and teases her for it

Ok, but imagine Alex going to Earth 1 during “Duet”:

- Space dad J’onn carrying space daughter Kara across the portal with his other daughter Alex by their side because of course she would be there.

- Alex and Caitlyn Snow bonding over science while they both work to keep Kara and Barry alive

- any small chance of Alex singing

- Kara and Barry discovering Musical!Alex in a forbidden love affair with Musical!Iris/Millie

- seriously though, paralleling Alex and Iris makes a lot of sense as they both helped their respective superheroes heal and build new families after their very tragic pasts

- Kara can still learn the same lessons about love, which can help her forgive in a more realistic non-rushed way, or help her get over her heartbreak and move on

- Alex saving Kara with true love sister-style, ala Frozen

- Alex teasing Kara about always having to save her from her dream worlds


I’ve been wondering why Min Hyuk wants to keep his age secret from Bong Soon so WHAT IF SHE IS ACTUALLY HIS NOONA?! THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY EPIC! PLEASE DRAMA GODS, TELL ME IT’S SO! 

He obviously knows BS’s birthdate (which is on August 15) so there is a possibility MH might be a couple of weeks or months younger than her. I can totally see Bong Soon being all cheeky and teasing him about it. Seriously, I want him to call her noona so freaking much!

Raise your hands if you think Jaal would immediately hug Scott once he’s out of his coma! He’d be so happy that his dearest Sara, finally gets to see her brother alive and well he just hugs him really tight. Jaal would be so emotional he wouldn’t realize Scott is very confused and alarm some huge unknown alien is hugging him. Not to mention the fact Sara seems totally chill with him.

I imagine scott would tease her. “First new alien species and you end up in a relationship with one. Wow sis.”

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HC: C butt dials L. When L answers she hears C grunting. At first she thinks her gf is trying to tease her w/phone sex, until she hears male grunting and C say "a little to the right, Bell. Right there." And hears her fall on the bed and say "finally. I'm glad Lex is still at practice that took longer than I thought." L goes home crying and C brings her to their room asking why she's upset. It takes 10 min for her to realize they're sitting on a brand new, fully assembled titanium bed frame. 😏

lmao they need that titanium frame. They probably end up breaking the wall behind it this time lol 

Protection (Gaston Imagine)

Request:  Could you do a Gaston one where the reader is being teased and every time it happens he comes to her rescue until he finally admits he loves her?- @lunarwolfspn

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Something weird was going on. Every time something bad was happening to you Gaston would suddenly appear and ‘save’ you. It has happened a couple of times now and it was starting to get old.

First Time

The first time wasn’t to bad just a couple of girls being rude like always.

“Look at her dress. It looks so hideous.” One of the bimbettes laughed and pointed at your (f/c) dress. The other two looked at you and started laughing as well.

“It looks like it was made by a child.” The shortest one elbowed the tallest one as she giggled. “Can you believe she left the house wearing that?” The last cackled.

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IF ANYONE WAS WONDERING WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN SKAM(this is me rambling about what I think is happening. spoilery things)::: after two days of complete silence from all the cast and characters we get this (and a LOVELY picture of Henrik with Josefine and Ina). And we /know/ that he’s filming because A) he’s wearing the denim jacket (the denim jacket is part of even’s wardrobe) B) he’s not only with the girls but with Tarjei. And although they are friends we never see them together and C) we got a selfie today of Tease Queen herself- Julie. The picture of her looks as though she’s in a bar/club and henrik posted a photo to his story /at the same club/. The club they’re at is called Nox and it doesn’t open on thursdays. Now, if it doesn’t open on thursdays WHY would they be there? Because they’re filming. Another point, Skam usually films the first few episodes 2-3 weeks before the season begins. If they’re filming now then two weeks from now would be April 6th, Noora’s birthday. And it would make PERFECT SENSE for her to have her birthday in a club. It would also explain some other bts spoilers pictures that we got earlier last week. The photo was of the girl gang being approached by what we can assume are even’s friends from Bakka because one of them looks like Yousef and another like Mikael. Even’s friends were holding balloons out to the girls and it would make SO MUCH SENSE if those balloons were for Noora’s birthday. However, since Noora’s birthday is gonna be on a Thursday and the club doesn’t open on Thursday we can safely assume that something will be posted on Friday the 7th, especially considering the fact that skam posts everything in real time. Conclusion: IM SUPER FUCKING EXCITED AND THE CLIPS ARE GONNA DROP S O O N

Her Being Bored and Deciding to Tease Them While They Work: PENTAGON


It was a constant routine for you, so he would always make up his mind to abandon his work for an hour or two to spend time with you.


