and taught legolas what he knows

Imagine: Being Legolas' daughter and calling him a princess

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“Ada! ada! ada!”

“What is it little one?” Legolas looked down at his 6 year old daughter with a soft smile.

“Ada is a princess!” You giggled.

He picked you up and kissed your forehead,“ Why is ada a princess?”

“Because you have long pretty hair and you wear tiaras and you wear a dress.”

He raised an eyebrow at you,“ sweetheart I am no princess.”

“Yes you are ada!” You giggled.

“Well then what is Naneth?” He asked, amused by his daughter’s persistancey.

“Naneth is a princess too!” You started squirming until he set you down,“ stay right here.” You ran of to your mother’s closet and looked through all the dresses until you found a pretty green one. Then you ran off to Legolas’ room and grabbed one of his crowns. Finally you ran back and handed the items to Legolas.

“Ada put dress on!”

“Ada not put dress on,” he said and set the items to the side. He regreted it when he saw you starting to sniffle. You soon broke out into balling and he rushed to put the dress on.

“Shh shhhhhh, look sweetheart, ada put the dress on.”

“Yay!” You squeeled and jumped up and down.

-5 minutes later-

Thranduil walked in and gave Legolas a confused look,“Do I even want to know what is going on?”

“Yay grandpa!” You jumped up and down again.

“Still haven’t taught her to say grandfather in elvish yet?” Thranduil asked his son.

“I’ve been a little busy lately.” Legolas crossed his arms.

“I can see that,” Thranduil tried to hold in his laughter.

“Grandpa Princess too!”

“What?” Thranduil looked down at his grand daughter.

You ran off and got a red dress then ran back and gave it to him,“ put it on!!!”

Thranduil looked at his son for help, but Legolas just laughed. He looked down at you and you gave him the biggest puppy dog eyes ever,“ pweeeeeeeease!”

-10 minutes later-

You were braiding flowers into Thranduil’s hair when your mother walked in with Tauriel. You ran to Tauriel and hugged her legs then turned to your mother and motioned for her to pick you up. When she did she turned to the two men wearing dresses,“ Awwwwww are the boys playing dress up.”

The two women laughed as the men facepalmed. You smiled enjoying this moment. Your mother walked over to Legolas and pushed his hair away from his face,“ Your the greatest dad ever.” He ran his fingers through her blonde hair and smiled. Then he leaned foreward and kissed her.

“Eeeeeew.” You said and ran out of room. Tauriel laughed and followed the little girl. Your mother looked at Legolas and then to Thranduil.

“You two are not living this down.”

70: Elves

“Ho ho ho.
Ho ho ho.
We are Santa’s elves.” [x][x]


"Frank?” Hazel called out with a serious tone, setting her mouth to a thin line. “ I need you to do something for me.”

“Anything,” he nodded, eager to please. “Anything you need.”

She sat on his lap and frowned.

“Elf ears,” she said without question.


Legolas elf ears. I need you to shift into Legolas with his pointy ears,” she grumbled, and Frank slapped his forehead.

“Hazel, I can’t shift into people—

"Legolas isn’t a person,” she begged. “He’s a god!”

Frank slapped his forehead again. Di immortales, this is what he got for forcing his girlfriend to have a Tolkien marathon. “Hazel…”

He didn’t know if Percy taught her that trick with the seal eyes or whatever, but it seemed to work magic. Frank sighed into his palms and nodded. 

Time to google pictures of Orlando Bloom.


"Guys,” Nico pleaded. It looked like he was ready to get down on his knees. “Just do it, please.”

As Jason pushed his golden rims up the apex of his nose, Percy grimaced beside him. “Just because we’re in these stupid suits, in this stupid backstage thing, in this stupid play—because of the STOLLS and their stupid super glue, I will not—”

Please,” Nico begged, his dark eyes imploring. Jason nudged Percy’s side and gave a little shrug. What did they have to lose? Several thousand man points, maybe—and their dignity, but Nico was their good friend. He knew that Percy was only bickering and putting off Nico because it was sort of his twisted way of showing affection. “Guys, please—”

"I’m fine with it,” Jason shrugged again. He picked at the leotard that cradled his bottom, plucking the slight wedgie that nicked at him from behind. He just lost five hundred man points. 

“See?” Nico pointed out. “Jason’s fine with it.”

Percy rolled his eyes and fiddled with the springy elf ears that were, for now, attached to his head. “Okay, fine,” he surrendered. “But give me one reason why I should do this for you.”

“I’ll give you two. For one,” Nico answered, still pleading. “Bob." 

With that, Percy’s face flashed a pale white—the argument was over. 

"Second,” Nico continued. “I know Will’s an idiot but he has a good heart I mean it is a fundraiser for sick kids and uh, I honestly think I’m in love with him so if you were my friend could you please just do this for me just this once so I could make him a little happier?”

Bro,” Percy smiled, some colour returning to his face. “I would’ve done it without any reasons, I was just playing with you.” He nudged Jason. “But now we’ve got reason and some leverage… Mr. Nico Solace.”

Laughing loudly, Percy waltzed onto the stage in his very tight elf costume. Even if Nico didn’t want his friends to be embarrassed—he just wanted Will to be happy—he let Percy walk through the curtains with half a butt cheek sticking out of his leotard.

Jason followed, laughing, and and he withdrew a million man points from Percy’s Brobank without needing any signatures.


"Nice,” Piper commented as she walked by the mess hall. A stage had been set up amidst all the tables, and there seemed to be a production going on. Guys in elf leotards singing Christmas carols. Nice. She didn’t know why or who or what it was—or if Chiron even permitted this in the first place—but it was nice.Very nice.

Annabeth, whose cheeks had turned red as soon as she spotted the spectacle, froze in her tracks as she peeped over her shoulder. “Piper…” she said, horrified. Piper’s eyes trailed to… Percy… on stage. 

Her eyes were wide at first, but Piper knew that Annabeth’s complete disbelief would soon turn into anger. “Oh gods,” Annabeth grumbled in absolute embarrassment, fear, disdain… how were you supposed to feel when your boyfriend was being paraded on stage for a Christmas fundraiser IN A SKIN TIGHT ELF SUIT?  ”Look at his butt cheek…” she whispered, and Annabeth buried her face in her hands. “Oh gods I’m going to murder him. And whoever put him up to this. My poor Percy…”

“Knew it,” Piper growled, eyes blazing as Jason soon came on stage.  As all the girls and boys hooted and tooted, stuffing dollar bills into the fund boxes at the sides of the stage, she dragged Annabeth to the unruly crowd with a grimace. “I knew it. When Percy’s doing stupid stuff, Jason’s gonna follow. I knew it.”

“Oh gods… That’s my butt cheek, Pipes,” Annabeth whined. “That butt is for my eyes only. Only mine. My butt cheek.”

"And that’s my BOYFRIEND!” Piper shouted, jumping onto the stage. All of a sudden, the music paused and the lights stopped flashing. The girls and boys were instantly quiet— so were Jason and Percy who were sweating bullets behind them. “Get behind the curtains, you noobs!”

And the booing commenced. 

"Hey! We paid for a show!” One boy shouted.

“Yeah! I want to see Jason’s arms!" 

"Percy’s BUTT!”

Annabeth wailed.

Piper cleared her throat, ready to charmspeak a crowd of a hundred—but behind her, Annabeth shouted something before she could open her mouth.

"Is that… Oh my gods it’s Orlando Bloom?”

Needless to say, Percy and Jason were no longer the stars of the elf show that afternoon—it was Frank.