and takes a monster's soul with him when he leaves

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*She literally tells Simon, a Jewish man and a downworlder, that he should give her a dna sample to prove he’s innocent* In 2x13 Simon told her he wouldn't do it because it reminded him of the holocaust stories and she apologized on the spot. If you're compairing it to Alec he apologized to Magnus a couple days after making him give him the DNA

I don’t… care? 

The comparison isn’t about how many days/minutes it took to apologize. It’s not even about the comparison at all, to be honest.

 It’s about the idea of saying Clary is better to the downworlders when literally, with the sometimes exception of Simon, all she does is use the downworlders in her life to serve her purpose. Dot. Luke. Magnus. Madzie. All downworlders she supposedly cares so much about… but Dot she literally leaves to die twice and doesn’t bother trying to find or save her after. Luke she cares about when he can take care of her, tazes him when she doesn’t agree with him, keeps the secret about the soul sword from him. Magnus she storms in on whenever she wants and needs help. Never asking, always demanding. Madzie is a little girl and Clary doesn’t give a single fuck about the fact that her father- who is a fanatic and genocidal monster who wants to eradicate downworlders entirely- has her, until her own life is at risk. She’s hiding out in the boat house and fucking Simon while her father has that little girl.

Fuck. Clary. She doesn’t give a fuck about the downworlders. Not a single one.

So… yay. Simon explained to her, explicitly, that what the shadowhunters were doing was similar to how the Holocaust started… and Clary said sorry. That’s like… one check in the box of not being awful to a downworlder. One she’s known her whole life, as a normal mundane… as a mundane herself, who was not raised in a militaristic and racist society…

As opposed to Alec. Who was born and raised a shadowhunter, completely immersed in the racism and oppression of downworlders that allows shadowhunter culture to even exist. A trained soldier who was pretty much brainwashed, as all shadowhunters are, to think they are above the downworlders. 

Now. Alec fucked up, to be clear, I’m not excusing that. He should have considered the trauma Magnus had been through, he should have considered what it would mean to ask Magnus for that hair sample. He didn’t. He fucked up. And then he thought about it, watched Jace spiral with the help of Grandma Herondale, saw how badly the whole thing was going, and spoke out. He told them it was wrong, he told Jace not to do it. And then he went and apologized to Magnus. 

Alec fucks up and he learns. And he tries to do better. He’s imperfect. The narrative and the fandom, rarely paints him as perfect- I’m not talking about malec shippers who are actually just Alec stans and think he can do no wrong, that’s a different post and a different part of fandom- and usually holds him accountable.

With Clary the narrative, her friends, her family, the fandom, never hold her accountable. She’s just a feisty stabbity stabby little freedom fighter, look at her go! 

It’s gross.

To come into my fucking ask box and say that Clary- who clearly still has no real understanding of shadowhunter culture or history or politics, who doesn’t understand the downworlder and how to be diplomatic- would be a better leader than Alec is ridiculous. 

Alec calls an emergency meeting for the downworld council and the first thing Clary- and Jace- does is insult the Seelie Queen. 

What the fuck. 

It’s just such obnoxious staning of a character that could be good, maybe, but isn’t and doesn’t deserve it. Clary couldn’t be any kind of leader because Clary, like her mom, only cares about what matters to her. Not the world, not the downworld, not their societies as a whole. Alec has a worldview and an understanding of the world and politics and is trying to make changes within that. Clary demands changes that help and benefit her and then she wanders off to do something else.