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22/02/17 I feel so guilty for not going to quidditch today! It feels like I’m letting the team down fro the British Quidditch Cup especially as one of my teammates has broken his arm and can’t play. I’m sitting with a hot water bottle and my laptop keeping warm while writing an essay. It’s raining a little bit today, and the wind is howling against the windows, and I’m probably going to stay in this spot until late this evening. Hope everyone is feeling well today, remember you can always message me if you’re finding anything hard in life I’ll be happy to listen. xxx emily

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Head cannon where weiss would never buy simple things like a bracelet or necklace but once she catches her teammates eyeing something she just rings it up like "EXCUSE ME SIR BUT I WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE 13 VARIATIONS OF THAT NECKLACE. 4 CASES OF THOSE EDIBLE BRACELETS AND A SHIPMENT OF GAUNTLET WIPES THANK YOU" Bc she loves her team very very much :>

Omg yes

or like if, for example, Yang eyes a pair of brown boots…
On Yang’s birthday, Weiss has for her those boots in Brown, Beige, Black, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Ash Gray, Charcoal Grey, Hunter Green, and Olive. 
Yang just smiles a bit nervously because she’s probably never had so many shoes in her life but she definitely secretly loves it.

Weiss loves to spoil her teammates.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: the gradual decline of fc barcelona's prowess on the international stage can be staged back to the arrival of josep bartomeu as club president. Since then la masia have gone to shit, and well loved players have been treated with no respect. Dani Alves blames his departure on those who run the club, and that they did not treat him well despite the fact that he was one of the most important players on the first team. This man was willing to give up his organs for his fc barcelona teammate, eric abidal, and now the management have treated him with a complete lack of respect

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What's your opinion on the whole Sh//iro-is-an-instructor-at-the-garrison-so-She//ith-is-nasty-or-rather-him-and-any-Paladin-is-gnasty

anyways to get to the point–i dont think its nasty??? imo, sh//iro mightve just worn the uniform bc he got promoted and he’s getting sent to space (its a pretty big deal) and also the creators said that sh//iro is a student at the garrison

plus, i dont see sh//iro as being superior to the rest of the paladins, he’s an equal to all of them and they treat him like an equal. theres literally no power imbalance at all–sh//iro respects his teammates and they respect him back, they dont treat him differently at all–especially since he’s been gone for a year

honestly, this whole power imbalance thing is bs bc ppl dont care about how everybody’s relationships work in the show (sighs)

Something people are somehow failing to realize about Lance

He is, ultimately, very self-centered.

Now before you jump down my throat, that’s very common for someone his age. And I’m not saying he’s selfish- we’ve seen that he’d sacrifice himself for a teammate in a heartbeat.

But, he’s a show-off, and it’s gotten him and his team into trouble before. Whether it’s showing off in battle and derailing a fight (ex. Doing a kick when he was explicitly told not to) or trying to show someone else up (being upset when Shiro or Keith picked off a bad guy he was going for).

This, of course, stems from his feelings of inadequacy, which is sad, but… I don’t think it’s quite the tragedy everyone is making it out to be.

I don’t think Lance’s arc will be angst of his team coming to finally “realize how amazing he is and comfort him and then he does some awesome hero stuff”. I think it will be about Lance maturing, coming to realize his own worth, and their worth as an entire unit. It’ll be about him overcoming resentment or insecurity. I think he’ll work hard on his shooting, really master it, and then master the more important skill of listening to his teammates and knowing what he needs to do and when.

All of the team is maturing. They’re teenagers, after all, and teenagers are insecure. Don’t make this into the team’s fault.

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AU Where Phil's football teammate's annoying baby bro grew up and oh no! turned hot.

“Just so you know, my parents have taken in another kid,” Nick stated as they walked home from practice towards Nick’s house.

Phil nodded.  Everyone knew that the Furys took in a kid for a few months every year. Phil had gotten rather use to the string of faces that were Nick’s temporary family members.

“He’s little odd,” Nick added.

Phil arched an eyebrow at Nick.  "Odd?“

"You’ll see.”  Nick sounded resigned to this.

“When did he move in?” Phil asked.

“Friday night, why my parents weren’t at the game.”

Phil nodded.  "Sucks.“

"Yeah, but…” Nick shook his head. “Kid needed us.”

Phil smiled slightly.  "You’re starting to sound like your parents.“

Nick groaned. "I know!”  His head rolled forward in shame.

Chuckling softly, Phil let the conversation drop into other things like their first calculus test coming up.  It wasn’t long before, they were climbing the steps to Nick’s porch and entering his house. Phil set his gear down.

“Mom, Clint, I’m home!” Nick called out.

“There’s some fruit on the counter if you’re hungry,” Nia called from her office.

