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I feel like I need to do another purging of my bookshelves. I have way too many “I bought the first one and liked it but never got around to finishing the series and haven’t thought of it since” books. I just have to decide if I actually want to try and finish them or just get rid of them.

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Do you recommend any other writers (besides Rapmonluv) ?

I suck at reading other people’s stuff.  I have so little time that I’ve ended up with a massive list of stories I want to read and probably only get to actually read once in a rare while.  Aside from my love affair with @rapmonluv, I would recommend @btssmutgalore, @ellieljade, @avveh, @baeseoul, @wildernessuntothemselves, @floralseokjin, @jeonjagiya… um um um… I’m doing this off the top of my head and I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of people.  You can check out my fic recs tag and see what I’ve reblogged or mentioned or other people have mentioned.  

Or you can do what I usually do when I’m looking for something new to read – I go to either @deesficrecs or @ellielsreadinglist and see what they are reading and pic something from there since I generally trust their taste.  

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Hcs of Bren riding Ryan 👀👀👀

I gotchu bb

  • So as much as Ryan really loves fucking Brendon, especially from behind, there’s just something about Brendon riding him that just absolutely drives him insane. Maybe it’s the way Brendon just tosses his head back and will go to town bouncing on Ryan’s cock like it’s nothing, like it’s his favorite thing in the world, maybe it’s how good Brendon feels, how deep he can get inside of Brendon, maybe it’s just everything about it. 
  • Brendon will sometimes play dom when he’s riding Brendon, say stuff like “Oh, you like this? Like me on top? Like me being in charge?” and then he’s flat on his back and Ryan’s fucking into him, hard and snarling about how Brendon will never be in charge
  • Sometimes when Brendon is just hyper as shit, Ryan will have him ride him to burn all of the energy bc he just can’t take another minute of Brendon asking him a million questions only about what if the sun exploded and killed them all. It works too, because after he’s done bouncing like a damn rabbit on Ryan’s cock, Brendon falls asleep pretty much as soon as his head hits the pillow and Ryan can bask in the beautiful quiet
  • When Ryan’s stressed and tired, Brendon will gently push him down onto the bed and slowly strip him down, and then himself, and he’ll put a show on for Ryan by getting himself nice and stretched and then rides Ryan real careful and slow and keeps his eyes on Ryan’s the entire time, whispering soft sweet nothings to his boyfriend and the occasional dirty sentence or two, but mostly he just kisses Ryan while he lifts his hips and lets them fall down gracefully
  • Occasionally when Ryan’s just had it up to here and wants to punish Brendon, he’ll just lay back and make Brendon do every single bit of the work and also won’t let him cum until Ryan has, and Brendon whines and whimpers as he slams down hard onto Ryan trying to get him as deep as possible but it’s just not the same without Ryan thrusting back up to meet him

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hey mina! have u ever considered doing a brief art tutorial for how to draw bodies & stuff? i really love ur art 💘💘

Ah, I have not, but I will give a v short tutorial now with the help of mine and @fiddler-unroofed ‘s bby Theo!!!

Bc I love him and want to show him off :3c

first, I start with a head and neck

Then, I add a collarbone of sorts to decide where the shoulders are

then comes the chest, and I always draw a nice line down the center to hopefully guide me in, well, centering, lmao

Next comes the midsection, which can vary as much as anything else, Theo happens to be wider up top than at his hips, so he looks kinda like a trapezoid?? what is that, an apple shaped body? Dorito shaped? either way, he looks different than say, my Will Roland Jared does, who would be much rounder and softer

Next, arms. Lots of circles to show me where the joints are, v important to me

Erase some bits that were there to guide… (circles, guide llines, etc)

…and add details and clothes over the frame!! And there’s the boy!!

I really hope this is good, and it’s only from the waist up bc I uh, haha, hate how I draw legs?? But I appreciate that you like my art!! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

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So sometimes I work in museums and there's shit I won't touch. That little voice in my head tells me not to mess with that stuff. One time I found an Ouija board with a swastika carved onto the top of it which apparently used to be a thing prior to Nazi appropriation of the symbol but still??? Like??? What??? There was also an effigy doll that my boss refused to photograph by herself because it gave her the creeps. Having photographed it with her, I get it. I couldn't even look it in the eye.

oh my god??? what are these hell museums u work in. why are they so suspicious and disconcerting LMAO

