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OTP prompts

-Person A and B are neighbours. One day when sitting on their couch Person A hears Person B singing the Scobby Doo theme song and can’t help but join in. They both end up singing it until they burst out laughing.

-Person A sleeps though a lecture and person B who sits next to them starts taking notes for Person A . When Person A wakes up they have a page of notes in front of them with a note at the bottom saying‘’You’re cute when your asleep’’ and a phone number.

-Person B is convinced that their house is haunted so they call Person A  who comes all dressed up as a Ghostbuster cause they know Person B is a huge fan, and ‘’gets rid of ‘’ the ghost .

 -Person A talks in their sleep and Person B loves listeing to them talk nonsense and then tease them in the mornings . 


I finally found a name for her! \o/ Let me introduce:


A hopeless troublemaker; cleptomaniac, rebellious and feisty~

She’s known among the mercenaries in and around Rata Sum. And also the peacemakers, not just because she has a sibling called Taigai (the smol DaftPunk’sura) there.

Reyn has some nice magic tattoos that only appear once she uses her special ability called spellbending. No magic spell can hold her. And Rata Sum is full of them.

Also teasing the hottest local peacemaker alive is pretty much fun.

B.A.P. Reacting to you teasing them in front of the boys

Yongguk: He wouldn’t handle much teasing, feeling the need to put you in place in front of the members. He’d reach over and wrap a firm hand around your throat. What was that prince/princess? “N-nothing daddy.” That’s what I thought. Behave.

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Himchan: He would last through the teasing longer than Yongguk but he’d eventually snap as well. Unless you want me to bend you over my knee right now, you better cut it out. Now.

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Daehyun: He would find it amusing. He’d even turn it into a game and start teasing you back. Be quiet, baby. You don’t want the boys to know what we’re doing, do you?

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Jongup: He would be completely oblivious during the whole thing, or so you thought. But as soon as you two were alone, you’d be in for it. So do you wanna explain what exactly you were trying to do earlier, little brat?

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Youngjae: He would get all blushy, trying to remain calm and hoping that the other members don’t notice. He’d keep giving you warning glances but you just giggled at him. He’d finally take you aside. Aish, cut it out! I’m serious! If you give me a boner in front of my members I’ll ruin you.

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Zelo: Shameless maknae would start dragging you away the second you started teasing him. Uhhhh yep we’ll finish this later. Got stuff to do. Bye guys~ Get lost!

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good tips when having sex?

foreplay, idk how many times i gotta say it but foreplay is really good. grind on ur partner, tease them, light touches until yall can literally no longer hold back and eye contact!! that shit is hot and when the sex actually comes, don’t be dead weight like a jelly fish, grind even when they r in u or u in them, pull hair(??if they r into that) kiss neck, bite, mark them!! and like set up a rhythm too like fast then slow, thatll build up an intense orgasm but ahh!! just do whatever feels right n good

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Henry/Elizabeth modern au accidental university flatmates to lovers trope-fest 2k17??

oh OH YESSS!! I WANT THEM TO BE FLATMATES BUT THEY DIDN’T WANT TO AT FIRST -and out of others options, they become roomates with another spanish student (De Puebla) and it turns bad at first because they are not used to share (particularly Henry and his ‘habbits of savage from Welsh mixed with your awful french education’), and EoY is quickly labelled a spoiled gurl with her fancy clothes and drinks, and Puebla is in the middle laughing and eating delicious spanish food, and of course he doesn’t stop teasing them b/c DUDE YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER! BANG ALREADY TO STOP THE TENSION!! and of course they are like …THE FUCK DE PUEBLA!! but they share the same classes and have the same tutorials and they HAVE to spend time together and of course *OF COURSE* there are some coffee shop discussions *only for the free wifi* and long silent stares *only for… science???*

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Hi genie did you enjoy it i did ,was expecting most of it to be in france and just a few scenes of cornwall tonight. He does drive demelza hard,risks his life for his good friend but he didnt know if demelza and jeremy were ok either,two months was a long time i can see a shift in how demelza is now though,she still loves him and wants him but his neglect is getting to her,also she said that there were beauties in france,She wonders if he strayed,chink in her armour, thanks karen

I did enjoy it and was most pleased about the rebuilding of their marriage. She knows he didn’t cheat and was just teasing him.  Because if anything, Ross doesn’t sleep around for just the sexual relief. He told Tholly he wasn’t like his father who would do that. Ross needs love and a connection.  That scene with them teasing each other was so needed.  

And will be hard to forget with what’s coming down the road.  Kind of wish Dwight wasn’t such a skilled doctor and a certain Lt. was left in France….


Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


Friendly reminder that the Athena Cabin are bunch of Percabeth shipper.

The look of horror on a persons face when you’re using your phone in public and your wallpaper is of a Korean person with colourful hair. 


2x21 // 2x22


The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi