and suddenly i see this as rachel being the one struggling with feelings

Logan is a Western, and it Changes Everything

Logan makes every other superhero film in the past fifteen years look like a cheap parlor trick. For two hours and twenty one minutes, it locks you in and makes you watch a movie that doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. It’s uncomfortable and messy and it doesn’t satisfy. Wolverine’s claws are uneven and his kills are ugly. People die with no last words, no proper sendoff and no closure. Logan provokes visceral reactions time and again, not because it’s violent, but because it’s painful, and everything else now looks plastic by comparison.

From the top, let me say I hope this doesn’t come across as some edgy rant arguing for more gore and profanity in superhero films. That’s not my point. I should also confess that I have no experience with the X-Men comics, or with comics at all for that matter. I’m not arguing that The Avengers would have been better with a few more fucks given. All I’m saying is that Logan changes things, and the rest of the genre needs to take notice and adapt.

I expect words like “raw” and “gritty” will be thrown around a lot in discussing Logan. I’m hesitant to use that vernacular because it’s the same language people use to describe The Dark Knight, and the two really aren’t that comparable. They both step outside the box of contemporary comic book movies, but where The Dark Knight is a thriller, Logan is a western, and therein lies the difference that makes Hugh Jackman’s final outing so important.

In the modern Hollywood superhero archetype, the greater message to the audience is apparent to the characters. Superman is a symbol of justice and goodness, and he understands that just as well as we do. In The Dark Knight, Batman represents the basic human struggle between morality and chaos that thematically pervades throughout the whole film. Both forces are at work in Bruce Wayne, and The Joker and Two Face bring that inner conflict into the spotlight. And Batman gets this. He understands he’s a symbol in some broader thematic picture.

In a western, Batman doesn’t get it. We get it, and therefore we have certain expectations about how Batman is supposed to act and how the plot is supposed to go. Batman doesn’t see the deeper significance of his circumstances, so his actions don’t match our expectations. He doesn’t stop to consider what he’s supposed to do in a narrative sense.

The Dark Knight is clean. Maybe that’s controversial, but it shouldn’t be. Yes, Rachel dies. Yes, Harvey Dent succumbs to The Joker’s twisted social experiment, and yes, Batman takes the fall when he shouldn’t have to. But that all makes sense. It fulfills the thematic ends we anticipated when we bought our tickets. We understand what Batman and Joker represent, and we’d be shocked if the movie ended happy. In the end, we get what we paid for. It’s clean. It satisfies.

Logan does not satisfy. It isn’t clean because no part of it understands the rules it’s supposed to follow. Professor X insists on being crass, pathetic and generally wrong about everything, despite our presumption that he’s meant to be kind, strong and wise. Characters die in the middle of fights, dazed and confused with no forewarning, no tidy arc or epiphany and no greater thematic significance. And when they’re buried, Logan offers no words to explain why. It doesn’t resolve the major plot points revealed in the film’s third act. It refuses to give us the explanations we demand. Hell, the whole crux of the plot is that Wolverine’s powers have stopped functioning properly. He doesn’t work the way he’s supposed to.

I also expect Logan will see a lot of comparisons to last year’s Deadpool. After all, the two films mark the first two consecutive steps in Fox’s ongoing experiment in R-rated superhero movies. The difference is that Deadpool puts a filter on the established tropes of the genre, while Logan takes a filter off.

At no point while watching Ryan Reynolds bloodily slice up extras and spout crude one-liners did I see Deadpool as some new norm. It doesn’t feel natural, it feels off. In a good way mind you, but off nonetheless.  Logan, on the other hand, makes everything else feel off. Suddenly, every prior film Fox, DC and Disney have ever put out in the genre looks fake. Where’s the ugliness? Where’s the pain? I’m not asking Chris Hemsworth to start decapitating people in Thor: Ragnarok, but looking back now I can’t help notice all the lines, all the actions, all the moments that felt stiff and unnatural. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been primed and focus-tested, there’s no revelation there. The Hollywood blood was visibly coursing right beneath the skin, and everyone accepted it. But now Logan has cut an adamantium gash and the Hollywood is spilling out, impossible to ignore anymore.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine holds a pedigree as old as the contemporary superhero film. Tobey Maguire’s masked debut in Spiderman made such a huge splash upon release in 2002 that lots of people forget it was preceded two years by the original X-Men. Long before Robert Downey Jr. became an idol for American children, Hugh Jackman and Wolverine laid the early groundwork that would become modern comic book blockbusters as we know them. The X-Men franchise built the foundation for the genre’s multibillion-dollar card tower, and in one breath James Mangold blew the whole thing down and showed us all what a façade it was.

Up until now, superhero flicks have been Hollywood’s Top 40 pop hits. Sure Batman might switch into a minor key and Deadpool slapped a parental advisory label on the cover, but they still played on the same stations. Logan composes in a whole different time signature. It’s new and different and feels unnatural, and it can’t be ignored.

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite fics that youve ever read in any fandom? like your number one FAVE fic from every ship you have :D

OHHH fun stuff. but like… choosing ONE FIC? that is so hard. some of them… call for 2 ;)

fandoms are in no specific order:

Faberry -

I’ll Be by stix04

Can Quinn pretend to be in love with Rachel just to get out of Lima? Can Rachel pretend to love Quinn so she’s not so lonely in New York? And what happens when both girls realize they’re no longer pretending?

or America, She’s Beautiful by K’schoiceofAFI

AU. She walked in with long curly blonde hair, hands clasped behind her back, and a red smile, and all Rachel wanted to know was why large, burly men were following her everywhere. / She walked in to find an ordinary brunette to strike up an argument with, and all Quinn cared about was that Rachel hadn’t the slightest clue who she was.

Sanvers -

The Lighthouse Technique by InspectorBoxer

Kara grinned. “I already have a plan. A foolproof technique, in fact, to get Maggie Sawyer’s full attention.”

or Worth the Fight by zennie

After the kiss, Alex and Maggie struggle to get back to friendship and maybe more.

Also, Maggie is targeted by assassins and Alex is protective.

General danvers -

Between the Lines by anonymississipi

The letters come without warning. It’s a weird, formal vernacular, but it seems sincere. Hank is going to kill her if he ever finds out she’s responded. Kara will kill her, then apologize for killing her, and then treat any of the wounds she’s inflicted in the killing.

Really, the last thing Alex Danvers needs is an alien pen-pal, especially one who’s working for the enemy. But Alex writes, and she reads, and falls deeply into something that she just can’t seem to capture with paper and pen alone.

Cartinelli -

the mothering of us by quickyoke and ratherembarrassing

The Black and White Ball was a masquerade ball held on November 28, 1966 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Hosted by author Truman Capote, the ball was in honor of The Washington Post publisher, Katharine Graham. – Director Carter attends.

Sansaery -

we court our own captivity (but that wasn’t finished…) by heart_nouveau

 Promises meant nothing; they were little more than pretty words, and Sansa had heard enough of them to last her a lifetime. But the way that Margaery spoke, with that strange fierceness in her voice—for a moment, Sansa could almost believe her.

Margaery and Sansa, together over the length of A Storm Of Swords.

or the Keep the Bouquet series by netgirl_y2k

The Lannisters meant it as an insult when they arranged the marriage of Sansa Stark to Margaery Tyrell.

But is it truly an insult if nobody is insulted?

Hollstein -

Fool’s Gold by whatsthedamage (never finished)

Carmilla HSAU, or the one with GSA co-captains LaFontaine and Perry, puppy quarterback Kirsch, track team captain Danny, broody teenager Carmilla and Laura who is about to find out she is not as heterosexual as she thought.

or Meet Me Halfway To Your Heart by ariadnerue

The media had always assumed they were dating anyway.   What big difference was it if they had to pretend to be engaged for a couple months?

a.k.a. The Second-Hand Famous Fake Engagement AU no one asked for.

Root and Shaw -

the domestic hell series by enginerd

The machine has a funny sense of humor when it gives the team a new set of ID’s.  Suddenly Root and Shaw are married in the New York suburbs playing house.  What happens when the machine puts you in a house that was the block Halloween Party house for years?  

OR: Root and Shaw are in suburbia throwing a Halloween party. God help them.

or Kismet and Other Movements by aelysian

 She can’t see her without craning her neck, but she can picture the mischievous gleam in brown eyes, the sharp cuspids that add bite to the flirty smile.

 “Are we playing, Sameen?  You haven’t told me what the rules are.”

Soulmate AU.

Bechloe -

Experimentation by redlance

So, about that one little regret…

or You Still Make Sense To Me (your mess is mine) by wherehopelies

“Chloe fills up all of the spaces inside her that she didn’t even know existed until Chloe was there.”

orrrrr the one where it takes a fake-engagement and being domestic as hell for these two idiots to realize they’re in love. Set two years after PP2 and mostly canon compliant. Title taken from Vance Joy’s “Mess is Mine”

Swan Queen -

Send Up a Signal (that everything’s fine) by coalitiongirl

Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. Regina Mills is a long-undermined star with a chip on her shoulder and a thousand reasons why she’s invested. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight.

Their characters’ fanbases, however, have other ideas.