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Headcanon or scenario of s/o saying "hey This is going to sound random. Nothings going on, but you wanna go exploring this planet?" To the paladins

Awww this is so cute!!! I love stuff like this thank you so much for suggesting this


As soon as you set up the proposition, he kinda laughs it off because he wasn’t sure if you were serious or not, but once he finds out you are he falters

Cause since this boy is just super shy about stuff, this would be sort of the beginning of the relationship, so he has to figure out the kinks and to top it all off he’s just a flustered mess around a cute person so there’s so many thought in his head

It takes a lot of persuading, but you manage to convince him and the two of you end up at a nearby planet similar to earth as in it looks like earth is currently going through a sci-fi phase

The two of you spend the evening (not a whole day he’s just Mr. Righteous in the sense that he doesn’t want to leave the team for too long) and when the sun sets, the sky starts to light up like the northern lights so the two of you get to cuddle and watch this beautiful scene with someone equally beautifully


When you ask the question out of the blue, he kinda turns into a Mom over the sheer fact that he’s worried something might happen and he doesn’t want you to get hurt or something stupid like that

“What if there’s an emergency?! We can’t just frolic on an unknown planet when the castle could get attacked!” “You need to take a break!” “…the castles much safer-“ “Keith!”

As stubborn as he is, he can’t say no to you (his ultimate weakness is your puppy eyes but shush you didn’t hear that from me) and he doesn’t want to admit that he’s really enjoying this, especially since you two landed on a planet with long dry grass that rings like bells when you brush your fingertips through it and when the suns shine through your hair just right it’s like a slice of heaven

You two end up going back as often as you can to relive those carefree moments where the only thing you two can think about is peace and love


When you ask Lance, there is not hesitation in his voice he is so ready to take you out and to have some fun and possibly show off a bit he loves this kind of stuff

You manage to find an underwater type of planet (kinda like the mermaid episode) but there’s plants that pulse with light and the water is so thick it’s practically like gelatin but it’s warm and cool at the same time

Lance even found some suits tucked away in his lion so you guys could swim to your hearts content

And even though the scenery is breathtaking, Lance finds himself staring into your eyes the most because they’re so light and beautiful and fill with life that he just can’t believe how lucky he is to be with someone as incredible as you


At first when you offer the idea to him, it’s a hard no, but it also doesn’t take long to convince him it’s a good idea to go. He’s secretly been wanting to do something with you, and just the two of you, for a long time, but he also didn’t want to feel too guilty about leaving the team

Despite him not being a very social and a full extrovert, he manages to enjoy the planet you two landed on. The specific spot that you chose is a busy and populated city full of alien life, and if was anything like an earth city, it would definitely be San Francisco

Since there’s so much life, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, but it’s great because there’s so much food and culture to absorb that he can just enjoy himself and not have to think about a ton of responsibilities and just have fun with an equally fun person

His favorite part is when it looks like that classic couples photo with you holding his hand as you lead him down the busy sidewalk and when you turn around and give him a smile it’s so pure he likes you so so much


When you give her the idea, she tries to play it off Cool even though she is definitely not Cool but it’s still ok because you like her

She says something along the lines of, “it would be good to explore a new planet to learn about the different universe since we have to defend it and it would be good to have a partner because of the buddy system so I guess it’s something we can do” and she’s just such a dork why is Pidge like this

But you guys land on a planet that’s practically like a rain forest and the two of you forget about collecting samples but instead climb the towering trees and stare at lizard like aliens and imitate different alien calls

She just finds you so cute and loves spending time with someone who’s just a straight up nerd but they’re her nerd and it’s everything she could have asked for and more

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What packs are you missing?

I’m missing quite a few. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are uh, Backyard stuff and Kids Room Stuff. x-x;

Edit: And Bowling Night + Fitness Stuff. I can’t even keep up with how much stuff has been released anymore.

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Any life tips you can tell me right off the top of your head? 💚

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Especially if you’re younger, it can feel like everything is a bigger deal than it really is because experience comes with age a lot of the time.

So just take a breath now and then


I love Diego. Diego is very funny. He’s a very cool guy, quite a smartass, and I really appreciate smartasses. He used to make fun of me for the stupid backpack I wore. There were a few situations where I couldn’t [wear the stilts]. [When] I was on a cliffside or running in water and stuff like that, I had to wear this backpack with a telescoping head that came off the top, and it was really stupid looking. And the first time I wore it, it was like the first day we shot in Jordan. And he said [Puts on Diego Luna accent.], “Something terrible has happened. Ever since you put on that backpack, you have depressed the entire crew. It’s very sad.” He just went on about, “Please, for God’s sake, please take it off. For the love of God.” Anytime I put it on, “Everyone respected you just one moment ago. But now, it is evaporated.”

