and suddenly all the songs were about you

Literally Just A List Of Things That I Love
  • cheese, of all kinds
  • my family
  • the way workshops and some garages smell
  • the fact that you can have restaurant-quality food delivered to your home so that you never have to get out of your dog-themed jimjams
  • the word “jimjams”
  • every dog that has ever been and will ever be born
  • usaa’s a+ customer service
  • the smell of books when you fan their pages right onto your nose
  • when you’re underlining something and the line is perfectly straight under the text
  • colorful highlighters, in general but also i’m thinking kind of specifically of this 15-pack a sixth grader gave me once when i was in the 8th grade, and looking back i obviously shouldn’t have accepted it because i think he was just trying to impress me, but whatever, those highlighters were the bomb
  • 3 musketeers bars, the best candy bar do NOT @ me about this
  • dave, the nice man who runs the candy store below where i work, who always calls me mollyboss or smiley-girl
  • my xxl ovechkin ugly christmas sweater that goes down to my knees and like four inches past the tips of my fingers in the sleeves
  • actually i could probably just say xxl sweatshirts and sweaters in general, my jimjam of choice
  • soup!!!!!! oh man i love soup. clam chowder is maybe my favorite? it’s hard to say, there’s lots of amazing soups in the world, you guys gotta get in on this soup thing
  • a clean apartment
  • setting my ac to freezing temperatures and then going to sleep under a pile of warm blankets
  • babysitting children between the ages of 5 and 12 and then returning them to their parents who are not me, that part is very important
  • stretching in the morning and making those weird dinosaur sounds when you do it to deepen the stretch you know what i mean like the t-rex sounds??? but like baby cartoon t-rex sounds. not real t-rexes because i feel like … probably real t-rexes were very loud
  • running outside when it’s like … 40-ish degrees so you don’t get hot and the air tastes like water
  • the ocean, as long as i am not in the ocean
  • midi rings, even though they definitely always fall off, like, immediately thanks to my tiny troll hands
  • when your checked bag is the first one on the carousel at baggage claim
  • novelty mugs!
  • interior design–i’m not actually any good at it, i don’t really have an eye for furniture, but i love looking at other people’s beautiful interiors, some people are so gifted!!!!! 
  • looking outside the plane window and seeing clouds
  • panang curry that’s so hot it makes your nose runny
  • my nearly-lifesize papier-mache cow, whose name is queen beez
  • my sister’s couch
  • coffee with real, fresh, heavy cream
  • coffee with that terrible french vanilla flavored creamer you can buy in like, 7/11s
  • brunch in all forms, at all times, in all restaurants
  • snow!!! on christmas especially but also just whenever
  • the first week of warm weather after winter
  • the way it feels when you land in your home airport and step off the plane and all the tourists don’t know where to go but this is your turf and you already know where baggage claim is
  • getting into the writing zone where everything comes easily and you keep surprising yourself with on point turns of phrase
  • receiving messages from people who were having a bad day and read my stories and laughed
  • when my podiatrist told me i was his toughest first-timer for epat which was either good or worrying about my pain tolerance
  • having my teeth cleaned, i mean not the process but the way your mouth feels shiny after
  • listening to music, always, at all times, in all situations, but especially when i’m running and a song has exactly the right beat and it gets in like, your bloodstream you know what i mean? like you can feel it? and suddenly running isn’t hard anymore, you’re just like, moving with the music and it’s as easy as breathing
  • waking up early and not being tired
  • murder, she wrote
  • those people that you’ve never been particularly close to, but who are kind of just simpatico–like you’ll never be great friends but you’ll always be great at being friends
  • workout gear, god, i’m such a sucker for workout gear
  • amazon prime can deliver to you in under an hour!!!!! and i know it’s bad, i know amazon is bad, but we are truly living in the future
  • realizing that you’re not angry about something anymore
  • papa john’s garlic breadsticks that will definitely, definitely give me heart problems but are so worth it
  • a really satisfying zit pop
  • the billy gilman christmas album
  • massages when the masseuse just turns on like enya or whatever and makes all your problems disappear
  • the way the world looks when the sun sets and when it rises
  • money!!!!! i love money. i want more money all the time. anyone who tells you they don’t care about money is either lying to you or already has enough that their hunger is sated.
  • rain on the weekend, when you can stay in and drink hot drinks and read and light scented candles and never get out of your slippers
  • someone playing with my hair
  • finally getting to pee after holding it for way too long
  • the smell of cigarettes a few hours after someone has put their cigarette out, so the smell has gone soft and gentle
  • an exclamation point drawn next to something i’ve written because somebody has loved it and wanted me to know
  • climbing on big rocks next to water, i feel like there’s a word for those but i don’t know it
  • “ain’t no mountain high enough” (the marvin gaye and tammi terrell version but of course also all versions)
  • airplane wifi!!! how cool is that!!! how does it work that high up!!!!
  • remember that internet post of the guy who wanted to buy a size 14 slipper but they accidentally sent him a 14-foot slipper?
  • country songs about women murdering their abusers
  • we don’t have to turn our phones off on planes anymore
  • the whistle of a text from someone i didn’t think still thought about me
  • lipstick
  • when the ice cream truck gives out free choco tacos
  • quick-dry nail polish that doesn’t chip
  • when people sitting in chairs are trying not to fall asleep so their head keeps falling and startling them awake
  • perfectly popped popcorn so there is only like 2 or 3 unpopped kernels
  • drinking a bottle of red wine with people who can make me laugh
  • stepping off a plane on a place i’ve never been
  • trains
  • dancing in my apartment, which is the only place i can truly unleash my dance talent
  • playing music with my brother at my mom’s house
  • jumping a gymnastics line, which is a horse thing i don’t know how to explain to people who don’t already know what it is
  • watching the penguins win in pittsburgh
  • actually, watching the penguins win anywhere, including from the comfort of my own home
  • remember how we won the stanley cup 2 years in a row???? me too, it was great
  • videos of soldiers coming home and surprising their families, which i know are designed to make me cry as part of the military-industrial complex, but whatever, it works every time
  • nailing my eyeliner
  • presents!!!!!
  • kissing!!!!!
  • finishing a crossword, especially the nyt sunday crossword, which is almost impossible to finish so when you do everyone in your life must bow down to you and call you queen of crosswords for the rest of the day
  • getting surprise packages in the mail, usually books, usually from my aunt
  • tsa pre-check
  • warm laundry piles
  • that show on netflix about unlikely animal friends
  • hot sauce, in general but specifically on a salmon and dill quiche
  • laughing so hard my stomach hurts
  • this one specific salad from my favorite restaurant in buenos aires, called felicidad (the restaurant not the salad, though it would have been an appropriate name for the salad, too), which was grilled vegetables and goat cheese and this special homemade dressing they refused to give me the recipe for even though i promised i wouldn’t tell anybody
  • cityscapes at night
  • the countryside at night, when you’re far enough away from everything that you can see what feels like the whole universe
  • mountains! mountains! mountains!
  • magic mike xxl
  • a good cry, the kind where like, something not that bad happens but your brain just decides that it’s time for you to totally lose it and loudly wail on your couch for a little while until you’re sleepy enough to curl up and fall asleep under the faux snow leopard blanket your friend you call egg made
  • the faux snow leopard blanket my friend i call egg made
  • whole pints of ice cream, especially freddo, especially freddo that has been delivered fresh to my door, which is a thing that can happen for you in argentina
  • having the perfect return zinger in a battle of wit
  • when you hug somebody and they pick you up and swing you around
  • big parties with music and dancing and long dresses
  • road trips
  • biking to work when the wind is going my way and there aren’t too many other commuters
  • everything bagels with just the right amount of cream cheese
  • chicago’s lincoln park nature walk
  • making friends with cashiers and waiters and tsa agents and taxi drivers and the other people it takes no effort to talk to but are always so sweet and kind
  • when someone comes through for you that you didn’t expect would care enough to come through
  • being surprised
  • new boots
  • the smell of a tack room
  • vintage travel trunks
  • 1010, even though it’s just low-stakes tetris, a game that is already very low stakes
  • taking a bath in my mom’s jacuzzi
  • doing a good job on a project at work and seeing it all come together
  • bullet points, just like, as a concept
  • words that can’t be neatly translated from one language to another
  • a really good novel, but also
  • a really good nonfiction book about basically anything though right now i’m really into art theft
  • oh!!!! art museums!!!!
  • writing papers about books and their subtexts
  • northerly island in the summer when the geese are on the water and it’s quiet and i’m the only one there and you can’t see the city
  • creating an elaborate self-insert fantasy about my character in zombies, run
  • floating in a pool on a sunny day while there’s music playing and someone keeps refilling my drinks and feeding me spicy shrimp appetizers
  • that sushi place in chicago where all the sushi is $2.50
  • the internet
  • the subscription economy
  • when politicians surprise you, pleasantly
  • good hair days
  • driving over a hill just a little too fast so your stomach drops
  • driving on the back roads in virginia, which are all winding and tree-covered and beautiful and don’t have speed limits
  • going to the movies
  • you know when you walk through the front door and a dog is excited to see you?
  • big hats
  • dresses of all styles, but especially the ones that make you look like a literal hourglass
  • crop tops
  • my pittsburgh penguins toaster that burns the logo into my bread
  • taking a long walk and talking on the phone
  • racerback tank tops (END THE HEGEMONY OF T-SHIRTS)
  • the feeling you get when you’re riding on a bus or in a car or on a train at night and you’re going home and the day has been busy and good and your playlist is slow but not sad and your heart feels so so so full
  • days of the week underwear, especially the stella mccartney ones that i can’t afford and wouldn’t buy even if i could because who needs to spend $250 on an underwear set?! that’s insane. i’m against it. but!!! i like that they exist. they’re very pretty.
  • the view of chicago you get when you ride the pink line to pilsen
  • sparkling water
  • when my form is perfect doing a roundhouse kick in krav maga and i get that really satisfying bam sound when i hit the mat
  • perfume that smells like orchids
  • coming through for somebody you weren’t sure you’d be able to come through for
  • when i tell a story at a party and all the surrounding groups fall quiet to listen even though i was only talking to a few people
  • late night with seth meyers
  • drawn-out fantasies of winning arguments while i’m taking a shower
  • having my back scratched
  • meeting someone very briefly, like on a bus or in a bookstore, and flirting with them, and weaving an entire fantasy relationship and life with them that you have no plans to pursue it’s just like, a nice thing to think about
  • that this blog exists
  • that you read it
  • that you clicked on it at all
  • thank you,
  • i love you,
  • stay good, moonbirds.
  • stay good.
When you were asked about your plans for the future for the first time, you hadn’t even had your first day of school yet and there were dozens of szenarios in your head of how you’d spend your life.
It took a few years for your dreams to be shaped, until the vary shadows formed contours and you could answer with a small smile playing around your lips whenever someone asked you about that time which still felt so far ahead.
However, in middle school, you had to realize that life wouldn’t be as easy as you had thought before; that many of the things you had once dreamed of would never be possible but then, new ideas started to form in your head and when your friends told you about the subjects their older siblings were studying at university, you almost couldn’t wait to grow up and follow your dreams.
In high school, you had learned about your abilities and the topics you’re interested in, what you are good at and which issues you would rather avoid.
Now, when you were asked about your plans for the future, you could answer with several opportunities lying ahead of you and you’d talk about the cities where you would have liked to study. Graduating no longer seemed out of reach nor sight but still far enough away to not worry about details or feel the need to have your whole life planned out.
But then senior year comes around.
The first weeks, even months, still feel relatively normal, compared to high school, even though more and more people around you have a concrete idea of what they will do after they graduate.
But in the beginning, it’s still possible to laugh it all off, to shrug your shoulders and form an alliance of carelessness with those who feel as lost as you do when it comes to the future.
And you begin to remember all those dreams you once had, especially those who will never truly leave your mind and you cannot stop asking yourself whether it would actually be possible for you to follow them;
if maybe, just maybe, you are really free to achieve whatever you want.
Yet, it is still easy to forget about it all by focusing on the tasks ahead, the final exams and the preparations for the last educational events you’ll ever witness with these people who have been a part of your life for so long.
It’s not hard to simply surpress your worries and fears but then the end of this final year in school comes closer and closer until all the ‘last times’ are beginning.
The last time studying for an exam, the last presentation or the last movie you’ll watch bored to death while doodling on your paper.
But also the last free period spent outside in the sun with the people who mean the world to you, laughing until there are tears in your eyes and your ribs hurt, the last time being late to class because all of you rather stay in the car to finish singing this one song, the last time of ever laughing about a joke of that funny kid in your math class.
And then, suddenly, there is only one week left until you will all go separate ways, hoping that your paths will cross again someday and you cannot possibly understand that this part of your life, which seemed endless back when you were eight, will actually come to an end.
—  // and it is when you are standing on that hill behind the building, looking over the place where you spent almost your whole life, that you realize that it might just be true what people say;
that good things have to come to an end to make room for even greater adventures