Personally, I think he would become more motivated to work so that he could finish it sooner and dedicate the rest of his time to you.


He would try to kind of tame you, or warn you, that the work that he was doing is important, though there was a mini countdown inside of his body till he would give up.


He would tease you back x2 the vigor that you put in.


Depending on what kinds of things you did to him, his reaction may vary. Say if you kissed his neck, he would smile and/ giggle, if you did something more gutsy he would take you straight home/bedroom.


Instead of finding you sexy he would think that you looked extra cute and would just coo after you.


One of the marshmallow club- probably the leader; can’t concentrate anymore; half dead.


Would try and ignore you, alas he would still be unsuccessful.


A shy marshmallow that wouldn’t know what to do and could not concentrate any more.


Would initiate a wrestling match to hide his red cheeks, and if you did see them he would blame them on over-exertion from the mini fight.

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oooh how about ☮️ for eisuke or jumin :>

oh man this is cute!! Thank you bby


  • Would be surprisingly open with MC, complimenting her without any teasing
  • He really does think the world of her
  • Lowkey amazed that she puts up with him all the time
  • Seriously, how did he get this strong person next to him?
  • Tells MC how he sees her as an equal
  • Can’t hold MC close enough while he’s revealing his innermost thoughts 
  • “I never knew there was someone out there who could keep up with me until I met you”


  • He loves MC so much so at night he’s like??? So smitten???
  • How did he get so lucky?
  • Loves to hold MC in his arms and tell her how much he appreciates her
  • Knows he can truly be himself around her
  • Jumin isn’t afraid to show his emotions and share his fears with MC 
  • Really becomes self-reflective at night 
  • “Do you think I can become the kind of person who opens up to others?”
  • MC smiles and runs her fingers through his his hair. 
  • “I know you can”
I'm not jealous, I'm just protective! - Chapter 2 - Melinaa - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works


Abby and Callie are still trying to figure out who Marcus’s mysterious girl is and Callie is shamelessly teasing her best friend about it (and that’s not very helpful if you ask Abby).
Anyway, the girls probably won’t get to know anything more about Marcus’s love interest… will they?


And here wo go with chapter 2 ^^ It’s not that long (actually very short compared with what I actually write) but I hope you like it anyway :)

Was going to mention this to someone earlier but I think it deserves a text post.

I reckon Gladio’s ladyfriend after the time skip is Sania the crazy frog lady. He was teased for chatting her up, they both love the outdoors and if you watch him in the Regalia he’s a total bookworm! Makes sense he’d like an intellectual. Also he’s rather cryptic when Noct’s like “how did you talk to her?” and Gladio’s just like “oh you know me”. Was totally flirting with her

I also think Iggy and Aranea hooked up. Did you hear her adorable surprised girly giggle when he called her an ally? And when she gets a little flustered when he tells her to ‘take care’ walking her path after you get the Mythril. She needs someone who’d look beyond her tough exterior and he would. Iggy would need someone patient but on the same sass level as him after he goes blind. You hear from Talcott the three chocobros aren’t seen together often after Noct goes into the crystal; so who helped Iggy relearn to fight?

Those are my theories and I’m sticking to them! :)


Siobhan shook her head, grinning. <<Couldn’t even wait till after dinner, uh?>>, she teased her.

Ogebi pushed her hands forward frantically. <<What the hell went into you?>>, she hissed. <<You already said yes, didn’t you?>>.

Siobhan giggled. <<Honey, relax. Of course I did. Our daughter has a talent and I’m not about to stand in her way>>, she pointed out.

Ogebi continued to wail her arms around nervously. <<She’s not even five, Sio! She can’t just go around on her own like that!>>, she insisted.

