and takes a monster's soul with him when he leaves

all fallen humans could save and reload

(undertale spoilers)

Frisk has the unique ability to save and load. Unlike other games, reloading affects the world, changing certain characters’ dialogues. It’s a power that Flowey had before Frisk and that seems to have always existed in the Underground. A big mystery is whether or not other humans before Frisk had this power. If the other humans had this power, how did they lose their soul to Asgore?

The Power’s Source: Determination

Flowey had the power to load and save before Frisk fell into the Underground. He explains this to Frisk if Toriel is killed and then spared after a reload.

Do you think you are the only one with that power?
The power to reshape the world…
Purely by your own determination.
The ability to play God!
The ability to “SAVE.”
I thought I was the only one with that power. But…
I can’t SAVE anymore.
Apparently YOUR desires for this world override MINE.
Well well.
Enjoy that power while you can.
I’ll be watching.

Flowey thought he was the only one with the power. This is because Flowey has only existed for a brief time – all the other humans have perished by the time he came into existence. This means Flowey isn’t a reliable source on whether or not the other humans had the ability to save and load. However, he does mention the source of the power.

Determination is the key. How Flowey discovered this power is revealed in his story that he shares with Chara.

But as I left this mortal coil…
I started to feel apprehensive.
If you don’t have a SOUL, what happens when you…?
Something primal started to burn inside me.
“No,” I thought. “I don’t want to die!”
Then I woke up.
Like it was all just a bad dream.
I was back at the garden.
Back at my “save point.”
Interested, I decided to experiment.
Again and again, I brought myself to the edge of death.
At any point, I could have let this world continue on without me.
But as long as I was determined to live…
I could go back.

Something “primal” burned in him. This primal feeling was likely the determination he was injected with. All humans have determination, given what is recorded in Entry Number 5.

The power to save and load is held by the one who is most determined in the Underground. Considering monsters do not have high amounts of determination normally, any human who falls in the Underground would have the most determination – and thus have “the power to reshape the world.”

Toriel Feels Familiarity with Humans 

Despite this fact that all humans have determination, it’s hard to be sure that the other humans used the power. There is one monster, however, who knows the humans best – Toriel.

The second time Toriel asks Frisk whether they prefer cinnamon or butterscotch, she will immediately follow up with another question, asking if Frisk’s preference is the previous choice from the last reload or run. If confirmed that it is, she says something interesting.

Toriel’s comment is not only about Frisk – it’s about multiple humans. This means that Frisk is very likely not the first human to have used the power to save and reload.

Asgore Knows About the Power

Aside from Toriel, the only other monster that presumably met all the humans is Asgore. If Asgore kills Frisk, they will tell Asgore how many times they have been killed by him – Asgore solemnly agrees with Frisk each time. 

What makes this noteworthy, as @sleepy-9000 pointed out, is that Asgore is never surprised by this. Given that Asgore hired Alphys to find out how to unleash the power of the soul, he probably knows the nature of human souls. Whether or not that knowledge is enough for Asgore to not be surprised is uncertain. However, it is also possible that he learned about the power first hand when he killed the other humans who failed to make it past him.

Perhaps the other humans also told Asgore how many times he has killed them. There is no proof in game about this, but it could explain why he readily accepts Frisk’s words, with no surprise or doubt.

When Asgore first meets Frisk, his reaction is one of surprise.

Oh? Is someone there?
Just a moment!
I have almost finished watering these flowers.
…Here we are!
Howdy! How can I…
I so badly want to say, “would you like a cup of tea?”
You know how it is.
Nice day today, huh?
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
Perfect weather for a game of catch.
You know what we must do.
When you are ready, come into the next room.

Some believe it’s because no other human made it to him. Given what Undyne said, that is unlikely. His surprise was probably from seeing them so soon, as he desperately wanted to avoid this fight – a fight in which he would need to kill a child countless times.

Fighting the Humans

If the humans were all able to save and load, it seems odd that none of them were able to defeat Asgore. While Frisk may be a special case because they have Chara with them (as well as the player), there is one important factor in the fight: Asgore. 

During the hangout with Undyne, she recounts a story about herself and Asgore. She mentions one important fact – that she was never able to land “a single blow” on Asgore the first time she fought him.

And worse, the whole time, he refused to fight back!
I was so humiliated…
Afterwards, he apologized and said something goofy…
“Excuse me, do you want to know how to beat me?”
I said yes, and from then on, he trained me.
One day, during practice, I finally knocked him down.
I felt… bad.
But he was beaming…
I had never seen someone more proud to get their butt kicked. 