right so i’m gonna give you a more detailed account of what went down :

so on sunday taylor liked a photo of me and i was S H O O K because she’d never noticed me before, and the next morning i woke up to a message from rn from the night before, asking me for some details (this was all completely confidential). they rung me back and said that they had a secret event they wanted to invite me to on friday. they were very vague about the details so i guessed it was pretty big. so i spent the whole week getting excited and then the friday came and i was dying inside from not telling you guys! but we went to the meeting place that we’d been told to go to (there was a terrible moment when i thought i wasn’t going to make it on time bc i’d gone to the wrong place that was an hour away but thank god we got there) and after queuing for a while we signed confidentiality agreements and gave up our bags and phones. after a lil while we got on a shuttle bus to another secret location and by this point i was like actually d y i n g. we got in, they did some security checks and we went up to the kitchen to get food (taylor’s spotify playlist was on in the background). there were rep m and m’s, rep iced biscuits, cheese and crackers and ofc my fave chicken nuggets (THEY WERE SO GOOD I ATE LIKE 10). i was talking to @auntbeckyisbae and @lovetaylorsmusic (who are so lovely btw) when i spotted scott swift handing out guitar picks and talking to fans. and then tree paine came thru and that was awesome bc it was like all the iconic people were there, and we also saw andrea coming down the stairs and waved. and then suddenly we all got moved through to the living room with candles burning everywhere and cushions on the floor around a chair and a speaker and that was when i let myself get my hopes up that this was a secret session. and then as i was looking at the door i saw a glimpse of red lipstick and shouted so loud and everyone started shouting and screaming support and my queen @taylorswift came in in the most beautiful camouflage patterned dress, with curly hair and these fucking snake boots that slayed me so hard. she introduced herself (ofc) and talked us through what was gonna happen and what we could and couldn’t say and she shouted out all 13 of the countries represented. and then the secret stuff happened that i can’t talk about but i can promise you reputation is a piece of art ; it’s dark, it’s sexy, it’s sharp, it’s emotional and it’s so her. there were songs that had us screaming bc of how witty they were and then THAT song that we all cried at. at one point during the one that made us all cry tay looked at me and smiled and mouthed some of the most emotional lyrics and i d i e d. then we got to read the rep magazines and they were passed around while tay got ready for photos, and then suddenly i was walking in to meet her and i was so nervous and she smiled really big and said ‘hey honey!’ in the brightest voice and i told her i loved her and she said i love you too! and we talked about the cats and she said mere still hates her but loves her bf and we just talked and it was incredible. we took a picture of me hugging her and then my brother got one too, and all too soon it was over and i was walking away and saying bye and thank you. and then we got our merch bags and got on the bus back.

it was the best night of my life.