RuPaul's Fiercest Fashion Moments in Drag Race Herstory

RuPaul’s Best Drag Race Runway Fashion

Season 7, Episode 12

RuPaul served flamenco dancer emoji REALNESS during season 7’s final judging panel. With her signature golden locks teased for the gods to show off her stunning diamond-drop earrings, the 6 foot 4 inch queen worked every inch of that sparkling sequin red gown. Annnnnd what.

Source: People

Season 8, Episode 4

RuPunk! The versatile queen took on a blue sequin two-piece look to judge the ‘80s style New Wave girl bands. Her peplum top perfectly accentuated her waist, while her long legs looked slim in skin-tight pants. Topping it all? A mohawk with hot pink accents. Werk.

Source: People

Season 2, Episode 6

Speaking of rock stars, this black tulle gown from season 2’s “Rocker Chicks” episode was what every '80s girl dreamed of wearing to prom - down to the black gloves. But only Ru could make that hair work.

Source: People

Season 7, Episode 9

Sorry, but your fave could never wear a long-sleeve tube gown with a naked image of herself on it - with a matching white afro and hoop earrings to boot - and get away with it. Ru? She can. Disco. Graffiti. Queen. Eleganza.

Source: People

Season 5, Episode 11

The race got sticky during the Sugar Ball challenge - but Ru was sweet as can be in this hot pink animal-print gown. Pebbles Flintstone wishes she was this sunning.

Source: People

Season 7, Episode 10

Upon first glance, you’d think this prancing queen’s high-cut, floor-length, golden nude illusion gown can’t get any better - until Ru rips the bottom part away to reveal a sexy shorter hem. Has any gown ever had a better day-to-night transition?

Source: People

Season 7, Episode 10 Continued …

Can you even?!

Source: People

Season 7, Episode 3

Channelling a greek goddess and a ninja at the same time can be done, as Ru proved in this neon green pant-bodysuit combo, teamed with a layer flowing black silk. And that braided high pony? Life!

Source: People

Season 2, Episode 9

Ru wore this look to season 2’s Diva Awards, and she was the one who took home the top prize in this all-black dress with red silk origami-like appliqués cascading down its side. Shantay you stay.

Source: People

Season 4, Episode 3

RuPocalypse Now! Bringing Grace Jones futuristic realness, this hooded metallic gown was the ultimate declaration of power. Cladding her curves perfeclty, Ru topped the foiled, fierce look with the perfect peek of her blonde hair. We’re not worthy.

Source: People

Season 8, Episode 9

Could you just GAG? For the final challenge in season 8, the ladies starred in the music video for Ru’s single “The Realness.” But it was Ru’s stunning off-the-shoulder dress we couldn’t stop staring at thanks to it’s shiny fabric sparkling from every angle on the runway. The gown ended the season on a major fashion moment. RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 premieres Friday, March 24 (at 8 p.m. ET) on VH1.

Source: People

I love how my ler mind works

You ever be talking to a lee and just get the most evil idea?

Well that just happened with @elllouise-tickles

What she say?

“I just did my nails and I can’t move my finger”

Instantly my mind started turning.

So here’s what we’ve got:

A lee has decided to tease you. She talks about how she’s gonna paint her nails and toe nails and look all pretty for you. Or even better they are just painting their nails. So they just finished. And when I say just finished I mean they just put the over coat cap on the bottle.

And that’s where the fun starts.

They ler can come in and tickle. Why is this evil?

Cuz they have wet nails. They can’t move their feet or push you with their hands. It’ll ruin their nails. So they have to either lay there and take it or never have painted nails.

I love being evil lol

Some Ereloy HCs/Prompts part 1:

I can’t stop thinking about these dorks, so I’ve decided to share a few of my own headcanons.  I’m not the best writer, so feel free to expand on these if you want ^^ (I just ask that you tag me so I can read it).

  • The Vanguard members are constantly gossiping about Erend & Aloy’s growing relationship.  They’ll pester Erend with questions until he blows up and sends them back to work.  However, every time Aloy comes to visit the barracks they act like perfect angels & she usually (inadvertently) let’s something slip which only gives them more fodder to tease Erend with.  He exasperatedly tells her not to encourage them.  They also have a running bet as to how long it will take the two to finally get together.