Cophine -

3:24:21 by jaybear1701

Ph.D. fellow Cosima Niehaus finds that getting closer to her crush, DYAD physicist Delphine Cormier, can be a tad bit difficult when the day keeps repeating. An OB/Cophine timeloop AU based on the 1993 made-for-television film, 12:01.


honestly, i feel like i’m forgetting fandoms that i’ve read for, but i think these are by biggest ones!

lmao like half of these stories are like fake-married/dating aus… truly i didn’t even realize until i wrote it out

“I Saw the Signs” - Kurt/Blaine

anon asked: “ Can you write a little something-something post 3x05 where Santana or someone can tell Kurt and Blaine had sex and is totally loving embarrassing them about it xD“

excellent prompt but Santana is not embarrassing enough

how about 1400 words of post-”The First Time” Hudmel family shenanigans :P

read on AO3

Burt sits at the kitchen table, flipping through the morning paper. There’s already a review of McKinley’s production of West Side Story in the arts section. Admittedly, Burt would normally pull this area out of the paper without reading it and set it aside for Kurt, but on this particular morning, there’s a big, grainy picture of Blaine and Rachel at the top of the column. The columnist gushes relentlessly about the perfect casting, particularly spotlighting the “incredibly talented” romantic leads and musing about their possible real-life connection. Burt can’t help but feel a swell of pride, here; Rachel and Blaine are family, and watching them already doing well in their chosen field is a real treat.

He muses, just for a moment, with a wistful little grin on his face, that those two will be legal family someday, if his sons get their way.

Burt looks up at the sound of soft footsteps padding down the stairs. It’s Kurt, looking a bit more disheveled than Burt’s used to seeing him in the mornings; his hair is a mess, and instead of his usual muted pajamas, he’s in a bright red Dalton Athletics t-shirt that’s pretty snug on him.


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Broke My Bones Playing Games With You

Dick Grayson strolled into the Blüdhaven Police Department with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. It had been a good night. “Morning, Boss!” He called cheerfully to the Chief as he passed by his office on his way to his desk. He received an angry sounding grunt in return, and paused.

“Everything ok? Did someone call about the Wilson case?” Dick asked, concerned. Redhorn grunted again. The Slade Wilson case had been a huge coup for their department- it wasn’t every day that the police got something on the right hand of the mob boss Trigon.

“Worse. The Ice Queen was in here first thing this morning.” Chief Redhorn snarled. “Wilson’s out on bail and it’s sounding like they’re gonna settle out of court, if any charges stick at all.”

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Avoiding the Apocalypse pt 13: In Captivity

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: signs of struggling, sad reader, coercion, mention of masturbation, mention of electro-shock therapy, just really dark stuff guys. 

Word Count: 1.4k

Heads Up: @missallpony1234 @thecynicalnerd @heismyhunter @waywardimpalawriter @misspadfoot02 @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @kindnesswins @rachelle-on-the-run @i-had-a-life-once @lilasiannerd @transdadlovesyou @aenna-4 @bucky-bear-barnes @amrita31199 @shamvictoria11 @livforthegames @crazyfangirlk @thelostpieceofpizza @anotherotter @caitsymichelle13 @marvel-fanfiction @maxinemauricio @sammysgirl1997 @capandbuck @edward-lover18 @calicokitkat @do-you-mind-if-i-slytherin1 @demoncrypt1066 @midtownsciencenerd @sabreinii @elysiannostalgia @film-it-fuck-it-live-it–abigail @fairysquaddmother @acid-bubble-rain @the-witching-hours12-3 @cleohalestilinski @hollycornish @blackcoffeeandgreenteaforme @ideallywinter @fuckmewintertucker @nerdyowlbookfreak @debzybrazy @melconnor2007 @seargantbcky

The next few days, Jamie visited you and brought you food. She didn’t say much and refused to listen to your pleas. She only told you that she was getting closer and closer to finding out where the safe house was. Oddly enough, she never interrogated you on the whereabouts of your teammates. Weeks passed…or at least it felt like weeks…you never really knew because all you did was stay inside your room. You wanted to break out but you couldn’t do anything. Your hands were literally tied. In fact, you started to feel numb. You sat on the edge of your bed and stared at the olive green wall opposite from you. Suddenly you heard the door open. You looked to see that Jamie had entered and a group of HYDRA agents followed.

“I brought you some food,” she explained. The men placed a table on the opposite side of your bed and soon chairs were added. A hot plate was then placed on top of the table.

“I’d love to eat, but my hands seem to be tied,” you snarked.

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The Hat

Hello lovely emus fellows! I actually am a newbie here and this is my first attempt to write a fanfic as well but I just wanna give myself a challenge.

I’m so dull at writing so I know this fic is far from perfect moreover English is not my mother language so bear with me please 😂

I just hope the readers can enjoy this fic and I would be definitely happy to receive any comments or if there’s anyone who wants to fill the gaps that this fic holds but please tagging me within your post because I also wanna know how far this fic can go 😁

I’m not confident enough to tag anyone else but @mmfdfanfic and @madfatty so enjoy!!!! xoxo

PS: this is an AU but I try to keep the mmfd atmosphere attached.

“Bye”, said Rae to her friend, Chloe.
“See ya soon, yeah”, Rae nodded and smile.

Outside Chloe’s flat, Rae immediately pointed to the nearest bus shelter due to she wanted to arrive at the Manchester Piccadilly railway station 30 minutes earlier before her schedule. She didn’t understand but her mood was so fine that day and she feeling pleasant on this.



“Rae, you have to see this. The fit and charming rising star from Manchester”, Chloe was scanning the article on the magazine, laid on her stomach. “He also has a good heart, he‘s done a number of charities and always try delivering such a deep message to the audiences behind every characters he’s nailed playing.”

No response, Rae focused on the music she was listening to and jotted down some points.
“God, Rae!!”, Chloe threw a fluffy cushion.
“Read this”, Chloe sat up and handed the magazine to Rae.


“Oh, it’s freezing”, Rae tightened her coat and made her hat into right position.

Rae walked down the street while looking around then stumbled upon a big TV screen playing an advertising of a brand new series program, showing Finn.

“Oh, there he is”, Rae smile’s interrupted by the screaming up ahead of her.

“What’s going on there”, she questioned inside her heart.

“Oh, he has ability of being teleported then”, when she reached the crowd. Rae shook her head from her own silliness.

“Excuse me, would you mind giving me a sign?”, Rae had waited until all of his fans already left. She smiled and showing nervous.

“No, of course not”, he decorated his face with sincere smile.
“Umm, here”, Rae gave her drawing notebook.

Finn signed her book and then, “For…?”

“Mmm, it is for my friend actually, her name is Chloe. She is very fond of you and I bet she will be overjoyed having this. There’s a chance she will be showing it off all around the city”, Rae chuckled.

Finn giggled, “And yours?”
“Your name?”
“Oh! My name is Rachel, Rae’s fine”, Rae offered her hand.
“Finn, it’s very nice to meet you Rae”, still with his bashful smile.
“Want to have a picture together?”, Finn asked.
Rae startled, “Oh sure, this one will make Chloe very jealous”, Rae happy with her imagination.
They got some wefies using Rae’s phone cam.

“They turn out excellent”, Finn saw the photos while Rae swiping the screen to the right, but her thumb not purposely got one more swipe. It was a photo which Rae stands in front of her Uni front gate.

“So, you are Leeds University student then?”
“Ah yeaaah. Still struggling to earn my master’s degree I am”, she shrugged.
“That’s awesome! What course do you take?”
“Applied Psychology of Music”
“It is…”, Rae dragged her eyes to side and she saw her bus was coming from afar.

“Well, I’ve to go. I’m so happy meeting you Finn, you are really a nice person. Wish u all good luck for your future projects”, Rae smiled so honest.

“Tagging me the photos on your Instagram, will you?”, Finn said quickly .
“Oh, sure. Bye, Finn!”
“Bye, Rae”, Finn smiled and feeling reluctant to see her turning away.


There was a hard wind blow. So hard, until it made Rae’s hat blown away.
“Ah! My hat!”, the hat still flying away from her and out of her reach.
“The one that got away. Naughty, naughty wind”, gave up on her hat.
Rae continued her walks, faster in order to keep pace with the bus.


There was a sound from behind her. Rae turned around her body and saw an old lady with her stuff being spilled on the ground.
The bus was coming nearer yet Rae ran directly towards the old lady and helped her.
“Are you okay, mam?”
“Ya, i’m okay dear. I’m just feeling a bit dizzy, maybe because of the weather”
“Let me help you mam”, Rae started gathering the stuffs.
“Do you want me to get you something? A hot cup of tea maybe?”
“Oh, there’s no need love, I’m so thankful for your helping”
“Don’t mention it, mam”
After checking her okay all over again, Rae made her goodbye.
“OH MY GOD!”, “Sir, can you wait for a second!”, Rae was running hard to catch her bus which already stopped by the shelter.
“Thank you very much Sir! You are a hero!”, she gave him a salutation.
Rae proceeded to have a seat near the window. “My hat…”, she pouted.
And there was someone out there, holding her hat, smiling. “What a girl”.


Arrived in Leeds, Rae directly went to her flat. After having a moment to rest, she started cleaning up the room then got a hot shower.
“Chloe, you must be surprised with what I’m gonna tell you”
“What is it?”
“Can u guess?”
“You are being freed from your Thesis”
“Damn, Chloe. I pray so hard it will come true, yeah”
Chole giggled, “Then what is it?”
Rae sent Chloe the wefies also the photo of his sign addressed to Chloe.


