and suddenly all the songs were about you

I will always remember the first time you held my hand, and the first time we kissed. How the butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. And suddenly, all the love songs were about you, all the poems that I write, or read, they’re all suddenly, about you.
—  M.J.

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boyfriend jungkook??? i hope i'm not rude :)

oh good lord he’s too cute 

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  • the boy isn’t super experienced so he probably asks you a lot about how relationships work 
  • he really likes you and doesn’t wanna mess up over something stupid so he’ll be like “do couples do this? what about this?”
  • gah so cute.
  • “i’m the golden maknae and you’re my golden gf/bf” 
  • looks up lame pick-up lines and memorizes a bunch so he can tell them to you randomly 
  • like one day y’all are on the couch making out and he suddenly pulls away and is like “if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber” 
  • is smiling super big and you’re just like :| boy if you don’t 
  • he would give the bestest cuddliest warm hugs 
  • him constantly singing songs whether it be bts songs or just ones stuck in his head the boy is always singing 
  • never sounds bad of course 
  • his voice might break but he just keeps goin 
  • he likes going on adventures with you because he started training at such a young age and then debuted as well 
  • so if hes got free time yall are exploring something
  • wearing matching masks when you two go out so fans don’t recognize you 
  • not supe r clingy but loves attention 
  • taking couple selfies with semi-matching outfits
  • taking dumb pictures of him to post on twitter 
  • going to anime shops 
  • just to malls in general because he likes shopping with you 
  • the type to be like “i’m the golden maknae i can do anything” to “am i really good enough” in half a second :-(
  • but you reassure him that he’s amazing and that so many people across the world love him, including you 
  • and he’s good to go 
  • will always worry because bts are popular and he doesn’t always have time for you 
  • like what if you arent feeling well or get upset while he’s gone 
  • “can you rub my back pretty please~~~~~~~~~”
  • takes u to the studio and teaches you couple dances omg imagine dancing to now with him 
  • is super ridiculous but y’all still learn the dance somehow 
  • youd be the one cooking all the time and jungkook would LOVE it 
  • would tease you like “are u sure u can get that???” 
  • grabs what you need but still holds it out of your reach 
  • can’t cook on his own but he likes helping you do smaller things
  • probably tries to fuck you in the kitchen but youre like “boy im trying to cook us FOOD go use ur hand” 
  • “but my hand isn’t you” 
  • LOL BYE 
  • sharing memes with other while hes on tour 
  • if u send him an old meme he won’t let u forget 
  • shows the boys “LOOK LOL (y/n) sent me a dead meme”
  • likes taking videos of y’all (sexual or not idrk) 
  • watches them on tour when he misses you
  • which results in pouty kook cuz “they’re so faaaaaar” 
  • “so faaaaaar away” 
  • “yoongi stfu” 
  • you wear his pikachu onsie while he’s gone and take a selfie to send him
  • boy literally dies. responds with; headlines: bts’ very own golden maknae passes away due to cuteness 
  • wearing whatever clothing of his at your place while he’s on tour becomes tradition and he’s always like “baaaaaaabe where’s my selfie” 
  • jk the type to freak the fuck out when you post a selfie
  • spams you oh lord 
  • you’ve probably blocked him a couple times or 20
  • ur #1 fan in whatever you do 

And suddenly I lack any desire to write. I no longer crave to write about who I was, who I loved, who I am, who I’m becoming, or who I’m now experiencing life with, let alone falling for. For what is the point when people continuously mark you as who you were with no forgiveness for the growth that has shaped who you’re becoming? What is the point of documenting your growth if all that matters is who you hurt while you were hurting? What’s the point of writing about a love that people won’t let you have a taste of because they must make it a point to define you by who you used to be? What’s the point of fighting when it feels like nobody is fighting for you?

I want the forgiveness of the sins I committed when I was hurting. I desire a clean slate as I am no longer that broken individual who destroyed those in the path of her storm. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I crave a salvation that I long to find in her heart, I crave a forgiveness that radiates from her eyes, a wave of love to come from the words she showers me with that tells me anything from then, doesn’t matter now. But I don’t know if this redemption will ever come.

