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50 Reasons Why You Should Study

Need motivation?

  1. To get an education. 
  2. To earn a degree. There are barely any jobs that offer positions to people without a degree, or are on the path of obtaining one.
  3. To prove people wrong. That science teacher that said you’ll never make it in the medical field? Make him eat his words. 
  4. To prove yourself wrong. Every student has doubts on whether or not they can be good enough in the classroom. Prove yourself wrong, and always be better than you were yesterday. 
  5. This is a privilege. Regardless of how much you believe that you HAVE to do this, to some extend you don’t. Realize that you have the privilege of an education even being an option for you.
  6. Take advantage of what you’re capable of. Don’t waste a perfectly intelligent mind. 
  7. More money. That degree can do wonderful things to your bank account in the future. 
  8. It’s interesting. Studying can get pretty boring, but there are always those topics that spark your curiosity and motivate you to learn more.
  9. It’s attractive. Not everyone cares for someone who is academically gifted, but a partner who is eager to learn makes me eager to take my pants off.
  10. It’s useful. That random fact that you read in a random textbook can stick with you and really end up helping you out one day.
  11. It’s fun to know useless shit sometimes.
  12. To make your parents proud. This is one of the main reasons I study. My parents have always been aware of my capabilities and have pushed me to be academically better every year. They know I have big dreams, and I just want to achieve them so they can know that their child made it.
  13. To make myself proud. This goes along with number four. Knowing that you accomplished something, however small or big the thing may be, is a huge self-esteem booster.
  14. To be independent. There’s nothing quite like knowing that you don’t need someone else’s job, degree, intelligence, or presence to make you successful.
  15. To pursue your passion. 
  16. To gain knowledge. Whether its in your field, or a completely different one, being knowledgeable is just downright fun.
  17. People will look up to you. Your siblings, your best friends, and your classmates may see you consistently studying, and it could motivate them to do the same. 
  18. To make a name for yourself. “Oh yeah, (insert name here), I know them. Aren’t they like really successful now?”
  19. To become your own role model.
  20. To be able to pay off your student loans.
  21. Because the long nights and excessive coffee will all be worth it. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now. 
  22. To exercise your brain. Your brain is just like a muscle, and like the body it needs to be exercised. 
  23. To improve your hippocampus. Your hippocamus is responsible for memory, and if you study your memorization will become significantly better.
  24. To not waste time doing useless stuff. 
  25. Because stationary is amazing. I could spend a whole paycheck on just pens.
  26. Because notes are actually all so pretty. 
  27. To be productive. I used to spend a lot of time on social media, and although I still do, the amount of time I spend studying and getting stuff done has definitely increased.
  28. So classes will be easier. 
  29. So tests will be easier.
  30. To impress your professors. Get those letters of recommendation! 
  31. So the anxiety of getting a bad grade is sufficiently decreased. I constantly worry about my grades, but studying has helped me not worry so much.
  32. Because coffee exists. 
  33. There is no other atmosphere quite like the inside of a library. 
  34. So you won’t have to retake a class. Failing a prerequisite for your major really sucks, so maybe try not failing the first time around. This also saves you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay for the class again. 
  35. Finals week won’t suck as bad. You’ll be used to studying so when finals week comes around it wont nearly be as stressful as for those students who are now opening a textbook. 
  36. You won’t go to as many college parties. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for socializing and having fun, but a lot can go wrong at a college party very quickly. And there’s no better way to prevent that, than just not going to the party cause you’re reading your economics textbook. 
  37. You’ll get used to FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. Every teenagers nightmare. Eventually, you’ll get used to the feeling. 
  38. You’ll be getting the most out of your college experience. You’re paying for these classes. Might as well try your best to pass. 
  39. You’ll get used to not getting enough sleep. So, if you decide to go to grad school you’ll have that department covered. 
  40. There’s really good study music out there. 
  41. I guarantee there will be at least 5 places on campus, or around you that are perfect for studying, and you’ll want to go there everyday. 
  42. You’ll become a pro at writing essays, or lab reports.
  43. You’ll learn fairly quickly that study groups rarely work. 
  44. You’ll make a lot of friends that are just as passionate about studying as you are. And you will cherish them. 
  45. Beauty and Brains. Don’t you want to fit that description? 
  46. Thousands of students before you have done it, so you can too. 
  47. You can run a studyblr. Aren’t they the cutest? 
  48. You get really good at time management. 
  49. Sleep becomes 5x more satisfactory after a night of studying.
  50. Because you want to. There’s no better motivation for studying, than the motivation that comes from within. 
Yuri On Ice Recap Episode 6

Well after a shithouse day yesterday I’m ready for my weekly dose of Yuri on Ice, which I swear is the only good thing that came out of 2016 

  • Ok I want to skip the opening and watch the episode but nahhh “CAN YOU HERE MY HEARTBEAT!!!!” 
  • Awww Victor saying goodbye to Maccachin, been there buddy. Well except I do that with my guinea pigs 
  • Come on Victor listen to your husband student you are going to miss your flight 
  • Lol he’s not used to going on economy 
  • And screenshot and now this is my new wallpaper
  • Well that’s interesting, Yurio came second in the Canadian World cup. I know next to nothing about iceskating but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that’s pretty amazing for a 15 year old making his senior debut
  • Hahahaha, Yuri is giving a press conference and all Victor wants to do is eat Hot pot. Priorities I guess
  • Guess Yakov hasn’t really forgiven Victor for just getting up and leaving everything in Russia. 
  • I don’t think Victor is playing pretend coach Yakov but I guess Yuri isn’t the only one who needs to prove something 
  • Seriously man how can you eat so much and not gain weight? 
  • Yayyyyy Phichit is here!!! Guess a party don’t start until my boy walks in
  • Ok now Celestino is here and I love they gave him Ciao Ciao as a nickname
  • Victor stop trying to feed people stuff they don’t want 
  • Ok so Phichit invited Guang and Leo
  • and Victor’s shirtless
  • and he’s naked now 
  • Apparently he’s a stripper when drunk. Also I love how kinda nonchalant Yuri is about this. How many time has this happened. 
  • Also Victor, try not to corrupt the minds of innocent teenagers please 
  • Ahhh shit Phichit posted it on Instagram 

  • Yess Yuri people are going to be thinking you fooled around with Victor                                               ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Okay that’s normal to touch someone’s ass like that, Christope?? 
  • Yup it was Christope, who I will now be referring as Chris
  • Seems Yuri and Chris met each other before, that’s interesting information
  • Chris has pretty eyes, just putting it out there 
  • Ok Chris step away from Victor’s katsudon 
  • Lol Chris checking out Victor’s tie. I suppose I can understand why he’s not motivated, his biggest rival just got up and left 
  • Shit the people taking pictures of them in the background are hilarious
  • Victor you massive social butterfly 
  • I guess most people are low key annoyed at Yuri for keeping Victor to himself and everyone want Victor to come back and compete
  • I love how Minako sensei flew all the way to China to see Yuri perform 
  • Ohh Phichit is first up, make your me proud my child (Yes I have adopted him too) 
  • The crowd is really getting into his performance and as they should 
  • Shit that fall looks painful 
  • Not a bad score Phichit 
  • Awww Guang’s really nervous, don’t worry my son you can do it (What?? I adopted him too) 
  • Shit Yuri’s nervous pacing,  Victor do something
  • Look even Chris has noticed
  • Oh no wait you have some weird grand plan or something 
  • I don’t care what anyone says, there is no heterosexual explanation to this. 