Two days later

“Rae, doesn’t it look like your hat?”, Chloe sent her a chat with a photo showing a pic of her lost hat.
“Yeah I guess but I lost it two days ago. From where you got this pic, Chlo?”
“On his IG! Posted yesterday”
“Well, I’m not sure if it’s mine or nah”
“Sent him a DM or just giving a comment, Rae. I have a feeling that it is absolutely yours”
“Keeeey”, rolled her eyes


“F..I..N..N.. N..E..L, there it is!” Rae found his IG then directly pointed to the photo of a hat.
Rae trailed her eyes to read the caption, and there was only 😊 written. Rae proceeded to send him a DM. “Hello, good afternoon, excuse me. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you but i just wanna know if the hat on your feed is mine?”, Rae sighed because of the doubt whether that was right thing or not she had done.
“Stupid Rae, you didn’t even mention who you are!”, Rae cursed herself then back to her hand phone to send another message.
“Ahya, this is me who…”, Rae didn’t get to complete her message when her phone got
“Afternoon, if you are the girl whom I met 2 days ago, so yes it’s absolutely yours, and I can tell you are the girl. 😉”
Rae didn’t expect to get replied this soon also she hadn’t yet given him her identity.
“Yea it’s me”, Rae bit her lower lip.
“It flew to me, Rae. I can give it back to you.”
“Oh, that’s very kind of you, thanks. I’m not living in Manchester anyway, but I can ask my friend to get it from you, yeah?”
“The one that you asked for my sign on her behalf?”
“She is 😀”
“Well, she can meet me tomorrow at Hard Rock Cafe around 2 p.m.”
“Perfect, I need to tell her first yeah and I will give you the confirmation later”
“Ok, Rae 😉”
“Thank you, thank you so much and I’m so sorry I can’t take it by myself… Finn”
“Don’t mention it Rae, it’s okay. It’s my pleasure”
“Yeaah, it will be absolutely your pleasure since you will meet a pretty girl, Finn”,inside her mind.
“It’s my pleasure to give the beautiful hat back to its beautiful owner. Hope one day I can meet you again, Rae. 😃”
Rae dumbfounded, she couldn’t get herself back after this suddenly nice saying she got.


“Chlooooo, please???”
Chloe finally released her laughter after several minutes Rae had begged her favour to take her hat, “Calm Rae, of course I will, I just teased you”
“Best mate I’ve ever had, you Chloe”
“The feeling’s mutual Rae”
Rae giggled, “Right Chlo right, ta so much babe”
Chloe sent Rae a photo of her and Finn with Finn’s arm looped around her shoulder and she wore Rae’s hat. “I got it right, babe. How do I look like? 😜”
“Absolutely gorgeous there you both 😍”
“He is Rae!!! And he is definitely a nice person! You are so lucky, Rae!”
“What do you mean?”
“I think he is interested to you, he even asked me your number”
“No way! You didn’t give it to him, rit?”
“I’m sorry Rae, I did the whole opposite thing. I gave him also had a lil chat about you”
Rae once again dumbfounded.


A day later

“Hi Rae, it’s me Finn. Got your number from Chloe, hope u don’t mind”. Rae got a message from a number she didn’t recognise.
“Oh, hiya Finn. No, of course not. So, is there anything I can help you?”
“Are you busy, Rae?”
“Nah, just got home from campus. Why?”
Then just in a matter of seconds, her phone rang.
“Hello, Rae umm, umm it’s me Finn. Afternoon…”, Rae thought she heard a sound like a heavy breath had been released at the other end.
“Afternoon, Finn. So….?”, she held her words due to her confusion.
“I just, I… just, just wanna hear your voice… Rae”, he sounded apprehensive.
“Hahaha my voice is not really that good, Finn”, Rae found it was very cute, she never knew that a bloke who looks so fine could be this nervous just to talk to her and wanting to hear her voice.
Rae attempted to melt the situation by asking him how he was doing then it eventually reached to friendly little chats.


Rae and Finn had managed their communication through several weeks. She had opened up to him about her activities and how she does her daily routines. Not entirely yet this is the furthest range she can put her trust on someone else besides her family and Chloe. On the other side, Finn often tells Rae about his projects and how sometimes he feels frustrated with his overcrowded schedule. There were a lot of books, songs, movies, inspiring people that they had been discussing. Music is definitely their favourite thing to ramble about, always ended with the conclusion that OASIS still at the top number of their own chart.
“I finally get days off Rae, thank God!”, exclaimed Finn at the other wire.
“I’m so jell!!!! But you really deserve it Finn!”
“Yeaaaaah, I’m so grateful. After almost a year I didn’t really have a real holiday”
“You are so dedicated Finn”, Rae said sincerely.
“Thanks Rae. For always being there patiently hearing me complaining and stressing this out. Thank you for all your hearten words that given me energy to bounce myself back”
“I’m nearly shed my tears Finn hahaha. I just try to be a nice person Finn. You, you are the one and only person who made it. So, what are you gonna do with this precious holiday?”
“There are several places I have a long waited to visit, actually. Yeah, beach, forest, and another calm ones to refresh my body and soul”, Finn paused, “How about your thesis Rae?”
“Oh, it’s nearly done Finn. I just need to make it more comprehensive by adding some number of research sources before meeting the professor to get his final revision. I hope I can make it on time and submit my thesis this term, Finn. Wish me luck yeah”
“God speed Rae. I’m so proud of you”
“The words back to you, Finn”
They both smiled with warm feeling filling up their hearts.


Three weeks later

“So, how’s the holiday going?”
“Splendid, loved it. I still have a week by the way and I plan to go to Leeds…”
“I really am happy that you’re gonna be here, but I’m afraid I can’t keep you company because I need to deal with my thesis for next three days. The deadline will come within five days Finn”
“Who said I go to Leeds to meeting you”, Finn teased her.
“Oh, I guess…”
“Hahaha I’m kidding Rae, well there are another person I wanna meet actually. Archie, Chop, Izzy, they are my best mates and my uncle. But at the top of that, it is 100% you are the person I want to meet so badly”
“I’m afraid I will let you down from the first second you seeing me because I’m not in the best condition, you know, I look more miserable during this stressful week”
“You won’t Rae”
“So when will you get to here?”
“I don’t know, haven’t decided yet”
“Just keep me informed yeah, I will do my best to welcome you besides it’s really an honour for me to greet a famous actor”
“Don’t start, Rae hahaha”
And Finn took off to Leeds the next day. Without Rae’s knowing.


Finn arrived in Leeds with his uncle picking him up. He thought it would have to be much fun if there’s also Rae greeting him, but he had another plan.
Finn had met Archie, Chop and Izzy the day he arrived. His three best mates had moved to Leeds and built their career there after graduating from college. They shared each other story in how dealing with life and stuffs and Finn told them about the incidental “hat” event and the girl who had captured his heart by then, Rae.

The next day, Finn just had strolling around the town accompanied by Archie and having quality time with his uncle and aunt for the rest of the day.

Finn went to Leeds University at the third day. He immediately proceeded to Rae’s faculty. He meant to give her a surprise. Not long enough time of waiting he saw a figure from afar. He only met her once barely 3 months ago, but it feels like he doesn’t have a problem to recognise her and he misses her so much.
He still watched her from the distance, enjoying the scene played before his eyes. Her graceful walks and beautiful aura mesmerised him.
“Where are you?”, Finn finally got himself together and directly making a call.
“Speak of the devil, Finn! I’m about to call you. I have submitted my thesis earlier so I guess I can give you a welcome greeting”, she still didn’t have a clue that Finn had arrived.
“Well, I want you… To give me your warm greeting right now”
“What do you mean?”
“Just look to the left Rae”
Rae hesitantly turned her whole body to the left and she couldn’t hold herself from excitement.
“No way!!!”, she exaggerated then she took long strides and without her realisation she had hugged him. Finn was taken aback for awhile by her action but immediately not throwing the chance away to reciprocate and wrote two letters “H-I” on her back.
The seconds she realised about what she’d done, she shortly released her arms and muttered apologise to him. “Oh hi, hi Finn! I’m, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just, I just…”, her voice dropped, she couldn’t find words account for her former action.
“No, it’s okay Rae, really”, he grinned ear to ear, couldn’t help his overflowing happiness. “So, how is it going?”
“It’s ups and downs, you know”, she shrugged. “But I succeeded submitting my thesis before the deadline, Finn!”, she shook her head and grinned widely.
“I know you will make it, Rae. I’m happy for you”, Finn wasted no time to give her a kiss on the cheek. Her cheeks forming the blush, she felt the warmness around her face.
“What’s your plan for today?”, he asked.
“I have several things to get done, you know, administration stuff and I need to return the books
I’ve borrowed from the library”
“Okay, I will wait for you around here yeah, and… are you fancy having a lunch with me girl?”,he slightly turned his head down and scratched his left ear.
“No, I mean, yes! But I’m afraid this campus thing will take up a lot of time and I can’t make it before the lunch also… I gotta go to somewhere after that, so how about tomorrow?”
“Perfect! Speaking about that, to where are you gonna go after Rae?”
“Oh, this is kinda voluntary activity, Finn”, she hesitantly continued her words, “I’ll go to the old and orphaned house. I have been missing it for awhile during my work on thesis”
“Can I come with you Rae?”
She blinked her eyes fast, feeling doubt about what she had heard. “Are you really?”
“It’s lovely Finn”, she couldn’t count exactly how many times her heart was awed by this kind-hearted man.


They barely had their proper lunch, just bought to-go burrito then proceeded to the place she had mentioned. Rae and Finn arrived at the front door of the shelter. She knew that Finn feeling nervous. “Ready?”, she asked and grabbed his hand. Finn just turned his head to the right, filling the each gaps on her hand by his fingers and smiled.
There was one room filled with the children and old people accompanied by a number of shelter officials. The moment Rae opened the door, there was one loudly shout came from a child’s mouth, “RAE’S BACK!!”, followed with the cheers from the others. Finn turned his eyes to Rae’s face. She expressed contentment and her eyes covered with little tears.
She walked through the room, the children started running towards her and forming a big group hug. “We’ve missed you, Rae!”
“I’ve missed you too my dear lil sweethearts!”, she kneeled to their eye level.
After done with the hugging she was back to Finn and introduced him. Rae continued forming a circle with the children, she’d already grabbed a story book and about doing the story telling, it was ended by them eddying within a cheerful dance. Finn himself didn’t need a long time to get along with the children. He even had several chit-chats with the old. Rae knows he has a pure heart and this thing accentuates his charm.

