and teases her for it

{Closed rp with oblitusstar} I’m...the father?


“NYA~!” Was all that most of the medical wing of the Manor. The next thing to be seen was Makoto running through the halls shouting for Syrina. He ran into her literally, both crashing to the floor with Makoto pinning her.

“Makoto, Sweetie if you’re that horny at least let’s do it in another room.” Syrina teased as Makoto blushed but started to tell her what he had found out. The nekomatta was used to the elder woman’s teasing and knew that she wouldn’t really touch him like that. 

“Calm down, Makoto. Take a deep breathe and tell me what’s gotten you into a tizzy?” she asked once they got off the floor. 

“Markos, Destroyer is Caleb’s father!” 

This was not good. Syrina knew that this was not good. “Okay take a deep breath, and exhale. I’ll go tell Markos-”

“What’s up?” Markos asked having heard Makoto and had come running to see what happened. “Makoto, what made you wail like that?” he asked as Makoto told him. “You did what?” Markos hissed. He knew that Makoto was probably only curious and thought that he was trying to help, but what he did was…illegal. “Makoto, don’t tell Cole. I’ll do that.” 

Oh yea, after a few years or never.

So I had a dream last night that I was watching an MCU movie - I actually have no idea which one, it was just set sometime in the future of Avengers MCU.

I don’t remember much about what happened, but I do remember that Sam Wilson had a girlfriend whom he liked a lot, they’d been going out for quite a while. She was only ever mentioned in the movie, but she was apparently super nice and super smart, she’d earned Natasha’s seal of approval. I don’t remember them mentioning her occupation, only that she and Sam met in DC.

But the only real reason I remember this is because, apparently, in this imaginary future MCU movie in which Sam has a girlfriend, the girlfriend’s last name is Byrd. The avengers (Clint and Steve especially) tease him mercilessly with bird jokes, saying he should adopt her last name when they get married and name their children Wren or Raven, call their house the Eagle’s Nest, etc. In the dream, he wouldn’t tell any of the avengers what her first name was because he didn’t want them to tease her like they tease him. Clint coined the name ‘Robin’ and they’ve been calling her that until they learn her real name.

Things Happen

“What’s the answer for number twenty-two?”

“Hmm. Its equals four.”


“Yes, Max.”

“I suck at math so bad.” Max grumbled erasing her work on her paper. There were about four different marks on her paper. “I don’t know how you get this.”

Kate glanced up from her spot on the floor notebook in front of her “I don’t know how I get it either, really. It’s like reading. It just…happens.”

“The only thing that happens for me is photography and…and writing?”

“Is that answer or a question?” Kate teased a small laugh leaving her.

Max sighed trying to hide her blush from the girl in front of her. It was the end of their last semester and they had study guide after study guide to get to. Exams were coming left and right Max wondered if she would be able to handle it all. Then a small hidden smile fell on her lips with her eyes drifting back to the blonde. Sometimes she wondered why she worried so much.

She had Kate Marsh with her.

It had started simple like with all other things she guessed. She had come into class, thoughts covering her mind and she plopped into her seat. She didn’t even remember the lesson that day because she was so spaced out. The who had brought her back was a worried Kate and Max then told her that she needed at least a C on her exam to pass the class a B.

They had kept on talking all the way to their dorms. Max still remembers how she asked Kate for tea and wondered how she got that chopped up sentence out. It hadn’t helped when she realized Kate gave her a certain look when she did that. Now months later she gets even more embarrassed when the blonde throws her that specific little twitch of the brow and small smirk.

There were a lot of things people didn’t know about Kate Beverly Marsh. She woke up early because if she stayed in bed she would never get up. Playing the violin helped calm her down when she felt a little too angry. She drank tea because it helped her fall asleep and she got into the habit of drinking it normally. She drew random little skits about anything and everything.

“Max? Oh your spacing out again aren’t you?”

Max turned to state at Kate brow scrunched “What space?”

“Mhm. That’s what I thought.” Kate stated shaking her head. “I have to go its late. We’ll do this again? Tomorrow?”

Max beamed nodding her head yes as she helped pick up everything. She couldn’t help but laugh when she realized how organized Kate was. That earned her a confused look but she could only shrug as her answer. She gave Kate her bag and walked her to the door. She leaned in for a hug, holding Kate close and placed her lips on Kate. Relishing in the soft taste of tea and macaroons.

“See you tomorrow.” Max softly replied closing the door when her mind caught up with what she had just done.

She swung the door open with her eyes wide. She blinked a few times her fingers tracing her lips. When she glanced up Kate was looking at her with a face she had never seen before. Max started to panic because she had just undoubtedly did three things at once.

