and sybil was my favourite

Good evening, Sir Samuel, and may I say what a nice scarf you’re wearing. And Captain Carrot. Please sit down. We have a lot of business to finish.


Ok this is one of my favourite little lines in terms of Sam/Sybil.  Just that little throw-away comment pointing out he’s wearing the scarf.  And the fact that Sam is wearing the scarf is so important because

  1. It’s a terrible scarf. It was a supposed to be socks but Sybil messed up.  He’s wearing it anyway.
  2. It’s not even winter. I don’t think a season is specifically pointed out, but it’s certainly not winter given the lack of snow.  It’s probably far too warm to even need a scarf.  There is no reason for him to wear this ugly scarf and yet.
  3. Sam was in the bath when Sybil told him Vetinari wanted him right away.  That means that while rushing to get dressed to go present himself to the lord of the city, he went out of his way to specifically pick up an ugly scarf it’s too warm to wear.

And he went out of his way to wrap an ugly, probably knobbly and itchy scarf that was supposed to be a sock around his neck and then wear it to the palace all because doing so would make Sybil happy.  And he just loves Sybil so much.  


My favourite quote of yesterday’s episode - “Sybbie’s happy at her school”.

This little girl spent the first 4.5 years of her life mostly in a nursery with nannies, likely having little contact with other children other than her cousins. She didn’t have much experience with the world outside Downton; when the family was away, children usually stayed at home. It was a pretty sheltered life, and she didn’t know any other.

Sybbie then moved with her father into a foreign country, into a completely new environment, new way of life and came into contact with people she had probably never encountered before. She most likely attends public school now.

Yet Sybbie happily settled in and adapted. She’s truly her mother’s daughter, facing all the challenges bravely.