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A lovely lady found him and managed to coax him into her house, and we went and got him. At first we weren’t actually 100% it was him, because to be honest he’s a pretty generic looking black cat lol. My brother when he saw him looked for a specific scar on his head and was like “Yep that’s him!” But we were still a little paranoid because we didn’t want to have taken someones cat by mistake, and put them through what we have. Then we managed to dig up a clear old photo of him, and that one specific white hair on his face matches exactly. There’s no way in hell another cat would have to EXACT same hair.
He’s lost soooo much weight :( and he had at least one tick that I accidentally pulled off, and I’m hoping I haven’t done any damage by doing so! And by the sound of it his voice has gone hoarse. We’re going to take him up the vet first thing tomorrow to get him checked over. He’s been super friendly though bless him, loads of cuddles and head rubs!
But for now, we are just so relieved to have him home. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved about something in all my life. Thank you everyone for your messages of hope and good vibes. My poor dad can now finally get some sleep, he hasn’t been sleeping or eating since he went missing. And I can also hopefully have a nights sleep not filled with nightmares and dreams of finding him only to wake and it not be true.
Love to everyone ❤️❤️❤️😻

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Been a fandom lurker for over a year and a half because I know if I get a tumblr I'll get sucked in too deep. But if I ever take the plunge, I'm gonna force you to be friends with me cause we're basically the same person. IPA's are my weakness and I'm not a cat person but Persephone is one of the few cats I've ever liked. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge, but until then, you've got a lurker soulmate in me.

Come out and play, anon! Come out and plaaay!!!

Look at this face. This is her “please join the shitshow that is tumblr so the human will be distracted and leave me alone” face.

New Tattoo

I’ve set up an appointment to get my next tattoo and I’m so excited!

Sadly, it’s not until April 14th. I was hoping to get it before February 5th but the girl I go to was all booked up. February 5th because my cruise is March 5th and I need to put a month between the new tattoo and the wonderful Bahamas. 

This is going to be my second relatively big tattoo so I’m excited yet a little nervous due to the placement being so close to my collarbone. 

As basic as it may be, I’m going to get flowers on my left shoulder cap. I want the leaves to extend almost to the end of my collarbone and then have the leaves sort of frame my quote that’s on my shoulder.

It’s going to be a mix of lilies, sunflowers, and other small flowers along with basic leaves. It’s going to be black and grey. I’m hoping it won’t cost more than $250-300 seeing as my cat only cost me around $180 before color. 

Despite it being so far away, I gotta say I’m very excited!


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Do you talk to your pets? What's the last thing you said to your pet?

this is such a weird ask…but the last thing I said was to my mom’s cat: “Aw, you’re such a sweet little sausage girl, aren’t you?” …which….sounds a lot weirder than I realized now that I’m typing it out.


I’m very pleased with my first #witchcasket for January, and I thought I’d do a mini review.

This month is themed around motivation and empowerment for the new year, which I thought was a lovely idea. I also love that the Casket is secular, which makes it useable for all types of magic practitioners. It is beginner-friendly, with correspondences and suggestions for each item, but isn’t overly rigid for more experienced witches.

I really enjoyed that the Casket was colour coded orange in its packaging, to reflect the month’s theme - a very nice touch! Having each item individually wrapped or in bags is pretty and practical too - the bags will be reused as charms, I’m sure, and my anointing oil leaked, but didn’t get over everything!

My favourite items this month have to be the mug, badge, prints and necklace; I’m afraid the soap will have to be gifted to a friend as I can’t stand the smell of clove! Ah well, that’s the chance you take on subscription boxes. Shipping was also super quick, it actually arrived yesterday morning, even though it was 2nd Class to Northern Ireland!

As for constructive criticism, I felt that the box itself could be a bit sturdier. I’m in Northern Ireland, so it had to come oversea, and it got a little squashed. I’m not sure how well it’d hold up going further afield. Also the shredded plastic used for packaging felt at odds with the ethos of the Casket - I’m not sure if it’s recyclable? Either way, it made an awful mess trying to unpack it! Perhaps shredded paper, or cardboard peanuts instead?

Overall I am very happy, I can’t wait to use my mug, and the prints are already pinned above my workspace. Very excited for February! @witchcasket


I don’t know why i did this, i just wanted an excuse

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Yep, you can use them just put credits