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Not only the tweet part, the whole interview with Roman was great and I'm so excited to hear his album and he's making me so curious about his other collab! Also, isn't it amazing how the best interviews (the one at the video screening, this one at capital, the one with Grimmy) are the interviews he does with people we know he knows and he's friends with, Harry is friend with and that I can assume know the truth? Amazing, right?

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So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 

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Harry kissing and hugging the missus,and Alfie getting so jealous because he wants his mama just to himself

She’s feeding Alfie some porridge at the kitchen table when Harry walks in, dressed in a printed shirt and his skinny jeans with his brown suede boots on his feet, ready for his morning meeting with Jeff and his team who had flown out to London to chat songs and writing. He has his car keys in his hand, house keys pushed into his chest pocket, sunglasses pushing his hair back as he approaches the table and reaches for her cup of coffee sitting beside a sippy cup of milk for Alfie.

“I’ll drop Persephone off on my way, yeah? Save you from getting dressed and taking her,” he smiles at her, wrapping his lips around her coffee mug and taking a big gulp of the lukewarm liquid inside to wake him up a little more, “I want you to stay in and rest today, yeah? No going out shopping or anything. Can’t risk you going into early labour or anything.”

“Harry, I’m fine,” she hums back in response, a pink plastic spoon in her hand as she let Alfie wrap his lips around the apple and cinnamon flavoured porridge, “if I want to go out for some fresh air or to look around the shops, I will. I’m midway through a pregnancy with twins. Not dying. I’m okay.”

“I know. I just don’t want anything to happen,” he leans down and presses a kiss to the crown of her head, “Persephone’s upstairs getting herself dressed and ready for school. I’ll take her, go to my meeting and be back with some lunch from your favourite café for the both of us. Then I’m back all afternoon to start on dinner for tonight.”

“Oh, god. I forgot your family were coming up for a couple of days today,” she grumbles, looking up at him and he chuckles softly, “don’t laugh. Pregnancy brain and all. You’d understand if you could get pregnant. I forgot to help Persephone with her shoes yesterday and she nearly went off to school with untied laces. Oh, and I forgot to put milk in Alfie’s cup this morning and he stared at me blankly until I realised what I forgot to do,” she sighs.

“It happens,” he smiles, pressing a kiss to her forehead and nudging his nose into her hair as she pushes the last spoonful between Alfie’s lips and grins at him when he finishes off his whole bowl. Reaching forward to wipes away at the remnants catching around his lips before having Harry help her stand to her feet, “have fun today, yeah?”

“Oh, we definitely will. I think your mum and Robin are due in for mid-morning so I’ll have them keeping me company before you get back,” she grins, as Harry wraps his arms around her and pulls her close, “and then you’ll be back and then maybe your mum and Robin can go and get Persephone from school?”

And as he nods and leans down to capture her lips with a soft kiss, Alfie whines out and bangs his fists upon the table of his high-chair, catching the missus’ attention as she looks over to him, seeing a frown puckering up his face as he stared at his daddy with big hazel eyes. 

“What’s the matter, mate? Don’t you like when I give mummy some love?” Harry chuckles, pressing his lips to her temple before crouching down beside him chair, “you get mummy all to yourself this morning. You lucky thing, you. You have to look after her for me, okay? Need you to look after her and the babies.” xx

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Mmmm slow makeouts with Fionn late at night while it's dark, and it's raining outside, the only light coming from the sparse heat lightening in the clouds. Maybe you're in your underwear and one of his old shirts, no bra, and he's still in his sweater and jeans from the day, too intertwined with you to worry about changing out of them.

Jesus Christ… This sounds like such a dream right now. You’ve been cuddling and kissing and making out since he arrived home in the early afternoon, sprawled out on your bed as the weather outside took a turn for the worst and made the both of you feel content and cosy; him in a thick sweater and jeans and you in nothing but a pair of knickers and one of his t-shirts. And neither of you have eaten and it’s passed the dinner-mark of the day, nearing 11pm as the thunder rolled through the sky and lightning lit up the dark space of the bedroom, cracking out but neither of you care because you’re too engrossed with one another. 

Sometimes you lay upon him and sometimes he lays upon you. Sometimes you drape yourself over his body and sometimes he drapes his body over your body. Sometimes you sit up with your legs crossed and sometimes he sits up against the headboard. Sometimes you get up for a wee and sometimes he gets up for a wee. Sometimes he has you locked in his hold as he peppers kisses around your face and sometimes you have him locked in a hold as you pepper kisses to his face.

It’s quiet between the both of you. It started off with him explaining his day and how he had been jumping from building to building to get photoshoots and press interviews done and it had ended with you expressing your love for him and how you hadn’t been able to do much sketching or painting on a canvas because he wasn’t there to give you inspiration. But that’s it. There are no plans being made and no meaningless talk or pillow-talk happening as you lay there in his arms and feel his fingers raking through your hair.

“Are you getting hungry? I’m getting a little hungry. I can whip up some sandwiches for us? S’too late to order in and I’m not going out in this weather to find somewhere,” he murmurs, straining his neck away from you to look down and smile, “I think there’s some leftover bacon in the fridge from this morning. I can make some egg and bacon sandwiches? Know you love them.”

“You really know what gets me going,” you giggle, leaning up on your elbows, “I would love a sausage on the side.”

He whines out and scoffs, “you really know how to make things dirty.”

“I wasn’t being dirty, Fionn! There are some sausages in the fridge that need to be eaten.” xx

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hey i don't have spotify or itunes. can i support louis and the song any other way?

you can for example

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will you ever join the discord chat ? people mentioned you a few times before i think it would be cool if you were here too since so many people already are

i don’t know what that is and if it’s like some group chat thing then nah i’m good cause that sounds mixy to me.

contrary to popular belief i don’t like people and would rather not make anymore new friends here (too many disappointments) especially if it’s OOC.

it won’t happen, but i would absolutely love to see a scene with sansa and bran, where sansa is telling bran all about everything that happened when he was gone (even though he already knows) and when she gets to the bit about ramsay, she just kind of trails off… but then bran takes her hand and says “i know, sansa. i was there with you. i know.” because bran is the three-eyed raven now, having seen everything that’s ever happened, in a way it’s like bran was there with sansa through all of it… that she wasn’t alone.

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Can people please change their vpn to the UK and STREAM THE SONG. He needs a lot of streams for UK charts. Also only 10 streams per acccount counts in UK charts in per day. It's so easy to make account. You can make 15 accounts and stream the song 10 times per account.

i forgot to post this but !! stream my pals pls 

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Alex thrusts into you hard and slowly, his fingers and thumb holding your jaw and squishing your cheeks as he whispers into your ear. "Yeh mine, yeh hear? This cunt is mine. No' his. Who do you belong teh?" "You." You whimper. He's not having any of it. He slaps your thigh hard with his free hand, the sting feeling so delicious couples with his thrusts. "What?" "I'm yours, Alex!" You scream.