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UNSPKN part 16

Where Sans gives no choice.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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They’ve been some of the most amazing fans. Even now they’re hashtagging #BringBackConstantine. It’s a shame we weren’t able to find a home for the show. Those cult fans, they’re hardcore, you know. I love them. They’re so loyal. Just putting the trench coat on for “Arrow”, it did kind of sadden me a little bit. There are 300 issues of that comic book, and there are so many great stories to tell. We were just getting started, man.

San Diego Comic Con, in what is now a great mid-summer tradition, dropped some great announcements this past weekend. Among them, Marvel’s new The World of Wakanda, the new companion series to the current record-breaking Black Panther run.World of Wakanda is going to be written by two Black women authors and drawn by two Black women artists. This is a first all around and worthy of all the excitement it has generated around the Internet. We were lucky enough to steal a few minutes with Roxane Gay, one of the authors for the new series. Gay is new to comics but brings with her a significant writing resume, with novels (An Untamed State), essays (Bad Feminist), and op/ed columns to her name. We talked comics and Marvel, the Dora Milaje, and dream projects. We’re happy that we get to share this with you.

Black Nerd Problems: Needless to say, we’re big fans around here of the work Coates and Stelfreeze on Black Panther. How did Coates bring you on board to write World of Wakanda?

Roxane Gay: Ta-Nehisi and I have been acquainted over the years. We did a reading together at 826 Boston during the AWP conference a few years back and he remembered the story I wrote. A few months ago, he e-mailed me, saying he had a crazy idea. One thing led to another and here we are.

BNP: So I know you’re a new fan. I’ve only been a comics reader for a few years myself, so I know that learning curve is steep. How are you going about researching the universe where the comic will be set?

RG: I am trying to read all the comics I can and I am also, as cheesy as it sounds, reading books on how to write comics. But I also know they brought me in for a reason so I am trying to trust myself and remember that I don’t need to know everything about writing comics. I need to know how to tell stories and that, I can do pretty with you.

@lehlight has more of the interview to share with you here. [x]
These Latino Comic Book Artists Create their Own Superheroes
Exhibition “Artists Assemble!” highlights a new generation of comic book artists who weren’t satisfied with the narrow conception of heroes and heroines in the mainstream.

A great review on MoLAA’s awesome show “Artists Assemble! Empowerment and Inspiration in Contemporary Comics,” with mention of my comic "Gringa!” <3


These Brooklyn Defenders have been vigilant over the years, battling back the blandness and standing guard over all who dare to create, dream, and drink great beer. 

Fellow comic book friends Tony Millionaire, Cliff Chiang, Amy Reeder, and Khary Randolph have all lent a hand in creating our previous Brooklyn Brewery Defenders. Next week, a new hero emerges….Check back for the 2016 Defender. 

The Great Switcheroo (Spanish)

@rajyon24 has very kindly translated my comic into Spanish and Esperanto! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do so, and for linking back to me :) 

The translated comic can be found here 


“This here is the cathedral made of all the guilty pleasures pop culture has given us since the dawn of time. A safe space where you’ll hear staff members confess their fandoms for shows, books, and genres you’d have never guessed. This isn’t a place of shame tho! No, here in this confessional we state and claim the guilty pleasures we’ve kept hidden away for so long.”

Fam listen, I already know. Sunshine Anderson my Titan, I’ve heard it all before. Teen Titans was a great and emotionally impactful show. It was simultaneously a culturally important show while also serving up a great repository of DC Comics Nerdom. You could rarely find 3 Teen Titans fans who all had the same favorite Titan. Five seasons is a long time, but yes for this show, it was too short.

And I don’t disagree with any of that.