New Alternative Bands You Have to Listen to:

The Amazons 🌿 (new favorite album that isn’t weird electronic shit)
Spring King 👑 (whole album is throwback punk I love it)
Paris Youth Foundation 🗼 (new but amazing)
Blossoms 🌸 (literally every song is a bop)
Catfish and the Bottlemen 🐠 (dance/laugh/cry/get horny = listening to this british band)
Sundara Karma 🌞 (stick your head out the car window and sing at the top of your lungs music)
The Hunna 🌑 (good pop-punk stuff)
The Drums 🥁 (funky/ good guitar riffs/ clap along music)
High Tyde 🌊 (danceable, light indie)
Sjowgren ⭐️ (one of my favorite bands and they only have 5 songs out…)
Coast Modern 🌈 (more electronic indie, lots of bops)
The Shelters 🛤 (EARLY 2000s ALTERNATIVE IS NOT DEAD!!!)
Declan McKenna ☘️ (meaningful, heartfelt lyrics that restores your faith in teenage boys and music)
The Lemon Twigs 🍋 (mix of new indie and 60’s music…it’s interesting but so good)
Made Violent 🔪 (also restores my faith in alternative and punk)
RIVVRS ⚓️ (catchy songs, even greater music videos)
Waterparks 🎡 (if you want new and improved 2017 emo music this is for you)  
The Delta Riggs ⚫️ (the BEST funky alternative)
The Dose 💊 (90’s vibe… it’s good stuff)
Microwave 🎛 (no microwave emoji stop judging me but SUCH an underrated band)
The Orwells 📖 (best thing about this band are the cool unique drum beats in every song)
Moose Blood 🔥 (upbeat, fun alternative)
Circa Waves 🌊 (summer vibes with first album, second album is more rock)
Tobias Jesso Jr 🌓 (more acoustic indie, extreme Beatles vibe)
Diamond Rugs 💎 (fast paced, upbeat alternative that’s going to be stuck in your head all day)
Hippo Campus 🌼 (traditional indie, easy going)

BTS Reaction: Angry Sex.

NSFW! Read at own risk.

Plus, by the way, I am writing about consensual angry sex! 


“Save it - I don’t want to hear your excuses.” You spat at Jin, storming past him in absolute rage. Jin had built up frustration, wanting to bicker back at you, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Instead, he pulled on your arm, tugging you back, and giving you a rough kiss. Jin pushed you up against the wall, the kiss growing more intense.

You knew where this was heading, and you also knew that Jin wasn’t going to go easy on you, but you didn’t mind that one bit.

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“Don’t ever talk to me like that again! I can’t even look at you, Yoongi!” Your face was twisted with anger.

“Won’t you even let me speak for a fucking second?” Yoongi argued back. You turned your back to Yoongi and scoffed. You couldn’t believe something so little made you both erupt into a massive argument. You wanted to apologise, but at the same time, you were too stubborn to do so. And it wasn’t all your fault either, so why couldn’t he apologise first?

You felt Yoongi’s arms wrap around your waist, and pull you forcefully into him. Your back was pressed against his chest, and you had let out a small gasp in shock.

“Say sorry.” Yoongi growled into your ear.


Yoongi dipped his head into the side of your neck, leaving hickeys. You moaned his name, tilting your head so he had more access. You asked for him to touch you, to which he chuckled at your question.

“No. I’m not giving you what you want right away. Beg for me first.”

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“Go sleep on the couch or something. I’m not sleeping in the same bed as a liar.” You said coldly, staring at Namjoon in rage.

“Why do I have to be the one to sleep on the couch? You’re the one being fucking unreasonable!” Namjoon yelled.

“I’m not putting up with this!”

You were about to walk out of your bedroom and just sleep on the couch, when Namjoon pushed you onto the bed. He started to undo his belt, and that was when you realised what was happening. Once Namjoon unbuckled his belt, he postioned his body between your thighs, and leaned down, giving you the most heated and intense kiss you had ever experienced. He pulled away, and you whined, needing more.

“Don’t bother complaining tomorrow that you’re sore - you brought this on yourself.”