They spent around two hours there and it came the time for them to say goodbye. Finn and Rae gave each of them hug, till they reached to one little girl, “I love you Rae!”. Those words affected Finn’s heart, it put him into a struck dumb.
“Earth to Finn, earth to Finn!”, Rae waved her hand in front of his face. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay”
Rae smiled, she turned her body back to the child, “I love you more darling, and I promise I will come again on the next chance yeah”.

That day, Rae was knackered yet felt so content.


Rae and Finn had arranged for having a lunch around twelve o’clock. He promised to collect her at her flat. She wore a long sleeve blouse in turquoise pastel colour, perfected with dark wash blue jeans and her high-cut blue canvas Chuck Taylors. The turquoise colour let her light skin shine brighter. “You are so beautiful today, Rae”, said Finn out of the blue while walking towards the restaurant they agreed to go. “You also look handsome Finn, everyday”, Rae smiled and chuckled.

The lunch ran smoothly, they had chats about everything they had missed. Finn also said thanks for having him at the volunteer activity yesterday. He had a good time and he told her about missing his Nan. It was an excruciating lost for him. Reminiscing the times how she treated him with her tender heart, she had long gone but not forgotten. It ended with Rae trying to comfort him.
They continued to spend the day together. They visited some music and book stores also went to the cinema. The night had come down with they had no notice and Finn walked Rae home.

“Thanks for today Finn”, “Thanks for today Rae”, they said coincidentally. They both chuckled and let their head down shyly.
“Thanks for accompanying me yeah, I was having great times”
“It’s been my pleasure Finn, really. So, when will your train depart tomorrow?”
“It’s scheduled at 3 p.m., my uncle will get me to the station”
“I will miss you so much, Finn…”, her voice slowly turned into a whisper as her eyes trailed down starring into the floor.
Finn couldn’t contain his feelings any more. He embraced Rae into a hug. Rae’s body was stiff for awhile until she finally melted in Finn’s arms and Finn tightened his grip. After a moment passed, Finn reluctantly broke the hug. He accumulated the energy to be courage and shook off the nervous feeling. He started to move his hand to her face, caressing her left cheek with his palm. Her face became reddened so she ducked her head far down. Finn trailed his fingers down her jaw line and with his thumb and forefinger he slowly brought up her face and glued his eyes at hers, searching for the bravery.
The night was so calm and quiet. He bet she could hear his rock rhythm heartbeat. “Rae”, he spoke with huskier tone. “Yeah”, there was a sigh along her answer. The tension became thicker. “Ummm, umm..maybe it is too soon but…”. “But?”, she tilted her head slightly. As much as he was inclined to lunge his body so he could capture her plump lips, he tried to hold his eagerness. “I find this is so comforting to be around you and I enjoy it so much. I, I, can’t stop thinking about you, Rae. You are a very kind person, you are pretty and so beautiful, your soul, your attitude, your every little thing. You are so lovable, Rae. I like you, so much it hurts”, he was struggling with the words trying to utter his feeling. He hoped she would understand and believe him.

Rae just stood still but her eyes showed a warm reflection. Done with his ramble, “I’m sorry I’m no good at words Rae”. She just shook her head and smiled, so, so, tenderly. “Can I kiss you Rae?”. She nodded slowly. Finn swallowed his saliva as well as his nervous, started leaning his body and locked his sight to her lips. When the gap between their faces became narrower, he paused and raised his eyebrows, once again he looked up at her behind his fringe and she bit her bottom lip. At the millimetre from her face, he felt warm breath began brushing his face. There, with one slowly little movement he finally put his lips at hers and their eyes closed.
Her lips were far more delicious than he had imagined. He first kissed her lips very mildly, until she was relaxed and he dared to cup her left cheek. His thumb was stroking her cheek as well as his forefinger trailing up and down along the auricle of her ear. He could feel her hand crawling slowly into his chest and tugged his shirt material. His other hand trailed down to her lower back then he looped her waist, pushed her body much closer to his. Rae brought her still free hand to the back of his neck and she initiated the kiss to be reciprocal. It became heated as Finn dragged his tongue along her lower lip. She felt butterflies lurched inside her stomach, made her moaning into the kiss and opened up her mouth. Finn took this opportunity to lunge his tongue inside her mouth and played with hers. Their tongues danced in melodious movement. After several minutes they finally broke the kiss caused of lack of oxygen they suffered. Finn opened up his eyes first and had a chance to see Rae still closed her eyes adorned with her struggling to catch her breath. Satisfied with what he had done affected her this much, he captured her head with his both hands and gave her some more passionate kisses. Rae slowly opened up her eyes, this was a very brand new feeling she ever experienced. “Hi girl”, Finn smiled, “So what now?”. Rae returned his smile and shyly nodded.


Finn had taken his train back to Manchester. That night, they successfully had made a pact to maintain their communication regardless the distance and situations they need to cope.


Three months later

“So, my graduation day will be held on Friday next week. As keen as I want your presence Finn, I understand your bustling schedule”, Finn still caught a hint of disappointment in her voice.
“I am so sorry Rae, I’ll try as best as I can yeah. Listen, if there’s anything I can do, you need to trust me, I will Rae”. She put an angelic smile on her face and blew a kiss bye through her front phone cam.
Finn promised to himself that as long as he breathes, he will make her keeping that smile.


Graduation day

“Congraduations Rae!!! I’m a proud best mate!”, Chloe hugged her and gave her a hard kiss on the cheek. She had been waiting for Rae at the garden outside the hall.
“Thanks Chlo! Thank you for always being with me through good and bad times, babe. Thank you for not giving up on me, yeah”, her eyes got little teary. “Ah, this is the precious signature I have promised you!”, Rae handed Chloe her drawing notebook.
“Thanks babe! It’s a pity he is unable to attend your valuable moment Rae”
“Yeah, honestly I kinda feel a bit disappointed but I understand really. It’s no big deal. By the way where’s my hat?”, she stretch out her hand to Chloe.
“Ah! That legendary hat! About that…. There! There is your hat!”, Chloe exclaimed excitedly. She pointed over Rae’s shoulder.
Rae turned around her whole body and shocked by what she saw. There were Finn coming along with Archie, Chop, Izzy also Linda, Karim and her little sister.
“So, it’s a surprise then! Chlo!”, Rae turned her head to Chloe on the back. Chloe just shrugged and rolled her eyes.
Rae walked towards her mum, Karim, and her little sissy. She uttered her thankyous and grateful then gave each of them big hugs. Archie, Chop and Izzy approached Rae to introduce about themselves and congratulated her.
“It’s about time! Finn had talked much about you guys and I’m so glad to finally meeting you all in person. Thank you very much for your times I mean it, but, did Finn threaten you guys to come?”, Rae stern her voice. Their expressions became tightened. “I’m joking!”, Rae laughed heartily. They four dissolved into laughter.
It was Finn’s turn to face Rae. He seemed a bit unnerving but remained steady nonetheless. “What? What a dickhead you are!”, teased Rae impatiently. “So this is what I get from my girlfriend after a long tiring trip to here?”. Rae shook her head and put her lips at his briefly, they both smiled into the kiss.
There were her hat, a drawing notebook along with the marker, and a hand bouquet flower in Finn’s hands. “Congratulations, m’dear”, he said as he handed her the stuff.
“Thanks Fi-“, Rae hadn’t yet finished her words as Finn suddenly knelt down.
“What the hell are you doing?”, she said in whisper tone yet sternly. “Get yourself up Finn”. She was confused and felt a bit anxious since there were a lot of people surrounded. But Finn kept his posture. His hand proceeded into his trousers pocket. In no time, there was a jewellery box with a shiny ring embedded in its black velvet cushion.
“Rae, I might be a dickhead you reckon, but, this particular dickhead can’t think how his life’s gonna be without you”, he paused to take a gulp, “Here, I’m Finn Nelson kneeling before Rachel Earl, propose you to be my company for the rest of my life. If you accept my proposal, please write yes and wear your hat, and simply write no if you don’t”.

Rae took time to process what just happened, she walked back a few steps then she turned around her body. After a moment, she turned back her body, facing Finn again. “Get up Finn”, she begged him. Finn followed her instruction.
She started opening the notebook and showing Finn the first page. It’d been written ‘I can’t’. She paused to absorb his reaction. His shoulders slumped and his eyes reflected the sadness.

But Rae wasn’t finished yet.

She turned another page.
‘I can’t say no’
And another page,
‘So, it’s a YES’
And the last page,
‘Thousand times YESES’

Finn’s gloomy demeanour sharply diminished. His beam elevated as Rae turned the pages and it reached its peak when Rae wore her hat.

They both walked approaching each other and meeting at the half way. Rae took him to her embrace and dipped her face into his shoulder. Holding her tears, she said, “Let’s be dickheads together”.

-The end-

ruskinino  asked:

Hey JJ, I was wondering what is your opinion on Klaine and the relationship between them and Brittana. Also I have a friend whose really obsessed with you and your blog and she reads it religiously so that must mean that your stuff is good ;) hope your day is going well :)))

Hey, @ruskinino​!

First off, thank you for the sweet message. Sorry it has taken me so long to post a reply.

Second, in response to your question:

While both TPTB at Glee and fanon might like to imagine a close and straightforwardly friendly bond between Brittana and Klaine, I think that, in reality, things are much more complicated, and, unfortunately, less positive. 

The two couples don’t hate each other, but there is certainly a degree of caution in the way they interact, with both sides having been burned in the past.

We can break the issues down after the cut.

WARNING: I am writing this response as a fan of Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez and a Brittana shipper. Though my intention isn’t to bash Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, or Klaine, there are elements of my analysis that are critical of their behavior and which discuss some negative views which I believe that Brittany and Santana hold towards them. If you ship Klaine, proceed cautiously. What follows probably won’t be your cup of tea.   