Then suddenly, you met someone who told you the same story. Who told you about the same path you’ve walked through. And this time, you truly listened. You looked at them in the eyes while all the memories started coming back from the past. Suddenly you were like listening to an old song. You were like seeing an old scene you thought you have already forgotten. You were like in the darkness again. A darkness that was surrounded by voices you thought will never exist again. You were like watching an old movie. The one you don’t want to witness anymore. You’re hearing the same story from a different person. This time, the tears and sobs were not coming from you. It’s from someone you haven’t known when the same story happened to you. It was the same, yes, but still different. Because this time, you already understand. This time, you knew why it has to happen that way. This time, you were different. Because you already learned the lessons behind that story. And it’s time for you to try telling that someone how you overcome passing along that obstacle you thought you can never get through.
—  ma.c.a // Make them know, how brave you are

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(n) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: tons of fluff, some angst

length: 12k

summary: a new kid on the bus catches your interest, especially when he’s listening to your favourite song

a/n: y’all should listen to ‘lost’ by frank ocean while you read this. i wrote this before jimin talked about this exact song during an interview :”) </3

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naive - peter parker x reader (part 2)

w/c: 1.1k

warnings: none really?

here is the highly requested second part!! i wrote this in a caffeinated daze at like 3am so i hope it isn’t too terrible hahaha. also it looks like this is definitely gonna be at least 3 parts (maybe more if you guys want that?) so yeah!

fyi some parts of this are slightly inspired by @parkersenses​‘s great fic which u can read here!


Originally posted by parkery

An old 90’s rap song blasted over the speakers as Peter felt his stomach drop. His eye contact with you was fleeting, and suddenly you were gone, having disappeared with Flash and his entourage upstairs. The people around him were all dancing to the rhythm of the music, but the second Peter saw you, everything froze. He made jokes about you not being good enough for Flash all the time, but he never thought he would ever actually see the two of you together. It sparked a profound rush of adrenaline in him, and he took a big breath of air and pushed through the crowd to follow you.

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All For Show Part Four

Pair : Steve Rogers x Reader8. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend for your sisters couples dinner party. Requested by anon. Warning : Language?

Word Count : 1,059

A/N : Next few parts are going to be a little roller coaster and yes, I might be basing off Steve and the Reader on Danny x Riley/Archie x Betty 

Catch Up Here ; 1  2  3

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You sat at your favorite booth in the corner of Buds Restaurant. It was one of your favorites in town, and a place you would go to meet him.

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Soulmate Hoshi

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

It’s pretty common to see people with a distracted distant look in their eyes every now and then. Everyone around them knows it’s a sign that their soulmate is currently listening to music, because whatever song their soulmate hears will always play in their own mind at the same volume. 

To you, the funniest thing is seeing the people who can’t help but dance a little- or even sing along- to those distant songs unheard by everyone else. You always find yourself smiling at the sight of them.

Besides, you’re no different. Just as often, you find yourself caught up in some song that you know must be playing across the ocean. You learned that your soulmate was Korean at a pretty young age. The music he listened to was either completely Korean or the occasional English song that he must have been exposed to in his daily life, and when you sang along casually as a child, the people around you worked out what language it was.

Ever since you had grown old enough to know, you started deliberately trying to pick up as much of the language as you could, hoping to be able to speak to your soulmate whenever you did meet him.

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Bts rection you being a Drummer, Dancer and Rapper in a GG

Request: @xyourpinksky  Hi! please can you do a (possibly long) bts written reaction to their idol gf being a drummer, dancer and rapper in a girl group! :)

Of course my angel. For me it’s like my first real request so I’m really excited about it…I talk too much. Soooo…MTL, Long and short reactions (Smut, Fluff, Angst) are open.

Kim Seokjin

For Jin it will be a nighmare the fact that you do so many things. He’ll be constantly worried if you are okay. He’ll question if you have eaten, if you sleep enough and so on.For him dancing was a really tiring activity,the thought that you are not only a dancer, but also a drummer, for which you need strong hands, but also a freaking rapper, which requires stamina, is scary. For him, you were his little angel, that eats everything he cooks, and a delicate creature that shouldn’t be tired at any cost.

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Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi will see himself in you. You are hardworking believer in your dreams. When you two first meet you had a gag close to BigHit entertainment. People on the streets really liked you and the variety of talents you had. So he hid in the audience and listened and after that everything was a blur. The way to the top. Yoongi is so proud to see that his girl can do so many things. It also reduces his band fees. Because he plays the piano himself, while you play the drums in almost all of bts songs, where they are needed. The only sad thing however is that because of many practises and shedules nowdays he can’t see you as often as he wishes.

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Just like Yoongi he sees himself in you. He is really proud to see you next to him on top, but sometimes he worries about your health and hyper activity. Drummer, dancer, rapper and now you wanted to be a vocal. He really loved you, but this was too much. 

One day,when by full coincidence you were both free, you were lying on Namjoon’s bed talking absolute nonsense in order to relax your minds. And then you decided to bring up the topic of being a vocal for the next album. Namjoon wasn’t all to pleased wihtt he idea. “Baby, I understand you want to be able to do eveything and to make the group even better, but you have to know when to stop. I’m not opposing of the idea. But leave things for the other members too. Also, you are already recording the drums, choreographing the title tracka and wrote all the rap by yourself. That’s enoug. You have to relax.”

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Boy is hype let’s be honest. He’ll love the fact that you are able to do so many things in the group. He’ll also love the positive feedback you get from the society. One day after the drum practice, he helped you write the rap for one of the upcoming songs that was produced by genius Min Yoongi himself. Suddenly his phone buzzed. It was an article suggestion. “Babyyyyyy…look look loook. It’s an article about you. “Meet, LaL the kpop GG, that takes the whole kpop world by storm.” That’s amazing. I’m so proud of you.” “Hoseok, baby, you say this every time an article about me pops up.” “Well, my girlfriend is really talented,what can I say?”

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Jiminie will be so fascinated by all the things you can do. Your dance was almost as powerful as his, so you two danced almost always. Drums were also something he finds absolutely woww. In the company there weren’t many people who could play the drums, so on some days in exchange of vocal lessons you were teaching him drums. And boy, did he enjoyed it. At some point, BigHit alowed you two to buy more drums, so now you were not only dancing together, but making drum sessions, vocal lessons. Jimin got a little jealous when he saw you taking rap lessons from Namjoon, but got quickly over it, when you asured him, he is the only one.

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Leave it to Kim Taehyung to praise the shit out of you. He is always in the V.I.P logue, waving around your groups lighstick while singing to all of the songs. When your drum solo came on, boy started shouting “THIS IS MY GIRL. SHE CAN ALSO RAP AND DANCE. SHE IS MINE. MINE I TELL YOU. THAT’S IT BABY. KILL THIS SOLO.” Shouts our Tae while using his lightstick as a drumstick.

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Jungkook is the one and only Golden maknae. So, when you told him all about your talents, he let his competitive side get the best of him. So in only a month, Junkookie was able to decently play the drums. It was the only thing he couldn’t do. Honestly, the whole nation took sides and bets when it came your realtionship, because both of you wanted to be able to do everything and that was the base of your love. And it all started because of them drums.

