and swedish fish!

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I wanna know more about your OC Benji! >:3 he seems like that chill guy you'd go with to a 7-11 with to get a slushie and chill out


SAY HELLO TO BENJAMIN KHAN he is definitely the chillest guy you will ever meet

  • one of the members of the school newspaper club alongside mona and RJ
  • also in tech club (he loves it) and mona throws a fit over it. “benji you TRAITOR you SCOUNDREL you FIEND you already have the newspaper club how could you stab us in the BACK like this!!”
  • mute, uses ASL to communicate but is quiet even by those standards. RJ and mona know him well enough to understand what he’s thinking/saying by the most basic/vague signs or head tilts or looks. it’s unnerving how in tune they all are with each other
  • kind of a wallflower and keeps to himself but he’s not particularly lonely?? likes keeping to himself
  • he and RJ got mona a hijab with newspaper print on it. he and mona got RJ a cool camera case with fun cheesy stickers to decorate it with. mona and RJ got him a cool binder with his name embroidered on it. they are a gift giving trio of friends
  • kind of an enigma since he’s big on responsibility but will absolutely cut classes in order to go to the local 7-11 and get slushies, you were right on track with that line of thought anon
  • good with kids and small animals, particularly rodents, for some inexplicable reason
  • like the only person mona listens to since he balances out how over-the-top she can get
  • looks tired all the time since he has sleepy eyes but that’s just how he looks. he takes a lot of naps. also great to nap with
  • a gentle giant. would help a cat or small child out of a tree
  • pierced his ears by himself while simultaneously eating swedish fish and watching a documentary on how bubblegum is made. he is so cool
  • the kind of guy who checks the weather and makes sure you bring a jacket or an umbrella but still carries and extra of one or both in his bag just in case
  • he’s super super invested in music and has a deep appreciation for it
  • wears his headphones a lot but there’s a 50/50 chance he’s either listening to music or pretending to listen to music so people don’t bug him
  • has three little sisters (triplets) who gave him his headphones for his birthday. it looks like a cat
Alternate Overwatch Names
  • Tracer: Zippity do da, zipping gay.
  • Reaper: eenie meanie minie emo
  • Sombra: a chihuahua
  • Winston: Godzilla'z cousin
  • Soldier 76: Batman's voice
  • Mercy: The hot mom
  • Pharah: The other hot mom
  • Road hog: Baconator
  • Junkrat: Rat guy from Charolette's web
  • Zarya: Putin's worst nightmare
  • Mei: Elsa?
  • Widowmaker: the prbf. (Permanent resting bitch face)
  • D. Va: She get maddie she smashie
  • Reinhardt: Smashie just to smashie
  • Symmetra: A walking 3D printer
  • Lucio: Hippy Hoppy
  • Ana: Grandma ain't takin shit from no one
  • Hanzo: the quiet one who probably kills people
  • Genji: broccoli head
  • Zenyatta: Tranquility is the shit
  • Doomfist: Knucklebumper
  • Orisa: I am robot dog
  • Torbjorn: Swedish fish
  • Mccree: What time is it?