NCT 127 reaction when your playlist which is mostly kpop suddenly switches to a metal song

Taeyong: gets a wild idea that you love tough guys, disappears for 15 min and returns wearing the most ‘’metal’’ thing he could find and casually slips ‘’How do I look?’’ into the conversation about takeaway dinner

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Taeil: is confused as fuck but is sheepishly laughing and waiting for some sort of explanation for the sudden change, fails at an awkward headbanging attempt, goes back to waiting 

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Yuta: enjoyed the show while you were dancing to ‘’Sorry Sorry’’, enjoys the show even now…with all his ‘’Cute!’’ shouts someone would think someone would think you’re doing the cutest performance ever seen on television

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Jaehyun: after that he keeps telling everyone how much fun he had that day but refuses to tell the reason…when in reality he spent a few hours on chasing you around the apartment every few seconds because ‘’I find that gap cute, ok? Can you PLEASE stop moving so I can kiss you?’’

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WinWin: gets genuinely scared by the sudden transition, gets embarrassed because of it and spends the rest of the song desperately trying to make you forget about that, using drastic measures like pulling you up to dance and you’re like, ‘’Um..why are we in the position for waltz?’’

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Mark: you may not see it on his face but he’s is suddenly questioning life and the whole universe, ‘’Should I suggest a darker concept next time? Yeah, black suits me…it totally suits me!’’

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Haechan: will require a formal apology after the sudden change startles him

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And suddenly all of the love songs were about you. Every look, I am lost in your brown eyes. Every word is a proof of why I am in love. Every touch, I could feel the next sixty-years of my life.
You have no clue how much I care for you. How much I crave for you smiles. How much I forced myself just to say goodnight to you. How hard i tried to believe that things might change. How I hate the idea of living without you, though I can never get a chance to be with you. You don’t have any clue of how much it breaks my heart knowing you can’t love me the way I do.
I am getting tired of this. I love you but you love her. And sometimes I wish I never met you. I wish I never fell this hard for you. Maybe I wouldn’t be feeling this pain. Or maybe I could wake up one day and I just unloved you. I wish I never let you myself drown with my feelings for you. I wish I could get you out of my mind. But I couldn’t stand to forget. I am tired of this, but ain’t tired of you.
—  Perhaps a great love could not always be returned
Harry Blurb!

You were sitting at your desk, watching old videos of One Direction and missing the days where you’d spend hours staying up just to see Harry for a few minutes in FaceTime when he was away. Of course, you were happy now that he was back with you all the time, but there was something special about those videos that you loved. Currently, Drag Me Down was playing on the screen and you kept rewinding it to the part where Harry sings the first lines of the song.

I’ve got fire for a heart…” Video Harry sang over and over.

“Babe, what are you doing?” Suddenly, real Harry appears behind you. “Are those the old music videos?”

“Yeah…” You trailed off, embarrassed that he caught you.

He chuckled, “Well, come on. Let’s bring your laptop into our room and then we can watch them in bed.”

You smiled, then agreed to make popcorn if Harry got the laptop. The rest of the night, you two watched all the videos you could find on Youtube that had anything to do with One Direction. Harry would tell you stories about what happened off set with James Corden or about who would laugh the most when they had to do certain scenes in commercial shots.


Dean watched you snooze in the back seat of his impala. He beamed down at you. It was the simplest things that made him realize he raised you right; much like how you reacted tonight. He watched you grow up, though you were never much of a child. You and Sam, you had it rough. Both of you had to learn adulthood quickly, but you made it.

Dean scooted into the front seat of the impala and turned the radio on. The music was low as he skimmed through the stations and carefully listened to each song before he settled on one. He hummed to it for a few minutes, glancing at you in the back every now and then, to make sure you weren’t bothered by the noise.

When the song faded out, Dean was left alone for a few seconds. He began to think about you and the way you handled yourself in the fight. You were a woman. A hunter. He suddenly realized you were–are– a woman, a grown up. All your life, he taught you how to hunt and how to sneak. Never once giving you a doll to dress up or yell at the boy that wanted to take you to the high school dance—though he does yell at any man who looks your way.

