and taste rly good

modern richies style consist of:

-his big ol mop of hair covered in about 15 butterfly clips because sometimes his hair gets in his face and it bothers him so he has small sections pinned up
- has small little star earrings don’t @ me on this
-smudged eyeliner is like his go to because he thinks he looks badass with it but in reality he just looks tired
-still has thick rimmed glasses but everyone thinks it’s bc he wants to be trendy but like …he’s fuckin blind m8
-he stole stans strawberry lip smackers bc it ‘smells like it taste rly good’ but in reality he wanted his lips to look really pink and pretty
-this boy is covered in so many bandages?? help him???
-has old flowers in his hawaiian shirts thanks to mike and he loves digging around in his pocket and seeing what flower it’s going to be
-has ugly cuticles but beautiful nails courtesy of Beverly who puts glitter polish on him which makes him happy bc he stares at his nails in class
-people also think he’s trying to be trendy by wearing ripped jeans but in reality he just fucks his jeans up easily and is too lazy to get new ones
-has a bunch of rings and bracelets (all gifts from the losers)
-has a red kanken backpack that’s absolutely destroyed with food stains and writing and covered in pins but it’s his prize possession
-wears only two shoes, crocs or birkenstocks, paired with either those packaged hanes socks that are a little too big or those huf socks that have the marijuana leaves on them

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What TV shows would the bright sessions characters listen to???

I’ve been watching a lot of Great British Bake-Off recently and I think that’s a show that Chloe, Agent Green, Adam, and Mark would all enjoy and that Caleb would find way too stressful. 