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Hope you like it :)

Request are open (SMUT,ANGST ANF FLUFF):




Dance Tutor

Jimin x reader

summary: Jimin is your dance tutor

requested by: slsove

genre: smut, some angst

word count: 2K

The day was exhausting.
The whole day at school was kind of hectic seeing as it was finals week.
Stress was getting the best of you because you felt like you couldn’t do anything right. You felt like you were stupid, incapable, lazy…

So you were headed to the dance studio. Dancing was one of the ways you managed to relieve stress but seeing as today was Thursday, it was just going to get worse.


Well, some days you could come to the studio alone and just do you but on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays you had a dance tutor.
And Park Jimin was the biggest pain in the ass ever.

You’ve never met someone so annoying.
He demanded so much, pushed you to your limits and mocked you when you couldn’t do everything right.
Just thinking about going there now made you stressed.

You sighed loudly as you pulled over in the parking lot in front of the studio.

You took deep breaths. ‘Just remember, ignore him, do your best, you love dancing so stop thinking about it so much and let it go.’

When you opened your eyes the first thing you saw was another car pull up to the parking lot, just a few meters in front of you.
Immediately as it pulled over, someone got out of the car.

Jimin was carrying a bag that looked heavy under his arms and you could see his bicep flex as he tried to pull it up.

Pussy. You thought, smirking at yourself.

He shut the door and locked the car, heading to the entrance. He hasn’t noticed you staring.

When the doors shut behind him, you got out of your own car taking your bag and heading inside, trying to avoid him as long as possible.

After changing into your crop top black hoodie and your black yoga pants you tied your hair in a high pony tail and took a deep breath.

You ran your hands over your body looking at yourself in the changing room mirror.

Calm down. Ignore his words. Just dance.’

After calming down a bit you grabbed your water bottle and headed to the practice room.

Expecting to see him inside already dancing like he always did, you walked in slowly trying not to get noticed.

But surprisingly, he was not there, only a younger group of girls getting ready to leave.

You got inside feeling a bit relieved but confused, because Jimin was always there.

Shrugging it off and taking a sip of water you walked over to the girls that were just leaving.

“Hey, you need that?” You said pointing to the big boombox next to them.

One of the girls smiled, “no we were just leaving.”

You nodded and smiled back, pulling out your phone getting ready to place it on the boombox.

“Hey you’re the girl that has Park as a dance tutor right?”

You were confused for a sec but you nodded as an answer anyway.

“Lucky.” Two other girls said at the same time.

You snorted from laughter. “Why? Park Jimin is noting but a big pain in the ass. Believe me, you don’t want him as a dance tutor.”

You took another sip, now scrolling through the songs trying to find something to dance to.

“I don’t know about that, “said the girl again, “but I know Park Jimin is a hot peace of meat.”

And they all giggled as you stayed shook by their words. These girls were only about 12 years old?

But you couldn’t deny it. Even though Jimin was an annoying piece of shit, he was pretty good looking.
If he wasn’t the way he is maybe you’d find yourself thinking about him more.
How his hair stuck to his forehead when he got sweaty, how his body moved so smoothly, no matter which song was playing, how he flexed during some really hard moves, how his tongue sometimes stuck out and how his face looked when he was concentrated on what he was doing.

“I mean…"you shrugged, admitting that he is hot but also showing that you were not fazed by it that much.

“I prefer dancing on my own.”

The girl nodded and giggled again.

The conversation was done and you were glad because of it, their giggles were starting to really annoy you.

After a minute, they were finally gone and now you finally had time for yourself.
Jimin was still not here and you were partially hoping he wouldn’t come at all. But also, you hoped he would come, just for the visual.

The door closed and you finally played the song on full volume.

When you danced you felt nothing else, only the beat moving your body. It was like pure bliss and seeing yourself dance in the mirror made you proud of yourself because you were actually pretty good.

The third song was nearing to an end and Jimin was still not there. What was going on?
Suddenly you couldn’t dance, your thoughts became wrapped up only around Jimin.

You cringed at yourself. ’No. Stop. What are you thinking about?’
You tried to get him off your mind and you tried to dance.

But the image of the one time Jimin’s shirt raised up while dancing made you trip over your own feet and you slammed down on the floor.

You hit your leg hard on the floor and you hissed at the sharp pain in your kneecap.

You shut your eyes trying to stop a tear from falling.
How embarrassing is it to fall and hurt yourself because of something like that?

You calmed down for a bit and just kept laying down staring at the ceiling.
The music was still playing loud so you didn’t hear the doors open and then shut.

But what you heard was laughter. And it was damn well familiar.
The mocking laughter of Park Jimin.

“Yes that was really funny.“you groaned sarcastically as you got up to your feet. You stared at him standing behind you in the mirror.

His face showed that he was really enjoying this. He walked over still laughing.

“It was hilarious, could you do that again please?“he continued to laugh at you.

He suddenly started acting out your fall and you clenched your fists out of anger trying to remember what you said to yourself before getting here.

“Okay could you just do your job please and tutor me or something? You know? Sounds familiar?”
You sounded so stupid while angry.

He stopped laughing but you could still see it in his eyes. He will not forget this.
“You’re right, you need some obviously.”

Sighing and rolling your eyes you tried to continue everything normally.

“Okay so can we start where we left off?”

You wanted to start as soon as possible because that meant Jimin was going to concentrate on dancing more than you and that was very much what you needed.

Half an hour passed and it was mostly good because he wasn’t commenting as much as usual but of course there were some usual remarks here and there.

“No, the right leg. Jesus…”

“Straighten your back you’re not the hunch back of Notre Dame.”


“Oh my god, stop that! No! You’re to slow can’t you hear how the fast the song is going.”

“How are you already that sweaty, even I don’t sweat that much.”

You ignored it each time as best as you could.

But some comments could not be let go.

“Why are you even here when you’re that bad?”

You stopped abruptly. You turned to him, noticing he was only about five feet away from you.
You felt your cheeks getting red and your fists clenched so hard, your nails dug in your palms.


That shout surprised him. And honestly, it surprised you too. You’ve never yelled like that at anyone.
But you couldn’t stop yourself.


You asked for praise. Oh my god. ‘Just stop. It’s getting worse.’

Jimin stared at you blankly for a few moments. He was obviously shocked at your words.

But something was wrong with you. Suddenly you stopped being so mad and the only thing you could think about how his hair was pushed back from his sweaty forehead, how his chest was rising rapidly up and down trying to catch a breath, how his full lips were slightly parted and how his eyebrows were scrunched in the cutest way ever.

You could feel the temperature rising as you took in his every feature.

‘It’s wrong.’ You said to yourself. ’How can you see him like that right now?’

The silent moment between you two seemed to last forever.

And then something happened. Something you never expected.

Jimin walked over to you and-

he kissed you.

Park Jimin was kissing you.
The one that always criticized and mocked you. He was now kissing you.

You were shocked, so much that you didn’t even know what to do with your hands.

The kiss was hard but at the same time soft. It was like he waited a long time to do this.
It was hungry.

“Oh come on."he mumbled against your lips. He grabbed your hands and put them on the sides of his face, like he was encouraging you to kiss back.

And as soon as your hands found their way you kissed back. And he groaned in approval.

You never realized how much sexual tension was between you two.
Not until this moment.

Your hands wrapped around his neck and suddenly he grabbed you by your thighs and you instinctively jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist.

He grabbed your ass squeezing it and moaning into your lips making you moan as well.

He took the opportunity of your parted lips to slip his tongue inside deepening the kiss.

You didn’t even fight for dominance because he obviously had it in him to lead.

He walked forward, slamming you into a wall, his hands immediately finding your exposed waist and belly caressing it up and down.

His body felt so good against your own. It felt like it was supposed to always be like this.

