and surprisingly he has good advice

France/Francis Bonnefoy

Francis will notice something off immediately. Not only can he tell by just looking at you, but he’s just got a feeling that something’s off. He’ll ask you if you had a hard day at work or if something happened, and once you respond with how stressful your day was, he’ll try some cuddle therapy without you even asking.

America/Alfred F. Jones

Alfred will embrace you as soon as you enter the door, and it might actually take him a while to realize that your stressed out. Once you tell him about how stressful work has been, he’ll definitely be up for cuddling you, and surprisingly enough, he might offer some good advice. 

Canada/Matthew Williams

Matthew would have been texting you throughout the day, and because of that, you would have already told him what was going on. Hence, he’d be waiting at the door for you at home, and would be perfectly happy to cuddle you until you felt better. 

England/Arthur Kirkland

He’ll completely up for cuddling after you tell him what a stressful day you’d had. Arthur would rub your back and play with your hair, and if you wanted, he’d listen to you rant about your coworkers and boss. 

-Admin K.