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Mugman is a cutiebooper rb if you agree

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Hey I have 2 questions for you! 1. Do you think Jira has any chance at being one of those pairings people love? (Be honest I can take it... I guess :( ) 2. What are you going to do after the show ends? I mean I know you were active before the season 5 but that was before the show has a proper ending. So you know the fandom will die or become semi dead.(I hope I am wrong because I love this fandom) What will your blogs directions be?

1. anything can happen if u habeeb it

2. i have been here since 2001 when i was using a windows 98 computer between web 1.0 and 2.0 to access cartoon orbit and simple html webpages for samurai jack, and i will probably be here until i ascend to help produce the aku spinoff

the fandom had its heyday before fan culture became what it is today, so it’s never really had a big active fandom like this, and meme culture didn’t exist until after the show ended.
i don’t know how many people will end up staying when season 5 ends, but inevitably, most people do move on to different fandoms. 

i am not one of those people.
i am forever in service to our lord and master aku.
when the show ends my blog’s direction will be as it is now: firmly rooted into the same spot, shitting out content for the same fandom, forever.

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concept: both yuuri and viktor somehow manage to get sick at the same time in hasetsu, and mama katsuki takes care of both of them while they're cuddled up together in the same bed. they just keep passing the tissue box between them. they're both miserable but at least they're miserable together.

yes!! so cute <3  
Yuuri’s like “muuuuum, stop fussing, I’m not a little kid anymore” and Viktor’s like “don’t be rude to your mother, yuuri” and tries to help clean up empty teacups anyway because he’s a guest.

i love how blizz has put hog in speedos twice to make a joke abt “fat unappealing guy in a teeny speedo” but instead we all just vaguely treated it like fanservice

actually any time they try and use his fatness as a point of humor, we all just love him more for it. eats so many dumplings he passes out? jiggles his tummy in a highlight intro and makes pig snort noises before pulling up his sagging overalls? breaks a chair just by sitting in it while holding a teeny little teacup and later crushes a robot with his ass? heart eyes

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// Haha my dude you know what I think is wild af? I think I like 'knew' you not personally but like I knew of you via deviantart days because of Akubloss. Maaannnnyy years ago. I think it was an old friend of mine who like told me about you. And I was like. Damn boy.. This person wild. I can dig it. I'm at least 99.9% sure of this. But damn don't quote me I'm old and could be wrong.

I’m old too and I’ve definitely been doing the same shit for maaannnnyy years so I believe you lol

I’ve been over here in the PPG and SJ fandoms like

Also…I am so sorry, but every time I see your username, even though I know it’s because of the sirens, I hear Wonderboy. 

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Hugs! I was wondering if there was an ask blog about a tea cup! Its because I would love to make my own OC which is a teacup,but I will not like to steal from somebody else's idea. Thanks for reading :3

//Ehehehehee…. another for the army!! J o i n  u s >:3 but honestly, there are multiple teacups already, so I see no issue! Go for it!

5 things tag!!

@all-supernatural-urls-are-taken tagged me!! thank you melissa (-:

5 things you’ll find in my bag: my inhaler, my wallet, mango burt’s bees chapstick, an extra hairband, and a pencil

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: a stack of books, my own diy canvas art, fairy lights, craft supplies everywhere, and my walker

5 things I want to do with my life: work with kids in some capacity- whether as a babysitter, daycare worker, or teacher-, continually work on my artistic skills (they always need work), grow my personal library for as long as i live, travel and learn about different cultures through my travels, and i want to learn to take care of myself first and foremost 

5 things I’m into right now: the summer set station on pandora (lol), poetry books, watercolor painting, doing almost anything crafty (i just made a bird feeder from a teacup and saucer so that’s exciting!!!), and spending as much time outside as i possibly can

5 things you might not know about me: i have four older sisters- two are biologically related to me and two are step-sisters, i have had a chronic pain/nerve condition for what will be a decade this upcoming october, i have six pets living in my small town home!!!, i’m not taking classes right now because of my health, and i enjoy making new friends even though i’m shy and won’t actually talk to others first! 

i tag: @guidedthroughmountains, @springlullaby, @raincloudinajar, @the-gr3at-escap3, and @muddy–tires (-:

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I'm making a tea cup ask blog :3 (not taking you characters or anything I'm making my own is this ok?)

//ANOTHER FOR THE CIRCLE! ANOTHER FOR THE CIRCLE! yeah! I said something similar a bit ago, but as long as you’re not directly copying someone, go right on ahead! there’s glasses and teacups and mugs and cups and all kindsa cool stuff floating around! 

Witchsona commission for thelabyrinthlolita, from puppetgrenade

pink/charms/herbal tea witch + corgi familiar

Proof my Physics teacher is the best kind of teacher

He hid a piglet inside his shirt during class. She’s so young that she needs external body heat to keep warm, and has to be fed every couple of hours. 

No one suspected a thing until one of the students after class doubted that he had pigs. He even mentioned something moving and getting hungry inside his shirt, but we all thought it was just him being funny.

He hadn’t even named her yet, so when I asked him what her name was, he decided to name her Teacup.