  • This isn’t intense friendship no matter what angle you look at. 

  • I don’t need for them to kiss at the end of the series to know their relationship isn’t canon. It’s already canon. 

  • Dat lip licking 
  • Don’t fuck up 
  • Don’t fuck it up 
  • Please don’t fuck it up 
  • And he did it 
  • He landed all his fucking jumps including the Quadruple Salchow, my baby did it!!! 

  • He better get the highest score for this and he did XD and a personal best by the looks of it 
  • Hahahaha Yuri has to squint to see his score that’s so adorable 
  • I swear I’ve seen a fanart of this exact scene.
  • Victor hugging Yuri is my new favorite thing this is so cute 

  • Georgi what the fuck buddy??? 

  • Oh well I have grossly underestimated Georgi, you are actually really good, I mean really good. It must have sucked to be under Victor’s shadow
  • But not good enough to beat Yuri 
  • Still if your job was to be Maleficent, I say job well done my dear 
  • Yeah you are right Mila, if I was his Ex I’ll be running for the hills too 
  • Ok moving on to Leo and love your outfit and your song and performance has so much energy 
  • See that right there I relate so much, music gives me courage and motivation. I love his performance. 
  • Last up is Chis and he is not prepared to lose to Yuri. 
  • Interesting that he’s also performing a routine on Eros
  • I love how casual the touches are becoming between Yuri and Victor 

  • Man Chris is really good too, I guess he has to be to be World No. 2 
  • I said this once and I’ll say it again. Someone in the production team has obsession over asses.

  • Minako sensei exactly how many flags do you have you bought with you
  • Did you actually orgasm? O_O
  • You actually did? Apparently Chris orgasms when he does his routines. Not going to say anything beyond that. 
  • Phichit please don’t say “the ice is soaking wet”
  • Well he’s not good enough to beat Yuri either but don’t get cocky Yuri as Victor said Chris peaks on the Grand Prix. 
  • Phichit is such a gracious loser, actually everyone is
  • I admire everyone’s motivation and determination. My favorite is Yakov saying that “he wouldn’t lose to a third rate coach”. Since I’m ever the optimist I’m going to say hey Victor at least Yakov is now taking you kinda seriously as a coach.
  • This leaves Yuri in the well deserved spot at number one. I’m literally crying. Yuri on Ice can you just stop. I don’t want to bawl my eyes out every time I watch an episode. 
  • Yes you can Yuri, you can win with the power of love. 

Final thoughts:

  • I love this episode, I know I say that every episode but I can’t articulate properly how much I love this episode 
  • Yuri who has severe anxiety but still trudging thorough and winning the competition. I love him and I relate to him so much as character
  • Victor and Yuri’s relationship, it’s canon. Fullstop. They don’t need to kiss, they don’t need to explicitly say it, everything leading up to now have proven to me that they are together. I look forward to seeing their relationship progress
  • I love seeing the skill levels of the other skaters, Georgi you surprised me the most, so well done buddy
  • Chris I kinda expected you to do better but I can see you saving your energy for the Free program
  • Yurio, I want more Yurio and Mila too. 
  • Looking forward to the Free program next episode XD 
some dumb au ideas
  • “i’m a horror game developer and you’re well known for playing my game and your face looks really stupid when you scream” au
  • “i’m the band teacher and you’re the choir teacher and we take our rivalry more seriously than our students do” au
  • “i found your number in a library card on a scrap of paper with some really confusing random words i’m intrigued and i’m calling you so you can explain” au
  • “you’re my theatre department rival for this lead but we got cast as love interests instead” au
  • “we’re both hired as disney world royalty and our characters never intermingle but that won’t stop me” au
  • “i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au
  • “you’re a celebrity who just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie with the caption “date me” as a joke but you thought i was serious?” au
  • “we’re cosplaying at comic con dressed as a pair and we didn’t come together but people think we did and i have yet to meet you?”
  • “you’re an extra for my superhero movie and you clearly have no idea how to do this” au

the concept behind the n.o mv is actually really important and interesting and I wish people would stop labeling it as the “dark past” of bts.

yeah sure, their outfits and styling were sort of wild and the editing was a little bit cheesy but this was actually a huge risk to take because the video/song is blatantly criticizing the korean education system and sort of telling students to not be a slave to education and not to live under your parent’s and teacher’s will but to do what makes you happy and to follow your dreams instead.

and this is an important message because korea has some of the highest suicide rates in the world, and a huge portion of that statistic actually comes from teen suicide.

in korea, you get only one chance to take the college entrance exam (which you have to take as a 3rd year high school student) and how well you do quite literally determines your fate. the pressure on students to do well on the test and to get into SKY (the korean equivalent of the ivy league) can start from when you’re as young as third grade and actually many parents force their children to start attending tutoring sessions and after school “hagwon” at around that age. and then once you’re in highschool, that pressure is tremendous, a lot of students literally go to school every single day and attend night school (lasting until 11pm) IN ADDITION to hagwon and you can see many people sleeping at the school library instead of going home. another thing to note is that your class ranking is made public for the rest of the school and Korean parents are brutal when it comes to test scores and how well you do in school. like many children suffer from corporal punishment and borderline abuse if they fail to meet their parent’s expectations and over all it’s just extremely stressful for students and many of them suffer from mental illnesses (like depression and anxiety) but once again, mental illness has a huge stigma in korea and very few schools have counselors for the kids to go to. so yeah, this is why many korean students look to suicide- because education is quite literally their life and if they fail to reach the high standards, they feel as if their lives are over. it’s so bad that most of the times, korean schools lock the bathrooms (to prevent students from hanging themselves or doing anything else) during testing and make sure to secure the roof tops.

so yeah, the n.o mv is pretty important

When Guzma and Kukui were rejected as captains by Hala, what do you think the reasoning was? For Guzma, it could certainly be inferred that he seeks to crush the opponent rather than teach them, and for Kukui, you could probably reason that he was focusing too much on the moves and not enough on his Pokemon or whatever. Understandable flaws, really.