Phil left Nick behind him and headed toward the kitchen.  It had been far too long since lunch and food sounded good, before Nick and him started to study.  He entered the kitchen, his focus on the food, but paused feeling like someone was watching him.  He hadn’t heard Nick’s footsteps behind him.  He glanced at the table, expecting to see Nick’s new foster brother seated at it, but it was empty.

Phil grunted softly, grabbing a piece of fruit and going to open the fridge door.  

“Gaah!” Phil fell back as he finally spotted Clint, sitting on top of the fridge watching him.

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Tsareena and Milotic hcs?


* People often blow off Tsareena as a weak girly pokemon but this pokemon is definitely not to be underestimated. Tsareenas are merciless in battle, kicking down their opponent even when they already won.

* In a lot of beauty salons you’ll see Tsareenas helping out in the salon. They’re quite good at decorating and styling hair.

* They don’t like their legs or their “hair” to be touched at all, not even by their trainers. They prefer to clean themselves because of this.


* Whenever Milotic sees an artist, it’ll actually start posing itself for the artist to help inspire them. Showing them drawings of themselves makes them happy.

* Trainers who own a Milotic are often calm in the face of battle. This is because Milotic give off a soothing aura that helps their teammates and their trainer remain calm.

* Milotics are usually slow swimmers. They like to take their time and admire their surroundings, especially if their trainer is swimming with them. They’ll only go fast if either in battle or there’s danger in the water.

Rant time

I know Aly is the gymternet’s favorite punching bag but there are literally people attacking Aly for saying she can’t talk about the Nassar situation because of an ongoing investigation. Like we already know she’s been interviewed by the FBI, when the FBI tells you not to talk about shit, you generally keep your mouth shut. No one knows everything going on (and the extent to which she was effected) and yet you have people calling her a bad teammate for saying she’s been told not to talk about it. WTF…

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Okay so Mark's definitely a tank in CyberTube, but we all know he has a terrible immune system irl. So like, what if he is a tank, but not in the traditional sense? Like, he has a way of taking up damage for his teammates, but not the traditional way where tanks stack up on defense and go in the front line because his defensive stats suck. What if... he has a self reviving skill? And it's on a reasonable cooldown. That way, he can throw himself in the front without repercussion.

(cont.) Also imagine Mark throwing phoenixes. Because he literally is one.

Wow, that’s a super cool idea :D

I’m wondering if that’s how I want the Virus Mark to appear as a separate being. I mean, there was a way I was thinking of doing it, but this way also sounds cool :D

I’ll consider it~

i can 100% see why shiro picked keith to lead voltron. aside from my personal belief that shiro doesn’t have the Best writing (which is a reason why i think people are mad at him. he has a lot missing) and isnt as interesting nor as deep as people such as allura, keith or lance, but we do know that he has a past with keith and he has some sort of feeling that keith would be a good leader. i have a few of reasons why:

  1. keith piloted the black lion Without Problem. he just…hopped in 
  2. leaders grow, and keith has growing to do, but keith knows how to survive and take care of business, and he’s also an absolutely astounding fighter himself
  3. he never gives up in a fight, he is always reaching ahead and yet he doesn’t leave others behind
  4. on multiple counts he has had the backs of his teammates without being asked and fights for their safety
  5. he’s not afraid to challenge authority, but he will abide by the rules of the people he respects (or looks to them for approval, ei shiro in general and wanting allura to accept him as a teammate)
  6. he’s not easily swayed or broken, he’ll keep going and he figures out creative ways to go about things, he’s a very fast thinker (which is trouble sometimes)

in no way is he perfect, but shiro isn’t wrong in picking keith. i think the others would be good picks too but shiro thinks very technically. tbh allura would be a very good class A pick, but she has a huge amount of responsibilities herself. i think shiro is closer to keith and he knows that if keith is given a task an order, he’ll carry it out. i don’t think Anyone is ready for the stress of being the head of voltron like shiro was, especially not a band of teenagers. 

Common Thoughts of a Mercy Main

- Where are my teammates right now? What are my escape routes? Where is the enemy right now?

- Who needs healing? Are they within range? Can I get to them? Who can wait for heals?

- Should I let this person die? How much are they getting focused?

- Which enemy ults are probably up right now? Should I hide while the enemy pushes? Should I use my rez or is my team okay without it right now? 

- Should I wait for more teammates to die or rez now? What has the most impact on turning the fight in our favor? Which teammates would be in this rez and do they have ultimates ready? Where are their bodies located and can I realistically get to them quickly enough and get them all together?

- Are those enemy footsteps behind us or an ally? Should I call for help or defend myself?

- Which ally should I boost right now? Who is getting the most elims on my team?

- Should I damage boost or be healing this ulting ally?

All of these thoughts are on a constant loop throughout each match and contribute to making split-second decisions. Please respect your healers - we try very hard.