and sungmin where are you staring

Super Junior reacting to his gf (you) falling asleep in their shirt.

Anon said: Super junior reaction when their girlfriend fall asleep in their t-shirt.



‘That’s so cute! Lemme get my camera and take  some pics for Instagram!’

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*stares at you from up close until he realises it’d be weird if you woke up right no and backs up*


'Wow, she’s prettier than I am right now.. I am impressed.’


’.. Is it acceptable for me to suggle up to her right now?’


'Good night, my love..’


'My shirt looks better on you anyway. I think I’ll tell you to keep it once you wake up, jagiya.’

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'She looks like an angel.. And she is mine..’


'Who needs tv when you can stare at your beautiful girl wearing your clothes?’


'Wow Rye, if you make good life decisions, you are sure to make the incredible good ones.’


'It’s not even a shirt no more on bae. It’s a tent of fabulous.’


*whisper screaming*



'That is suprisingly attractive..’

*thoughts drift off*

'Yeah.. cute.’


*just stares in silence and then goes to prepare coffee for the two of you*


'Omooo, how adoreable!’



'Jeah, das my girl. My cutesie little sleeping kitty.’


mutant!au | 

jin | hoseok | taehyung | jungkook | namjoon | yoongi | jimin (tw: dark themes)

the rain falls pitter patter on the grungy streets.

“funny,” namjoon says, as he pulls jimin to duck under an awning. “i thought they said it’d be sunny today.”

seokjin raises the cup to his lips and sips. he’d only ever had water to drink at the facility and not fresh water at that. but this was good.

“blueberry,” he murmurs to himself. “that’s a pretty word. blueberry latte.”

the door of the bell jingles and seokjin tells himself to calm down. that this is a happy, tinkly bell and not the loud, harsh one that called all the mutants to be gathered for their one meal of the day. seokjin thinks about the mutants in his facility that he’d set free. he hopes they’re doing well.

“you used to like blueberry lattes. want one?”

“yes, hyung.” there’s something strangely blank about the voice.

seokjin pays them no mind and continues to sip his latte.

“police are still searching for the mutant who destroyed the anyang mutant holding facility. we are checking records of the mutants held there and will get back to you when we have more information. thank you.“

"mom,” seokjin whispers in horror. “mom. mom why?”

his mother says nothing, looking ahead blankly.

“let’s go, boy,” the man holding him said. “to your new home.”

seokjin watches his mother all the way until they shove him into the back of a cargo truck. her face is set in stone and seokjin lowers his eyes in defeat as the cargo doors slam shut.

“sorry, mom.”

“you and jimin really like your blueberry lattes, don’t you?” the man beside him asks and seokjin jumps. “ah, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” the man says, smiling. “you’re pretty much a regular now here, aren’t you?”

beside him, a boy, probably jimin, nods at him, sipping on a straw of what seokjin assumes is the blueberry latte that they both enjoy. his eyes seem like voids and seokjin looks away, back to his own cup.

“they have delicious blueberry lattes,” seokjin says, cupping his drink in his hands. he likes that it’s warm. he hasn’t felt much warmth for much of his life.

the man frowns, as if in concern, and seokjin wonders if he’s said something wrong. perhaps he has. he’s never really talked to anyone.

“i need to leave now,” seokjin says, standing up smoothly. “it was nice to meet you.”

as seokjin leaves the shop, the rain starts falling again and seokjin wonders if the sky is crying the tears that he’s forgotten how to cry.

“why did you do that, hyung?” jimin asks as they return home, trying to take shelter every so often along various building awnings. “we never approach people.”

“i’m not sure,” namjoon says. “he just…looked kind of lost, i guess.”

jimin stares at him and namjoon sighs. “i don’t know. just…something about him, i guess. made me think we were kind of… similar.”

jimin looks away and nods. “i felt that too.”

“you did?”

jimin stares up at the sky, dark with clouds.

“nobody really knows where they’re going. we’re all similar in that way.”

seokjin wakes up to sirens around the dingy apartment building he’s been staying in.

“what’s going on?” the confused apartment residents are asking each other. none of them are the respected lot. prostitutes and drug dealers and petty criminals, all of them. not bad enough to die and not good enough to live. the police could be here for any of them, really.

but seokjin knows why they’re here.

“they’re here for me,” seokjin murmurs and the people around him turn to stare. “i – ”

“come on then, son,” sungmin says. he deals ecstasy from the floor beneath seokjin’s. “let’s get you out of here, boy.”

seokjin stares. “what?”

“you’re one of us,” nayeon smiles. she lives across from seokjin. her nighttime makeup is painted thick across her face and her dress is too short for the cold night air. “we don’t let our friends die.”

seokjin’s barely known them for a week at most.


“don’t dilly-dally, kid, let’s go. where did we put that…” sungmin mutters.

“i have it,” says wongbin, the pickpocket who lives next door to seokjin. “hold on one second.”

he disappears into his room and comes out with a pile of clothes in his arms.

it’s a police uniform.

sungmin winks. “we’re not newbies at this, kid.”

“quick, i’ll help you put it on,” nayeon says and she pushes him into wongbin’s room and shuts the door. “take off your jacket.”

seokjin hesitates for only a minute and then takes off his jacket, revealing the scars that stretch up and down his arms.

when nayeon turns around, seokjin looks away. he hears a sigh and then she’s gently guiding his face to look at him. “it’s okay seokjin-ah,” she says kindly. “even if we don’t have physical ones, everyone here has scars.”

seokjin says nothing and she smiles again. “alright. let’s get you gussied up.”