When Asgore first lost his children, he was full of fury. Out of anger, he declared war against humanity. It’s possible that when the other children fell into the underground, he was still angry and mercilessly fought the humans. Even if the humans could reload, Asgore may have been a near impossible boss to defeat. This means the humans gave up before they could finally beat him. As previously mentioned, Flowey explains about how he discovered his powers by feeling “determined to live”.

At any point, I could have let this world continue on without me.
But as long as I was determined to live…
I could go back.

Something very similar is stated in a book at the library. While the library book does not mention determination, it mentions another key word: hope.

Here it is stated that human souls don’t require hope to exist. Perhaps, if a determined human loses that “hope” in the future, then no matter how high their determination they will not reload – their soul continues to exist but the human remains dead. After all, Flowey makes it clear that reloading upon death was a choice.

With Frisk, however, Asgore never dodges. He stays completely still and takes every blow. His defense drops each time Frisk talks to him, and a lowered defense is a sign that a monster does not want to fight.

It’s very possible that he is burdened with so much regret and guilt from his actions that he only fights out of obligation. 

I do not want power.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
I just wanted everyone to have hope…
I cannot take this any longer.
I just want to see my wife.
I just want to see my child.
Please… Young one…
This war has gone on long enough.
You have the power…
Take my soul, and leave this cursed place.

When he is defeated by Frisk, Asgore bares his soul and speaks the truth. He does not want godlike powers or to hurt others. He “cannot take this any longer.” If Frisk spares him and Flowey does not intervene, Asgore commits suicide, possibly in part due to remorse and guilt. 


Given the information provided in the game, it is very likely that the other fallen humans, including Chara when they were alive, had the power to save, load, and reset.

To recap:

  • Determination is the source of the power to save and load.
  • Until otherwise specified, it is assumed that this power always existed in the Underground.
  • All humans have determination.
  • Toriel often feels that she knows the humans already, as if seeing old friends for the first time.
  • Asgore likely knows from first-hand experience that the humans can reload.
  • Asgore does not want to fight Frisk, which is why Frisk can defeat him. The other humans were not so lucky and likely gave up despite having the ability to reload.

entry one

     The first time Sans saw his own reflection after he absorbed the souls, he was repulsed. Yes, his appearance represented the breaking of the barrier, which had been the hope and dream of monsters since they were first sealed underground, but what good would it do now that King Asgore had sworn everyone who’d witnessed it to silence on the matter? Sans’ action had done nothing except create a massive complication no one was prepared for.

     Now all that the skeletal wings, bright colors, and those ever-watching eyes brought to mind was Sans’ hastily-made decision, one he’d made out of being sick and tired of knowing the resets were taking place, one he’d made after watching everyone he cared about die repeatedly at the hands of a child who just wouldn’t give up. No one else understood but him, a soul shared between two beings inside him, and one soulless flower who wouldn’t leave him be.

     So when he first caught a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror a few days after the breaking of the barrier, there was a long pause as the two lights in his eye sockets scanned the sight, taking in the entirety that was his new form. A heavy weight settled on his soul, causing his expression to turn from one of general disinterest to one that resembled sheer exhaustion–one that gave a brief insight into how much of a toll this was taking on the monster. Then, with a swift motion, he backhanded the mirror, sending shards of glass raining down onto the ground at his feet.

     “SANS? WHAT WAS THAT?” Papyrus called, worry making his voice fluctuate.

     Sans didn’t respond to his brother. Instead, he just stood there, forehead against the wall, looking for all the world like a defeated boss, face now expressionless and eyes staring blankly. When Papyrus saw the damage done and Sans’ stance, he did ask what had happened, but didn’t pry further when Sans didn’t respond. He just quietly convinced Sans to go sit on the couch while he cleaned up the mess.

     Any other mirrors in the house have since been moved out of view.

honestly, undyne is so amazing? what a good character. what a good fucking character

she’s set up to be this indomitable, harsh, intimidating woman all up through your fight with her. she wears a full suit of armor. she nearly kills you more than once. most of the scenes in which you interact with her are wrought with tension and highlight just how powerful of a woman that undyne is. monster kid cheers about how cool she is and how she could probably beat everybody up

i just wanted to ramble about how much i love undynes character but this got long, so im throwing it under a readmore, lmao

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Flowey’s Deaths

(undertale spoilers)

There are two instances in the game where Flowey can be killed – after being defeated as Photoshop Flowey and at the end of the genocide route. In the neutral route, Flowey tells Frisk to kill him. On the other hand, he begs for his life in the genocide route. In these two circumstances, Flowey behaves very differently when it comes to death. Why?