But it’s something that Hala says after you beat Guzma for the final time that got me wondering. He says to the player that he’s going to take Guzma under his wing and he hopes that it will serve as penance for whatever wrongs Team Skull did. Normally, this wouldn’t be that strange, as a mentor (forcibly) taking a student to learn from under them to rehabilitate them is a common trope. However, it’s the tone of the conversation that interested me.

The conversation in question:

Hala: Oh, Guzma…when will you understand? Only when you respect your opponent’s skill will it bring out the best in you. You miss the true meaning of battling. The goal is not to beat your opponent down, but for both Trainers to grow stronger!

Guzma: I don’t care what you say to me, yo. Beating people down is all I know!

Hala: But the battle I just saw seemed a bit different. While you may say you’re only interested in crushing your opponent, I sensed a desire to defeat (Player Name) deep in your heart.

Guzma: What do you know, old man?!

Hala: If you continue on this path, you’ll never be able to defeat (Player Name)! Guzma, admit the worthiness of your opponents! Only then can you become even stronger than you already are! Allow yourself to know the people and Pokémon you encounter, and look deeply into your heart.

Guzma: You’re still trying to front like you’re my master, huh? I gave up on you a long time ago.

Hala: (Player Name), allow me to handle this foolish young man. I will make a fine Trainer out of him yet, or I’m not an island kahuna! I hope that can be considered penance for the wrongs he and Team Skull have committed.

It looks all straightforward, doesn’t it? But it’s anything but. Notice how Hala puts the onus of responsibility for Guzma’s failures on him, yet by the end of the conversation, Hala ends up taking responsibility for Team Skull’s wrongdoings. One can say that he’s being the adult and trying to clean up a child’s – in this case, Guzma’s – messes, but it seems a bit deeper than that.

This might just be speculation, but what if Hala did indeed feel responsible for what Guzma became? It makes sense considering that it’s implied they had a loose master/student relationship going on in the past, but then you have to wonder what the hell happened for things to turn out this way.

My guess? Hala was much more of a hardliner traditionalist regarding island customs and was quite conservative years before the game began. Sumo has a long history of adhering to tradition itself, so it’s not such a reach to assume that it helped hardened his views. Being the island kahuna, it’s possible he was fairly rigid when it came to such things.

For proof, we can look to one thing: Hau’s father leaving the islands and his family entirely. The son of a very well respected kahuna just up and abandons his family to go somewhere abroad; don’t you think that’s strange? The NPCs remark that it’s possible that Hau’s father just couldn’t take living in his father’s shadow and left, but to the point of leaving his wife and child behind?

From that, we can assume that Hau’s father and Hala parted on bad terms. Why else would a son go so far away just to get away from his father? It’s a mystery as to why he left his wife and Hau behind, and it’s unknown if he’s supporting them with money from working abroad. We don’t even know if he still talks to them, although it’s easily possible given the technology.

Another point goes to an NPC in Hala’s house saying that Hala had been so angry one day that Hau became inconsolable just from looking at his face. From that day forth, Hala took great care to hold himself back in front of his grandson, but what if it was also a turning point for something else? Perhaps he was softening to new ideas, or reconsidering his stance – reconsidering just what drove his own son away from him.

So, if he was as conservative as I’m imagining he might have been, it sheds a new light on how he might have treated Guzma and Kukui in their youth. He correctly identifies their shortcomings, but he’s not very kind or flexible about it. Perhaps his mentorship over Guzma had been riddled with this too, leading Guzma to ultimately give up and run away.

The Hala we meet in game has had years think over past events and has changed accordingly. Maybe he realized his mistakes and wants to avoid that again with Hau, or maybe he regrets the way he treated Kukui and Guzma, even if the former has a respectful relationship with him. If so, it would make perfect sense as to why he suddenly takes responsibility over Team Skull’s wrongdoings in the end, because it’s a new chance for both himself and Guzma as master and student again.

The Joy and Life Inside Our Souls

For the 14 Days of Love Fic-a-thon hosted by @softkent

Also on AO3

Growing up, Ransom’s life was dictated for him. It hadn’t been intentional. The thought of planning gave him hives. So when his mom said why not be a doctor like your auntie, Ransom nodded dutifully. When his sister took up pottery for a week, he took it upon himself to take the rest of her classes at the community center by their house. When four of his cousins joined a local hockey league, Ransom followed suit. His family led him through a myriad of phases and interests.

At the end of the day, some of their ideas were truly inspired. Hockey, for instance, got him a student visa and a scholarship to Samwell. That’s where he met his best friends Lardo, Bitty and Chowder. He was also close to their goalie, Johnson. Mostly that was because he understood how to give Ransom a wide birth around exam time.

“Can’t let you drop out of college from stress,” Johnson chirped once.

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PTA Sans on facebook

Sans: Look,

-It’s okay not to be a top student.
-It’s okay to have different interests and talents.
-It’s okay to like/dislike different subjects.
-It’s okay to not want to participate in something.
-It’s okay to take a break if you feel overwhelmed by expectations.


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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 3) SMUT!


Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Smut, oral sex, mentions of sex, drugs, alcohol, regret

Words: 1,362 

A/N: If you have any requests for what you would like to see come out of this series message me :)

Originally posted by imaginesofthings

[Italics indicate flashback]

Your lips moved frantically on his. You both stumbled up the stairs, Sirius gripping to the railing as you both slid up to his room.

He pushed you against the door, hands planted firm on your hips. Your hands wrapped themselves at the end of his hair, gripping tightly. You elicited a small moan as he picked up your leg and wrapped it high around his hip, causing friction between the two of you.

“Sirius.” You said, as he began to kiss down your neck, sucking harshly at the soft, tender skin, breathing in your sweet, vanilla scent.

He didn’t answer.

“Sirius.” You said again, this time his mouth attaching itself to your collarbone, his hands playing with the hem of your shirt, sliding inside of it slightly.

“Sirius!” You yelled finally, scaring him, and he stopped suddenly.

“What!” He whispered-yelled back, looking into your eyes, grabbing a hold of your cheeks.

“What are you doing?” You asked, casting a smile his way.

“Fucking you.” He slurred, not hesitating a bit.

You smiled even wider, and rammed your lips against his. You jumped up, his arms holding onto the backs of your legs as he pushed the door open to his room shutting it loudly.

“He’s going to want to hookup with you tonight, y’know, after he’s had a few.” Said Remus.

A thick cloud of smoke hung around the two of you, Sirius and the others laughing to themselves a few inches away on the floor, practically hallucinating from the little tabs they just popped.

“Well isn’t that the plan?” You questioned, taking another sip of your drink, watching Sirius with intent.

“You don’t understand…” Remus added

“What don’t I?” You questioned, now looking at him, cocking an eyebrow.

“Sirius, he likes you, like genuinely is quite fond of you.”


“And that means he doesn’t just want to fuck. He really, really likes you, he likes you to the point where he would want to wait. He becomes a slut when he’s drunk.” Remus interrupted, glaring at you.

