and taste rly good

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tell me about your bf

!! first of all thank u for the ask bc i love it when ppl want to hear what i have to say ((: speaking of which my bf always listens to what i have to say and he never makes me feel like i’m being annoying when i geek about stuff like mythology and astronomy and he’s rly cute and into physics and calculus and nature and stuff and he has rly good taste in music and he sells and does lots of psychedelics which is honestly okay with me because he keeps me and the business completely separate. plus free weed is always a bonus

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what type of movies do you like

i wish i had like good taste in films but i rly don’t i just watch things that get good reviews lol and my threshold for entertainment is so low anyway i go into a movie just HOPING to be transported and feel a lot of intense emotions. i guess i like stories that focus in on emotional relationships of any sort. recently i’ve really loved moonlight obvi and moana and hidden figures and arrival, and some other random films i’ve gotten super into were wall-e and the social network and princess mononoke and her and grand budapest hotel and pretty much any pixar or ghibli movie tbh and animated films in general i love them sorry there was no punctuation in this answer my brain is jelly