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✨ my first follow forever ✨

okay okay so I’m just over here crying listening to last christmas by wham! because my beautiful big sister bee @spideyparkerfilms posted it and I’m sitting in front of the fire with three dogs and going through the ned leeds tag and I just feel so soft and I really need to stop also I just hit 300 followers so like ???? being hit with all the feels and I love every single one of you guys so much wow. also I just decided i’m going to turn this into a follow forever so here 👏 we 👏 go 👏:


I just mentioned you up there but like you’re my beautiful big sister and the best and you always make me think of ‘something good’ from the sound of music cause like I don’t know what I did to deserve you?! and like i never expected this when I liked/reblogged your beautiful selfie??? so thank you, je t’aime ma belle, mon petit elfe, mon ange, mon amour, vous etes mes étoiles et mon soleil ✨☀️


I want to thank you so much!!! I feel like you are the reason I have gotten this far!!! I started off as a small little blog with five followers that weren’t porn bots and I fell in love with you. you give me so much confidence everyday and I have found so many amazing people through your blog!! I am so grateful for you, merci beaucoup ma belle xoxo


we haven’t talked much lately but you have never been anything but kind and loving towards me and you make me smile when you show up on my dash!!


my fellow canadian!! I feel like you deserve this so much!! you are amazing and I’m just awful at keeping multiple relationships going at once so I’m so sorry we haven’t talked a lot lately but you always make me smile. je t’aime ma belle!! même si vous ne parlez pas le français!!


i always smile when I see you in my notfis so thank you so much!!! I want to be better friends/mutuals because you are an amazing person!! also it may or may not have been me that said you were my crush on anon earlier


we don’t really talk but I love your blog and I relate so much!! the ‘it’s cold and I want to cuddle a girl’ post is honestly such a mood™️ and part of the reason im feeling so soft rn. merci beaucoup, j’ai vraiment besoin de plus de compliments en français! mais je t’aime mon ange!


I am so sorry babe!!! we haven’t talked in a while but I promise in my mind we’re still best friends and i really do enjoy talking to you I’m just so overwhelmed atm but I hope you’re doing well at uni (I know you are cause you are amazing!!)


again, another amazing person I haven’t talked to in a while but I still think of you and you are the sweetest person ever I swear. merci beaucoup, vous êtes simplement incroyable et je t’aime à la lune et retour! 🌙💫💕

so many more people deserve these but I would end up sitting here for weeks if I were to do one for every angel that has blessed me so, here are some more people that are simply amazing (there are so many more and I’m sorry if you’re not on here cause chances are you were supposed to be)

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The object of these sentiments was a boy about my own age, of a character eminently grave, generous and gentle … There was a delicacy and simplicity in his manner, inexpressibly attractive … The tones of his voice were so soft and winning that every word pierced into my heart, and their pathos was so deep that in listening to him the tears often have involuntarily gushed from my eyes.

- Percy Bysshe Shelley, from An Essay on Friendship.

MC @ Maxwell: *hungry af* I’m tired of this royal food. I WANT PIZZA GODDAMNIT!

Maxwell: *😮* *stealthy exits her room*

*20 mins. later, soft knock on the door*

MC: Maxwell! *opens door*

King Liam: Did someone say pizza. *grins*

MC: *😍* I love you! *takes pizza* and you too, Liam.

King Liam: *smirks*


My name isn’t Dime Piece. My name isn’t Boo. My name isn’t Baby Girl. My name isn’t Psst Shawty. My name isn’t Mamacita. My name isn’t Sweetie. My name isn’t Ay Yo Ma. My name isn’t Sexy Sexy Sexy. My name isn’t Hoochie Mama. My name isn’t Honey. My name isn’t Sweetheart.