You suddenly heard Remus’ voice ring out loudly inside of your head, your ears on fire from his honest words.

Sirius placed you down on his bed, pulling his shirt off swiftly. You reached for him, rubbing your hands up and down his chest, feeling the warmth and his soft skin, his head falling back from the touch.

He likes you

He was on cloud nine, he had no worries in the world. His mind was leaping through scenarios of you that were kept hidden inside for only him to see. He pulled your shirt over your head, and you pulled him down to where you were, now straddling him. Your chest was exposed to him fully since you had chosen not to wear a bra. He placed his arm behind him so he could reach up to you, wrapping his other hand tightly around your waist. His mouth went to the valley of your breasts, biting and kissing the delicate skin. Your head dropped backwards and you felt your eyes flip over inside of their sockets, his lips now attaching to your pink nipples.

“Merlin,” He whispers almost inaudibly, due to his utmost intoxication, “you’re stunning.”

He likes you, he wants to wait.

You grind down onto his lap, and he lurches for your lips. You let out a loud, strung out moan. He attacks your mouth with rough, harsh kisses, your lips, most definitely being bruised tomorrow.

He starts playing with the zipper of your jeans, unbuttoning the top button. You stood on your knees and watched as he frantically hiked down the denim material, kissing your belly button on the way down.

He pushed you back down on the bed, firstly pulling off his jeans, leaving him with his briefs which had something in them. He got down on his knees now, eyes locked with yours as he slowly drags his hands up your long, long legs.

His fingers wrap around the hem of your lace panties, yanking them down urgently, but still slow, making sure to tease you.

He climbed back on top of you, his big hand spreading your legs open just a tad, gesturing that he wanted in.

“Sirius,” You croaked, looking up into his eyes, his pupils dilated, you could see yourself in the blackness. “Sirius are you sure you want to do this?” You asked now, fully aware of what Remus had said to you prior.

“Of course I am, love.” He said, giving you a dopey, yet seductive smile.

You thought that maybe he wouldn’t remember it in the morning, maybe you still could get what you were craving so badly, but then you’d have the grief of knowing. Maybe you could just stop all together, but you really didn’t want that.

He likes you.

“Sirius, baby,” You say to him, his hand rubbing on you slightly, his face buried deeply into your neck. “Sirius, ‘lemme get you off baby, ‘m real tired.”

Your back arched as his fingers dipped into you a little, but stopped once you finished your sentence.

He looked up to you again, this time with sad eyes, his lip jutting out.

“No you,” He said, pouting, sliding down to your core. “‘lemme do you then.”

He kept his eyes dead on you, as you nodded your head slightly.

“Rather it be you, baby.” He added, and slowly began to kiss your inner thighs.

Your head fell back heavily, your hips jolting up just a tad.

“No baby, look at me. Wanna watch you when you come.” He said, your eyes now attached to his.

He began to lick your clit, sucking a bit from time to time, writing out the alphabet with his tongue. Your eyes would flutter shut every few seconds, only then to remember he wanted you to look at him.

“You’ve beautiful eyes,” He said, gazing up to you. “And you taste so good.”

He then added his ring finger inside, rubbing your walls slightly, you intake a sharp breath. He still worked on your clit whilst he pumped his finger in and out of you, only to add another. Your vision began to fade to black and your knuckles turned white as they gripped tightly to the sheets, one of your hands moving to his hair.

“Mm, Sirius.” You moaned, and he started going even faster.

His tongue danced on you, his fingers moving swiftly inside, you trembled beneath his touch.

“Sirius…” You said even louder.

You were just about to moan his name even louder when the words suddenly got caught in your throat, a quiet screech escaping instead.

“There… there,” He coaxed, slowing his fingers, but curling them a bit more. “Yes baby, there ya go. So good, good job.”

You came hard, all over him, your eyes watering, but closing tightly. When you were done you opened one of your eyes to see Sirius leaning back on his hands, watching you again, you smirked to yourself.

“Christ… gorgeous, absolutely.” He said, and stood up quick, laying down on his bed, gesturing for you to lay with him.

He wrapped you in an embrace, your chest snuggling up into his side. He tightly locked you in his arms, kissing a top your head, breathing out slowly.

“I really like you.” He said.

“I know.”

In fifteen minutes he was asleep soundly. His grip on you loosened and you were able to sneak away from him unnoticed. You slipped on your clothes, excluding your shoes, only realizing you forgot to put on your underwear.

You looked over to him, all snug in his bed, a small smile on his lips, they glistened slightly from the remnants of the acts that just took place. You laughed to yourself, then you looked back down to the underwear in your hands. You peered over to his bedside table, seeing a broken picture frame of his family sitting on it. They were all smiling except him, they also were keeping their distance. You placed your dark red underwear behind the portrait, hoping one day he’d pick up the picture and see a remnant of you behind it.


New commission details as of Dec 2016:

  • Payments will only be made via Paypal, converted to AUD.
  • I will not add you to the commission list or start on your request unless I receive at least half of the full payment upfront.
  • I will not draw nudity/porn/nsfw imagery, incest, furries, any characters or pairings I’m uncomfortable with or any symbolism or behaviour that support ideas of discrimination
  • Extra costs that aren’t listed above include: animals, objects and backgrounds. Prices of each will be discussed. 
  • I will take my time with your commission unless you give me a deadline. I’m a full-time animation/interactive digital media student and I need to dedicate a lot of time to my studies as well.
  • Please give as much details as you can when commissioning. Feel free to show me reference pictures if you have any.

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me through the inbox/notes/askbox system.

Why we don’t answer medical questions online.

Why it’s bad for you:

  • We could be anyone; this is the internet, after all. You believe that anonymous internet medipeeps are doctors, but they may not be. If you don’t know someone’s name and number, can you really trust them with your health? It’s risky to trust information from unnamed and unverified sources.And that includes us!
  • You also don’t know if we have any undeclared interest in particular treatments. I might be telling you to take drug A because I’m actually working for said company.
  • Many medblrs are still medical students or very junior staff. Which means that although we know a lot about many things, we are by no means qualified to take on our own patients and offer health advice without supervision in our day job. And if we can’t do something in real life, we’re not able to do it online either.
  • We don’t get anywhere near enough information to make a decision in most anonymous health-related asks. But we can’t bring you back to ask for more information.
  • When you see your healthcare provider, a lot of things happen. They take a detailed history, including asking lots of questions about things you may not have considered to be related to your problem. It’s much harder for us to ask all the right questions if you send an anonymous ask.
  • They then they examine any body system they think is relevant. This is sometimes enough (for the kind of things we see the GP about), but often they will need to order some blood tests and occasionally further investigations.  There is a lot of information we can only get through seeing and testing you.
  • If your situation is complicated, you’ll still need to see a doctor in real life, who can do the right tests and refer you to the right speciality.And without all of the above, there is a very real chance that we may miss something that shouldn’t be missed.
  • Sometimes the only way you can diagnose something serious is with a very thorough history and examination, and the right investigations. A history may make you suspect something serious, but it never confirms it.
  • If we reassure you that you’re OK because we don’ know the whole story, you will probably put off going to the doctor, where otherwise you may well have decided to attend. This may mean that you get diagnosed and treated later. Which could have serious consequences.
  • Some topics require asking a specialist in that field, and even a trained doctor in another field may not be very helpful. A medical student or a nurse aren’t the same as a cardiologist, who is not the same as an orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Your health is important, and your concerns are real. Therefore you deserve to have the full MOT if you are seriously worried about your body, not just some anonymous person reading a few lines and telling you you’re probably OK (but should go to the doctor anyway). You are not ‘bothering the doctors’ if you get yourself checked out.

