and stuying for sat

It's impossible for me to travel through Brooklyn without being angry the entire time.

On foot, by bike, by bus, on the train.

Walking to the hood ass liquor store down the block requires passing the Artisanal Burger Lab recently planted, it’s called “Boeuf & Bun”. White people be all in my liquor store and the hood ass market, since when do white peoples shop at Fine Fare? Since when does it carry organic gluten free crackers, I think the brand is called Pain des Fleurs? What nigga is buying that?

White noise all on my local bus, especially since it’s the one that heads through Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Green Point.

White people are staying on the train LONGER than I am when I’m heading home from the city. Like going closer to New Lots than where I live. They used to get off by the time we left Prospect Heights. Y'all, this means they are taking over the HOOD hood. A lot of them are probably getting off one stop after me, at Utica, which is still Crown Heights, but even still.

And I’m thankful for more bike lanes and racks but we already know why they’re popping up.

Real estate businesses are popping up in highly glossed displays that look out of place on these inner city corners. I keep seeing them. And they usually have beaming whites in them, just so darn happy. I saw a real estate agent and a white girl just now on a stoop of a building in Bed Stuy looking so out of place, she’s probably so excited to be settling this neighborhood.

Aaaaaaand as I’m on the bus at this moment, still v much in bed stuy, a white guy just sat next to me actually. I’m afraid of his leg hair tbh.

It’s like watching a huge foreboding wave come right at you and you’re without any support. The displacement is coming, it’s here. And the crackers are just holly jolly having a good time, walking hand in hand down Nostrand Ave. all smiles. Talking about what a steal chopped cheese is. Not worried about the families that gotta pick up and go from the only homes they’ve ever known. Cause Brooklyn is so cool and look at all these brownstones we can buy and gut and live in with our shades open well into the night while we have our dinner parties.

Park Slope, Fort Green, etc, we lost those decades ago. If it had stopped there I would be alright. But I think we’re gonna lose everything but Canarsie.

tl;dr white people are collectively the fucking devil.