“but where did he go?” the police officer demands and nayeon scrunches her nose.

“where did who what?” she asks, slurring her words.

the police officer grits his teeth. “where did. the man. who lives. across from you. go.”

nayeon blows a cloud of smoke in his face and puts the cigarette back in her mouth. “oh that kid? dunno. we don’t poke our noses into other’s people’s business around here.”

as the police officer leaves to terrorize wongbin, nayeon turns to look out the window.

a lone silhouette separates himself from the crowd of swarming policemen and disappears into the night.

“good luck kid,” nayeon says softly. “you’re going to need it.”

he doesn’t know where to go.

seokjin darts quickly behind a tree and changes back into his civilian clothes, tucking the policeman uniform tightly under his arm.

he’s to leave it in a mailbox not too far from here so they can get it back and reuse it some other time. but after that, where does he go?

he hasn’t reached a conclusion by the time he gets to the mailbox except that he needs to leave the city. it’s not safe anymore.

he guesses he should return to the coffee shop first then. and get a blueberry latte for the road.

namjoon looks up when the bell tinkles.

“hey there!” he calls and the stranger from before looks at him, startled. namjoon blinks. whereas before, the stranger’s mind had seemed a peaceful sky, it was now stormy, thoughts tangled upon each other in a giant pile. namjoon frowns. “you okay?”

“i’m fine,” the stranger says and it’s a lie, namjoon knows, because the thoughts suddenly turn even more wild and tangled so that namjoon can’t decipher any of them.

“no, what’s wrong,” namjoon says, pushing out of his chair and going to stand in front of him. the stranger’s eyes hold a hint of panic and namjoon holds him with a hand on his wrist.

what do i tell him that i’m a mutant how do i lie i need to get out she knows i’m a mutant where do i go how do i

namjoon lets go in shock. “you’re a mutant?”

the stranger’s eyes flash and thunder rumbles, rain starting to fall, and namjoon opens his mouth in an ‘o’ of realization.

“you’re the – ”

the stranger tears his arm away and vanishes out the door.

“i’m a mutant,” seokjin says as nayeon finishes patting the uniform down. she freezes at his words, hands still on his chest. “i’m a mutant. that’s why they’re here. do you still want to help me?”

her hands shake a little as she pulls them back. “seokjin-ah…”

“if you take the uniform off, i’ll understand,” seokjin says.

his mother’s blank face and the view of the truck floor as he admits defeat.

“don’t be stupid, seokjin,” nayeon snaps. “i meant what i said. we take care of our own.”

“you’ re not a mutant,” seokjin says. “i’m not one of you.”

“my brother was one,” nayeon says. “he was – ” she breaks off and seokjin blinks in alarm.

“i – ”

nayeon throws her arms around seokjin’s waist and pulls him into a fierce hug.

“he didn’t make it,” she whispers. “so you have to seokjin.” she pulls back and her eyes are gleaming with unshed tears. “i couldn’t help him. but i’m going to help you. so don’t say things like that.”

seokjin only nods numbly. nayeon wipes at her eyes. “let’s go.”

what would his mother’s face have looked like if he’d raised his head just one last time?

the rain’s pelting down like bullets around him and if he wasn’t sure before, he’s sure now.

“fuck, this rain is – ” namjoon curses as he looks around. “where the fuck did he go?”

where do i go? what do i do? i’m a mutant. how do i survive? i’m a mutant. she said i had to make it. what do i do now?

“let’s go jimin,” namjoon yells and they both run down the street.

when he feels a hand on his wrist, seokjin snaps out of his thoughts and lashes out with an arm.


it’s the man from the coffee shop.

“listen, i’m a mutant too,” the man says in a rush and seokjin blinks. “both me and jimin. we can help you.”

the stranger shakes his head. “no, i have to leave town. they’re…they’re on to me. i can’t stay here.”

namjoon presses on, unsure why he’s so adamant. “we’re leaving too. for seoul. you can join us.”

jimin’s eyes are boring holes in his back but namjoon doesn’t care.

the stranger furrows his eyebrows. “why are you trying to help me?”

and namjoon doesn’t really know why either. “because we’re all mutants. let’s help each other out.”

the stranger shakes his head. “i can’t help you though.”

namjoon laughs. “you destroyed your own mutant facility. that power’s bound to come in handy somehow.” he holds out his hand and the stranger eyes it warily. “i’m namjoon. and you know jimin.”

the stranger takes it uncertainly. “seokjin.”

“so how about it?”

seokjin looks at the ground. “if…if it’s not too much trouble.”

“it’s fine,” namjoon says lightly. “since i asked.”

the three of them stand there awkwardly, not sure where to go from there.

“want some?” jimin asks softly and offers his coffee cup to seokjin. “blueberry latte.”

seokjin hasn’t smiled in a long time. can’t remember the last time he had. but something about that lone cup of blueberry latte, soaked from the rain, pulls the corners of his lips up.

“thank you,” seokjin says, taking it from jimin. he takes a sip. it’s delicious. jimin blinks solemnly at him with his eerily blank eyes.

he wishes he’d looked up one last time before the cargo doors had closed.

seokjin lays his head on the window of the bus that’s taking the three of them towards seoul. jimin is asleep on his shoulder and namjoon is sitting in front of him, head lolling backward as he snores.

the sky is so blue, seokjin thinks to himself, so this is what it feels like to be looking up.

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