Why it’s bad for us Medblrs:

  • By answering a medical question, you’re asking us to take a certain level of responsibility for you. Both ethically and legally.
  • If we mistakenly told you your symptoms weren’t serious, but they actually were and and something bad happened to you, we would blame ourselves. Believe me medics blame themselves a lot.
  • We’re under strict legal frameworks of what we can and can’t do. And most frameworks would suggest that taking responsibility for strangers on the basis of hastily written asks would be a bad idea for all involved.
  • You could sue us because something bad happened to you, even if you neglected to metion loads of relevant symptoms. You probably wouldn’t, but there are lots of people who sue for all sorts of reasons and if we answered enough questions, we’d probably be sued eventually.
  • Bearing in mind that we don’t have to answer asks as part of our degree or job, we’d be on a shaky footing legally when it came to defending our actions. Most of us are not legally covered for it.
  • As students or juniors, we don’t take our own patients. We’re not allowed to take responsibility for the treatment of patients in different departments or under different teams, let alone random anonymous strangers online.
  • Some of us struggle with depresison and anxiety, and the stress of taking on resonsibility for someone’s health and possibly life outside of the legal framework we are comfortable working in can be triggering.
  • Nobody is obligated to work for free; and anyone with experience and training has spent a lot of time and money to get there. Answering medical questions looks suspiciously like work for free. There is a difference between someone volunteering to work for free and free work being foisted on them.
  • When we work in hospital, it’s as part of a team. We have seniors we can double-check with when we’re out of my depth or dealing with something we haven’t seen before.
  • But online we can’t exactly ask our seniors or tutors ‘This random person on Tumblr gave me an incomplete history, but can you advise?’ because they wouldn’t take responsibilty for someone who is not their patient. And that would leave us with nobody to turn to if we had questions. Which would mean worse advise for you.
  • GPs see patients alone, but they’ve had years of training on how to diagnose serious things out in the community, and when tto refer to hospital. They still refer to hospital a lot, because even they can’t find everything out by themselves.

I’m not against senior clinicians (like some of our medblrs) choosing to answer health-related asks; Anyone who is a fully trained clinician to a level deemed competent to take their on patients has every right to use their expertise in their field as they see fit. When done right, it can be useful.

But I feel it can be difficult for junior medblrs to reply to asks, and I’m worried that there’s a pressure for many of them to answer asks that they don’t feel is within their competencies at this point in time. None of you have to answer a single clinical question that relates to the asker’s health; you have a right to say that you are not yet comfortable, or trained, to do it. 

This is not about specific medblrs or specific asks; please don’t feel that you’ve done anything wrong if you’ve asked or answered such a question. I just wanted to make clear that if someone feels they shouldn’t, or can’t answer a question, it is not because they don’t care or don’t respect the person who asked it. If we tell you to see your doctor, we’re not trying to be flippant or lazy.  

(Edited the last paragraph for clarification)

10 Steps To Millennial Financial Success

If you’re a millennial who is struggling financially, the following tips can help put you on the right track toward a successful financial future:

1) Make income your priority.

2) Have a plan for the future and take it for a test run.

3) Making some sacrifices to keep your biggest bills as low as possible.

4) Create a strategy for your student loans.

5) Prioritize your interest rates.

6) Invest in your future.

7) Take advantage of perks such as 401(k) match programs, health savings accounts and commuter benefits.

8) Invest in one or two stocks of companies that offer products or services that you think will still be important 20 years from now.

9) Find a mentor.

10) Network online and in person.

I get a ton of messages basically asking the same question: How do I make myself the best applicant to medical school I can be?

1. Most imporantly: Do everything in your power to be a well rounded applicant
- Pick a major your interested, does NOT have to be a science major!

– Just because you want to be a doctor or work in healthcare doesn’t mean only science topics interest you! You can be an art major and still take all the courses required for premed. Ex. I did anthropology and Psychology, I have premed friend who were engineering and music majors. 

- Volunteer in the community with organizations that you are passionate about, NOT just ones that look good on an application

– These should be diverse but should be things you are passionate about, if you get more out of planting trees than volunteering in a hospital gift shop, thats okay! Volunteer in different groups and organizations, some should be medically related but they don’t all have to be! Showing a commitment to life long service doesn’t just mean in medicine. 

- Shadow: different fields of medicine and not just doctors, look into dentistry, nursing, psychology, social work –> figure out what type of healthcare provider you want to be. Contacting people may seem scary but it never hurts to ask, look for positions available, write them an email talking about the strengths and skills you have, maybe you don’t have a lot of experience but you can still be a fast learner and hard worker! 

- Research: if this seems boring to you, find someone researching something you’re interested in so you will actually enjoy it! I appreciated the results of research but always thought working in it would be boring and it was just another thing I had to do to put on my application. I was very WRONG! I found something lab researching a topic I was interested and it consumed me, I now have a greater understanding research and how fun it can be exploring a hypothesis! 

- Extracurricular: again do what your are passionate about, everything does not have to be about medicine, different life experiences teach you different life lessons. I learned different things from being VP of my Doctor Who club vs.  in my medical internship vs. being a ski instructor! 

- Study hard: create study groups, find tutors or be a tutor! If you are struggling in a class, study groups are shown to be a very effective way of studying, or spend the money on getting a tutor because it will be worth it in the end. When you are struggling in a class, especially a premed class, it can be a good time to reflect on whether this is a career for you. Being a doctor means a lifetime of learning, school, and tests. Seriously look into other career you might be interested in, its okay to change your mind about medical school, there are other careers in medicine, or other professions you might enjoy more. Everything in life takes hard work, its finding what you can endlessly work hard for. General Chemistry made me seriously look at whether of not this was the right path for me. After some serious self reflection, there was nothing else I could work this hard for. 

- Time management: Managing work, school, social life and everything else can be hard, don’t take on too much, figure out your limits, remember to ask for help when you need it and to take care of yourself. If you push yourself too hard you will break, we are not invincible. Its okay to say no, to take time for yourself!