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5x09 Rant

ugh. i was sooooo disappointed with this episode that i just had to get a few things off my chest. feel free to chime in anywhere–i’m curious to see how everyone else felt about this episode. here are just a few points i had issues with:

lack of clones. here’s an idea: instead of having art and scott and hellwizard fight the final battle with sarah, maybe—i don’t know—have the clones do the fighting? i’m all for supporting characters, but it’s the SECOND TO LAST EPISODE OF THE SERIES and aside from sarah and helena (and a little bit of rachel), the rest of the sestras are pretty much nonentities. instead of having scott, art, and hellwizard literally walk into the belly of the beast with zero resistance (don’t even get me started), have the sestras there instead. some may say, “but what are alison and cosima supposed to do?” well, now that neolution has been exposed and dyad is being swarmed by reporters and whatnot, why not use that to their advantage? if alison and cosima and even rachel all showed up to the dyad building with the same face in a show of solidarity to start talking to reporters, to share their story about what’s happening to helena inside of dyad right now, wouldn’t that be far more damaging? to me, it would symbolize everything this series is supposed to be about—autonomy, family, all of that good stuff. i would much rather see them stand together as a family and expose themselves to the world on their own terms than have a couple dudes run aimlessly around dyad mission-impossible style.

picture it:

sarah sneaks into dyad to try to save helena. she gets pinned down, unable to escape. helena’s going into labour. they’re completely out of options. just as pt is closing in on them, someone pulls him aside. “sir, you should see this.” a television screen turns on. it’s cosima and alison (and maybe even rachel—i’d love to see rachel stand in solidarity with her sisters for the first time) on the news, standing in front of the dyad building, telling their story. they share that two of their sisters are currently trapped inside of dyad as neolution tries to rip helena’s babies away. they plead for help. krystal steps out of the crowd—she’s been watching everything with dyad unfold—and she joins her sisters on screen. art tells his police captain that it’s all true—they need to get to dyad now to save those women. they storm the building to save the twins, but pt is unwilling to go down without a fight. realizing he’s cornered, he tries to burn the whole goddamn lab down with him. flashback to kira’s “you set mom on fire.” there’s mass panic. we don’t know if sarah and helena are still alive. and then suddenly, through the fire, they walk out with the twins and rejoin their sisters.

helena. despite the fact that they re-casted young helena, i didn’t have a problem with the flashbacks per se. they were well done and this is a helena-centric episode, so it’s to be expected. however, my main issue is that the flashbacks didn’t really reveal much about helena that we didn’t already know. i think the helena-centric episode should have come much earlier in the season because honestly? it fell super flat to me. helena has essentially been absent for the last two seasons so we’ve got virtually no character development from her. and now—in the penultimate episode of the series—we finally see some sort of crack in her form? helena has always been excited about the prospect of motherhood, has never doubted herself before and suddenly, with a few nasty words from coady, she’s completely flipped around? she suddenly feels unworthy? she tries to kill herself? it’s ridiculous. i would not have had a problem with this storyline if it had come A SEASON AGO WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE. like, if we had seen helena struggle with the idea of motherhood and what that meant and whether she could be a good mother after everything she’s done all throughout season 4 and the first half of this season, then her decision to attempt suicide would have been far more impactful. helena started out as my favourite character in the series and now i could really care less about her because instead of exploring her guilt and vulnerability, they turned her into a comedy duo with donnie and then made her disappear when they didn’t know what else to do with her. this episode was the most soap opera-y the show has ever felt to me because they tried to cram two seasons of character development into 40 minutes. this is not something we should be seeing in the second-to-last episode of the series.

siobhan. i understand that there’s way too much shit going on for everyone to properly mourn siobhan’s death, but it still felt sort of… cheap? siobhan has been there since the beginning—has been the matriarch of the family—so i would think her death would have been more felt? that comes to another huge problem i had with this episode—a whole lot of bark and very little bite. it felt like we were being told shit rather than actually be shown it, which brings me to my next point:

exposition. for an episode that had so much going on, it felt like nothing really happened. i think this is because we were told most of the information and not shown anything; we’re told that sarah is distraught over siobhan’s death by multiple characters, but aside from a couple of minutes of her looking downtrodden, we don’t really see it—we’re not given time to see it; we’re told that neolution is completely unravelling now that they’re exposed, but again, we don’t really see the effects of this—we have some off-screen murder/suicides of the board members, some mentions of the press going crazy, but not much else. hell, even the whole idea of pt hiding out in the old dyad building is ridiculous. we get nothing but exposition; scott and cosima explain that the building has been closed down, so it would be a perfect hiding place for him. uhhhh… since when? there was absolutely no mention of this before? even if they had casually brought it up in a past episode, it would have made some sort of sense. instead we’re just presented with a problem and solution all at once. and on the same note, when they initially thought pt would take helena to the island and the response was “oh, he wouldn’t do that. it’s not safe for pt anymore now that revival has revolted and been destroyed.” uh, motherfuckers—they were just about to bring kira to the island two episodes ago even after revival had fallen and suddenly it’s unsafe? i get it—the writers needed a reason for pt to be in toronto so the sestras could have a final showdown—but shit. they could have tried a little harder here.

mark. i guess we were supposed to feel bad for mark. i get it—i actually liked mark—but he’s been gone for so long at this point that he’s hardly relevant anymore. they brought him back for all of three minutes and then cut him out again. his death was just sooooo rushed that it was impossible to feel anything. you’d miss it if you blinked. there was too much shit going on in this episode for it to really count.

coady. another character clusterfuck. they set coady up as sort of the ultimate evil—no conscience, willing to do whatever it took for the sake of progress—the opposite of susan. i understand that human beings are rarely so one-dimensional and that she’s probably not 100% evil, but they sprinkled this episode with little moments of doubt. first she advised against pt’s hasty treatment towards helena (wanting to cut the babies out), and then she voiced her anger over gracie’s death and her reluctance to euthanize mark. so i thought, “okay, are they going to try to flip her now? is she actually going to realize that she’s been pushing too far and that pt is a psychopath? does she actually feel something towards castor after all? is she going to see the error of her ways?” i mean, it’s a little late for that, but i guess it could sort of work. nope. she expresses her reluctance to euthanize mark and then goes “welp. guess i have no choice.” she’s seemingly sympathetic to helena in one breath and then in the next is all “welp. you’re still an animal, so fuck you.” i guess i just don’t understand where the writers were going with this? i thought maybe she’d turn sides and try to help helena, because why else would they show these little moments of coady’s doubt/resistance? yes, it would be a little predictable and cliche, but if she had no intention of shifting her allegiance, then why even waste time showing these moments at all? chekhov’s gun, people! i guess the jury’s still out since we don’t know if helena actually killed her and coady could still be relevant, but it seems kind of pointless now.

pt westmorland. he’s just become a caricature at this point. they should have kept rachel as the big bad. honestly, i would have much preferred to see her kill him and try to take his place and watch her slow and painful downfall. now that neolution is exposed, what even is his endgame? to prolong his life? okay. but then what? the charade is up—even with the few loyal followers her has left, he’ll never be able to push his agenda on a large scale, so what’s the point? he’s now just doing evil shit for the sake of being evil.

Sick Part 7

Edward Nygma x OC

Warnings: SMUT( finally I know) bondage, dom!nygma, name calling, language, violence, taunting

In the cab he didn’t touch me.

As he unlocked the door he didn’t look at me.

As we climbed the stairs he didn’t speak to me.

Then the moment he shut the door to his apartment he had me up against the wall. I struggled slightly until his lips attacked my neck nipping at the tender skin. At the contact I moaned and relaxing in his grip.

“That’s right, don’t fight it,” he purred into my ear, biting the lope. A shiver ran through me and I sighed. I attempted to wrap my legs around his waist to get closer but he shoved my legs down, tisking me. “Uh uh, I’m in charge here you little slut,” he growled. His lips met mine, biting at my lip, as I attempted to show indignation towards his reference towards me. He quickly picked me up and carried me to the bed.

When we entered his bedroom he threw me on the bed and I scooted towards the headboard, sitting up in the process. He climbed on top of me, still in his green suit, and straddled me, keeping my back against the mattress.

“Arms up, wrists together,” he demanded and I quickly complied, biting my lip in excitement. He yanked his tie out of his collar and quickly tied me to the head board. I whined and pulled on them slightly. “Is that tie still perfect?” he asked me, tracing his fingers down my exposed arms.

“Yes,” I moaned and he stopped.

“Yes what?”

“Sir,” I panted. He smirked at me and pulled off his blazer and unbuttoned his shirt, throwing both of them to the floor. Suddenly he flipped me onto my stomach and unzipped my dress practically ripping it off me, leaving me in the black lingerie I had purchased. I squirmed at the sudden coolness on my back and he laughed.

“I’m going to punish you little girl, just like you deserve,” he snarled, smacking my ass harshly.

“What for?” I whined, jumping at the contact and then replacing the little shriek with a moan.

“What for the little slut asks. Did you think I wouldn’t notice you getting the cab driver off while we were on our way to he club. You ranked of sex when you climbed back in. Is that how you got us into that club too. Get off the bouncer with that pretty little mouth of yours, or did you just give it all to him?” he asked, smacking my ass with each pause.

“I paid him money, that’s it,” I cried out, trying to flip myself back over, but he had me pinned.

“You’re not lying to me are you?” he asked and I shook my head. “Good.” Then he flipped me back over. I was panting in exhaustion from the immense pain and pleasure that I had just experienced but from the gleam in his eye he was far from being done with me. Seductively he crawled backwards, his hands gliding down my abdomen. When he reached the line of lace he ripped them in half and before I could process what was happening he dove into.

