and taking pictures of them



How are you guys??

Haha did you guys miss me? I missed you, too.
Everyday before I go to sleep, I find two teardrops on my pillow when I wake up.

[ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know too]
I took screenshots of the comments here on fancafe where ARMYs recommended movies for me to watch. Today, I decided to watch a movie. If it’s good, I’ll recommend it to my members or to everyone through VAPP hahaha. Because of ARMYs I really like to watch movies!!! I feel like I’ve become a better person!!!

[I also]
I’ve been interested in paintings and photography these days, I’ve also been recommending a lot of them haha. Lately I’ve been taking pictures of landscapes, too. I have representative models, lots, there’s 6 of them. I bought a filming camera 3 days ago that I’ve been trying to take proper pictures with. The important parts are the ISO, focus, aperture, and shutter speed. I don’t much about it, so I’m trying my best to learn, but I’m afraid I’ll stop being that it’s difficult. So please, stop me from quitting.

[Right Now]
There’s so many comments that I can’t read them all. When I have time I’ll come back and read them all. Sleep well. 

[Euwoh I’m touched??]
Because all you guys are supporting me~~
Saying that you all can help me with things like this, I’m extremely proud. If I didn’t meet ARMYs, I wouldn’t have been interested in art. I probably wouldn’t be watching foreign movies or listening to a variety of music, I would be watching Oseam during Chuseok. I wouldn’t have discovered all these things if it wasn’t for ARMYs recommendations and different lifestyles, which is what gives me strength!!! Ahh, I’m so proud!!!

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T/N: Tae posted several times on fancafe, so I decided to put them all together instead of mini posts.
Also, he replied to ARMYs comments. One gave him advice on his camera, in which he replied “thank you~” (aegyo). The second person was giving him support in which he replied the same way.

Guys, its official. I’m buying a house

I saved enough avocados to buy one, have a job that lets me afford the monthly expenses, a family to support me and better yet my offer was accepted a contract signed and so its happening!

So I just wanted to warn you that probably over the next few months and into next year I’ll be doing a lot fo posting about that, but also just not really posting a whole lot. 

But you know, when I get a cat I’ll take book pictures with them. Obvi.

I know I’ve already complained about safe mode enough, but since like 10 porn blogs have followed me over night I wanna say @staff they sometimes steal and repost people’s selfies. And as a minor I literally can’t see their page to make sure they’re not doing that before I block them. If they take my picture I have no way of knowing and reporting them because I can’t see their page…

The bookstore I took my books to does promotions for local authors, so my books are gonna be one of the first books people see when they walk through the doors :D I r excited

fallout 4 companions react to the a day at the beach

just a little thing I wanted to do

Cait:  Wants to cool down by doing some diving and swimming, she challenges the other companions to move daring and dangerous stunts 

Curie: she’s eager to spend her first beach day with friends, she enjoys the feeling of sand beneath her feet, but also make sure everybody has on sun block 

Codsworth: Tries not to over heat by staying in the shade, hes happy to watch his friends belongings and take picture of them all 

External image

Dogmeat: wants to roll in the sea then shake his soggy fur at everybody  

Danse: He’s happy to warm his skin and relax on the beach with the others, he does a lot of surfing and even teaches the others 

Deacon: self proclaimed king of BBQ makes lunch for everybody, he’s heard grinning about how the baldness is a blessing in the heat along with his shade combination 

Hancock: flirting his way up and down the beach and enjoying the beautiful views of the sea and sand, also bikinis, mostly bikinis 

Nick: he’s not happy about the floral shirt and shorts he’s been pressured into wearing but he does enjoy collecting shells, he brings lots back for ellie 

Maccready: He’s straight out fishing, need deep in the waters, complete with home made lures, he brings a few catches back for supper 

Preston: he’s up and down the beach bringing frozen treats to his friends and the children happy to help them cool down, he starts up a big game of volley ball aswell 

Piper: Found rollerblading up and down the pier fronts expertly  impressing everybody, she preforms routines for the companions 

X8-88: refuses to dress “summery” but can’t refuse a sand castle competition, makes out of this world castles but takes it to far by destroying other peoples so he can win 

Strong: he’s hot and cranky, fights a shark gets put in time out by sole  

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hey! i love your tumblr and the pictures you take of your gameplay it's so pretty i was wondering what do you use and how do you take them?

Originally posted by m00nprincessx

First, I take a ton of pictures using the in-game camera. And I mean a ton! I’m constantly figuring out my shots and placement (90% of what I take no one ever sees). I use Photoshop for my pictures. I also use a lot of different Photoshop actions; I find a lot of free ones too online (my main actions by @dani-paradise and actions by @keenpea). I see a lot of nice edits with Topaz clean I might try to experiment with also..


I did this a while back but kept taking pictures I loved so setting them as my background, instead. I got tired of not seeing the file names, so I reset my theme. I love this shit!

Lock screen: Harry’s Patronus
Home screen: The Forbidden Forest
The Owlery: Phone, text, and email
The Common Room: Music and tv/movies
The Great Hall: Social media
Transfiguration: Puzzle games that remind me of spellwork
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Kingdom Hearts and device protection apps
Room of Requirement: Search engines and device files
Broom Closet: Device cleaning apps
Quidditch Pitch: Candy Crush and Toy Blast
Arithmancy: Office type apps
Care of Magical Creatures: Angry Birds, Dragon City, and (sometimes) Robot Unicorn Attack
Potions: Camera, Gallery, and photo shop type app

I kinda love being a Harry Potter fan 😂

I’m missing Charms and Divination! Any ideas?

Update: Divination: Weather app and a daily horoscope Via the perfect suggestion by @o0o-chibaken-o0o (I used both because you need at least two apps to make a folder 😄)

I should also note that I didn’t create the backgrounds, it’s a free theme that I found on my phone. I only made the folders :p

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Nathan suddenly being bombarded by the pap almost any time he's out, and Hunter going full mama bear boyfriend mode

•Nate honestly doesn’t mind the pap, simply bc he’s really used to it by now– He’s a well-known and respected musician after all, this is bound to happen

•I mean, he’s said before how it gets a bit annoying when he’s with Hnter and they’re tyring to live their lives, but other then that, he’s fine with it

•Hunter, on the other hand, is very greedy of his boi

•He’s always shielding him from cameras and down right sneering at the pap, silently daring them to take pictures

•Not to mention he’ll actually snap at the pap, demanding they give Nate space bc he’s uncomfortable or feeling claustrophobic

•Nate is in the state where he’s like “I’m just here ^^;” at this point while Hunter goes mama bear mode over him

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Oh my gosh, I really love those beach pieces you did with the Steven Universe characters! I especially love the way you drew the Rubies and I have a Ruby OC I'd love to see in your style! Are you currently open for commissions and if so, what are your prices? ;w;

hi hi thank you!! i do have commissions open, heres the details! currently im only taking them for more simple, chibi-style pictures, though ;m; 

I know I didn’t tell anyone about this xP

I’ve just came back from the performance of our small school theater group. 
And I’m so fricking exhausted..
I play the main villain, and we’ll perform again tomorrow!
I’ll probs take some pictures of my makeup. dunno if I’ll share them :0 Depends if people want to see Friedrich Willhelm Norbisrath aus Königsberg

it’s a very fun!

tag urself im fabio

My Mum travelled to her motherland Kenya in 2014 for the first time in 5 years. The sun was setting, the rest of the family were in the living room playing and talking, I caught this candid moment of her in reflection sitting on the balcony overlooking the street near her childhood home.

By Imran Suleiman