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“Hoseok if you really hate me, then just leave!” You yelled, your hands clenching into fists.

“I never said that I hated you! I love you, alright?!” Hoseok retaliated. You groaned in frustration.

“Then fucking act like you do!” You barked back.

You didn’t know what to do, but tear your eyes away from Hoseok’s face as seeing his angered expression outraged you even more. You screwed your eyes shut, soon hearing footsteps approaching you. You opened your eyes immediately to see Hoseok right in front of you. As you was about to scream at him, he pushed you backwards until you could feel your table pressing into the lower of your back.

Hoseok’s lips became attatched to yours, and what usually would of been a slow passionate kiss, was actually aggressive and harsh. Your eyes widened, shocked at the almost demanding kiss the both of you shared. Hoseok pulled away, and lifted you up slightly. You sat on the table.

“So naughty, always getting into trouble with Daddy.”

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“Why are you doing that, Tae?! Why do you always twist my words? I’m sick of it!” You almost screamed. “I. Hate. You!” You yelled, your words laced with malice. Your heart was rapid, averaging at - probably - 100 beats per minute.

Taehyung stayed silent. Honestly, you felt slightly embarrassed at the sudden silence that hung in the air.

Suddenly, Taehyung picked you up, your legs becoming wrapped around his waist. He kissed you, and you could feel the energy the both of you had put into the kiss. It was all out of frustration. Both of your tongues fought for dominance, but in the end, you gave in, letting him win.

He walked the both of you to the bed, not daring to break the kiss. He laid you down on the bed first, then started to remove your top.

“You never seem to learn, do you? I guess I’ll just have to teach you another lesson.”

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“Leave, Jimin. Pack your stuff and get out of my life!” Of course, you didn’t mean a single word you said, but you wanted to say something to get the point across that you were extremely angry. You despised the feeling of anger as it had always got the best of you, and it made you say horrible things just due to the heat of the moment.

Jimin chuckled deeply, and you watched him in disgust.

“You think this is a joke?”

Jimin shook his head. “No, but I think you ought to be taught a lesson.” Jimin replied. “Upstairs. Bed. Now.” He ordered.

You did as he told you, rushing up the stairs to the bedroom, Jimin following closely behind.

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“If you would of just listened to what I said, I wouldn’t of had to keep telling you, Jungkook! Listen for once in your goddamn life! We wouldn’t have been in this fucking mess!” You were outraged, the temptation of wanting to pull your hair out was nearly impossible. You were trembling, feeling anger coursing through your own veins.

“You’re unbelievable!” Jungkook cried.

“That’s rich coming from your mouth, Jungkook.”

Jungkook’s eyes grew darker, but in that moment, you couldn’t of cared less. That was until he had you pushed against the wall, licking his lips and staring straight into your eyes.

“I’d be a good girl from here on now or otherwise, I’m not going to give you what you want. Daddy isn’t happy with you - not one bit.”

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first impressions - peter parker x reader

w/c: 838

warnings: none!!

Could you do a peter x stark!reader where he comes over to get a look around and the ( homeschooled ) reader walks in in a croptop and tony complains like “ you know I don’t like you wearing that shirt bc it’s too ” and she interrupts notrlly caring “ revealing Ik ” and grabs an apple and turns to a nervous peter and says “ sup hot stuff ” and bites it then winks and leaves ? You can finish the rest. Sorry it’s so specific ❤️ 😂

a/n: i got this request ages ago and i really loved it but i just got the motivation to do it so here it is! i hope you all enjoy!

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To say Peter was nervous to visit the Avengers compound was an understatement. Especially because this time he would actually be getting the tour, not just brought in for five minutes to be offered a job as an Avenger. As he rode in the car with Happy on the way there, a million thoughts rushed through his head. What if I break something? What if I go into an area that I shouldn’t go into? What if I accidentally say something rude to one of the Avengers? And then, as if his anxiety couldn’t get any worse, he remembered that Mr. Stark had a daughter that lived at the compound: you.

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Tips for beginning artists?

  • draw a lot. if you dont put in the hours nothing else matters
  • draw what you want not what you think you should. seriously this impacted me so much
  • dont worry about style
  • get good foundations. you cant cartoon/simplify something if you dont understand it in the first place
  • learn about color, be careful how you use pure white and pure black
  • draw in pen, its scary at first but it forces you to consider and plan every line
  • dont worry about making bad art, no one has to see it, i get like 1 okay drawing for every 5-10 i do. just get those bad draws out
  • warm ups are so important! the first hour or two can be discouraging cause everything looks bad, but keep going, the draws get better
BTS REACTION: you wanting to be intimate with them but you’re too shy.