Admitted that she like Kate.

Kissed her as confirmation.

Invaded every line she swore to never do.

“I-I am…so so sorry Kate. I don’t even know…I didn’t mean to. I swear I respect you too much to ever… I’m sorry.” Max stuttered out getting almost blue in the face. Kate was just looking at her and tears sprang to Max’s eyes. It was ruined it was all ruined. She didn’t know how to explain this. “I can leave you alone, okay? I won’t bother you. I promise I didn’t do it purposely-”

“Maxine?” Kate whispered staring hard at the girl in front of her.

Max shut her jaw so quick there was a snap “Y-Yes?”

With three small rushes Max felt two soft hands cup her cheeks. Her mind was reeling that she stiffened in the touch. It took a soft thumb caressing her cheek for her to relax again. Max shut her eyes tight willing away the tears. She had screwed up so bad and Kate was too nice. Of course the blonde wouldn’t slap her or yell at her. That wasn’t Kate and she didn’t know what to do.

“Open you eyes, Max.”

“I hurt you.”

“Open your eyes.”

Max shook her head “You trusted me…I-I broke that trust.”


Max willed her eyes to open and she gasped because Kate was crying. She went to pull away but Kate just pulled her even closer. So much so that there noses were brushing against each other. Max let a few tears fall because she was feeling so many things at once. She had no idea where this was going.

“Why would you ever think leaving me would be what I want?” Kate asked softly her brown eyes looking intently at Max. “You’re wrong Max. So, so wrong.”

“I am?”

Kate shook her head “Yes. You worry too much with me.”

“I’m so sorry-”

Kate pulled Max even closer “Max?”


And a blush formed all over Kate’s face and she averted eyes for a moment. Then she didn’t wait as she pulled Max those last few centimeters. Their breaths hitched as there lips met for a few seconds before pulling away. There were tears down both their faces and Kate started to count freckles. Those blue eyes just swirling and Max was just so stunned.

“We’re gonna be okay, Max.” Kate admitted

“W-We?” Max blurted out.

A big smile spread on Kate’s face as she looked at Max “Yeah, we.”

And so that’s how they spent the rest of the night in Max’s room. Wondering how they had fallen so completely that it brushed by them.

They came to the same conclusion.

Sometimes? Well, sometimes things just happen.



I am dork because I love these dorks. Gosh. The fluff.

Marshfield first kiss! For the anon who asked.


Hope you enjoyed too!

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how would san.e, jay and loco react if you were staring at them with an adoring smile on your face and they ask why you're staring and you reply "i just really love you."? (you are already dating by the way)

San E would smile bashfully, not expecting her to tell him that. But it would make him blush and feel warm inside. He’d look at her affectionately, running his fingers through her hair, teasing her “What? I didn’t hear you tell me again” 

Jay would be taken back by hearing this suddenly. But a smile would slowly grow onto his lips when her words sunk into him. He would smirk and pull her into a deep kiss, wanting to show how much he loves her. 

Loco would love this! I can see him holding back the urge to squeal and from grinning like an idiot. He’d wrap his arms around her in a hug and peck her lips saying “I love you too baby”

- Admin E

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Hello lovely <3 Hope you are doing fine!♥ Grah, I'm thirsty for cutie Takao ;///^///; So... can I request a short scenario in which Takao is playfully teasing his pregnant S/O because of her huge belly? XD But when he sees that she is having a hard time because the baby is kicking he immediately runs back to her and pampers her? <3 (Bonus: he's sparkling non-stop because baby-excited and he's practically glued to her belly XD) Thank you so much! ;//A//;

((I’ve wrote two drama-induced Takao so let’s turn on the fluff ^^ I can’t think of a proper scenario about pregnant bellies though… This turned out long so it’s under the cut!))

“What do you want to eat, _____-chan?”

“Hm… Tonkatsu sounds nice. Would that be ok?”

“… like a real food?”


“What?” Takao repeated your question, just as confused.

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Fighting Entropy

The lights were low, casting odd shadows across the room. A heavy quiet pervaded, though none of the occupants moved or spoke. Somewhere far away was the periodic screaming of some unfortunate soul, and the consistent hum of the Empryean Engines.

The priestess sat in the farthest corner she could reach with the manacle around her ankle tethering her to the center of the room. A heap of blankets and pillows surrounded her, hiding most of her from view. The mechadendrites on her back poked out like happy snakes. They curled and danced about. Occasionally they would curl around to the small cave where her head lay hidden to bop her on the nose or otherwise tease her. She seemed to not register at all that they were there.


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What do u think Jungkook and girl relationship be if she was just one year younger. Just one year!