Neutral Route – Frisk

Flowey has different feelings towards Frisk and Chara. In the neutral route, Flowey dares Frisk to kill him to prove a point to himself and Frisk that the world really is kill or be killed.

Flowey is also confident that Frisk will reset/reload in order to achieve “a happy ending”, thus bringing him back from the dead. These sentiments are implied in the following dialogue, which Flowey says when Frisk kills him and then reloads the game to complete the neutral route again.

Hee hee hee.
Did you REALLY think killing me would make a DIFFERENCE?
Every time you load your SAVE, I’ll come back.
And every time you try to get a happy ending…
I’ll be there to tear it away!

These sentiments are echoed later in the pacifist boss fight with Asriel.

Then we can do everything ALL over again.
And you know what the best part of all this is?
You’ll DO it.
And then you’ll lose to me again.
And again.
And again!!!
Because you want a “happy ending.”
Because you “love your friends.”
Because you “never give up.”

Genocide Route – Chara

On the other hand, Chara is his best friend. Not just a random human. Flowey is willing to do almost anything for them. With Chara alive again, Flowey realizes he does want to live.

Let’s finish what we started.
Let’s free everyone.
Then… let’s let them see what humanity is REALLY like!
That despite it all…
This world is still “kill or be killed!!”
Well. I had…
Been entertaining a few ways to use that power.
Hee hee hee…
But seeing you here changed my mind.
Chara…I think if you’re around…
Just living in the surface world doesn’t seem so bad.

It’s possible that the “few ways to use that power” were to continue toying with the lives of the monsters. However, now with Chara back, he just wants to live with his best friend. This is why things take a turn for the worse when he realizes that Chara wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

…No hard feelings about back then, right?
H-Hey, what are you doing!?
B… back off!!
I… I’ve changed my mind about all this.
This isn’t a good idea anymore.

Despite this fear, Flowey reappears later and destroys Asgore’s soul. It’s possible that he did so to keep Chara from leaving the underground without him. In any case, he realizes the consequences of his actions and begs Chara to spare him. He doesn’t want to die. He cares about Chara, and he wants to be with them. Flowey might also be less certain that Chara will reload to bring them back after betraying them.

Neutral Route – “Chara”

There is one exception to this, however. If the player does not complete a neutral run before starting and aborting a genocide, Flowey mistakes Frisk for Chara from then on. Chara only gains control in the genocide route, so Frisk is the one in control during the neutral route, despite a previously aborting the genocide route. This is supported by Frisk’s actions independent of the player. Regardless, once the player completes a neutral route after the aborted genocide, Flowey will dare Frisk to kill him, despite thinking they are Chara.

Perhaps Flowey dares “Chara” to kill him because he still wants to prove his motto of “kill or be killed”, especially after Chara had aborted the genocide route. Or, just as likely, Flowey is only angry with Chara. If Flowey is spared at the end of the neutral route, completed after a genocide route is aborted, he’ll ask why Chara had to “SCREW IT UP” in regards to failing the genocide route. 

Why, Chara…?
We were on our way to REAL victory…
On our way to making up for LAST time!
Why’d you have to SCREW IT UP?
Is this REVENGE?
[No kills] Making me watch you act so pure and happy, while I…?
[With kills] Making me watch you live out your life, while I…?

I KNOW what you’re doing.
You just want to see what it’s all like.
Before we TEAR IT AWAY from them.
Genius, Chara.
Well, I’ll let you mess around.
I know you’ll come back eventually.
And when that time comes…
I’ll be waiting for you.

The reason for his anger is soon made clear: Flowey believes that forfeiting genocide and then playing neutral is Chara’s way of teasing Flowey, of making him suffer. He asks if it’s “REVENGE” and briefly thinks that Chara has only done this to force Flowey to “watch you act so pure and happy/watch you live out your life”, quite possibly jealous of Chara’s humanoid body and “stolen soul”. Soon, however, Flowey shakes off this feeling, deciding that Chara just wants “to see what it’s all like” before the two “TEAR IT AWAY” from the monsters. He lets Chara know he’ll wait for them and disappears. He is never encountered after Sans’ phone call in the neutral end again (unless a True Reset occurs, erasing his memories).