Keep a detailed resume of all your actives, exact dates of when they started and ended, who to contact about them and a detailed summary of what you did and what you learned form your experiences! This will help you immensely when filling out your AMCAS 

If your application isn’t perfect or not very well rounded (lacking in areas), I highly recommend taking time off to fill those gaps. The biggest reason people who apply straight out of college don’t get in, even with great applications is maturity level. You may think, I am adult, I am mature! But just because you can act professionally doesn’t mean you are mature. The maturity they are looking for is achieved through life experiences. Many college kids really haven’t had much life experiences other that college, what adversities have you overcome, do you even really know who you are yet outside of your college experience. 

I have take two years off, even though I had a pretty good application before, it has only become stronger and I have lived life, I thought I knew who I was before but I really had explored that until I was out of college on my own.   

Optional: Take time off before applying (Recommended)
- Gaining more life experiences: Maybe move to a new place or Travel 

- Get a Masters Degree: this can help boost your GPA if it is not competitive 

- Work: doesn’t have to be in medicine but if you lack hand-on patient experiences than this is great opportunity to chance that! If you have never worked a job, than I highly recommend taking time off and working for a living to experience what its like to pay your own bills

- Learn about who you are: this will help you appear more mature when interviewing and make you more confident 

The Process of Applying 

- Competitive MCAT Score: you don’t have to pay for a course, do what works best for you. I believe the examkracker books were most helpful, Kaplan tend to have the hardest BS and PS practice test but Examkrackers is the best for VR. If you don’t do well the first time, figure out what went wrong and retake it! Learn from this experience because your future in medicine will require many more standardized tests so figuring out how to best prepare for them now will help you in the future! 

- Picking Medical Schools: pick 15 schools, have a few reach schools and a few back up school and then the rest ones you can reasonably get into. Take into account their curriculums, locations and if you are thinking about a competitive speciality look at the what residencies their students are matching! If you are interested in research, or rural care, looks at schools that over special programs for these paths. 

- Letters of Rec/Committee Letter: hopefully in college you made meaningful relationships with professors you had (you should definitely do this!), you will need a science class professor letter of rec, if you did research you will need one from your PI, if you worked with a doctor for an extended period ask them to write you one or if you worked with a volunteer organization for a long period.  Write them a nice letter in why you are asking them, provide them with your resume and all the information they need to know as well as where to send it to. Its okay to send emails reminding them to write it, they are busy people and reminding them shows it is important to you. Also figure out if your school offers a committee letter and be diligent about keeping up on every thing you need to do for it. 

Primary Application AMCAS

- Personal statement- make it personal, talk about experiences that have lead you hear today, but most importantly what you learned from them. This is about you, WHY YOU? vs. everybody else who is applying. This is a Persuasive essay! 

- Academic Record- make sure to request you transcripts to be sent as soon as possible so AMCAS can verify them quickly 

- 15 Activities - out of everything you have done you have to pick the 15 most important activities you have done and briefly talk about them. Then you get to pick three that were most important 


- Strong Essays- These are your chance to show again why you!? highlight your strengths when you can, make sure they are concise and well written free of grammatical errors. Ask friends to read them over for you. 

- Resume - Remember that detailed resume I told you to about keeping! Many schools allow you to upload addition documents like a resume! Now beyond your 15 they have a list of all the actives you have ever done and what you have learned from them! 

- Headshot- passport photo size, 2 x 2 inches. Dress profession, SMILE, only should show show just below the shoulder and up. Remember this is their first glimpse of you, putting the face together with your application! 

- Research abstract - if you did research, make sure to have a document with just your abstract to upload if the offer additional documents area. 


1. Practice - Practice answering interview questions, use examples, highlight your strengths! Try limiting your answer to two to 3 minute: look up “Elevator Speech” - pitch to the ceo a great idea on an elevator ride of only 4 floors! 

2. Reading - the more you read the smarter you are! Reads books about doctors and their experiences, how to apply to medical school, affordable healthcare act, current events, current events in medicine, NIH, read papers on tough ethical topics, read papers published by people from that school, read everything you can on their schools website! Schedule a mock interview, video record yourself answering questions. 

3. What to wear -
Females - professional fitted pants suit or suit with skirt no more than an inch about knees with skin tone matching stockings. flats or heels no more than 2 inches high, make sure you can walk all day in them. simple jewelry, studs and a necklace, no more than one ring on each hang. nothing big and distracting. suite should be black, navy, or gray. Blouse or profession top not showing cleavage. If you hair is long wear it back. Make up, light. You don’t want anything distracting from what you’re saying!
Males- Well fitted suit, tie (safer) or bow-tie, pick a professional one that is not busy looking or distracting. Suit color: black, navy or gray. business professional shoes. Belt and shoe color must match. 

Don’t wear fragrances (but wear deodorant!), bring a briefcase or similar size professional purse or professional folder (just need something to hold business cards and papers). Look well manicured make sure nails are trimmed and neutral colors only. 

Remember to be professional, have a firm handshake, ask them for their business card at the end to write them a handwritten thank you letter. Sit up straight, smile, be you, and don’t forget its a conversation so don’t be over rehearse your answers. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say “I honestly don’t know the answer to that”. Come up with a list of your 3 strengths and weakness and examples of each as well as what you are doing to work on your weaknesses. 

Good luck! One day your hard work will pay off, there will be bumps along the way but each one will teach you something and bring you closer to your dream of going to medical school! 

Secrets of the Pyramid (EXO Pick Your Path)

I am so happy that you all liked the BTS Pick Your Own Path- Garden of Evil (X). So I decided to write an EXO Version. It was a little harder because there is nothing that really comes in 9s, like the deadly sins, so I chose to go with Egyptian Gods (something I am very interested in). It is not as… sexy as the BTS one, but I hope you all like it nonetheless. Please let me know what you think<3

-Admin Kat

The sun was beating down your back as you walked towards the pyramid. You were excited to finally be taking apart in your first archaeology experience. This was your first time traveling to another country, and seeing as how it was Egypt, you could barely contain your excitement. You walked up to the pyramid, looking at the campsite before it. “Ah, you must be the last student, (Y/N). I hope you managed to find the site easily.” Your travel guide said as he greeted you. You happily shook his hand, staring around you at the gigantic pyramids. The sun glistened on the several pyramids that surrounded you. You had never thought that you would actually see one in person; let alone explore one.

You watched as the other students made their way from their drop off points. Because of the delicate instruments you would be using, it was important that the sand does not disturb them. Luckily, it was a fairly windless day, so the only thing that needed to be kept in account were the large jeeps that the students would be arriving in. That was the reason the drop off point had been moved a few miles away; not wanting to cause any more trouble than needed.

