that right?  That’s how the princes in the movies do it!” 

He agrees with his s/o, immediately thinking about when he could try this with his s/o and when would get the most reaction out of them.  He’d be dropping them off one night and place a soft kiss on their knuckles, smirking at them, 
“Goodnight, princess~  Why do you look so surprised?~” 

the shit that still doesn’t sit well with me is when allura, hunk, pidge, and keith were all either lowkey or highkey calling lance dumb. and they were satisfied with themselves for it. 

he’s already shown disappointment in himself for not being able to connect with the black lion and has expressed that he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough to be a paladin. so why would they be so quick to make fun of him when he’s feeling vulnerable? yeah, he’s a goofball but that’s only one part of his personality and they shouldn’t treat him like he’s stupid all the time.

he only wanted confirmation from allura that she wasn’t making fun of him. she had said, “i just had to get into a lance-like mindset and stop thinking so much.” a pretty back-handed compliment in contrast to all the praise she was getting for connecting with blue. 

lance immediately got defensive (”are you calling me dumb?”), which is a completely reasonable reaction because it was kind of rude of her. she did say he was a natural, but the rest of the team jumped right on that dumb comment and kept going, and allura did nothing to stop them. 

then keith said he was glad they were all making fun of lance… it didn’t really seem like friendly teasing to me. it was mean of them to do that after lance has proven himself to be just as smart (albeit in different ways) as the rest of them.


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The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi


100 Days of London Flat Memories → (43/100)

FIGHT AT THE MUSEUM - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #11

Friendly reminder that the Athena Cabin are bunch of Percabeth shipper.