and sungmin has his ways with shindong

The amazing ELF from Peru who made this petition has almost reached 10,000 signatures! Please sign this petiton so hopefully SM and the boys will see this and not take the “K-ELF"s opinions into consideration at the conference. Sungmin doesn’t deserve this, he has loved the boys, his group and us ELF for 12 years that this shouldn’t be the way he is repayed for eveything he’s given us.

SUJU Reaction: Having to share the same bed as you (friend)

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Leeteuk: *Worried about your comfort, but can’t laughing at the situation because it’s awkward* “Y/N are you okay with this? Because I can sleep somewhere else if you want.”

Heechul: *Sees that your a bit uncomfortable about the situation* “Y/N you can take the bed, I can sleep on the ground.”

You: “You don’t find this weird?”
Yesung: “I do this with the members all the time, so I’ve gotten used to it.”

Kangin: *You guys have been having sleep overs ever since you were young so this is normal* “Which side of the bed do you want?”
You: “I’ll take the left.”

Shindong: *You get in bed immediately because you’re so tired, but he’s a bit shy and doesn’t know what to do, so he waits for you to say something*
You: “Aren’t you going to sleep?” *You move over so he has more space, and he slowly makes his way to the bed*

Sungmin: *Starts making his way towards the couch with his pillow and blanket*
You: “Sungmin, where are you going? We can just share the bed?”
Sungmin: “If you say so.”

Eunhyuk: *You’re both too tired to care*

Donghae: *You’re both comfortable with each other so you don’t find it weird*
You: “You don’t mind if we sleep together right?”
Donghae: *Insert stupid sex joke here*
You: “I hate you.”

Siwon: *He’s blushing and he everything he say unintentionally comes out sexual* “I’m going to shut up now.”

Ryeowook: *You guys are both awkward about it at first but you talk for almost the whole night and fall asleep together*

Kyuhyun: “Are you ready for sexy time?!”
You: “You’re unbelievable Kyuhyun.”

Zhou Mi: *Laughs because he’s too nervous to do anything else*

Henry: *You’re both unfazed by the idea*
“You better not hog all of the blanket.”

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SUJU reaction (gif) - If a Member finds that all other members are in love with the same girl that he.

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Leeteuk: **simply does aegyo for you whenever you’re with the whole group**

Heechul: **to himself** Oh, I’ll get her…. I always get the girl…. **smirks**

Han Geng: **Heechul plays dirty** So, that’s how we’re gonna play, huh?


Kangin: **tries hard to think how to defeat the competition**

Shindong: **get’s super emotional when alone** She’ll never fall for me…. Especially when she has such nice other choices….

Sungmin: **decides to not even go for it, because he’s noble to his brothers~**

Eunhyuk: **when he finds out, surprised** WHAT?! No way, I saw her first!!!

Zhoumi: **like Kibum, he’ll just seduce you with his body**

Donghae: **quite disappointed, thinking he’ll never win you…**

Siwon: **angry, determined to win you over**

Ryeowook: **frustrated with the members**

Kibum: **already knows he’ll win you over, easy, especially with his body**

Kyuhyun: No, you won’t touch her, what are you even saying?

Henry: **threatens** She’s mine…


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A Heartfelt Message to KELF who have betrayed Sungmin

I honestly hope someone translates this for KELF 

You are not close to Super Junior.

You are not close to Sungmin.  

You can stalk them as much as you like, you can obsess over them as much as you like but you will never ever cross that line over towards becoming their friend.

You yourselves have established the boundaries between fan and friend.

You don’t see him as the human being he is.

You don’t see how much pain you cause with your childish antics.

You see him as merchandise.

An idol you worship.

A puppet who needs to obey your will.

You see him as inhuman.

And because you can’t see that he is in fact a human with feelings & with a life of his own you will never be able to call yourself close to him.

No matter how much you claim to know about him or care about him or even love him.

Seeing as how easily you’ve betrayed him, how easily you’ve found to insult not only him but the person he chose to spend the rest of his life with, these actions have shown how truly distant you are.

You say he’s the one who’s at fault?

You say that you’re more hurt than he is?

You say he’s not worth being in Super Junior anymore?


How dare you feel that he has to apologize for being happy?  How dare you feel like he has to apologize for finding love?

How dare you feel like you know what’s best for him?

Just because you stalk him, obsess over him and fantasize about him?

How dare you say that you’re more hurt than he is?

Are you being attacked for being in love?

No. Sungmin is.

Do you have to apologize for finally finding happiness?

No. Sungmin does.

Are you being betrayed by the very fans who have supposedly sworn to protect you and stay with you until the very end?

No. Sungmin is.

Have you spent 9 years trying to please hoards of obsessive stalkerish fans who feel like they have the right to potentially ruin your life if you do one thing that displeases them?

No. You haven’t. Sungmins has.

 Why are you hurt?

Because he found someone that is not you?

Because he’s shown his humanity?

Because he’s found love?

All the reasons you throw at I-ELF trying to make us “understand” your plight, all of those stupid reasons justify your irrational behavior.

All they do is prove that you are throwing childish tantrums and think you have the right to basically rule over his life.

You need to stop being babies and deal with it.

He is a grown man.

He has given you his youth.

He has given you his love.

He has given you his life.

You need to respect that this is a human being.

With real feelings.

With a life outside your fantasy bubble.

He has a right to love.

He has a right to be married.

How will marriage interfere with Super Junior?

It won’t.

Sungmin has stayed with Super Junior since they formed.

He has been with them since the beginning and he will stay with them even now.

So how dare you command that he get out of Super Junior?

When he has always given his all towards the group? Towards you?

And this is how you treat him?

As if you own him?



He makes his own choices.

And he chose to get married to Kim Sa Eun.

He believes she’s the love of his life.

Why can’t you respect that?

Why can’t you see that he has a right to love?

And he will leave Super Junior when HE wants to not when you tell him to.

He is human.

He is not your idol to worship blindly.

He is a human, who is hardworking, and given his all to a group he loves and will continue loving.

He has earned his place in Super Junior.

There is no way he will leave.

Please stop this madness.

If you truly care you will stop, apologize, and reflect on what you’ve done.