“Welcome to the Pyramids of Abu Sir. Today, we will be traveling into the largest of the fourteen pyramids. Be sure to stay close to each other. These pyramids are known for their several booby traps, dead ends, and especially their trap doors. It would be easy for an inexperienced traveler to find themselves lost within the twists and turns of these ancient mazes.” Your professor instructed the group. He began handing out the flashlights and other tools that you would be using to excavate the tombs without causing any real damage.

The group of thirteen followed the guide into the main temple; taking the steps in long strides. You could feel your stomach churning with both excitement and nervousness. This would be the beginning of what could possibly be your job for the rest of your life. You needed this to go perfectly. The smell of the tomb his you like a cement wall. Musk, dust, sand, and lantern oil filled your nostrils. The pale brownish-yellow walls were lined with both torches and oil lanterns that hung, secured by hooks. You looked at the walls. Even at the entrance, they were already pained with several hieroglyphics. You trailed your hand over the figures, trying to think back to your classes in order to decipher the messages.

“These pyramids were created during the fifth dynasty. Although there are fourteen, they are made with the least amount of precision. It is unknown if it is due to the declining royalty or…” You silently listened as your instructor droned on about the construction of the pyramids. Instead, you continued to walk down the winding hallways, keeping your hand close to the wall, and reading the intricate characters. You took a turn, listening as your professor’s voice grew further and further. It was not until you could no longer hear him that you looked up from the wall and stared around you. You were standing in a pitch black hallway; the lanterns and torches having not been placed in this hall.

You moved your flashlight away from the markings it had been fixated on and looked around. You looked behind you and found that you could no longer see the light of the lanterns. You looked ahead of yourself and found nine large paintings before you. You instantly recognized them as the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.

You took a small step closer to them. The sudden urge to touch them overwhelmed you. Your feet numbly carried you closer to one in particular. The image of…










Study tips I have learned from first year of university.
  • First of all, choose to study something that interests you, not something that you think will mean big bucks in the future… unless you can stand going through three years (more if doing postgrad) of classes that make you want to pull your hair out. I’ve warned ya.
    Also, if you’re not sure as to what you want to major in, that is totally fine. Your first year gives you the chance to take up different units and figure out what you enjoy. I had no clue either so I decided to do a Creative Writing unit, Psychology, Law and a Marketing unit. I have fallen in love with Psychology and law.
  • Orientation is so very important, take the time out to go.
  • One thing I have learned this year is that university gives you much more freedom than high school. There is no one there to tell you to get to class on time and remind you to stay on top of your work. You have to create good habits. Personally it was really easy to not attend lectures and instead watch them at home. Not a good idea.
  • Keep up with your lectures by going to them in person!! This is especially important for you to be fully engaged in tutorials/labs. You also avoid falling behind on lectures and having to spend extra time which could be better utilized catching up.
    There is nothing worse than instead of revising for exams, you’re left drowning in unwatched lectures.
  • Probably one of the most important things you can do, is to take time out to care of you, go for a walk, jog, run. Do some strength training. Eat healthy most of the time. Go out and have a coffee and cake with a friend. Get your mind off studying and relax. DO WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL HAPPY and do not let studying take over your life.
  • TAKE FOOD TO UNI!! Honestly my friend and I who basically lived in the library would rarely bring snacks or lunches and we would be in this viscous cycle of wasting money on subpar meals. Coffee is okay though ;-)
  • The university libraries are your friend. Use them to study.
  • YouTube CAN be your friend if you use it to watch educational videos rather than music/makeup/cat ones. I highly recommend subscribing to channels that focus on the courses you take. If you don’t understand a concept, there will be videos that will help you. 
  • We have been told time and time again that adequate sleep is crucial for proper brain functioning. So… if you go to your lectures and start on assignments early, this should not be a problem. 
  • Study for exams in a mock exam environment.  example–> do not sit on your bed (I know, it’s super duper comfy but there are no beds in exam venues) and have music blasting. Obviously in an exam situation you will be sitting on a chair and have a table in front of you. There will be no music nor any beds insight.

Hooray you have made it through your first year of study! Here’s a few more tips…

  • Before another semester rolls around, set up some good habits during the break; whether it be getting back into your exercise regime, reading novels, keeping to a bullet journal, etc because we all know that habits take time to ingrain themselves so get ahead before the craziness of school/uni starts again.
  • If you haven’t already, make sure to join clubs and societies with super rad like-minded people. Great way to make friends.

rayn-y-day  asked:

Uh hello! I just stumbled across your blog and followed because I want to be a music educator. I'm a little nervous because I head off to college next year, do you have any advice? Also, did you face a lot of discouragement from family?

Hello and welcome!  I’m glad you’re interested in being a music educator, though go back and read some of my entries from my first year of teaching and you may change your mind (kidding of course…mostly)! 

The music ed. program will vary a bit depending on where you go for college, but most are pretty similar.  For an music ed major with instrumental emphasis (what I did) I was required to take weekly lessons on my instrument, participate in at least one ensemble per semester, take classes on all instruments I would teach in a band or orchestra setting, pedagogy classes, general ed. classes, and finally student teaching.  It’s quite a load and you will spend a lot of time practicing (either practicing your instrument, practicing your classroom instrument instruments, or practicing teaching because you will do some in class peer teaching).  

One thing I would strongly, STRONGLY advise is that you take some kind of choral methods class even if you aren’t planning on teaching choir (or vice versa if you are a choral person, get some band methods classes) because while you can have a plan on what you want to teach, you might end up somewhere very different and you’ll want to be employable. Also, seek out classes for teaching students with special needs.  Usually only one “survey” type class is required and it doesn’t begin to cover enough for all the different kinds of exceptionalities that you will experience as a teacher.  

I was lucky in that I have a very supportive family, but I know that going into teaching is something that is often discouraged, because of low pay, long hours, poor respect, etc.  It’s a hard job.  But if you really want it, you won’t let anyone (family or not) stop you from achieving that goal.  It’s also an incredibly rewarding and important job.  Especially with the way things seem to be going right now, we need more and more well educated and passionate teachers who are ready to fight for their students.  

I feel like I definitely rambled and maybe soap boxed a bit here, so if you need any clarification let me know!

anundergroundwalker  asked:

What do you do when you're teaching a lesson and you realize it's just not sinking in or making sense to your students? How do you reach your students that are either disinterested or require extra engagement to keep involved in your lessons?

Die a little bit inside and suppress the urge to cry.

And then I take a pole on what the class is interested in, or I relate the lesson back to something the student had talked to me about lately and redirect them on an independent study using that subject matter in relation to the assigned material in an attempt to get that connection and relatability piece that really helps drive home a lesson.

Sometimes I stop all together and reteach, sometimes we do mini lessons throughout, sometimes I turn it over to the class and see if someone who understood the material can explain it to the class better than I can. It’s proven students remember more of what their peers say than their teachers, so I am always okay with letting my kids teach the lessons.