Jin sat awkwardly at the end of the sofa, you at the other end. You both decided to watch movies, but you were acting weird. It wasn’t like you didn’t know each other. He was your boyfriend after all. He just wanted you to be closer, even if it was just a tad closer. he cleared his throat, trying to earn a response from you.


he frowned. 

“y/n?” he asked. You looked over, meeting his sweet eyes.

“You’re a little far…” he said. You immediately became shy, cheeks turning a beat red color. 

“I-i..” you stuttered. A concerned look grew onto his face, and he pushed some of your hair out of your face, bringing you a little closer to him. Despite what you thought, his touch was comforting.

“You what jagi..” he whispered.

“Well.. you’re my first real relationship.. so I don’t.. I’m awkward when it comes to this stuff.. I wanna be close to you.. I just don’t know how? If that makes sense? It doesn’t..” you rambled. A soft smile formed on his lips.

“it makes perfect sense.. we’ll take it slow.. okay?” he asked. You nodded slowly. He sat back, putting his arm on the top of the sofa. You sat close to him, laying your head on his chest, earning a smile from Jin. 

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Suga wasn’t the most affectionate person. Yes he kissed you, and held you’re hand. But that was about it. It was actually odd. But you didn’t mind because you weren’t used to being close to another person. You usually got irked by other people, which is probably why Yoongi liked you so much. He told you he was gonna drop by, but you didn’t know when that was gonna be. He was in the studio, and when it came to nights like that, you usually didn’t hear from him. You left a key for him under the mat, and began drifting off to sleep when you heard your door open. You looked up and saw a very sleepy yoongi at about 3 am.”

“baby?” you whispered. No response. He walked over to your bed, almost zombie like.

“yoongi..” you said. He laid in bed, pulling you close to him, and laying on your chest. He cuddled you, so he was close you. You tensed up, but eventually relaxed and got into the motions, running your fingers through his hair.

“i’ve had a long day..” he whispered.

“tell me about it..” you said. He began filling you in, making it an almost perfect night. While you grew comfortable, he felt content, because he knew he had broken through your hard exterior some how.

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J Hope

He was always confused. Every time he tried pulling you close, or kissing you when you two were in his room, you would shy away. You could tell he was confused, and decided to finally tell him how you felt. A confused look grew onto his face.

“That’s all? Jagiiiii” he teased. You groaned, swatting him away. He pulled you clsoe to him, kissing your face.

“That is absolutely pure and innocent I love it.. but you need to be comfortable with me.. I’m not going anywhere” he said. A smile grew onto your face.

“okay okay..” you said.

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Rap Monster

He loved every part of you. He literally would love to just softly stroke your hand, or softly touch your cheek, just to simply see your cheeks flush. You were a piece of art that he loved to admire. But you never liked to be intimate with him, which was insanely concerning. One night, you bother sat in the studio and he sighed, sitting back. He felt flustered and confused. You could see him getting frustrated. He was tired, and overworked. 

“baby?” you whispered. 

“hmm” he replied, rubbing his templed.

“are you okay?” you asked.

“no.. baby i’m not” he said.

“can I help with anything?” you asked. 

“Can you just come sit on my lap please.. I just wanna hold you..” he said, looking over at you. Your cheeks lit up.

“i-i.. I meant like a water or something..” you stuttered. He sighed, looking at his computer. 

“Right.. I’m fine.” he mumbled. You immediately felt bad.

“joon…” you whispered, walking over to him. 

“no y/n it’s fine..” he mumbled. 

“i’m.. just not as experienced or anything.. you know you’re my first serious relationship.. I’m not used to doing things like that..” you whispered. You knew at time you were absolutely ridiculous and distant from him. He had every right to be upset. But guilt struck him. He had completely forgotten about that. 

“it’s okay baby..” he whispered, softly kissing your hand. You shyly made your way around him, sitting on his lap. All the tension in his body seemed to evaporate. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing his head to your chest, and softly made circles in his hair. 

“i’m just tired..” he whispered.

“I know..”

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Jimin planned a whole candle lit picnic to celebrate your month of being together. It was the sweetest gesture that anyone could’ve possibly done for you. After dinner, you sat across from him feeling fully of glee. 