I understand how you can look at how they pulled Teen Titans and replaced it with a ridiculous, geared for children slapstick and it makes you want to send this shit to another portal. But I need y’all to listen for a second. Teen Titans Go…Still got hits. What you might have missed if you boycott the show based upon principle (again, I get it) is that Teen Titans Go is like, really damn funny. And while the cartoonish violence and sight gags pacify humans that are my daughters age, the actual writing is more Animaniacs then it is Bubble Guppies. As it retains almost all the voice actors from Teen Titans, the familiarity and comfort of the acting helps retain the likability of the characters, regardless if you were a fan of Teen Titans previously or not.

In their 15 minute (and that’s generous) episodes, they always, ALWAYS go left with the narrative. I can’t remember the last time I watched a new Teen Titans Go and could predict what the resolution is. Sometimes the Titans win. Sometimes one of their members is stuck in the 1700s or in the pages of a yearbook. And sometimes, them bastards just be dead (and probably ghosts as well). So many of the stories are set up for a moral ending and basically kick the train off the tracks at the end and go with the most savage ending possible

This is @williamevanswrites ‘ guilty pleasure~ Read on here. [x]

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The paladins and where they'd take their SO on a dream vacation?

- back home. he really wants to go home, guys

- he knows how to travel, so going around earth to see all the countries would be cool!

- he’d loves small but special dates, so some place with a super-museum or advance aquarium would make a cool memory

- pidge likes events that are ‘limited time’, like comic-con and such! conventions are a great place to have fun

- shiro is cheesy, but the beach! he’s had a lot of good memories in the past when he was at the beach, so going back is always pleasant for him

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Hey, I just wanted to say that your comic is amazing, seriously it is really great! I was wondering what you used for the lineart?? Have a nice day!!

i used a gpen and a brush! at sva they taught us how to cartoon traditionally, so we just used nibs, dips n drips.

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spidertorch edition: titanstogetherr, traincat, mizzy2k?

omg yes!!! i love this ask hahaha, the best people ever tbh! thanks for sending this in, anon!

do they follow me: yes | no
do i follow them: yes | no | now
what i think about their blog: aww this blog is soo great! they make super awesome edits (like goals comic edits) and they’re very nice! i need to read more of their spideytorch fic tbh, but they’re an amazing blog and are v talented!

do they follow me: yes | no
do i follow them: yes | no | now
what i think about their blog: listen, i’m high key in love with traincat (i tell her like every two days tbh) and literally everything about her is amazing?? also her fics give me life

do they follow me: yes | no
do i follow them: yes | no | now
what i think about their blog: addy is possibly an angel in disguise and is super sweet! her writing is top notch and she made me possibly obsessed with omgcp lmao


Extra Headcanon/AU notes (for the curious): Inko isn’t aggressive nor is she all that intimidating, she just moms everyone. And that within itself has the makings of a terrifying individual.

She is also extremely determined when she wants to be? Bakugou thought she was just a typical, weak schoolgirl when they met as kids, but Inko was determined to make her stop smoking/getting into so many fights. It was downright terrifying what she could do when she had set her mind on something.

They didn’t really become friends until a couple years after they met, though. Bakugou doesn’t really have a good relationship with her parents, and after one particularly hostile spat, Inko just kinda… showed up at her door. She didn’t ask any questions, just knew, and they ditched school for four days to go up to Hokkaido and be happy.

Bakugou’s fearful respect of her is based on years of Inko somehow knowing everything and multiple cases of her calling/texting/msg-ing Bakugou just as she lights a cigarette or glares at some thugs, despite being nowhere in the vicinity. She is 99% certain that Inko has some sort of secondary psychic sense quirk that keeps her attuned to the people she cares about.

(Also, Bakugou really loves her son, but? She also REALLY wants to kick his ass, because Inko took such good care of her when they were younger and she feels entirely responsible for how her son acts towards Izuku. She probably sees Katsuki’s behavior as a reflection of her own and regrets/wishes she was a parent more like Inko, or something.)


And for the people who still don’t know: Yes, Sans was planning this all along. He knows his bro, he knew he would explode like that.

The human being still alive is some extra. But hey, isn’t that great? Now Papy can play with them!

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