His tongue swirled around my clit making me scream in pleasure. I tried to pull away, the pleasure sending stars into my vision, but he had his arms locked around my hips, keeping me stationary.

“Eddie!” I screamed and almost immediately he stopped and looked up at me.

“What did you just call me?” he asked darkly. Instead of responding I bucked up my hips. I could feel his warm breath against m bundle of nerves and it was still simulating me. “I asked you a question,” he demanded, shoving my hips into the bed crawling up towards me.

“Sir,” I whispered, gasping for air when he placed his hand around my throat and squeezed.

“Don’t lie to me sweetheart,” he teased, grinning from ear to ear as my heart suddenly began to speed up and the adrenaline began to churn. “That’s right sweetheart. I worked it out you see,” he laughed as I struggled underneath him, the tie keeping me to the headboard could be heard ripping above. “I worked it out what triggers your little adrenaline highs. Pet names, all of them. I’m surprised you didn’t think of it yourself, honey,” he grinned and this time I screamed as the tie ripped in half and I shot up, shoving his hand off my neck and wrapping my arms around his shoulders, pressing our lips together. He fell backwards and I found myself on top.

“It looks like the tables have turned,” I teased, dragging my tongue up his neck and stopping to suck a hickey. He moaned and then flipped us over so he was hovering over me.

“I don’t think so baby,” he cackled and I lunged up, raking my nails down his back as he lifted me from the bed and shoved me against the wall. I shoved him away and reached for the hem of his pants, pulling both them and his boxers down in one fluid motion. I smirked, but had no time to say anything about how fucking hard he was because he shoved me up against the wall, lifting my legs around his waist and shoved his solid cock into me.

“Fuck,” I moaned as he thrust into me.

With every thrust I hit the wall, hard, but the combination of adrenaline and oxcytocin removed every ounce of pain and replaced it with pleasure. He was buried in the crook of my neck, growling out profanities that I couldn’t understand over the blood rushing in my head.

“Sir, I’m going to cum,” I screamed and he shook his head.

“Not yet, hold it for me, just a little longer,” he ordered and I bit my lip as a particularly harsh thrust almost tipped me over the edge. My nails were digging into his back, drawing blood and boy was I getting off on his grunts of pain and pleasure. “Okay Rachel, cum,” he ordered, thrusting once more into me before I screamed and raked my nails up is already tender back. That bit of pain brought him to the cliff and pulled him down with me. We fell to the bed and he rolled off me.

“Holy shit,” I panted and he laughed darkly, reaching down to pull on his boxers. He tossed me his button up and I quickly pulled it on, not even bothering to button it up. “So, do I get an explanation about this sudden change in behavior sir?” I asked while we situated ourselves.

“I’m Eddie’s better half, but he doesn’t know I came out and played today, he never does, so I would like to keep it that way, at least for now,” he told me, pulling me close. I smiled.

“I can do that, he won’t know a thing. I’ll just tell him that we both got shitfaced, but nothing happened,” I said and he smiled.

“That sounds like a plan for now, maybe if you’re a good girl I’ll come out and play later,” he teased, kissing my neck softly.

“Sounds like a deal, but more importantly how did you figure out the trigger, and does Eddie know?”

“Eddie doesn’t know, but I figured it out after I picked you up from the hospital. The first time I had my suspicions was when you were attacked outside and the strength didn’t come until he called you ‘sweetheart’ and then on the way home from hospital someone said 'honey’ on the radio you tensed up, but because you were asleep it didn’t affect you.”

“Interesting,” I murmured, snuggling into his chest. “I presume that you’re the bad thing that Eddie told me about.”

“Oh yes, when you were acting like that on the couch I about took over, but settled for making him think some things that he believed were a little less than virtuous, speaking of which I should have paid you back for that,” he growled softly into the back of my neck. I rubbed my ass against him in response and he grabbed. “I wouldn’t, I don’t think you’d be able to handle another proper fucking,” he hissed and I giggled, closing my eyes and drifting to sleep to the feeling of his lips against my neck and his gentle breathing.

punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth are way more important than my homework okay

So because of the recent blow up with punk!Percy and girly!Annabeth caused by @bananannabeth and @lililibird I wrote a little fic 

i. the first date

Percy’s hands are sweaty, and he’s scowling angrily because the wind keeps ruffling his hair and it took him forever to even kind of make it lay down straight and this is not how things are supposed to start out.

He thinks about the probability of Annabeth wearing a dress tonight. He wonders if he should really be upset about the wind at all.

He’s picking Annabeth up at her house for their date tonight. They’ve been distant friends for a while, but since Percy started sitting next to her in their Biology class at school, he’s decided that he can’t stand just being friends with her. It was an accident when he asked her out. The question had just flown out of his mouth yesterday when she had been talking about her English paper as he walked her to her car. She had stopped and stared at him for a few seconds before smiling and telling him to pick her up at seven.

He’s also driving his mom’s car just because he doesn’t want Annabeth on his motorcycle. Even though he drives it, it’s fucking dangerous, and he’ll be damned before he lets Annabeth get hurt.

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anonymous asked:

A marvey prompt: how about Mike thinking about everything Harvey has done over the years and suddenly realising that Harvey's in love with him

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When Michael James Ross was eleven years old, he lost his parents to a car crash.

This isn’t a secret to anyone; the test isn’t who earns his trust enough to tell. No, the test is what they do with the information once they have it.

Usually, the answer is nothing. Usually, the answer is to tiptoe around him for a day or two and then ignore it completely, pretend he hasn’t told them, maybe forget about it altogether until the subject comes up by accident and then it’s more of an “Oh god Mike I’m so sorry, that was so stupid of me.”

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anonymous asked:

for the prompt maybe smth cute like arin taking care of dan when he's sick??

FYI: I don’t know if flight attendants are aware of barotrauma but when I was a kid my eardrum burst and it’s the worst pain I have ever fucking felt.

Arin is sitting next to Dan on the plane when they head back from Austin after SXSW is done. Brian is several rows behind them. Dan had caught con funk™ almost the second that they had landed, thankfully not getting phlegmy until after their concert. Dan grumbles about his head feeling super full while they’re in the air, and Arin let’s him use his shoulder as a pillow in an attempt to make him more comfortable. When they land he’s planning on taking him to the clinic to get antibiotics. Everything is alright until they begin descent into LAX.

That’s when all hell breaks loose.

Dan suddenly wails at the top of his lungs, clutching the sides of his head. A flight attendant rushes over even though she’s supposed to be strapped into her seat near the cockpit.


People are staring and some look like they’re ready to panic.

“Arin, make it stop!” he cries. There are tears rolling down his face and he’s shaking.

“What’s wrong?” Arin is understandably panicked and he can’t imagine how Brian feels, not able to get up and see what the fuck is going on.

“My ears!” Dan feels like he has white hot brands being shoved into his ears. The pain is so bad that he’s ready to vomit. “Arin!”

“Sir,” the flight attendant begins again, this time directing it towards Arin, “does he have any sort of illness like a head cold or ear infection?” Arin nods in confirmation and the woman winces. “When we land you need to get him to the doctor as soon as possible, okay? His eardrums may have ruptured.”

Fear jolts in Arin’s stomach. Nate had had one of his eardrums rupture when they were kids and it had seemed fucking terrible.

Dan continues to cry while clutching his head. Somewhere beyond the white hot pain he can feel Arin’s reassuring hand around him. He can hear the timbre of Arin’s voice but it sounds like he’s underwater and that ratchets up the panic inside of him even more. “Arin, it hurts,” he says through the sobs. The plane jolts when the tires hit the runway and he struggles to hold onto what little there is in his stomach. Arin rocks him back and forth while they wait for the plane to taxi up to the terminal, and once they can get off the plane, they’re ushered off before anyone else. Arin tells the flight attendant to get Brian, too, since they’re all together.

Dan is sagging against Arin, his entire body shaking badly enough that Arin has to hold him up. Brian looks fucking terrified, which is beyond unsettling since Brian is the one that’s always calm and collected. Arin tells him to collect his and Dan’s luggage and to drop it off at his house when he can. Arin manages to get his hands on a wheelchair since Dan is in medical distress, and he hurries out to where the taxis and übers are waiting for fares. He tells the driver of the über to go to the closest clinic that he can find, assuring the man that Dan isn’t going to bleed all over the vehicle and he isn’t contagious with some zombie bacteria or something.

Dan’s tears have subsided to pained whining, and he still hasn’t stopped clutching his head. He can’t do anything to dull the pain and it’s fucking excruciating. If it was a cut he could apply pressure and he could elevate a sprain or break but this is internal and it hurts like a motherfucker. He’s curled up against Arin’s chest. Arin’s name escapes him every few minutes because it’s all he can think of to try and lessen the pain even though that makes no fucking sense. Arin murmurs softly to him and he can feel the rumble against his broad chest, and even though he can’t hear what Arin is saying, just knowing he’s saying something makes him feel safer.

It feels like an eternity before they get to a clinic but in reality it’s only around thirty minutes. Since it’s a Monday and it’s still pretty early, they get in quickly. Dan refuses to let Arin leave while they examine him.

The doctor diagnoses him with barotrauma, bad enough that if he had been just a tiny bit more stuffed up his eardrums would have ruptured. He’s also got one hell of a head cold, and he gets prescribed a shitload of stuff: Hydrocodone, amoxicillin, Afrin, Q-Nasal, and a Netti Pot treatment. The doctor says that if Dan’s hearing hasn’t improved in the next few days for them to come back. The second Arin has Dan’s prescriptions, Dan pops two hydrocodone, opting to swallow them dry if it means the pain will stop soon.