She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she’s always a woman to me

Dean bit his lip and glanced at you in the mirror. He sang along with the song softly. It reminded him of you. You were the girl this man was singing about, for the most part.

Oh, she takes care of herself
She can wait if she wants
She’s ahead of her time
Oh, and she never gives out
And she never gives in
She just changes her mind

But she’s always been a woman to me…” Dean trailed off and looked down at his lap. A small smile crept up on his lips as he remembered growing up with you. Memories flashed in front of his eyes, bringing tears forth.

“What’s up, big bro?” You stretched and sat up, throwing your arm around Dean’s shoulders. You were totally oblivious to what just happened. “Where’s Sammy?”

Dean looked at you, his smile growing more as he saw you. “Pit stop, sis. Why don’t you try and sleep some more?”


Requested~~ Song: She’s Always a Woman To Me by Billy Joel.

Imagine: You fight at a party

Nothing comes to mind when I’m dancing. Not work, not my exes, money, not even him. And that was especially true tonight. My girlfriends vowed to show me a good time tonight and I found it. It was 6′1, and played for Vanderbilt. And I was drunk. Very. The best part about dancing with somebody was that you felt the opposite of numb. You just didn’t care. I didn’t care that I was in student debt up to my ears, I didn’t care that my lease was almost up, and I certainly didn’t care that Jay and  I had gotten into the biggest fight in our relationship, and were all but broken up. All I cared about was who was buying my next drink, what the next song was, and whether or not I was going home with this very hot full back from Vanderbilt whose name I still didn’t know. Until he was suddenly on the ground. 

“Who the fuck are you??” Justin yelled, already gearing up for another punch.

“Who the fuck are YOU?” No name yelled back. I stood up after being knocked down with full back in shock. “Are you okay?” He asked, turning back to me, helping me steady myself. My girlfriend at my side immediately after noticing the commotion. 

“JUSTIN WHAT THE HELL!” I screamed above the music. 

“Who the fuck is this?” Vandy Full Back went to shove him before I stepped in between them.

“Y/N, you told me you were single!” He scoffed before storming away.

“WAIT!” I screamed after him, Justin grabbing my elbow and swinging me back around to face him. 

“ Don’t you dare!” I screamed, struggling to free my arm. “Get off of me!” My girlfriends were around me in seconds. They handed me my next drink as I regained my courage. 

“I am your boyfriend Y/N.”

“Not as of this afternoon you aren’t.” He drew back as though I’d slapped him. 

“I thought you just wanted a bre-”

“You thought your time would be better spent fucking other girls while I stupidly waiting for you to come home. Well, I’ve woken up.” I took another sip of my drink and went to stumble away, looking for that hottie that stormed off.

“Looking for that pussy you were dancing with?” He spat out. I threw the rest of my drink into his face.

“He was a gentleman, and twice the man you ever will be.” I turned and almost fell, Justin there to catch me.

“Let’s get you home.” I slapped his hand away. 

“I’m not your problem asshole. Go find someone to fuck and leave me alone, it’ll be just like old times anyway.” I rolled my eyes. Looking once again for the guy. Justin looked hurt. Good. I shoved him out of the way. Storming outside for a smoke. Needing to get away from everyone. My vibe ruined. 

“Need a light?” A voice asked, I looked up from where I sat on the curb. My heart dropping when I saw him.

“ Do I need to beg to get you to leave me alone?” Suddenly his car pulled around. I took a long drag and flicked the butt away. He picked me up, the world spinning as he did. I didn’t realize how sick I was until I was in a moving car. Without me realizing we were in his driveway and he was supporting me a I tried to walk inside. Too out of it to protest I kicked off my shoes. 

“Let me get you some water.” He whispered. He was back in  a flash. I took one gulp before I bolted for the bathroom, the bile climbing dangerously up my throat. He was there in an instant. Holding up my hair in his large hand. He let me finish.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I croaked, taking another gulp of water, wiping my mouth as the toilet flushed.

“Because I love you.” He said simply. Holding my hair, and rubbing my back as I hunched over the toilet again.