fukurodani hcs
  • since sarukui has that sweet monkey smile for most of his emotions, it can be hard to tell when he’s legit angry—but according to komi, mad!sarukui flares his nostrils, so komi dubbed mad!sarukui as gorilla!sarukui (sarukui is Not Amused)
  • Stories to Tell Onaga I: in the previous year, komi made it a punishment that anyone who made fun of his [lack of] height had to carry him around to & from club; after shirofuku made fun but could only carry him princess-style, komi amended the punishments to piggybacks-only & said the managers were off the hook so only the guys have to carry him these days (as onaga wasn’t present, sarukui & konoha have pics of komi-hime to show their first-year baby bird)
  • bokuto is Proud Dad & Team Mom all at once sometimes; when akaashi & suzumeda joined last year & onaga this year, bokuto has shown his “mY BABIES” side complete w/glomps just as many times as he’s congratulated everyone on a well-played game
  • most everyone on the team is Too Much, so onaga tends to ask washio for advice & so they chat a lot; they are good pals~ 💕
  • akaashi knew suzumeda as the sporty girl in his class & let that slip to shirofuku; shirofuku p much hunted her down to see if she’d like to become a club manager
  • Stories to Tell Onaga II: do not call shirofuku by the nickname “yukki"—konoha tried to last year & almost didn’t live to see his final year of high school
  • acceptable nicknames: "komiyan,” “kaori-chan” (not rly a nickname but y'know—also, only by shirofuku), “wasshi” (by konoha & bokuto when they’re being lazy), “saruman” (sarukui thinks he’d make a kickass evil wizard), “yamisen” (short for “yamiji-sensei;” coach honestly doesn’t know what to do with the 3rd yrs, poor guy)
  • unacceptable nicknames: “yukki,” “ninja-kun” (according to konoha; the others find it hilarious), “omonaga/-kun” (after the others learned how bad it hurts onaga’s feelings, they stay on the watch for teasing instances & defend their baby owl as needed; bokuto/konoha/komi are rly vocal about it, but sarukui & esp washio give the best silent glares to shut people up)
  • akaashi has poor taste in t-shirts, in scarves, in pants…but, surprisingly, he has a rly cool sweater collection & good taste in shoes
  • Stories to Tell Onaga III: konoha refused to do a cosplay café & dress up as a girl in his first year, but bokuto assured him it was no big deal & cross-dressed to show his support; fukurodani banned cosplay cafés for the years to come
  • suzumeda learned early on about her senpai’s ravenous appetite, so she often carries candies in her pockets these days just for shirofuku
  • when it comes to studying, washio leads the pack w/akaashi’s, suzumeda’s, & onaga’s help; konoha & shirofuku manage okay on their own, sarukui & komi do best cramming at the last minute, but bokuto…fukurodani has to pull out all the stops for him ;w; but akaashi & onaga have the best patience for teaching him things
  • after the fukurodani–nekoma match, since he got his first, real taste of useless!bokuto, even sweet little onaga gets exasperated w/his senpai in games at times…
  • Stories to Tell Onaga IV: after their first training camp back in their first year, the 3rd yrs know NEVER to let sarukui possess permanent markers. NEVER.
  • konoha can, unfortunately, confirm that yes, that is bokuto’s natural hair color(s)
  • owls who only have to run a comb thru their hair in the morning: onaga, akaashi, shirofuku, sarukui, washio
  • owls who take forever to groom: suzumeda (she can never get a proper, smooth ponytail on the first try), bokuto, komi, konoha (boy has so much product it puts the team to shame)
  • when the day looks particularly exhausting & club hasn’t even started yet, one can find washio hiding in the references part of the school library; onaga learned this first, then akaashi & konoha, but they’re all kind enough to the gentle giant not to pass around this info ESP to bokuto
  • be scared when there’s new music out for komi & konoha to enjoy: komi jumps around erratically to the songs stuck in his head & konoha shakes his moneymaker…even during club
  • komi & shirofuku are Not Headrests. pls tell sarukui & konoha, tyvm
  • on a similar note, onaga & washio are Not Ladders. gdi, komi
  • in the fukurodani vbc, there’s a thing called the “owl races"—if coach yamiji lets five minutes pass w/no direction, the team starts pairing off & running laps outside, w/komi riding on washio’s shoulders, shirofuku on konoha’s, & suzumeda on onaga’s; akaashi & sarukui refuse to carry bokuto, and akaashi almost strangled bokuto w/his legs that one time bokuto surprised the setter & hefted him up onto his shoulders