Your fingers found their way in his hair. You moaned again, parting away from him, leaning your head back, letting his soft lips attack your neck.

He bit and sucked on your neck, undoubtedly leaving marks all over. And feeling him groan against your neck made it feel even better.

"Ah, Jimin…"you moaned.

Then, like it was a signal for him, he slipped his hand inside your pants and his fingers found their way to your already wet core.

He stopped kissing and he leaned his forehead on yours staring at your lips and eyes intently, wanting to see your face as he pleasured you.

His fingers rubbed circles on your clit and the feeling was so good it made you jolt up a bit.

You watched him bite his lip hard as he put even more pressure on you.

You could feel his bulge on your leg and you moaned at the feeling.

"Jimin, please.” you let out short breaths.

“What do you want me to do to you (Y/N)?” He said seductively in your ear.

His fingers moved faster and you couldn’t stand it. You needed to feel him.

“I need you-"you were interrupted by your own moaning.

"Tell me."he groaned as he grinded on your leg with his bulge.

"I need you inside me."you managed to say through your shaky breaths.

And with no second thought, he pulled out his hand, pushed your legs down on the floor pulling your pants down.
He started to take off his as you quickly stepped out of your own.

You pulled your hoodie up leaving yourself in only a sports bra. It annoyed you that he had to see you in that instead of something prettier.

But he licked his lips at the sight and that encouraged you to drop down on your knees and to take the bra off.

”(Y/N)…“he groaned at the sight of you on your knees in front of him.

He pulled off his shirt revealing his glorious abs and chest.

Licking your lips at the sight of it you started palming him through his underwear.

His hands found their way on your head and he groaned, "Untie your hair baby.”

You did as you were told. You untied you hair letting him tangle his fingers in it as you kissed his bulge teasing him a bit.

“(Y/N) no teasing please…"he said with his eyes closed and his head thrown back.

Listening to what he said, you pulled his underwear down his beautiful legs letting his length spring up free.

You almost gasped at the sight. You never imagined Jimin being this big.

You could see him smirking at your expression and he licked his lips.
"Wrap those pretty lips around me now baby.”

And you did.
You kissed the tip first, tasting the precum on it and then started to slowly take him all in your mouth, not caring if it’s too much. You just wanted to please him and so you did.

You started to deep-throat him, feeling satisfied because of the sounds he was making.
His hands were on the back of your head as he started to push himself even deeper inside, hitting the back of your throat causing a tear to fall from your eye.

Seeing you like that he pulled out not wanting to choke you.
“You okay?"he asked with concern in his voice.

Your only answer was to take him in your hand and to lick his shaft from bottom to top swirling your tongue around him at the tip.

"Oh shit."he threw his head back at the feeling. You felt him twitch in your hand and you stopped what you were doing.

Seeing what you wanted next he made it come true as he picked you up from the floor again and slammed you against the wall once more.
He kissed you hard, pulling on your bottom lip with his teeth.

You moaned at the feeling of your breasts against his strong chest.

You looked behind him, catching the reflection of you two in the mirror.
You loved he sight of his back muscles flexing and it turned you on even more.

"I need you now Jimin."you breathed next to his ear, biting the earlobe softly.

And as soon as you said that he lined himself at your entrance and he slammed into you with no warning.

You screamed out his name in pleasure as your nails dug into his back leaving scratches.

"Oh God! Yes!"you couldn’t seem to breathe as he started to slam into you mercilessly.

Fuck you’re so tight.“he hissed on your neck gripping your thighs tightly.

You gripped his hair as he kept pounding as fast as he could.

Jimin was filling you up completely and it felt so good that you couldn’t even make a sound for a few moments. It felt like you were choking back on your own moans.

"I’m close…"you managed to say somehow.

"I’m close too baby."Jimin breathed.

He kept going but even faster, all while letting out moans of pleasure.

The sounds that Jimin were making were so hot you felt cumming any second.

”(Y/N) I’m..“Jimin started stuttering.

"Fuck Jimin…"you breathed. "Kiss me.”

He kissed you and you moaned into his mouth.

Your walls clenched around him and he groaned at the feeling.

And with a couple of thrusts more you came all around him, screaming his name out loud.

He pounded a couple more times and then he pulled out, you dropped on your knees in front of him and opened your mouth wide waiting for him to shoot his load.

Pumping with his hand a few more times he released, cumming all over your face.

You looked up at him with a satisfied look on your face.
He licked his lips looking pretty happy himself.

This was something you never expected to happen but you were glad it did. You didn’t know where this was going to lead but you were hoping it would happen again.

Here’s My Heart (Part Two)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and taken from this post (thanks again @hands1766)
Genre: Fluffish??
Warnings: Mention of Injuries
A/N: Reader uses female pronouns 

Part One Part Three Part Four

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*ignore the caption*

Peter greeted his aunt with a slam of the front door and a yell. “Aunt May! Where are you?!”

She came rushing from the kitchen, a slightly burnt scent following her, with a worried expression on her face. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she looked at Peter up and down, looking for any injuries. “Are you okay?”

“I’m gonna do it,” he said instead of answering her, a growing smile on his face. “I’m finally gonna do it, Aunt May.”

Her face reflected his, an elated expression quickly gracing her face. “Why now?” She asked, but she wasn’t protesting. Not in the least. Peter knew she had been looking forward to this almost as much as he was.

“I know how to do it now,” he said, moving over to the kitchen table and sitting down, plopping his backpack onto the ground with a loud thud. May sat down across from him, taking her dirty apron off and placing it onto the chair next to her.

“Go on,” she said, nodding.

“A mixtape,” Peter said, and he watched as May grew impossibly more excited. “I heard her talking about it at school, and she said she’d love if someone made her a mixtape. So that’s what I’m gonna do!”

Peter’s mind was racing, excited that the time had finally come for him to ask you out, that he forgot the reason he had come into the apartment screaming. 

“Oh!” He exclaimed, scaring May in the process when he jumped in his seat, and even scaring himself. “I don’t know how to make a mixtape.”

May stood from her chair, her laugh echoing through the small apartment as she walked to the kitchen. Peter stared after her, confused, until she came back with a small notebook and a pen. She dropped them onto the table with a dramatic flare, and Peter startled.

“What’s this for?” He asked, taking the notebook and flipping to an empty page. 

May sat down and took the notebook into her own hands, clicking the pen open. “You are going to tell me everything you love about (Y/N), and we’re going to write them all down. And then you can pick your songs based off of them.”

Peter’s eyebrows rose on his forehead, impressed with his aunt’s idea. “Okay,” he said slowly, and May readied the pen over the blank piece of paper, expectantly looking at him.

He stopped suddenly, mind going blank. There were so many things that came to mind that not one stood out by itself, and Peter didn’t know where to start. He looked at May desperately, and she titled her head with a smile.

“There’s so much to love,” Peter sighed, shaking his head. 

May’s smile grew. “Do you have a favorite memory?”

Peter tried to think again, but still, there were so many to choose from. You had been in his life for what seemed like forever now, and he couldn’t think of a time before you were by his side. There were an infinite amount of memories since then.

There was no where to start.

“Peter,” May laughed. “It’s so simple.”

“But it’s not,” Peter stressed, looking his aunt in the eyes. “This is too important to just- to just quickly write some things down on a paper and be done. (Y/N) deserves better than that.”

His aunt looked at him with some kind of admiration, wondering how this boy ended up so- so caring. She smiled, thinking she must’ve done something right along the way. “Do you like her smile?”

Peter stared at her with furrowed eyebrows. “Of course I- what?”

“(Y/N)’s smile,” she said again. “What do you think of when you see her smile?”

