and taking them off

i just imagine anti buying a bunch of dark merch like a sweatshirt, a tshirt, and a tank top to wear just in spite of dark like,

dark: anti what are you wearing take that off immediately.

anti: okay if you insist. *takes off dark sweatshirt*

dark: ….that too.

anti: okay. *takes off dark tshirt*

dark: …how many layers do you even have?

anti: *takes off dark tank top* there.

anti: i have darkiplier underwear, do you want me to take them off too?

dark: N O


Another fan request now that it’s warmer in az. Baby cat decided she wanted to relax in the sun and get a little bit of a tan. Small side note, baby cat does love the feeling of a super full diaper but hates to wait all day to wet them. Baby cat wanted to swell up her diaper so she dove into the pool soaking her diapers. I checked her diaper and she continues peeing in them even after they are soaked. I then told her to take them off, put them in the trash and go get into a fresh new diaper. Keep the requests coming

Witch Tip: For Witches With Medications!

If your medications come to you in a bottle, save it! You can use them for holding small items, act as a small spell jar, use them for holding different types of water, all kinds of things!

Make sure to clean them out as necessary before re-purposing them.

I myself am a closeted witch, and I’m using one right now to hold water to be charged under the moonlight. I plan to use my moon water to add a little to my baths, or my tea! Or even pour it into my water bottle. I don’t need a whole lot for these, so a small medication bottle is perfectly sized.

To remove any stickers that are on the bottles:

Try your best to take them off by hand first. Then you can use a warm rag, and soak the stickers. This will make them easier to peel off! Then you can put your own labels, or anything you like on them if you wish.

A lot of medication bottles are orange, so they could be useful for spells and such that would benefit from that color!

Hope this was helpful.


found an old song by rhys darby (coran’s va),, imagine coran singing this, lance is the guy with the jandals and keith is the girl who breaks up w him bc he won’t take them off 

anonymous asked:

I need SOMETHING about yunobo! Something nsfw with his s/o please?

NSFW Yunobo

  • So so so so so shy.
  • I swear to goddess, this guy might melt long before the act is actually done.
  • Constantly trying to make sure that s/o is comfortable, that he isn’t hurting them, that what he’s doing actually feels nice.
    • Given his height and the fact his people are practically boulders with eyes, can you really blame him for asking this.
  • Starts off as sub, but he becomes a bit of an aggressive sub
    • Like he wants to please s/o so much he can be a little rough and take control at times simply by catching them off-guard.
  • Super sensitive chest.

kahryez  asked:

The cosplay looks to be coming together nicely, good work! question, Would you be able to sit on a stool in that outfit? also drinking should be fun with that helmet, good luck!

Thank you! Yeah, I can perch on stuff. So I can sit on things like stools, a chair sideways, walls, the floor. Also the wings are pretty easily detachable. The costume doesn’t look good without them, but I can take them off if I need a break. 

Andddddd I should totally get a bendy straw to go with the helmet so I can drink! 

once a year, our small, secluded city becomes overrun with tourists. once a year we allow the streets to become ransacked with those who question the way we live. our slaves can no longer walk free or else we run the risk of losing them altogether. while our governments protect us with their laws, we are still seen as a threat to the real world. unclaimed slaves are moved underground where they will share bunks, live off of rationed portions and if unruly, they will be shackled until a master is willing to take them off our hands for a couple of hours, or maybe even days. for the duration of this time, you will earn your money by selling your body to masters who so desire to rent you. this will be your only solace over the course of this time.

**admin notes**

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Are you named after someone? no.

When is the last time you cried? 2 weeks ago

Do you like your handwriting? NO,IT’S NOT OK,I EVEN CANT READ THEM ANYMORE (T_T)

What is your favorite lunch meat? chicken :3

If you were another person, would you be friends with you? depends :/

Do you still have your tonsils? Nah

Would you bungee jump? SURE

What is your favorite kind of cereal? cinnamon toast crunch,froot loops :3

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope

Do you think you’re a strong person? depends :/

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? chocolate tbh

What is the first thing you notice about people? Eyes,personality,hands,and outfits

Red or pink? Both

What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? ALL OF THEM :p

What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? navy pants, no shoes

What was the last thing you ate? bread

What are you listening to right now? House of Memories-P!ATD

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? grey

Favorite smell? trees and foods

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My sister

Favorite sport to watch? Tennis,golf,basket and bike

Hair colour? BLACK

Eye colour? BROWN

Do you wear contacts? Sometimes

Favorite food to eat? idk,i eat stuffs, lol :p

Scary movies or comedy? BOTH :3

Last movie you watched? Central intelligence

What color shirt are you wearing? Blue :3

Summer or winter? BOTH :3

Hugs or kisses? BOTH :3

What book are you currently reading? Nothing at the moment

Who do you miss right now? my mom,my sister and also my cat

What is on your mousepad? nothing

What is the last TV program you last watched? Grace and Frankie

What is the best sound? The light shower of rain at the morning,wind breezes at night,broken bones,things got destroy lol :p

Rolling Stones or The Beatles? eh,,it’s a hard one,,,BOTH :3

What is the furthest you have ever traveled? idk -,-

Do you have a special talent? Idk,lol :p i’m  a literal trash 

Where were you born? japan -,-(but my japanese r sucks and i dont live there anymore,since i was 1 yo lol :p)

One requirement for her body guards is definitely “Must be able to carry long distances” cause there is a one hundred percent chance she’s gonna take off if she senses an imprisoned and a fledgling mage and then realize running in heels is not ideal so she ditches them and takes off in her bare feet and nylons and gets her feet all scratched up.

Singing in the Moonlight Ch 6: Thinkin’ Bout Love

Johnny spent the rest of his night packing up his belongings in boxes and preparing them for the day. The theatre family was going to take the day off to help them move in. They would meet at the theatre for announcements and then they would go to Johnny’s place with the moving truck and then to Ash’s place to pick up all of her stuff. Since he was being packed up first, he had to be ready. As he lay in bed that night and looked at the empty walls of his bedroom he felt a sense of nostalgia. This room held so many memories, both good and bad, and tonight would be the last time that he spent a night there. He rolled over under his covers and looked out his dirty window, gazing at the moon, his companion every night. Johnny laid his head on the pillow and let the light of the moon wash over him and lull him into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning Johnny got up early to load his truck with his boxes and prepare the furniture that he would be taking when the truck came. He drove the truck to the theatre, whistling happily to himself and enjoying the morning. He snagged a great parking space in front of the theatre and he was practically walking on air when he strutted into the theatre. Everyone else was already waiting onstage when he entered the theatre so he quickly jogged up and took his place next to Meena.

“’Ey Meena I ‘eard that there’s a fair in town tonight. Do ya wanna go wif me?” He leaned over and whispered in Meena’s ear. His heart was pounding like a drum and his hands were sweaty but Johnny knew that if he didn’t ask her now he would lose his nerve. Meena immediately blushed but gave him a shy smile.

“Sounds like fun.” She whispered and Johnny’s good mood lifted impossibly higher. So much so that he couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across his face or the way that his heart skipped a beat when she accepted.

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otayuri is the reason I live and breathe

I am 7 years late to this fandom