Suzy is out of town at a convention with Kati, and even though Arin trusts Barry with his life, he feels better with Dan staying at his house with him. He fires off a group text to let everyone know what’s going on. Brian says he’ll bring by the luggage later on, along with homemade soup from Rachel.

The hydrocodone has begun to kick in once Arin gets Dan into his kitchen where he then helps him take his medication. Dan looks at Arin blearily, and Arin has the fleeting thought that maybe this is what Dan looked like when stoned, glazed expression and all.

“Arin,” Dan says, and the words feel round when they come out of his mouth, filling the space around them. It still sounds kind of like he’s underwater but it’s already improving slightly.

“Yeah, buddy?” Arin brushes Danny’s wild mane away from his face and ties it back with the hair elastic that’s around his wrist.

“Can I take a bath?”

“I’m pretty sure that if you did that you would drown, buddy,” Arin says. He’s going to have a hard enough time getting Dan up the stairs as it is.

“Can you help?” Dan still has enough cognizance to blush, but the steam would help open his sinuses and everything ached.

“If… if you’re okay with that, yeah,” Arin says. Dan nods and after a lot of careful maneuvers, Arin gets Dan upstairs into the bathroom. He draws the bath and adds in some of the eucalyptus/mint/menthol bath salts he has, knowing they’ll help Dan relax and breathe better.

Undressing him is awkward, as can only be expected. Dan refuses to meet his eye when he steps out of his boxers, and he only looks at him again when he’s submerged in the water.

Dan hums nonsense notes to himself while Arin washes his back and chest with a soft loofah, making a point to not touch anything that isn’t already exposed to the air.

“I love you,” Dan says, his words slurring and breaking through the sound of water splashing as Arin rinses the suds from his shoulders.

“I love you, too,” Arin replies.

“’M'sorry about all this,” Dan tells him, waving his hand absentmindedly as if that encompasses the whole situation.

“Dude, don’t apologize for getting sick. Lord knows I’ve caught enough con funk™ to infect five hundred people.” Arin jumps in surprise when one of Dan’s large hands, wet and arm from the water, rests against his cheek.

“Don’t ever leave, okay?” Arin is positive that Dan has no idea what he’s saying at this point, so he just nods.

Arin realizes that he forgot to grab clothes before putting Dan in the bath, and he refuses to leave him alone for even a second, so when he finally fishes Dan out of the tub, he awkwardly drapes a towel around his (surprisingly) curvy hips, all the while pretending he can’t see his friend’s cock hanging limply between his legs.

Dan didn’t lie when he said how big he was, that’s for sure.

Arin helps Dan to his and Suzy’s room, and he digs up the smallest pair of his pajama pants he can find. Dan waves off the offer of a pair of Arin’s boxer briefs, and seeing his Sailor Moon pajama bottoms hang dangerously low on Dan’s waist while knowing he’s not wearing anything underneath is much more distracting than it has any right to be. The t-shirt he grabs hangs off of one of Dan’s shoulders, and Arin valiantly tries to not think about the warm twist in his gut at the sight of Dan in his clothing.

He, too, changes into pajamas and tucks Dan into the bed, knowing Suzy won’t mind. He climbs in next to Dan, who automatically octopusses his limbs across Arin.

“I love you,” Dan murmurs, already on the brink of sleep.

“I love you, too, Danny.”

Boy, does he ever. He’s so fucked.

Betrayed ~ Aris/Reader

johama-mason sorry this took so long, hope you ends up being worth the wait.

The evening air is warm and humid as your group make their way down the side of the mountain. The boy, Thomas, is hanging back from the main group and you can tell it’s because he doesn’t exactly trust you guys yet. You get it; you wouldn’t be too keen on the people who’d wanted you dead not two days ago either, but all the same you don’t like him being back there alone… not with Teresa still AWOL. You have a feeling she won’t let go of her vendetta easily.

You’d been against killing Thomas from the moment you’ heard about the plan, it had sickened you to your stomach the way your friends had just agreed to go thought with it and you’d wished in that moment that Aris was there with you. You knew he’d agree with you… especially after what had happened with Rachel.

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Frost in July (Part 4)

Lucifer X Reader 

Warnings: Swearing, torture, nudity 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5


Originally posted by mooseleys

Coming to my senses all I can smell is Blood and Sweat. Slowly my eyes start to open, seeing a dark room I seem to be alone in. My hands are shackled to the roof, while my feet are shackled to the floor spread apart. Someone has taken my shirt and bra off as well, leaving me completely exposed from the waist up. Looking at what I can, I quickly deduce that I make almost a perfect X at the center of the room. Struggling I try to free one of my hands, with no luck. There is no way for me to get free without someone’s help.

The door bursts open, and a harsh light momentarily blinds me. The silhouette of a woman starts making her way towards me. The woman flips a light switch on one of the pillars, lighting the room up. My jaw drops open as the waitress from the diner stands in front of me holding a knife.

“Hello again (Y/N).” She plays with the knife, while starting to circle me like a shark. A chuckle escapes me at the absurdity of the situation.  

“Sorry I never got your name. I was too busy not being a slutty fucking bitch to ask.” She stops behind me. Suddenly I feel the sharp tip of the knife on my left shoulder blade. She slowly starts to apply pressure and drag it across my back to my right hip. I hear my own screams and feel my blood dripping down my back. She starts circling me again wiping the blade of the knife on her shirt.

“What do you want?” Somehow I manage to speak.

“Well (Y/N) the question should really be what can you do for me. Luckily the answer is simple. You can be a good little girl and scream and beg while I torture you. Don’t worry there is an end though since I will eventually slit your throat, effectively ending your life.” Smiling through her entire speech, she radiates confidence.

“Why? What have I ever done to you?” The smile falls from her face.

“You’re a hunter, and you are friends with the Winchesters, you deserve to die.” It all makes sense now as her eyes turn black. She is the demon we were hunting.

“So why just take me, the boys were right there too. I mean you must know they are going to come look for me.” Her smirk is back.

“I doubt they will come looking for you anytime soon. I mean you took Dean’s heart and smashed it into a million pieces. Also I wrote a goodbye note saying you just couldn’t stay there with them, after Dean confessed his love for you. So I really doubt anyone is rescuing you anytime soon.” She makes her way to my back again. She starts the process all over again, starting at my right shoulder down to my left hip, creating a large X on my back. I pray to Cas, hoping he can hear me. Nothing.

“You know, Lucifer never loved you.” She carves what feels like letters into my lower back. The pain was too much for me to speak. All I could do was scream and sob. She keeps talking like we were having a friendly chat over coffee.

“We are together now. He finally came to his senses and dated someone who could fully appreciate him.” Hurt floods me as she keeps talking. How could he move on so quickly?

“Personally I don’t know what he could have ever seen in you. And you must be crazy to give him up, especially cause of how good he is in bed.” She stops carving and walks away.

I can hear her behind me doing something. My blood has formed such a large puddle behind me its almost like a mirror. I can see she is drawing a symbol on the floor. She places a bowl in the middle and lights some candles. She is summoning Crowley.

“What do you want?” Crowley shouts from behind me.

“I have a gift for you Crowley, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) strung up for whatever your heart desires.” Crowley says nothing and makes his way over to me. I feel his hand on my back, causing me to flinch.  

He is standing right in front of me when he grabs my chin and looks into my eyes. They look like they were trying to say he is sorry. He takes a few steps back but still faces me. He motions for the girl whose name I still don’t know to join him. She stands next to him when he looks at her.

“You stupid girl.” He snaps his fingers and chains wrap around her arms and legs, holing her in place.

“What? What the hell Crowley what is this shit?” She is practically seething at him. He just digs his phone out of his pocket and speed dials someone.

“Hey, you should come here. We have a problem, and (Y/N) is hurt.” Before he could even hang up, Lucifer appeared out of thin air. The room’s temperature plummets and the glass starts to frost over as Lucifer sees the situation. Anger was evident on his face as he made his way over to me. He snaps his fingers and the cuffs disappear. He catches me as I fall, unable to hold myself up.

“Baby I’m so sorry.” He pleads as he sets me on the ground. He turns to the girl who looks angry and anxious all at the same time.
“Care to explain Rachel?” His tone suggested she just beg for mercy.

“Your little whore of an ex girlfriend was in the way of our love, so I decided to get rid of her.” She looked at Lucifer like he was about to see the light and thank her. Much to her surprise he snaps his fingers and a chain appears around her neck, causing her to start gasping for air. Lucifer goes right up to her and grabs her face forcing her to look at him.

“I never have, nor will I ever love you. I will also never forgive you for what you did to (Y/N). I will personally see to it that you are punished in the worst way possible.” He roughly lets go of her walks over to Crowley.

“Keep her chained up and tortured till I come deal with her.” Crowley nods.

“Of course sir.” Crowley bows slightly and snaps his fingers, making him and Rachel disappear.

Lucifer walks over to me lying in a pool of my own blood. He scoops me up, causing me to cry out in pain.
“Shhhh its ok sweet heart, lets take you home.” He somehow snaps his fingers while holding me, sending us to our apartment.

He takes me into our bathroom. Sprawled out on my stomach he starts to stich up my back. The pain was too much for me as I black out.

Rolling over I find Lucifer in bed next to me.

“Don’t say anything (Y/N). I know this doesn’t change anything, but I’ve missed you. And you need to get some rest so please just go back to sleep and we will discuss this in the morning.”

I found myself unable to argue with him. Trying to speak to tell him I forgive him and want to be with him again, I find my throat is too dry and soar. The only sound that comes out is a low croak. Lucifer kisses me, and pulls me into his arms. I nuzzle into his chest. Taking a big breath, I relax, missing being with him like this. Sleep finds me one again, but this time I am excited for the morning so I can finally tell Lucifer I love him.

