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can you write me a tiny thing about spock laying on jim's belly chub and just hanging out thank you and god bless


Spock is never really the one to initiate touching, it’s not because he’s not affectionate it’s mostly because being brought up Vulcan means being careful who you touch. Jim is in a constant state of touching, he pats Sulu and Chekov on the back when they fly the Enterprise out of danger, he hugs Uhura anytime she talks them out of situations on foreign planets, and he is constantly bumping McCoy when he teases him. Jim is more careful when he touches Spock, he never knows what could travel between the link they have and touch intensifies it ten fold. Jim will run a finger across the back of Spock’s hand on the bridge, or he may place a hand on his back for the support when they’re dealing with whatever new situation presents itself in space that day. But rarely Spock will initiate touching on the bridge.

When it comes to touching behind closed doors however, it’s an entirely different dynamic. Spock traces the shells of Jim’s ears sometimes when they lie in bed together, human ears are just so close to Vulcan and it fascinates Spock to no end. Jim loves the way Spock’s cheeks tinge green when he tells him his eyes are beautiful. But Spock’s favorite thing to do is to just lay on Jim. 

Jim can get a bit self conscious because he has a tummy, and while it doesn’t usually bother him, when Spock is shirtless and just there and gorgeous Jim wonders if he’s inadequate. Spock running his hands down Jim’s sides and he wonders if Spock craves solidity there, wonders if Spock wants someone chiseled and beautiful. But Spock loves Jim, loves the way his body curves and is soft, loves that Jim bends the world to his being, that nobody pays attention to his body because being around Jim is like being caught near a supernova. You can’t look away because there is so much light and heat and you can only stand there and be awe-struck.

So Spock’s favorite thing to do is to lay his head on Kirk’s stomach. They can be laying there doing paperwork in bed, reading, talking about the day, looking at holovids; but Spock is going to be using Kirk as a pillow. Spock loves how safe he feels resting his head on Jim, and when Jim looks down at Spock, he can’t even think of what was bothering him in the first place. 

(AHHHHH. It’s not that well written bc I was too excited about this prompt and just kind of jf;dslfkjsa;dhf; all over the page but I really hope you liked it!!) 

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Kirk being totally oblivious to relationships between crew members(unless they cause a disruption)and not noticing the looks and touches between chekov and sulu and not picking up on the "our"s and " we"s and not knowing they're together. Until he walks in on them doing /things/ on his chair.

imagine it being something almost totally innocent like chekov was sitting in sulus lap while he had command

imagine jim freaking out anyway and demanding that they ‘disinfect’ his chair