  • the only kinds of movies komi enjoys are those full-on 3D experience ones where you sit in a seat that moves around; the only one who doesn’t get motion sickness from that & tends to join him is sarukui
  • bokuto thinks nicknames are a sign of respect for his friends, but he doesn’t realize hotheaded little komi actually softens up some when called "komiyan” i.e., no one can resist the bokuto charm 💖
  • when bokuto isn’t around to be the butt of the joke, konoha becomes the team punching bag (courtesty of komi, sarukui, & shirofuku)
  • shirofuku is allowed to help w/food & snack prep during training camps, but suzumeda prefers onaga’s help when actually cooking since he doesn’t eat everything as it’s finished
  • on rainy days, sarukui & akaashi are v distracting ‘cuz their hair gets Curly to the Max
  • bokuto w/his hair down & unstyled is a thing of nightmares
  • good birbs who eat a real breakfast in the morning: bokuto, komi (he thinks he might have one last growth spurt), suzumeda, shirofuku, onaga
  • bad birbs who’d rather sleep in until the last minute: sarukui, washio, konoha, akaashi
  • Stories to Tell Onaga V: when they first joined, bokuto took one look at coach yamiji & called him “grandpa”…& the other 3rd yrs have never let him forget it
  • owls who ride the train: onaga & konoha, washio, akaashi & bokuto
  • owls who walk/bike to school: komi & sarukui (sarukui stands on the back of komi’s bike when they can get away w/it), shirofuku & suzumeda
  • tan washio & komi get completely crispy during summer; fair-skinned konoha & shirofuku burn & turn redder than her hair
  • tho he dislikes jokes about his small stature, komi has no problem w/snuggling into a nest of heat made out of washio+sarukui+onaga during winter
  • everyone’s used to how bokuto drapes on them, but he’s clingy only w/akaashi since the 2nd year didn’t tell him off when it first happened (he was kinda shocked at the behavior), but akaashi is okay w/it by now
  • fukurodani’s biggest pain-in-the-ass according to bokuto & coach yamiji: sakusa
  • fukurodani’s biggest pain-in-the-ass according to everyone else: kuroo & nekoma (& bokuto, *lol*)
  • yes, bokuto’s not the brightest bulb in the box & yes, he forgets to return money he borrows, but he also is the mawkish dork who buys everyone a little xmas gift & some valentine’s candy or chocolate for them every year, so no one can hold anything against his heart of gold 💞
  • konoha is apt at reading everyone on the team, altho shirofuku is rather ambiguous to him so he guesses hungry most of the time (& tbh he’s often right, much to her chagrin)
  • shirofuku can out-eat all the guys & lap them if she feels like running w/them at the end of the day; BUT! she can also go for hrs w/o eating anything on the rare occasion
  • akaashi’s parents thought they’d have a bigger family & so got a big house, but it wasn’t until the club decided to chill @akaashi’s place so often that his parents got their big fam, *lol* (so, so many owls…)
  • the team also spends time @onaga’s 'cuz his mum cooks the best large meals
  • everyone’s from a decent fam w/decent incomes, but sarukui’s fam is loaded, so the team gets invited to vacation w/them during the summer in karuizawa @sarukui’s beach house
  • non-team friends: akaashi gets along v well w/kenma (quiet friendship), suzumeda is childhood friends w/yamagata (a fact she tries to keep secret from the guys lest they jump to traitorous conclusions), bokuto & kuroo obviously should never be left to their own devices, & shirofuku enjoys getting the quiet shimizu to talk
  • will make good wives someday (i.e., who’s domestic): onaga, akaashi, suzumeda, konoha (his skills are passable in the beginning before he gets better), sarukui
  • who traipses to the convenience store late at night for snacks: washio, bokuto, shirofuku, komi
  • komi has a great dane which was great until the pooch grew to be bigger than him; suzumeda has a maine coon who thinks it’s a dog; sarukui has a beagle–bloodhound mix & loves playing w/its ears
  • bokuto’s great w/kids & actually babysits neighbors’ kids from time to time; when the team was shocked at the thought of him being responsible for smols, bokuto sulked for a week
  • conversely, akaashi is not great w/kids 'cuz they don’t know what to make of his poker face; the only baby akaashi can look after well is bokuto XD
  • onaga & washio are teacher’s pets
  • bokuto can squirm out of getting detention w/a smile; konoha lands himself in detention w/a smile
  • after 3 yrs of bokuto & co., yamiji-sensei considers retirement…but he hangs in there for akaashi’s & onaga’s last yrs 'cuz they’re easy & good kids & become good captains