  • As they’re traveling, Aloy collects flowers and absentmindedly weaves a flower crown.  When they stop to rest, Aloy comes up behind Erend & places it on top of his head.  He grins bemusedly, but leaves it there the rest of their trip back to Meridian, if only to see Aloy smile.  As they pass through the gate, a few of the guards snicker. Erend flushes, snatches the band of flowers from his head, and tells his men off gruffly.  However, he keeps the flower crown & places it next to his bed to remind him of Aloy’s smile.

  • One night they lay out under the stars & Aloy points out constellations & what what the Nora call them. Erend tells her the Oseram names for the few that he knows. As the night air gets colder they end up moving closer together until Aloy’s head is resting on Erend’s shoulder.

  • At first Erend becomes rather jealous (& a little self conscious) when people hit on Aloy (bc let’s face it, it happens quite often) & she doesn’t acknowledge their advances or turn them down. He finally asks her about it & feels relieved and a little foolish when she says she honestly doesn’t even notice when she’s being flirted with. Well, that explains a lot about when they first met.

    I’ll probably post some more later. (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

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Actual count: 382

Jenny and Donna were already lounging by the pool when Rose arrived. “There you are,” Donna said, saluting with a hand holding a cocktail. “Oh, the Doctor is going to be disappointed he missed seeing that bikini.”

Rose smiled as she reclined in the third lounge chair. “Oh, he might have already gotten a glimpse,” she drawled. Jenny and Donna frowned blankly at her, and she tapped her temple. “What’s the point of sharing a telepathic bond with your husband if you don’t tease him with it sometimes?” Donna threw her head back and laughed, and Rose picked up the cocktail waiting for her to accept her friend’s toast.

Send me a word count between 200-400, and I’ll give you a paragraph (or two)

A bridal style beginning

This wasn’t the first time Lena had found herself in the arms of supergirl being lifted bridal style up in the air and back to safety. It wouldn’t be the last either that she’d be landed gently on her feet again.

“You know this is starting to look like Lois Lane and Superman all over again.” Alex would tease her in her comm. Kara would deny any similarities not wanting to admit her own feelings.

Till that one fateful night when Lena whispered her name as they landed on Lcorps balcony.

“Kara.” The CEO whispered as she turned to wrap her arms around Kara neck.

Kara didn’t even deny it this time just happy her friend was safe.

“Surprise?” She joke whispered into the soft dark hair her own arms tightening slightly as if to should the woman from any further harm.

Lena pulled away to look into the waves of blue and smiled. “You know this is where the Super would kiss the girl.” She teased raising an eyebrow as if to challenge the blonde.

“I…isn’t that more Clarkes thin….”

Lena grasped Kara neck pulling her in close to press soft lips together. Kara wasn’t even surprised when her body immediately reacted to the taste that was so uniquely Lena.

“That was….” Kara laughed and shook her head dipping her head back down for another taste.

“So…a Luthor asks a Super out oh a date….” Lena starts.

“And then what happens?”

“I guess you’ll just have to say yes and see.” Lena responded with a peck.


Mark: So? What do you think about Velvet joining us?

Ara: In our research or in bed?

Mark: Ara…

Ara: You like her. I’m not blind and we haven’t been promised to one another or vowed to see each other only. We are friends with benefits that’s all. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want her to join us in that aspect.

Mark: I do like her. I meant in our research though. 

Ara: I wouldn’t mind her joining but I don’t think she is ready for it. She is too attached to that girlfriend of hers and you know it. Perhaps if they break up or something she will be more willing. Until then she makes a nice friend for me and a woman for you to pine over.

Mark: I’m not pining! She’s young and attractive and spunky that’s all. Now stop teasing me around her.


Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


How to Quiet Your Cat
  • Chat Noir: ..can't believe you didn't tell me you have the flu! The FLU, Ladybug! People DIE of the flu and you're out here saving the day like it's nothing! What if it complicates itself and becomes pneumonia? Who's going to purify the akuma?? Three of my nine lives flashed before my eyes when I saw you pass out---all of them were equally depressing but---
  • Ladybug: Chat Noir?
  • CN: What?!
  • LB: *smooches his cheek* Thanks for worrying about me. *leaves*
  • CN:
  • CN:
  • CN:
  • CN: *lifts hand to cheek*