and stunt doubles for the first pic

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First of all, thank you so much for the pics. I think we were all feeling a little thirsty for some new CS bts. I was wondering if there was by any chance you would be able to give a short description of the scene? We know they ride, and he picks her a flower and they kiss. but what order did this go in? If that makes any sense lol. Once again thank you :)

Okay so they first had stunt doubles do the actual riding of the horse from like one side of the park heading towards the garden scene, then as soon as it stops near the garden area, the stunts get off and JMO & Colin gets on the horse, It was kinda cute seeing JMO get on the horse, although we couldn’t see clearly from where they put us. Then they get off the horse and they walk towards the garden, Hook holding her hands…they talk for a bit, Hook gives her a rose and then I see JMo grabbing him by like the collar (at least from what I could see,there was a big white screen in the way so I couldn’t see 100%) and then they kiss.

You’re welcome :)

Is it Felicity or not?

When I first saw that pic floating around my dash, I, too, got very excited. Words like FATE and DESTINY popped into my head. It reminded me of how my path crossed with Hubby’s at least twice before we met.

But something didn’t feel quite right about that woman’s profile. So I started looking for profile pics of EBR. Then I remembered the hospital kiss.

The woman from 3x06 is not Emily Bett Rickards.

HOWEVER, that’s not to say it isn’t Felicity Smoak. Maybe it’s a look alike. Maybe it’s her stunt double. Maybe EBR was off filming something else and they brought this other woman in to play Felicity. Who knows? Maybe they planted this woman to get us in a tizzy, or maybe we’re reading too much into it. I have no idea.

This is a totally separate issue from the possibility of seeing Felicity in the 3x14 flashbacks. It’s still very possible that Oliver will run into her, maybe literally, or he’ll learn of her, or something will happen that will give us that moment of FATE and DESTINY that we crave. I fully believe that. Why else would Trollenheim say he’s looking forward to our reaction?

I just…I needed to know. (I don’t like mysteries.)