May watched as the cogs turned in her nephew’s head, and he tilted his head towards the table. He didn’t take a glance at her as he spoke. “When she smiles at me, I,” he paused to let out a breath, and she thought she saw a slight tilt to his lips. “I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. It’s like she’s- she’s only ever smiled at me, like it’s a special smile that is a secret for only us two. It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my life.”

May smiled softly, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “What else?” She said quietly. 

She listened as Peter began to ramble. He told her about the way you bit your lip when you were nervous, and how you smiled to yourself whenever you were proud of something you had done. He told her about the way you tended to his injuries whenever a bully (a villain) decided to put a beating on him, and how he could tell you were always holding back tears because you never liked to see him in pain. 

It seemed like they were sitting at the table for hours as he told her everything.

Peter smiled as he thought of all the memories the two of you had made. He even told a few to May. He spoke of the day he was the closest to saying ‘I love you’ than he had ever been before.

“I can’t believe we’re already gonna be juniors,” you had whispered to him as you gently swayed on the swing next to his. You were looking up at the stars that were shining above the park, and Peter pretended to be looking at them too.

But he was looking at you, staring at the admiration on your face. The only light provided for him to see you was the moon and the stars, and although they didn’t help much, he could picture your face perfectly with the rest of his imagination. 

“Yeah, same,” he whispered in return, and you turned from the stars to look at him. His eyes widened slightly, startled by your beauty in the dim light. You were biting your lip, a contemplative look in your eyes that made Peter hold his breath. He wasn’t sure why he wouldn’t dare to breathe, but he thought it was because he didn’t want anything to break this moment of your eyes connecting so intensely. 

“But it’s okay,” you stopped biting your lip to smile, and Peter had to let out a heavy breath at that. “As long as I have you by my side.”

He knew his heart skipped a beat- it had to, with the way he could feel those words affect him. It was his turn to bite his lip, and he tried to keep his eyes from widening, but he couldn’t help it. 

He laughed, a bit hysterically, and he almost let the words slip out at that moment, sitting next to each other on the park’s swing set with the stars shining above you. He wanted to say it, and your bright eyes still looking into his were almost hypnotizing him. 

But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. Not yet.

“You too,” he said instead, quietly to try not to disturb the moment. But still, as he spoke the words, he wished he had said something else.

“Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had said it that night,” Peter said, looking up from the table to look at his aunt. He stopped speaking and his eyebrows furrowed when he saw the streaks of tears on her cheeks. “May?” He asked, sitting up straighter in his seat. She laughed a little and shook her head, wiping her cheeks with her hands.

“I’m fine, Peter,” she said, still laughing, but he thought he could see some sadness on her face. He sighed, quiet enough for her to not hear, and looked back down at the table. He never knew what to say when she was like this, when he could tell she was missing his uncle more than ever.

She cleared her throat, and he heard her write a few more things down in the notebook before closing it. He lifted his head as she slid it over to him. She smiled, and he thought it looked more genuine this time. “And now you pick your songs.”

Peter let out a breath, his eyes widening as he stared down at the notebook.

This was it.

Here’s part two, and I was gonna end it here, but part three anyone? Let me know what you think, and if you would like another part :) Requests are open!!


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My Kind of Woman || Mike Wheeler

Characters: Mike Wheeler x Reader, Dustin, Lucas, Will

Summary: Based on the fact that Finn can sing & play guitar- so an au where Mike can play and sing, reader is 2 years older, Mike is upset about Will so the reader helps him find something to help him deal with the situation

A/N: ayyyye bringing you another babysitter imagine, also this is based in the stranger things times so i know the song wasn’t even made but for this purpose let’s pretend it was Xx

“You know where everything is,” Mrs Wheeler said, picking up her coat from the arm of the couch. You nodded. “Mike needs to be in bed by 10, make sure he does his homework and just keep a close eye, he’s been upset recently.” she waved you goodbye before her and Mr Wheeler left the house. You closed the door and called for Mike from the bottom of the stairs. No reply. You walked up and knocked on his door, when there was nothing but a small whimper you opened the door slowly.

“Opening this slowly so I know you’re not doing boy stuff,” you said, trying to make him laugh. He chuckled slightly but not enough to make him smile. You walked in fully and saw him scrunched up on his bed. Back to the wall and head to his knees. “Hey, no, dude, are you okay?” you asked Mike as he sat in his room crying.

He looked up to you, slightly embarrassed and quickly wiped his eyes causing them to turn a sore red. He coughed in attempts to make sure his voice wouldn’t crack. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

 You raised your eyebrows at him and nodded. “Yeah course you are, and I have a dick,” you said. “What’s actually the matter?”

 “It’s nothing,” he muttered as he stood up. “You wouldn’t understand,” he turned his back on you and looked out the window. You went and jumped on his bed, crossed your legs and bounced slightly eagerly. He swivelled round sharply and stared at you.

“Try me,” you said. He sat next to you on the bed. He then began to explain to you all about what happened with Will and how they got him back, but that it was still difficult because everyone knew it wasn’t the same.

“I believe you,” you said, looking down and picking at the skin of your thumb. “I know you and you’re not a kid that lies. Even though I can’t compare anything that I’ve been through to what you and your friends have, I know something that could help you. I used to get heavily bullied, worst time of my life,” Mike looked at you intently, hanging onto every word. You coughed and exhaled away your emotions. “But I’ll tell you what, the thing that helped me contain my anger and upset, and what helped me to express all of the shit, was music.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, now leaning down, elbows resting on his knees.

“Playing music, I got a bunch of friends together to just jam out sometimes. I also just sit in the comfort of my room and play, and sing, it’s pretty therapeutic.”

“I don’t have a guitar or anything, though.” He sighed and you waved him off.

“Come by the music room tomorrow at lunch and you can use one there.”

“You sure?” he asked and you nodded.

 You spent the rest of the night watching movie marathons of Mike’s favourites, as well as sitting and listening to Mike try to explain Dungeons & Dragons to you, hoping one day you’d want to play it with him and the others. You tried your best that night to make Mike feel as positive about things as possible; you hated to see him cry, it literally broke your heart to see it. 


“Hey, Mike, where are you going?” Dustin called out to him after noticing that Mike was walking in the opposite direction.

“I-uh- I’ve just got something to do, I’ll be out in a bit,” he called as he rushed off to find you in the music room.

You were sat alone, looking through the instruments to pick when mike came storming in. You turned to him and smiled.

“What’s up, Wheeler,” he smiled shyly at the nickname and walked to stand next to you. “Pick out a guitar.” He picked one out and joined you where you were sat. “First song I ever learnt was My Kind of Woman, by Mac Demarco.”

He played as you taught him, focusing intently on each step, and funnily enough he was really good. The two of you laughed and joked about but what you hadn’t realised was that mike’s friends were stood, and had been stood, outside the room listening in.

“Hey,” you said before he left. “My band’s playing here tonight,” she passed him a poster with the venue and the gig. “And I’d really like it if you could come, bring your friends along,” you nodded towards the door as you could see the others in plain sight looking through the door window. When they saw Mike turn round and saw you looking at them, they widened their eyes and quickly ducked down. Dustin stayed up and was quickly yanked down by Will. Before they’d all ducked down, though, Mike raised his eyebrows at them almost to say ‘are you serious?’. “But just try and come,” you finished, causing Mike to turn back to face you, you laughing slightly.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” he smiled. He walked out and as he did the guys jumped him.

“You didn’t tell us you were getting taught by (Y/N) (Y/S/N),” Lucas lowered his voice to a whisper when he said your name.

“It was no big deal.”

“No big deal?” Dustin squeaked. “She invited you to her gig.” Mike just shrugged.


