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Any chance I can get some b99 blog recs?


@elsaclack is the queen of fanfic and a super nice person i could go on abt how amazing she is forever and ever

@youngsamberg one of the first friends i made in this fandom. she has such quality content and i love her 

@startofamoment makes the most amazing edits??? creates the most beautiful aus???? is just the embodiment of sunshine???? i love erica

@chandlersthripple listen michelle is one of my best friends and she is just the kindest sweetest amazing cutest person and also has amazing Lonely Island content 

@smolperalta such amazing content and gifs like wow very talented


@tall-butt amazing gifsets and amazing content

@thatjakeperalta i love matt he’s amazing and his tags are just Top Quality™

@b99 is the b99 god like always has that Top-Secret Shit and u can always trust Tori for the scoop

@roscoesantangelo such a sweetheart??? so kind??? love jorma taccone and will make his cameo in early season 4 even better 

@peraltiagoisland honestly one of the main reasons i ship Dianetti (Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti) like she is the driving force behind the ship and i love michelle

i did not mean for this to get so long and im running low on words so *scream* here are more names 

@youdontoutgrowpunk @sxmberg @tiadorable @juliadorable @haylestorming (if u love rogue one like i do and peraltiago she is Amazing) @amyjake @sergeant-santiago @santiagostyles @peraltalinetti @phil-the-stone @peraltasmoak @ginas-opinion @ginarodrigucz @fourdrinkamy @three-drink-amy @daddyperaltaa 

i am forgetting so many amazing people but i hope you find some blogs to follow!!! 

Werewolf Love(Derek Hale)

The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf crossover

Imagine: Imagine moving from Mystic Falls to Beacon Hills, and Derek Hale falls for you, but your ex Tyler Lockwood comes to visit and tries to win you back.


You had packed your bags, and you had boarded your flight, leaving Mystic Falls, your home for so long, behind you. It’s time you started a new life. You had just been pardoned by Klaus, and you weren’t going to take that for granted. The only reason why you had crossed Klaus, was because your darling boyfriend, or so you thought at the time, had this obsession of trying to hurt Klaus. Once you had enough of Tyler’s plots, you broke it off, and Klaus was kind enough to let you off of his hit list, since he realized you  were only being loyal to your boyfriend. He respected that, and he also released you from being sired to him. Yes, like Tyler, you are are Hybrid. A werewolf/vampire hybrid. Your plane finally landed in Beacon Hills, California, and you were astonished at all of the scents of werewolves, but they smelt off. Maybe there are different kinds, you thought to yourself.

The following weeks were spent by you getting to know the packs, and you were surprised by how different they were. They didn’t turn into wolves, and it wasn’t a curse. The Bite, as they call it, was actually a gift. You listened as they all told you about their lives, and the Alpha, Derek Hale, who is very attractive, was kind enough to let you live with him. You instantly accepted the offer, and you had gotten to know Derek closely, and feelings had started to bloom. Melting your dead heart.

You sat on a step, in an abandoned train warehouse, as you watched Derek train his betas, it was actually pretty amazing. You were amazed at the connections they had to each other. “So, (Y/N), I was in town today, and I smelt someone who smells like your scent.” Derek started. “What does my scent even smell like?” you questioned. You were always curious about this. “Death and Sunshine.” a beta named Erica told you. You had grown to like her, and she was one of your close friends.

“Did this scent smell exactly like mine?” You asked him. “No, it smelt like Death and cinnamon.” Derek said.

“Shit.” You muttered. They all stopped to look at you, and you just shook your head. “Is this the guy who made you into a Hybrid?” Scott asked you. “No, Klaus smells like Death and roses. Death and cinnamon is my ex Tyler. The one I left when I fled my home town.” you said to them all. “Then what is he doing here?” Isaac questioned.

“To get her back.” you heard a voice say. Tyler’s scent completely filled your nostrils and you whipped around, and you felt your eyes change. You felt the veins appear, and your eyes turned gold, and the rest of your eyes black. Your fangs elongated, and you growled at Tyler. He stalked forwards, and your  posture straightened.

“Aw, (Y/N), don’t be like that.” Tyler said softly. “What are you doing here, Tyler?” you asked him in a firm voice. “I need you back in my life." tyler pleaded. "No you don’t.” you said coldly. “Yes I do! You don’t know how I feel! I was on my way to New Orleans, but I came here instead, I want you to go there with me.” he pleaded to you.

“What’s in New Orleans?” you asked. “Klaus got Hayley pregnant, and I can stop him. The blood can make new hybrids. I have to kill the child."Tyler said, and you were completely enraged with him. how dare he threaten to kill an unborn child for his own selfish gain? "No, I’m free, you’re not. I’m staying here. I made my life, and it’s better.” you said firmly. You were not going to let him persuade you to leave your new life, to leave Derek.

“Please, (Y/N), please, i love you.” he said, you looked into his eyes, and you shook your head. You felt sad, but you felt anger. Anger at what tyler put you through. “No you don’t. If you loved me, you wouldn’t be asking me to risk my life for you. you wouldn’t be asking me to do this. You wouldn’t have left me multiple times, you wouldn’t have been over run by your messed up obsession to ruin Klaus. He was kind enough to let me go, I’m not going back on his hit list.” you said coldly.

“I suggest you leave!.” Derek shouted to Tyler. He flinched back at the power in his command, and Derek came to your side. “Who the hell are you?” Tyler asked him. “I’m Derek, the Alpha.” he said. “I don’t have an Alpha.” Tyler spit out. I watched Derek closely as his face transformed into his fangs, glowing red eyes, and you watched as Tyler’s face showed an expression of terror. “I suggest you leave!” Derek growled out. Tyler look scared, and then he left, unsuccessful with what he wanted.

Soon everyone left, leaving you and Derek alone, and your dead heart was beating wierdly. “Uh, thanks, for uh, helping me with Tyler.” you said sounding unsure of what to do or say. “He’s an Omega. It doesn’t matter what kind he is, he’s not strong, and he was not going to take you away from us, away from me.” Derek said.

“Wait what was that?” You asked him shocked. “He can’t take you away from me! I love you!” Derek shouted. You gasped, and you walked slowly forwards, and when you were chest to chest with Derek, you looked up into his eyes, and he returned the intensity of your gaze. You took a deep breath, and your lips crashed against Derek’s. Silently telling him that the feelings were mutual.