To wrap it up, Flowey dares Frisk (or “Chara”) to kill him in neutral route to prove his point of “kill or be killed” and because he is confident they will reload and bring him back. In the genocide route, Flowey does not want to be killed because he is with Chara again, helping them on their journey, and living for Chara. He can see a future where he’s actually happy – a future spent “just living in the surface world” with Chara.

Underfell Headcanons

How to Get into Underfell: Pirate the game from a shady website.  After a few minutes of download, you get an error message on your screen:


If you open it, the game looks perfectly normal.  Heck, it even says “Undertale” on the title screen.  You’ll only know that something weird’s going on when you go into the next room and meet…

Toriel: Yandere goat mom.  The death of her two children was more than enough to drive her mad, and now every single child that has fallen into the underground had to either avoid crazy goat mom or slip through the cracks of Yandere goat mom and flee to the surface.  Only one other child was able to escape goat mom.  Frisk, on the other hand, was able to get out because she looked very similar to her human child Chara, which causes a mental backlash.  Despite that, she does treat Frisk like her baby, and lets her go only because “the outside world is cruel enough for her to come crawling back”.

Flowey: The data has somehow allowed Asriel to feel again in Flowey form, and when you bump into him, he’s somehow fighting Toriel.  Knowing how Undertale works, you instantly assume he’s the bad guy and go with Toriel, until she ends up being crazy and Flowey becomes your friend.  He’s initially working with you because you remind him of his brother, albeit he knows you’re not the same person.  You carry him around in Asgore’s old shoe, left around in Toriel’s house.  Despite his more optimistic and best friend behavior, he is not above doing some MESSED UP things to protect you on your journey of escape.  How messed up?  Two words: Possession!AU.  God help the skulls.

Papyrus [might be tsundere on the evil side]: Oh, he’s evil.  Oh, he tries so hard to be evil.  However, the air of evil he emits is more on the level of Team Rocket: scary the first couple of times you bump into him, but after a while having him around is hilarious.  He constantly butts heads with Sans and tries so hard to one-up him with puzzles in order to try and capture a human.  Despite that, Frisk finds him funny and Flowey finds him annoying to be around.  The “date” with him is around the same as Undyne’s Undertale date, through trying to figure out what his favorite food is.  He still loves spaghetti and his brother, however, and will go out of his way to protect him.  Once you’re about to leave Snowdin, there’s a 50% chance that you end up fighting him.  His attacks are weak but his move lasts longer.  The other 50% has you fighting…

Sans [even more tsundere]: Gangster evil Sans.  Has a golden tooth that not even Papyrus knows where it comes from.  He’s a lot more bark than bite, though his “bite” is some of the more terrifying attacks you’ll see in the underground.  He seems to be especially bitter about humans, though he keeps you alive because he wants all the monsters trapped underground to “take a bite of revenge” out of you.  Despite that, he loves Papyrus and shows his affection by annoying the hell out of him.  If you’re able to get him to talk about him, he actually lightens up and talks like regular, Undertale!Sans.  If you do end up fighting him after leaving Snowdin, his attacks are super strong but quick.  If you end up killing him in this fight, Papyrus will always fight you in the judgment room.  Even if you don’t kill the others.

Undyne: She REAAAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYY hates humanity.  Flowey is very terrified of her and warns Frisk multiple times to avoid her at any costs.  However, she always seems to find you no matter where you go.  She even runs faster than you multiple times, and her attacks are one-hit KOs.  Befriending her is the hardest thing to do in the game, as it requires you to befriend Alphys first, and even then during the date, one wrong statement will result in her being unable to be befriended.  Despite that, she’s almost very similar to Undertale!Undyne, with the reason being that her inner determination has saved most of her code from being completely corrupted.  This is a plot point.

Alphys: The crazy mad scientist who has no moral limitation in what she wants to do.  She was the one who created Mettaton NEO and off-handedly created Flowey to serve as a vessel as one of her crazier experiments.  Upon first meeting her, she’ll just want to have you as part of an experiment on human anatomy, and will let you know damn well about the amalgamates.  She’s also a rabid anime fangirl, a troll on the Internet, and is openly into the weirdest kinks you’ll ever put your hands on.  The reason why she throws Metatton out to kill you is because she wants to see a human’s reaction to surviving a near death experience.