I somehow think if Jungkook had a younger girlfriend he would act like she was a kid. Even if she was apart with just one year. Of course not in every situation, but even though he would tease a lot and mess around with her age, Jungkook would be very protective. More than if he was in a relationship with someone older. I think he would feel like he’s older so he has to take good care of her and kind of guide her. He has the responsibility.

I hope you got what I meant, I know my answer is kinda messy, but I’m tired.. I think I’ll go offline for now ;;


I had the cutest but strangest dream, but more than anything cute!

I dreamed 10 yr old Misty wearing a dress walking towards 10 yr old Ash, he held out his hand for her to take and Misty teases him with saying “Awwww, does little Ashy want to dance with me?” as she goes to place her hand in his a small frog jumps out of his hand and she hesitates before proceeding to enclose their hands. Ash remarks, “Well, ya know…i-iiiiiiii…..” *snoring sound*

(This was all before I just woke up but both of them were very clear and I could tell Veronica and Rachel’s voices apart)

continuing thread


“You really wanna know?” He teased staring into her eyes as he growls at her. “Don’t test me Tracy…” He warned as moving his hips harder and faster against hers.

“Yes I would love to know.” She moaned when she heard him growl “How about less talking and more doing.” Tracy smirked pushing his limits. “But baby, I love testing you.” 

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♡ //Surprise! xD They get along/click really well. I see it as a possibility! xD

Send ♡ if you’d be interested in discussing a ship between our muses leeurbaneverett

I kinda thought about it, after i saw this in my askbox- And they have potential for it? there is trust and the knowledge the other will have their back. They know or at least Pascal does, that Lee doesn’t see her as a monster and is alright with what she is. He handles her sarcasm and makes her laugh, teases her and it’s… it’s a possibility i could see it happening.

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I've wanted to mention this for a while now: have you been redesigning Elina a little? I know she used to look a LOT like Eli, but I've noticed differences recently; her skin is much darker and her eyes are light green rather than blue.

Yeah as time passed imstarted to change her.went from sky blue eyes to cyan and her skin i made darker

I got teased a lot that she looked like a fem!Eli so as time went on I began to change her slowly

back when johanna fronted most of the time & was out as a lesbian to only a few close friends (7th grade i think), and was super scared and insecure all the time, one of them did ask her out actually + the entire school Thought that they were dating and teased them about it and it made her feel super miserable + guilty abt not being able to like him and she felt broken even though he asked in a way that was very objectively “nice” and “respectful.”

like… you should never, ever ask out a lesbian if youre a guy, ever. not even if youre transmasc and nb. not even if you suspect shes bi, because thats inappropriate of you to suspect. mind your own business and gtfover her, lesbians have a hard enough time w/out having to reject people who should already know better

symbolismandquotes replied to your post:hmm, Bumi II would probably pull a Sokka and try…

Heheh. Hell, even when Aang was alive Bumi was probably calling Zuko Uncle Hotman. And he Zuko has Aang to to thank for that. I like to think the Gaang families were pretty close for the most part.

Izumi, Lin, and Suyin all call Katara Auntie Katara and Bumi tries to get everyone to call Zuko Uncle Hotman.  Kya and Suyin do, Lin and Tenzin do not. 

I have a whole headcanon about these kids and growing up.  Mostly its Bumi as the ringleader because I consider him the oldest of the bunch (because, well, looking at him in that family picture…it’s not he wasn’t planned its that he was way earlier than Aang and Katara thought they’d have kids).  Izumi is closer to Kya and they get along great.  Kya totally teased Izumi about her crush on Bumi that she grew out of.  Lin liked Izumi because she usually followed the rules.  Suyin tagged along all the time and looked up to Kya.  Tenzin…Tenzin and Lin were together a lot so he also was with Izumi.

IDK where Sukka kids fit into this other than throwing everything into chaos and being as much trouble as Bumi.

Also there was one time where Tenzin had a bad dream that the Fire Nation attacked while staying in the Fire Nation and kept crying every time he saw Zuko which lead to Katara comforting both Tenzin and Zuko.

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"Room Service"

Send “Room Service” for my muses reaction to yours showing up at their door in a maid outfit.

*Knock Knock*

“Ugh? I’m coming” Spoke a sleepy marine as he got up from the couch and walked over to door.

“Can I help y-” He started to say before he opened his eyes and saw his friend in a maid outfit.

“K-Komachi! W-what are y-you doing here in t-that outfit?” He asked her in shocked surprise, now feeling fully awake, before he covered his face with his hand as a blush spread across it. 

“You’re teasing me a-again aren’t you?” He asked her shyly while looking between his fingers slightly.