and teachers are always telling roy to put more effort into his work so

Drabble- Parent Trap AU

This is for the anon who asked for a Parent Trap RoyAi AU.  Dude, about all I remember about that movie was the first one where the girl says “That’s my Dad, isn’t he dreamy?” and young me was pretty sure that wasn’t OK in any time period/scenario.   However, here is a really AU  mess of a drabble for you.


They drove in silence until Roy finally cleared his throat and said, “So…”

“Look, you can’t go blaming me for smacking that kid.”  Ed spat and kept his arms crossed as he hunkered down in the passenger seat trying to not be upset about this parent-teacher intervention they were going to.  He actually cared about school and it upset him that he got detention in addition to Mrs. Curtis calling for a special meeting with parents.  Still, he wasn’t going to listen to some speech from Roy.  “Hughes talks about how you two used to fight in the academy all the time.  You can’t lecture me.”

“Actually I can because it’s my job.” Roy looked over briefly to guage how upset Ed about this before putting his eyes back on the road.   He was such a bad driver and since adopting Ed he had to try extra hard to not endanger the boy when driving him places.   “Maes and I were adults.   We were competitive and in the military academy of all places.   You’re a kid and in the schoolyard punching some boy for trying to give you a cat.”

“The cat scratched me!”  Ed snapped.  “I told him I didn’t want the damned thing and he still tried to give it to me.”

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