and tbh you dont deserve any of it

uh i dont see many or any tbh, positive posts about mlm who are schizo, so here is my positive posts for those beautiful boys. you are amazing and you aren’t scary and people are going to love you no matter what!!! if people think you are scary they don’t deserve you. you are so strong and brave!! love my schizo mlm.  

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so i have a problem. My best friend since grade school is a "yaoi fangirl," and while it's always made me uncomfortable she's otherwise a cool person. But the thing is, I'm realizing I'm less of a straight girl and more of a gay boy tbh, and I'm afraid of coming out at school because I don't want people to think I'm only a gay boy so I can perv on other gay boys. What do I do?

awe thats shit. i dont really have any advice but she doesnt deserve to be your friend if she just ends up calling u yaoi and fetishising you

do you guys have any advice??

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Riverdale and One Tree Hill

i haven’t seen one tree hill , unfortunately :(

send me a tv series and I’ll tell you:

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: veronica !!
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: i like cheryl more & more each ep , tbh 
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: none so far !!
  • a character I’m indifferent about: kevin , but thats only bc i dont rlly feel like ive seen enough of him to Love him yet 
  • a character who deserved better: betty !!
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: lowkey betty & archie 
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: i dont rlly have any Major ships yet tbh 
  • a cute, low-key ship: betty & veronica and veronica & archie
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: none that i can think of tbh ,
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: grundy & archie ……
  • my favourite storyline/moment: any time veronica is bad ass af 
  • a storyline that never should have been written: grundy & archie …….
  • my first thoughts on the show: i thought it was gonna be like , a pll copy im ngl 
  • my thoughts now: even tho its got the ~vibe~ of pll , i feel like its going down a different path which i Like , nd i rlly like the characters tbh . also my dad has a bunch of the archie comics in our study so i thought that was p cool