Weekend Away

Levi cleared his throat, unable to hold back a laugh. Teacher’s pet or not - he seemed to like this girl. “Actually, I was hoping to grab up an assistant. But this trip is a little bit last minute,” he admitted. It wasn’t often Levi had some free time to himself. And when he did, he was often knee deep in assignments. But he wanted to take the opportunity to take a few great pictures. Preferably, out of town. He usually went with an assistant for intern credit. But that particular student had recently graduated and Levi was in the market for a new one. It sort of felt like one had just fallen right into his lap. And in the form of a brilliant blonde with plenty of potential. too. “If you’re interested, you can definitely tag along. But you’d need to do a quick job of packing your bags…I leave tomorrow.”

Stella listened to what the man said and gasped when he said that he was leaving tomorrow “What? Really?” she said, lightly giggling “There’s still an even tomorrow, but who cares?” she then added, smiling and nodding in excitement for the said trip “So, it’s just a two day trip. Yes?” she now started asking questions, she better start on it now rather than tomorrow after all “We can extend til Monday if you don’t have a class, cause I don’t” she then let her smile continue to shine because she truly was excited for this opportunity “I’ll bring my camera and bug you with questions, I’ll probably be your most annoying student. Are you regretting letting me go with you now?” she now teased.


If Four and Tris were together during her initiation years, do you think Eric should have an affair with the students too? ;)


You see that girl from Abnegation who jumped first. Afterwards, you raise your hand to go next.

“No need to raise your hand, Nose”, says one of the Dauntless-born initiates.

“At least the Stiff had the guts to go first than you Dauntless born”, you say. You immediately walk in front, bypass the two leaders, one who had introduced himself as Eric and the red head guy  next to him before taking a dive into Dauntless.

Apparently, your act earlier earned the interest of Eric. Eric is an ass with everyone else, including your instructor Four, but not with you. His name sounds quite familiar too.

The first day go on smoothly. You managed to shoot straight and not to miss. That earned you extra points and according to the chart, you’re not that far behind from ex-Candor Peter.

As you lay in your cot, your head begin to remember who Eric is. His face, minus the piercings, is really familiar until you remember who he was back in school.

He was your senior by a few years. He was one of the genius until rumors spread that he defected his faction - Erudite. You remembered seeing him at the library often, sometimes you thought he always sleep there. You also remembered the huge crush you have on him.

During the rest of the initiation, Eric helps you out - perfecting your fight moves, how to throw a knife straight to the center and so on. Everyone whispers on how it is inappropriate a relationship between a student and a teacher, but seeing it’s Eric, no one dares to question why he favours you.

One day, Eric pairs you up with Peter. Between you and Peter, no hard feelings, but he’s very competitive. The two of you fight hard. Peter dislocates your arm (which you painfully pop back in), cracks a few ribs and gives you a broken ankle while you break his nose, crack his jaw and break his leg with your now broken ankle. Eric finally stops the fight, seeing that none of you want to stop.

The doctor’s advice didn’t stop you or Peter from joining the party at The Pit that same day, later that evening. Peter is already drinking and dancing, despite his broken leg. After your third shot, you wobbly make way to the tattoo parlour.

Tori smirks as you approach her. “Wow, still walking…”, she says.

You get a few piercings - one loop at the bottom lip, a few studs on each ear and one on the left eyebrow, opposite of Eric’s right eyebrow. Then, you go on and get a tattoo - a blue dragon curling along your left arm.

The next day, Eric summons you to his office. He raises his eyebrow seeing your piercings, especially the eyebrow one. He scans through his tablet before standing up and leaning by his desk.

“You did a great job, (y/n)”, Eric is not the one who always express or complement people on how they did a great job.

“Thank you, sir”, you say. This is getting very awkward when the two of you just stand there, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m surprised you picked Dauntless”, says Eric.

“With all due respect, sir, I want to proof to people that I’m not just a nerd. I want to be strong…”, you say.

“Here I thought your day of stalking me at the library was over the day I left”, says Eric, chuckling. You look up, blushing.

“Sir…, I…, what I was doing…”, you stutter and Eric cuts you off.

“Let me be a little Candor, (y/n). I don’t know how to be nice, even when I want to. Don’t expect us to turn out like Number Boy and that Stiff”, says Eric, crossing his arms. You look down, hiding your smile.

“Don’t worry, sir, your secret is safe with me”, you say. Eric approaches you and he towers you as your back hit the door.

“I quite like when you call me ‘sir’”, he says, smiling with mischief. You close the distance, but you didn’t kiss him.

“If I pass initiation, what do I get…, sir?”, your tone is filled with seduction.

“Keep yourself on the top…, and I’ll make sure you get to top”, he says, winking at you.

Surely, you and Eric’s relationship are kept quiet and you make your way to the top 10. Eric looks at you and nods. You then are summoned to Max’s office who offers you the leadership program, after reading Eric’s recommendation.

“You know, this is the first time Eric has ever written one of these. You must’ve done pretty good, despite your ranking”, says Max.

“With all due respect sir, there are others who deserve this position, but seeing how I got it, I can’t say no to such opportunity”, you say and Max chuckles at your response.

“You sound like Eric”, he says before letting you head off to the graduation party at The Pit.

You found Eric has started the drinking. You sit beside him and he hands you a shot.

“Trust me, you need to loosen up for what I have in mind for tonight”, he whispers, causing you to shiver with anticipation.

After a few drinks and minor touching, Eric immediately drags you back to his place. The minute he kicks the door close, all the sexual frustrations the two of you kept hidden so well are released there and then. Clothes are scattered all over the floor and Eric picks you up, taking you to his bed.

He isn’t all that sweet and romantic, but he tries to be gentle. As promise, he let you top. His hands are at your hips and he guides you as you ride him. At first, you go slow and when the pleasure builds up, you ride him faster.

You come first, moaning his name and collapsing on his chest. Eric makes a few more thrusts before you could feel his warm cum inside you. Eric rolls you over and his pillow is quite comfy as his chest.

“You know, back then at the library, I was fighting my urge to just pounce on you”, you confess.

“Yeah? That skirt you always wear was too provocative for me”, he says and the two of you laugh. Eric holds you close and his heartbeat lulls you to sleep in his arms.

[PS: not my best one shot though…]

the signs as (typical) new year's resolutions
  • aries: get more active and start going to the gym
  • taurus: be more social/break out of your bubble
  • gemini: take up an interesting new hobby, like an instrument
  • cancer: take better personal care of yourself
  • leo: be more friendly
  • virgo: get organized and sort out your school stuff
  • libra: get back into the dating game
  • scorpio: become an honor roll student
  • sagittarius: learn a new language
  • capricorn: take more risks; be a daredevil
  • aquarius: do some travelling around the world
  • pisces: be positive and smile more