Mike had been practising day and night with the guitar you’d lent him, both to help him deal with his emotions but to also try and impress you if he’d gotten the chance to play for you again. He caught on pretty quickly and nobody had realised that he could sing or even play an instrument.

The guys and Mike turned up outside the venue. It was quite small and everyone there turned and looked at the group as they walked in. Mutters filled the room, as well as the original noise of obnoxious laughter and loud talking, almost as if people were competing to be heard. Mike felt uneasy and uncomfortable until you called out to him from across the room.

“Mike,” you walked up to them all. “I’m glad you guys could all make it.” All the boys just stared at you, unable to believe that you were actually acknowledging them. “I wanted you to show off some of your skills in one of the sets, have you been practising? If you don’t want to, don’t worry-“

“No I’d love that,” he said. “I’ve practised a lot, the whole thing has actually helped me with everything.”

You smiled at him, ruffling his hair. You went up on stage and performed, the boys all getting excited that they were watching you play. After a few songs, you announced about Mike, praising him for his talent and for being ‘such an easy kid to babysit’. You waved over to him, the crowd suddenly staring at Mike. “Come up here, Wheeler,” Mike walked up nervously after Will eagerly shoved him forward. “This kid, this kid you guys are gonna love.” You patted his back and left him to perform with your band.

You stood with Mike’s friends watching him. They were all surprised at how good he was. You smiled as he looked over at you a couple of times. You were dancing to the music to give encouragement which only made Mike look at you more, he was getting slightly more nervous. 

He hated the fact that he was attracted, at least that’s what he thought it was, to you when you were older than him- not by much but it still got him down a bit.

He came down from the stage and towards you all. The guys hugged him and blurted out how amazing he was, all the while his eyes kept diverting to you as he laughed. The guys have him space as you walked closer. Your arms were crossed and you nodded at him, impressed.

“You were really good, Wheeler,” You nudged his shoulder lightly and he blushed, smiling to the floor. “I’m glad you’ve found something to take your mind of this shit going on, and you’re talented, kid,” he groaned internally at you calling him a kid. He nodded.

“All thanks to you,” he smiled. You have him a wink to insinuate a “no problem”. You walked back up to the rest of your band.

“Mike, you were so good,” Will said excitedly and Mike put an arm around Will. “What’s going on with her then?” Mike shrugged, staring in awe at you in the stage performing.

“I have absolutely no idea, Will,” he laughed, still watching you perform.

I don’t even want to hear it - Zach Dempsey

Originally posted by alltimewolf

A/N: I know it’s freaking long but please take your time to read it! I worked pretty damnnn hard on it and to be honest i’m kind of proud. ( It would be so embarrasing if you guys hated it right now)

Request 1: Hiiii , I love your blog!!!! Can you please write an zach dempsey imagine where zach and the reader break up because he is distracted and ignores her and maybe cheats on her and then she starts to have contact to another boy and somehow dates him and zach gets jealous but in the end they make up Please make it so angsty that I have to cry for days Thank Youuu love youuu 😘

Request 2: Hey! Can u write a Zach Dempsey imagine where the reader and Zach have been dating for 2 months and they fought and the reader makes Zach jealous then they get back together?

Word count: 2589

Zach had been ignoring you for weeks now and you were done with it, if he didn’t want to be with you anymore he just needed to grow some balls and tell you. You were completely done dealing with all these rumours and drama. You loved Zach you really did but you weren’t the one to sit around and be played. You were walking down the hall when you found Zach’s friend but he wasn’t with them.  You knew Zach’s friends pretty good so you weren’t shy around them anymore.

“Okay Foley spill the beans where is he?” They were all looking at you with wide eyes, like the ticking bomb had finally exploded. Justin didn’t say anything and just pointed in some direction. When you looked you saw Zach flirting with some girl, she was laughing with his jokes and playing with her hair. Of course he was you thought before you rolled with your eyes and started to walk. You were acting all though but inside you were heart broken. Zach always had been so sweet and caring you just didn’t understand why he acted like that. Was this all your fault, were you too ‘boring’?

“Okay Dempsey enough. What’s going on?” Zach seemed pretty shocked by your sudden approach. He knew that when you used his last name he was in trouble. But something in him had changed, his shocked face soon changed in being too cocky again.

“What do you mean?” he said shrugging, lifting his shoulders and making an annoyed face towards his friends like he had to prove something towards them.

“You know exactly what I mean Dempsey. You’ve been ignoring me for  weeks, not bothering to talk to me at all. What is it? You found a new, more exciting toy to play with? You thought I would just let it go like that and forget about us? I don’t understand what happened?” you said while people were starting to stare at you.

“Come on babe let’s not do this now.”

“No don’t babe me, this is getting too much. Tell me now where are we at, you’ve been playing games for long enough.” For a second you saw some sadness in his eyes and you felt hope but it wasn’t long before he straightened his back and rolled his eyes at you.

“I guess we’re done then.”

“Fine.” You said before turning your back and walking away. That night you cried, you cried pretty bad but you decided to let it all out for one night and then get yourself back together. If someone treated you like that they weren’t worth it. You decided you weren’t going to show how much he hurted you, not that he would bother but it was the easiest for you. Weeks went by and you haven’t talked to Zach since. He called you a couple times. Most of the times at 2 AM, every time your phone rang you wanted to pick up so badly and probably get him home since he had to be drunk but you didn’t because even tho he was out of your life he kept hurting you. Every time you walked passed Zach’s locker, which was like every fucking single day, he was flirting with some girl. They changed from time to time. Kate from English, Elisabeth from junior year and Sydney from the volleyball team they all passed by. They knew Zach was a catch and they were right. Zach always had been a good person, a honest and kind one. You didn’t understand what had happened that he became like this? He kept being nice to everyone except from you. It seemed like you brought out the worst in him. When you entered biology and woke from your daydream you saw that  Zach was already in the class room. His eyes fell immediately on you but you looked away and searched for a free spot. You had been avoiding Zach since the two of you broke up. As much as you wanted to talk to him you weren’t going to let him hurt you twice so avoiding seemed like the most solid plan. You saw a free spot next to Jeff Atkins. He always seemed nice and friendly so you went with it.

“Is this spot taken?” you asked.

“No I just put my bag on it so I could take my books out more easily, so here please sit down.” He said. Jeff seemed a little nervous making you blush a little. You felt Zach’s gaze burn but you ignored it just like he did with you.  Again more weeks went by and you and Jeff started to get along better and better. Instead of basketball you now started to watch baseball games. You didn’t have to study alone anymore and Jeff always listened to you when you needed him, you went to school together went home together, you basically did everything together. The two of you were starting to become best friends even tho the whole school thought you were dating. In the beginning the two of you went on a couple dates together but Jeff soon confessed that he was having a crush on someone else and was trying to get her attention, you could have been mad at him for sort of using you but you had to admit you were kind of doing the same. You missed Zach, a lot, and dating someone else only made you miss him more. But of course Liberty High wouldn’t be liberty high if they didn’t start rumours about Jeff and you. You heard the most funny things about dates you didn’t even went on together to descriptions of your sex life that didn’t even exist at that time. The two of you thought the rumours were pretty funny so you sometimes just made them a little worse giving Jeff a  kiss on the cheek or both flirting to make fun of the people around you. you had to admit it was pretty hilarious.

It was Friday when you were walking in school and saw Jeff walking alone. You ran and jumped on his back he swung you around before putting you down again.

“So Atkins there’s a party tonight at Jess’s place, you in? I heard a certain someone will be there.” You said with a wink.

“I don’t know y/n, I’m kind of tired and - .”