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Cooki! I was bored yesterday so I decide to watch Saint Onii-chan (+OAV's) and it was amazing!!!!!!(ㆁᴗㆁ✿) U rly have good taste in anime~~~

I KNEEEW IT !  (*^▽^*)

best anime eveh !

it’s about jesus and buddha but there is no offense to these religions, it’s just soft and funny !

Glad u liked it ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

i also maybe a bit, like don’t mind meh. but i maybe ship them a bit. like u kno’. just bromance but they’re so kyote together. im sorry dont blame meh

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Does suzie make spagedy

lots. it tastes rly good. it tastes so good I put some in an envelope and send it to a random joestar descendent. idk if they got it or not but i rly hope they did because it tastes so goddamn good

ok i burnt my mouth trying this just now but it was so worth it like it’s. good??? I’m kinda proud of myself lmao only problem is i can’t write the recipe down properly bc i measured everything by eye:“”).. im gonna try tho later, it’s made w almond flour has sour cream in it and flavour is chocolate and pear n it’s just like. rly nice? good texture good taste

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tbh I followed you for Homestuck art but I didnt realize you were also into tomco!! Do you have any drawings/ fic recs for tomco?

aaAA IM GLAD SOMEONE THINKS MY TASTE IN ANYTHING WOULD B GOOD ENOUGH FOR RECS ALSO RLY SWEET THATD UD FOLLOW FOR MY ART IM SOBBING (this is kinda a surprise ask lmao bc honestly i forget anyone would follow for the homestuck bc i hardly post anymore, maybe ill make a side blog for nostalgia’s sake lmao if so ill somehow let u kno anon jgfkhgjkjh)

uH tbqh i dont read toooo many tomco fics bc i find that a lot of them are,,,,, como se dice,,,,,, fujoshi smut w a side of racism that my gay latina ass doesn’t wanna put up with,,,,,,,,,,,,but thats just my tea,,,,,,,,

HOWEVER, that’s not to say all the fics r like that, maybe im just unlucky in my search, but i do have a few that r really good:

i really liked You Mean A Latte To Me by @webwrecker, in fact i promised art for that like a month ago and im finally coloring that n shit lmao but this is my top one rn for sure, a super cute coffeeshop AU

also i remember liking Until Our Ribs Get Tough (that will never be enough). It was short n sweet but a. i love the song title lmao that rly sold me and b. it was just rly nice u kno?rl cute.

I dont remember much abt them but Listen To Your Gut and How To Court a Nerd both by IzzyRocks (dunno if they have a tumblr) were also rly good n cute and i liked em a lot when i read em like a year ago lmaoo

-Fire Safety is Important at a Blood Moon Ball by @gosshiku-hime-wa-yami-san was cute its still updating i think lol (i drew fanart of this one i remember, somewhere deep in my tom svtfoe tag!)

-Winging It by @angelirae sadly it was discontinued but if you dont mind reading an unfinished piece it was good!

uhhHH i honestly havent read that many but maybe ill edit this ask and add more but heres a start yo!

i mean i like the diamoric flag, n i think the yellow enbian one looks fine as a design (even if i dont personally like yellow in flags. but thats taste n not rly an opinion on if its a good flag or not)..

but i rly am not much of a fan at all of the enbian one with like lots of shades in different hues with like a symbol on top? that feels not too great bcus like, if u struggle to remember how many different colours there is in a flag…

as a general rule, that is a flag that needs to be simplified, or probably could do with more distinct colours. (an example of this done well is the newer lesbian flag, bcus it has distinctly different hues, n not just shades of pink)

i think as a general rule, one should honestly not rly have much of any shading scales in flags? unless it’s like literally just one shade of grey itself or whatever…

kimseongkyu replied to your post “tagged by @kimseongkyu (ty so much!!!!! ahhh!!!) and @flowrsoo (wow we…”

“kim sunggyu please bring back ur red hair” haha yes please! also omg i read what you put in the tags on my post and !!! thank you so much for your sweet compliments??? that’s one of the nicest things someone has said to me on here hgslkjf (*/ω\*) also, i agree! i don’t rly like the taste of coffee

he looked so good in red hair im so sad it nvr made a comeback he’d look great. i think bad era, back era,  another me era were probably my favs in terms of sunggyu looks….maybe…the more i think about it the more i want to add to that list (thinking about adding paradise era too) 

alkdjf you have no idea (im gonna be a bit sappy) but honestly ive been inspired by you a lot to make better gifs? because ive always noticed ur coloring and sharpening is so pretty? honestly ur gifs are goals (like not just within this fandom but on tumblr in general ur honestly one of my fav giffers) everytime u create a new gifset im like wow…amazing

yea!!! its so weird when coffee almost seems to be like a norm for half of the world. what kinda scares me about coffee is when ppl start talking about how dependent they are on it like…they cant go a day without a cup of coffee and that’s something that i wouldn’t want