When Kurt finds out he’s pregnant after Mr.Schuester’s almost wedding, there’s only one thing he knows for sure and it’s that he doesn’t know what to do.

It’s almost two weeks after taking the test that Kurt tells anyone. And the person he’s forced to come clean with is the one person he was sort of hoping would never have to find out.

But when he runs out of Apple’s practice with his hand over his mouth and Adam rushes after him, he knows he has to come clean. He pukes his lunch out in the auditorium bathroom as Adam rubs his back and a part of him wants to blame it on a flu he doesn’t have. But he can’t do that because he has to end things with Adam and the least he deserves is the truth.

“Don’t be so nice to me,” Kurt mumbles when Adam offers him his bottle of water. “I’m a horrible person.”

“What are you talking about?” Adam chuckles.

“I’m not sick, Adam.”

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Brittana FFs

It’s probably late to post this, but whatever. Here’s a list of my favorite #BRITTANA fanfictions. Maybe someone will find it useful.

( Constant update-ing; if you have anything to recommend let me know!) 

By: HeMoIsBoss
Santana expects to see Brittany back in Lima, it’s for Will and Emma’s wedding after all. What she doesn’t expect to see is her holding hands with a child that looks exactly like she did when she was three years old. Warning: GP Santana, so if you don’t like it, please don’t read.

A Divine Image By: Precisely-My-Point 
Santana lives with Quinn and Tina in Chinatown, Manhattan. While Santana meets and falls for an easy-going Brittany, Quinn is investigating on the case of Prince Charming – a serial killer looming the streets of New York.

Absence of Fear  By: lovebugxstories
Five years after high school Brittany and Santana were happy. They had each other and everything else they could wish for… but when everything suddenly falls apart, how much time is there to fix it? Warning: Character death.

Bad Bad Brittany By: Heather1201
Brittany Pierce is a drug addict and the school badass at McKinley. Santana Lopez is the new Spanish teacher. Can Santana change Brittany?

Beautiful Nightmare By: brittanafor3ver
“She’s eleven, eleven and too smart for her age. She doesn’t play dumb, she knows what goes on at home, and I wish she didn’t. It broke my heart the first time she had asked me about it, she was six and James had thought she was asleep.”

Clockwork By: Gorshenin 
AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry

DJ Snowflake and Scrooge 
By: Cactusgirl329
A struggling radio station gets a chance to boost ratings and sponsors when one Bed and Breakfast located in the middle of nowhere asks them to run a special Christmas show in the dead of night. The countdown to Christmas commences. Brittana. AU. M.

Find me another life By: chaoticspaces
You’re not dead, but you don’t know who you are or where you are or why somebody’s shot you through the head and you don’t feel a thing. And years from now, you still won’t know how wandering through this wasteland of a world, you managed to fall in love. Zombie AU. Brittana.

Finding Our Own Neverland By: 50ShadesBrittana
After being rescued from her last Dominant, Brittany has a fear of men and a broken understanding of the world. The only way Will can save his newest charge is to place her with Santana Lopez; the daughter of his late friends and the heiress of Arcon Enterprises. Can they both rescue each other from their ever-present pasts? Dom!Santana Sub!Brittany AU GP M. Please Review!

Forbidden By: nayahasmyheart
AU: World War II. Brittany, a distinguished Aryan, is forced to move to Auschwitz, a new concentration camp, where she mostly keeps to herself. But love has a mind of its own when her eyes fall on a miserable, broken prisoner who’s being brutally tortured.

I’ll teach you to dance By: monochromeheartbeat
Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

If you dare  By:  cr0wznest
Brittany moves to LA alone in order to start living a responsible adult life. She realises, a dozen wild nights out later, that she needs to knuckle down and find a job, something she can be proud of. She applies for a multi-national company that Santana Lopez is the head of and is immediately thrown into a world she grows to find utterly addicting. Future M.

Lake Hope By: Cora709
On the last weekend of summer, Brittany convinces Santana to come camping with her. For both bad reasons and good, it’s a trip neither of them will ever forget.

Love, and other drugs By: sailormoon19 
Brittany moves into a new apartment in New York after highschool, no family, nowhere else to go, and no idea how much trouble her new housemate is about to cause. Badass!Santana.

Room 47 By: Little-Normandy
AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

Set the World on fire By: Cora709
For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

Sirens By: Cactusgirl329
Four years after a horrific string of unsolved murders mysteriously stopped, a new body has been discovered. The police call on the same team of private investigators who almost solved the case last time, but four years can change everything. Brittana. M. Glee. Crime/Mystery/Romance/Action/More!

The journal By: silverdoe14
AU. Brittana. Brittany Pierce is an attorney’s receptionist at a major NY law firm. Santana Lopez is the new, challenging lawyer Brittany has been chosen to work for. Brittany finds a very old journal and begins writing in it to reveal some of the feelings she could never ever tell her new boss. No outside glee characters, crackshipping, etc.

The knife thrower’s daughter By: themostrandomfandom 
In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.

The soul stealer By: XxThisShizIsBananasxX 
That awkward moment on your seventeenth birthday when you realise that your mom has sold your soul to a sexy demon. And she’s come to collect.

Twisted By: Heather1201
Brittany Pierce and her husband are happy, that is until the daughter of the man she married comes to live with them. Santana, the 18 year old girl, has a certain charm about her, something that Brittany can’t resist. G!P Santana

Until the very end By: teenlezbians
It’s been four years since Harry lost the Battle for Hogwarts and fled the country. Voldemort has complete control. Santana Lopez is a notorious Death Eater with a trail of bodies following her name. Brittany is a half-breed Veela desperately searching for her younger sister, forced into slavery. Can Brittany change San’s heart before her whole world is destroyed? Hp!Brittana

Fight Song

Title : Fight Song

Pairing : Sam X Reader

Word Count : 3,168

Prompt : You have always been a hunter, and gosh darn-it, you were one of the very best despite your chronic disease. You had been working with the boys for months now, but when a shapeshifter takes on your body and all the complications that come with it, Sam goes into an over-protective mode that you don’t particularly enjoy. Song Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

Dedication : @adream78 <3 you girl! Keep being an inspiration!!

“You weren’t this ugly when you asked me out…” You ground out, your teeth clenched in pain as you scrambled to pry the man’s fingers from your throat. You looked up into the golden flecked eyes, puffing as you struggled for air.

“Oh come on now, sweet heart,” The charming, velvet voice rasped out, a handsome smirk on his lips. “You know you love this face.”

“Yeah.” You coughed with a groan as your vision began to waver from lack of air as he choked you out. You clawed at the fingers that you knew so well, the calloused hands were always admired by you most of all. You loved them. They were lovely hands, really.

Sam had the best looking hands in the world, and you weren’t just saying that. Literally everything about him was freaking gorgeous.

You probably would have forgotten you needed to shoot him in the face if he wasn’t reminding you by choking you to death. It was the little reminders that you really appreciated. But at least this shapeshifter had been a little considerate. After all, he had given you an opportunity to slap the crap out of someone who looked like an identical copy of your boyfriend.

“I love the face,” You hissed out, your fingers clawing behind your back. “But it doesn’t mean I won’t stab it.” The shapeshifter with Sam’s face’s eyes widened in shock as you swung up the silver blade you kept in your boot. The knife hit the creature in the chest, causing its eyes to glow white in the light as it let out a groan of death. The weight of the shapeshifter suddenly weighed down on you and you let out a grunt of frustration as you shoved its body aside.

“Y/N! Look out!” You whipped around a second too late, as a new arm wound around your neck, yanking you around, only to have a gun pressed into your temple. You grit your teeth, frustrated at yourself. You really should have seen that coming…

Your eyes flickered up to see Sam and Dean standing at full alert in the doorway, blood spattered across their features, their eyes wide and full of protective rage. Sam’s face was full of quite rage as he took a half-step toward you.

“Ah-ah-ah…” You heard an achingly familiar voice purr in your ear. You heard the gun cock in your ear as the shapeshift behind you tapped the barrel against your skull lightly. You didn’t need to turn around to see that the shapeshifter had morphed into one person that you really didn’t want to have to fight today; yourself. “Take it easy there, Sam. You wouldn’t want me to hurt myself now would you?”

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Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope

By: DreamingKate


Summary: A jealous god curse’s the love of Apollo’s life with a horrible kind of immortality. He will be reborn and fall back in love with him only to be snatched away before they can truly be happy. Blaine is the newest reincarnation.


Author’s Note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang. Inspired by the tragic tale of Apollo and Hyacinth. The title is from a quote by Lady Bird Johnson and this story was betaed by my wonderful sister.


Warnings: Death, violence  

Beautiful art here by the amazing Lillemian!!


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You Say It Best...

Their friendship starts with a simple ‘hey’ from Kurt, who is so shy he can barely believe someone as popular as Blaine would like to know him. But Blaine does, and so the friendship blooms to something beautiful.

Filling a prompt.

It starts simply enough.

The cafeteria is crowded and Blaine, being new, doesn’t have a group of friends to sit with. So he stands there with the tray in his hands, looking a little lost, until he spots a table in the far corner that’s empty safe for one boy.

Relieved, Blaine makes his way through the mass of students and interrupts the boy’s reading by asking: “Excuse me? Can I sit here?”

The boy looks up with a blink, and a blush pinks his cheeks. He opens his mouth but settles on nodding ever so slightly before sliding as close to the wall as possible, as if wanting to disappear.

Blaine sits down with a frown. He observes the boy while forking his lunch, immediately noticing that he was absolutely stunning. His eyes are firmly fixed on his book again and Blaine decides he’s not going to force a conversation. He could ask the boy’s name later - maybe they even had classes together. So he eats his lunch in silence, and leaves with a cheerful ‘bye’ once he’s done.

All he gets as a reply is another blink.

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