“Dude I don’t even want to hear it we’re going.”  And with that your best friend was already convinced. The day went by slowly and you were starting to get more and more excited for the party. Again you really had found your soulmate when you found Jeff, on every party the of you were a dynamic duo winning every beerpong game and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The schoolday was finally over and you rushed home, took a good shower and got ready. You picked out your favourite black jeans, a cute light pink top that showed just a litte of your belly and some cleavage, around your neck a cute little necklace and your black converses.  You walked down picked your leather jacket and of you were. You decided to walk there so you could drink and Jeff didn’t have to drive you. When you entered you walked straight to the kitchen, as usual, to fix yourself a drink. You were closing the bottle of vodka when you heard someone shout your lastname from outside.

“Y/L/N! Beerpong, I need you!”  You smiled at the voice of Jeff. You finished your cup and got outside to see Jeff standing at the beerpongtable with on the other side Justin Foley, on his own.

“I’m here I’m here I’m here!” you shouted while waving your arms at Jeff.

“But Justin is alone? Like do we really want to do this to him?” You joked being a little too arrogant, like you always got with games. You were still laughing with Jeff’s arm around your neck and drinking from your cup when Justin found the best way possible to get back at you.

“Jow Dempsey you’re in my team.” You heard him shout. You instantly choked on your drink spitting all the liquor you had in your mouth back out. When you looked at Justin he winked at you, the little bastard. You decided to pull your though façade back up and not even look at Zach.

“Bring it on bitches.” You said with a cocky grin on your face, your eyebrows raised and your arms open signalling to bring it with your hands. Alcohol always made you very confident and this time it wasn’t any different. As usual Jeff and you were destroying Justin and Zach already mocking them a little. In the beginning you focused on your throws but when Justin and Zach only had 3 cups left that’s when the real fun began.  You jumped on Jeff’s back before throwing still not missing a single cup.  When you were getting drunk enough to dare to look at Zach you saw how frustrated he looked. His jaw was clenched and he didn’t even let out one smile since you were keeping an eye. There was only one cup left and of course you threw it in in one smooth movement. Jeff and you started to do your happy dance when Zach suddenly threw all the cups from the table and stormed of. You stopped celebrating for a second but again you were drunk so all you could do was giggle and continue dancing. The night continued and you were dancing the night away. In the beginning Jeff was still with you but then he finally had the guts to go and talk to his all time crush. Your favourite song , 1 night by mura masa and charli xcx, started to play and you were totally feeling yourself even tho you were dancing on your own. Your arms were up in the air, you closed your eyes  and you let your hips move smoothly on the beat. You didn’t even have to think about it, it just went naturally. You were in your own vibe when a big hand suddenly pulled you by your waist.  Your eyes shot open when you saw the one and only Zach Dempsey take you outside. Well he knew how to kill your vibe you thought by yourself. You finally got outside when Zach placed you against the wall and stood in front of you with his arms crossed.

“Come on Z you know that was my song.” You said giggly trying to avoid a more serious conversation not looking him in the eye because you were scared of losing your façade since Zach was still your week spot after all these months of trying to get over him. You didn’t get a reaction so you felt like right now you had to face him. You looked up to see the most mixed emotions you ever saw on someone face. Was he disappointed or was it anger? Maybe some frustration? Is that a tear? you sighed.

“What?” you asked. Now you were starting to get frustrated, he brought you out here and now he isn’t saying a word. That’s not how it works you thought by yourself.

“You know just tell me Y/N, are you dating Atkins now? “ you just shrugged and rolled your eyes.

“Dude? Are you dating Allison now? Or Elisabeth? Maybe Kate? or is Kate already out of the picture since I heard Kimberly freak over how great you upper body was.” You didn’t want to sound jealous but he really wasn’t the one who got to point fingers at you.

“I’m not dating any of these girls, why would you even think that? Are you jealous?” he said raising his voice slightly.

“Look Zach I didn’t come out here for you to point fingers at me. I thought you wanted to say something decent, if you can’t I’m heading back inside.”

“No wait sorry.” Zach said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s just..” he sighed letting an awkard silence fall between the two of you.

“It’s just.. starting to get freaking cold Zach so spill all out here or I’m going back inside.” And with that all came out.

“It’s just that I never wanted to break up with you. When I ignored you it was because I was scared, scared because I felt like I met the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life and I wanted to have kids with when I grow up but you.. you’re something different, you’re just so strong, confident and independent, you don’t need me to achieve something so I got scared that I would commit so much to you but you wouldn’t to me and that eventually you would leave me so I thought It was better to just do it myself and try to get over you with other girls. But it seemed like it didn’t even touch you and then you started to hang with Atkins and I never been so heartbroken then when I heard the two of you dated. I just miss you I really fucking do. I would do everything to get back to you and I just wanted you to know that.” You were literally blown away by everything you had just heard. So you did change something in Zach others couldn’t and it was something positive. You felt your heart racing in your chest from excitement and as much as you wanted to hide it there had an enormous blush appeared on your face, you could feel your cheeks burn.

“Zach come closer.”

“Are you going to slap me, cause I deserve it but just warn me maybe?”

“Just come freaking closer you idiot.” You said joking and so he did. Zach walked closer to you and when he was close enough you laid your arms around his neck and pulled his head closer to yours since you couldn’t reach his face even when you were on your tiptoes. He lowered his head and finally after weeks of pain your lips met his again. They were so soft and warm that it gave you chills down your spine. Zach swirled his arm around your waist and pulled you even closer if that was still possible. The kiss got deeper and more passionate, you felt like there were fireworks going of everywhere inside of you. finally the two of you let go of each other.

“I missed this so much.” zach said still catching his breath a little.

“Don’t you ever dare treating me like that again.” You said while you hugged Zach tightly. Your head close enough to hear his heart and damn Zach’s heart was pounding like crazy.

“But like what is Atkins going to say of all this?” you couldn’t help but start to laugh pretty hard making Zach look at you full confusion.

“Oh god no you’re serious? Zach Jeff and I never dated, we just became best friends. He’s actually is head over heels for Amber ,soccer team? You know not too tall, brown hair, green eyes, skinny, always wears blue jeans?”

“Really? Those two would really be a perfect match.”

“I know right!” and with that it felt like you and Zach had never broke up in the first place. You were so happy you finally had the love of your life back and that he felt the same.

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Sure Taylor’s playing the victim.

It’s not like she was turned into a meme when she was sued for being sexually assaulted.

It’s not like she was slut shamed in the media and at public appearances for years.

It’s not like she was mocked for being surprised at winning awards.

It’s not like her friendships are called fake and her social media interactions with them called calculated and proof that they’re not real.

It’s not like when one of her best friends didn’t interact on social media for, like, a week or so, it was suddenly proof that they weren’t friends anymore and articles were written about what Taylor Swift could have done to her.

It’s not like her decision to remove her music from spotify, which other artists have done, made her a bully and liar. Even though her reasons for doing so were completely legitimate and rectified before her return.

It’s not like she was painted to be a horrible human being when Katy Perry recruited her backup dancers in the middle of their contracts.

It’s not like she was called racist for only using black dancers twerking - even though, well, watching the music video proves that’s not the case.

It’s not like you’ve called her a Beyonce rip-off gentrifying Formation for using a perfectly standard dancing line up.

It’s not like she’s the only major artist being called out for singing about her personal life and experiences in songs… even though everyone does it. Many much more egregiously and explicitly.

It’s not like her PR moves which aren’t out of the norm for anyone in the industry suddenly mean she’s a gold-digger.

It’s not like you were all out here telling everyone who couldn’t go to the Womens March that that was ok and didn’t make them less of a feminist and then called Taylor a fake for doing precisely that.

It’s not like her accomplishments are belittled and mocked constantly.

It’s not like people painted a mock up of a death memorial for her in a major city.

It’s not like any of that happened.

She’s just playing the victim.