Metatton: A robot who makes a living as a performer and announcer of a Hunger Game-esque game…though no monster really dies in it and it runs more like Wipeout.  However, the Hunger Game-esque game is only real when he throws humans into it, and he’s personally responsible for four human kills.  The monster race sees him as a beacon of hope for their inevitable taking over of the surface, though he himself has actually become sympathetic of the human plight (killing four human children could do that to you), and plans to use your soul to fake his death and flee to the surface, knowing that the monsters should probably stay underground.

Napstablook: Like before, he didn’t get corrupted by the code and was able to leave perfectly intact.  He’s the only hint to Frisk that something is terribly wrong, and is scared of Mettaton.  However, everything is the same for this character.

Nice Cream Guy: He’s the same personally, but he sells the weirdest and horrible tasting ice cream ever.  Why?  Because seeing you cringe in taste makes him sleep well at night.

Burgerpants: He’s very openly suicidal and is almost black comedy incarnate.  Unfortunately, he knows that he’s in the shop menu and knows that you couldn’t kill him even if you wanted to, meaning that he will live forever in this game and it torments him on the inside.

Ok but DP undertale AU

Danny’s doing his thing, maybe checking to see if the “no one returns from mt. Ebbott” is because of a hostile ghost or what

And he also does that terrible luck thing and ends up inside the barrier
(Why? Does he trip? Does he fly through the mountain intangibly and make some instant regrets? Does he see a hole and think “imma check that out”?)

Anyways, it takes the strength of one whole human soul and one whole monster soul to get one person through the barrier, and since Danny has a total of one soul, weird as it is, he can’t go back.

He has very different problems from the other humans that have fallen in.

For one, he knows he can’t cross the barrier. Everyone says that humans have powerful enough souls to be able to go through, but he can’t.
He does his best to hold on to the hope that there’s just a specific exit point that he’ll be able to leave from.
But there’s always that niggling doubt that he hasn’t exactly been human for a long time.

Secondly, no one thinks he’s a human. Next to no one really believes when he tells them.
People think he’s some sort of amnesiac monster

Third, he’s so used to having to fight back, to not having a choice for peace (& messing it up really badly when he does have the option). It takes him a while to figure out how things work down here. He was the scourge of the ruins, usually beating up the monsters until they let him leave

Fourth, he’s absolutely nothing like the ghosts of the underground. He theorizes that “ghost” monsters are really just a ghost-LIKE type of monster. Not an actual departed soul. Whereas the type of “ghost” he is is more literally a dead human.
Monsters think that that’s ridiculous; sure human souls stick around, but they aren’t autonomous… Right?

(Ps @the-mated-succubus )

Oppositetale AU

AU Creator(s): 8luebasedbabes

Official AU Blog: Yes

Creator Tracked Tags: Yes 

AU Cannon: All of the characters from Undertale have their personalities changed to something completely different than how they are in Undertale canon.

Toriel: Protective Mom—> Rad Sis

Toriel is a motherly person constantly protecting you from the world around you and trying to hide things from you. In this Au, Toriel would immediately try to fight you because you’re a human and humans are awful creatures. After you get her to stop fighting you, she “guides” you through the ruins playing mean pranks on you the whole way. When you tell her you wanna leave, she seems reluctant, but let’s you go playfully punching you in the arm and telling you to come visit her sometime.

Sans: Chill secretive scientist—> Haughty outgoing actor

Sans is an open book. He is not very bright and quite full of himself. He proclaims Shakespeare to be the epitome of all literature and knows absolutely nothing about how Shakespeare was a huge prankster and jokester. Never defile the name of Shakespeare around him. He doesn’t even really care that you’re there and dismisses you as some human who would understand the greatness of HIS literature. If you tell him, you’re favorite author is shakespeare he immediately falls for you and asks you on a date.

Papyrus: Outgoing Naive Wanna-be Royal Guardsman—> Shy Knowing Sentry

Papyrus looks after his brother because if he doesn’t, the kid will probably forget to feed himself or something. He’s lazy but forced into the role of the provider because his brother mooches off of him. He hates cleaning and also fighting of any kind. Deep down, he thinks that all people are bad and he doesn’t trust them. He especially doesn’t trust you and he knows a lot more than he lets on.

Undyne: Rowdy Agressive Sister Type—> Nervous Sweet Mother Type

Undyne was always the weakest. Asgore kinda pressured her into the role because of how weak she was and how he wanted to show her to be strong. This of course doesn’t work. She’d just even more nervous. Her attacks don’t even try to hit you and if she does hit you she apologizes and stops immediately.

