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“They’ll tear that booth down too. Raze the whole place. Send it to the junkyard.
And us with it.”

Maybe they’ll save it.
All the pieces.
Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years.
Wonder who the hell we were.

~Jughead Jones


Heres some BNHA drawings I did recently. I drew Kacchan yesterday in class (i got lazy when drawing his legs whoops) and Deku is from a few weeks ago and I forgot to post it.

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Spill thy Leo tea please. ☕️

i really don’t have a lot of horrible things to say about leo.  they’re honestly a sign that in my experience isn’t too bad but people just bitch about them all the time bcos they have a super bad reputation.  like idk im trying to be really genuine with my drags rn rather than just list the archetype’s bad qualities but i’ve genuinely never met a leo that pissed me off.  i mean, y’all are super obnoxious about wanting attention and SO bad about flirting lowkey just so you get compliments.  but idk i straight up feel no deep seated anger towards any leos’ personalities i really think y’all are just good, generous people that want to be appreciated for being special.  some of y’all are whiny fuckin brats though OH AND IF ANYBODY SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT LEOS Y’ALL LOVE TO GO AWF AND TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT U ARE lik be quiet


Ready for reviews? I got all this stuff from @theshrimpfarm to test it and give my 100% honest opinion.

Video quality is bad for now but should hopefully be better in future videos once I get my new DSLR! I also left some old videos of my late fancy goldfish on the channel.


Prisoner of Azkaban Deleted Scene

Neville was in total disgrace. Professor McGonagall was so furious with him she had banned him from all future Hogsmeade visits, given him a detention, and forbidden anyone to give him the password into the tower. Poor Neville was forced to wait outside the common room every night for somebody to let him in, while the security trolls leered unpleasantly at him.

The Signs Good Qualities And Bad Qualities
  • Aries: the boldest, but also the most hotheaded.
  • Taurus: the most understanding, but also the most stubborn.
  • Gemini: the most social, but also the most two-faced.
  • Cancer: the most emotional, but also the most likely to take their emotions out negatively on other people.
  • Leo: the most adventurous, but also the most blunt regardless of whether it's the time to be blunt or not.
  • Virgo: the most logical when it comes to other people's problems, but also the most illogical when it comes to their own.
  • Libra: the most protective, but also the most rude for absolutely no reason.
  • Scorpio: the most strong, but also the most intense and demanding.
  • Sagittarius: the most creative, but also the most unsure of what they want.
  • Capricorn: the most determined, but also the most likely to push a person or situation until it blows up on them.
  • Aquarius: the most passionate, but also the most likely to hold all their feelings inside.
  • Pisces: the most loving and caring, but also the most likely to let their emotions destroy them.