Alphys: Guilty Self-Conscious Nerd—> Full of themselves History Buff

Alphys actually becomes the one that everyone warns you about. They have been experimenting on humans and only need one more soul before they can finish their experiment and make monsters so much stronger. She is obsessed with human history especially because it lets her understand humans better. The only reason she lets you go is because she sees that if she killed you, that Flowey would be sad/hate her.

Asgore: Kind King who wants everything to return to normal—> Moody Emo King who knows there is no turning back

Asgore like Toriel becomes a scene kid and acts like one too. He is aggressive and moody constantly. He tries to send others to kill you (Papyrus, Undyne and Alphys, but they all fail miserably) Asgore likes to say that he is very strong, but his attacks say otherwise. He is not hard to beat seeing as he wants to kill you but doesn’t have the strength to. After so many turns, he gives up saying that he should have known he couldn’t do it. When you turn your back to leave, he tries to stab you, but Flowey takes the hit instead.

Flowey: The soulless creature—> The too kind experiment

Flowey is the sweet and adorable flower who was a creation of Alphys and she put too many souls into the flower. Alphys watches over Flowey and has been using him to spy on you without his understanding. They stole the 6 other souls and you lend him your soul and you break the barrier letting all the monsters leave.

Official Canon Design:




demon!dean’s first act is to go get benny out of purgatory.

When Dean comes back, Purgatory tries harder. 

part 1, part 2


>CS AU Week - Day 2<
(Thank you Zoe and Megan for your help.)

‘In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.’
She should have told him how much she loved him. That night when they made love for the first time. When they had peaceful times. Six weeks of no worries, no monsters, only love, and kisses and more love. She should have told him when he looked at her with his blue eyes full of love. His fingers ghosting over her skin, making her feel loved, precious, wanted. His kisses leaving invisible marks, that only her heart could feel and see. He didn’t say the words, but she knew. When their bodies and souls had become one, she knew he loved her. But she didn’t say anything. And now it was too late.

‘In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.’
She should have told him. When that whole mess with the author started. She should have told him that she was carrying a (yet) little part of him with her. Should have told him how happy (and scared) she was when she took that test and it was positive. But she was afraid he would run away from her. Like everyone else when things got difficult. That maybe it was too much, too early. Now it was too late.

Some nights when the pain of his absence was too much, she blamed herself. Maybe if she had told him…he would have one more reason to come back to her, to them. And then she could blame him. If he had fought more, or not fought at all. He would still be here and she wouldn’t be alone in that bench, looking at the sea, fighting the tears that seemed endless. Deep down she knew it wasn’t her fault or his. He just couldn’t make it. Fate once more was cruel to her.

Although things can be easily muddled and forgotten when a show goes on as long as this one has, the great thing is the episodes are still out there on DVDs and streaming services to rewatch when you get confused!  Take season six, for example …

If perhaps you didn’t notice Cas suggests it’s an interesting philosophical question whether Sam is even Sam without his soul, and yet he figures it’s a better plan to leave said soul in hell to be eternally tortured in perpetuity because, eh, he’s already damaged?  Mainly to preserve the bit of Sam walking around topside, even after realizing he has about as much conscience as the monsters and is a danger to everyone around him?  DVDs!

If say, you are somehow under the impression Cas didn’t pointedly decide not to ask the Winchesters for help and then avoid all their questions about what was going on with him and heaven by either disappearing or lying through his vessel’s teeth?  If you missed that as soon as they knew it was going badly (because Crowley brought it up) Dean offered any help they could give and was turned down flat?  DVDs!

If it inexplicably went over your head that Cas’ attempt to avert a second apocalypse by himself caused the equivalent of a third one to arrive on the horizon?  After killing two of his closest allies for doubting his reckless plan?  After breaking the sanity of a third and holding a potential fix hostage against trying to stop said plan?  With a bonus spree of mass murder of both humans and angels of his very own before unleashing the Leviathan?  DVDs!

If all you can remember of that conversation between Dean and Cas is Cas saying “I always come when you call” and not that it’s done as a dishonest guilt trip exactly one episode after we see Cas pointedly deciding not to come when called?  In the same season Dean directly says he spent days calling Cas for help with no response about potentially homicidal soulless!Sam?  DVDs!

If it’s as unfathomable to you as it was to Cas why the Winchesters won’t just trust him like he “deserves”?  Every single lie he told and pointed evasion he made in the impressively long string that was just about every conversation they had in season six is helpfully preserved on those DVDs for you to watch over again and buy a clue!