“Thank you for everything Jimin..” you said. He smiled at you. 

“anything for you.. can I have a kiss?” he asked. Your cheeks immediately heated up. You were still insanely shy with Jimin, simply because he was well….


“y/n?” he asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“I.. um..” you stuttered and he gave you a small smile.

“I just.. Jimin you’re so.. yoouuuuuuu. You make me nervous..” you groaned, causing him to chuckle. 

“stop.. I’m normal.. you know me.. you don’t have to be shy with me” he said. You smiled softly, moving closer to him. 

“I don’t?” you asked. He shook his head, bringing his face closer to yours.

“nope.” he whispered. You closed the space between the two of you, by placing your plump lips against his. 

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Thunder roared from outside your window. You jumped slightly, causing your boyfriend concern. 

“jagiyaa? you okay?” he asked. You nodded, immediately lying to your boyfriend. You knew if you said you were scared, he would wanna cuddle you which terrified you. You wanted to cuddle with him, but you were genuinely scared to simply because of how inexperienced you were. 

“you’re lying” he said. You ran your fingers through your hair uncomfortably. 

“jagi come here.” he cooed, immediately pulling you close to him. You seemed o relax, causing him to smile. 

“see..” he said, kissing your temple. 

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Jungkook was shy, everyone knew that. But the only exception was you. He was the one to always initiate kisses with you, and cuddles. You were always insanely shy around him. 

“why are you so shy around me?” he asked out of the blue. Your cheeks heated up, and you took a deep breath.

“my ex wasn’t so kind to my kookie.. He was always harsh and cold to me.. so I just assumed everyone was like that… I’m experienced in a way honestly..” you whispered. Kookie’s jaw dropped and he pulled you to him.

“i would never do that to you.” he cooed

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lia  ♡

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Hey! What type of girls do you think Sol76, Genji, McCree or Hanzo like?

Just a note before - this is in no way meant to “body shame” anyone, you’re all handsome and beautiful and this is just what I think, you might have a different opinion and that’s okay!

Soldier 76:

  • Lowkey digs the more ‘toned’ girls
  • Someone who’s confident but not an asshole about it or towards other people
  • He’s a little forgetful so he needs someone to remind him to do stuff every now and again
  • A girl who’s willing to train with him, he sees this as bonding and that you’re taking an interest in you
  • You can’t expect any special treatment in training though, but if he pushes you too hard, he’ll make it up to you later


  • He likes smaller girls, someone he can pick up and “throw around” almost. It’s cute how he can just rest his head on top of yours
  • What he loves most is that your main goal in life is to make people happy then that’s all he needs
  • Your killer taste in music as well, he likes listening to you sing and [try to] write your own stuff
  • “Sweet in the streets but freak in the sheets” kind of girl
  • A good listener - someone who’s willing to listen when he’s venting


  • mmmmmmm thICC as F UC K
  • He just loves the chub, he can’t enough of it. He likes having something to cuddle up to.
  • This will result in nicknames like “Squish” which you absolutely adore
  • He’ll fall for your voice and smile - you could have the loudest and most bizarre laugh and his heart will skip a beat every time he hears it
  • Kinda wants a girl who’s clingy, he loves being able to fill your needs and play the hero all the time


  • Tends to go for the more shy and timid girls
  • Someone who it might take a while to get to know, he likes learning new things about you all the time
  • A girl who’s kind of independent but doesn’t mind affection every now and again
  • He likes a girl who’s into the artsy things and maybe sometime you can teach each other like he’ll teach you meditation.
  • Just someone who can appreciate the little things in life
Things exo have said/done:

When they outed Tao for taking his laptop into the bathroom ;)

When Sehun didn’t get the dick joke whilst Kai was laughing his ass off

Lay called Luhan a cheap man

Lay called Suho a lady

Lay talked about cooking penis

Lays just a savage

Chen said he has 19 plus thoughts

Chanyeol said the word ‘shit’ and acted like he just accidently ended the world

Luhan used innuendos to make people know that he horny af (almost as horny as me)

When Tao said ’ I don’t give a shit’

When Tao said ‘Snapchat me that pussy"

Sehun tried to consume his drink through his nose

When the alarm went off in the shop whilst Suho was changing so he shouted that he wasnt stealing it “I’m Exo Suho”

Baekhyun got dragged off a stage by not only Chen and Lay but also by staff

When Kris leant against the barrier at the airport and stumbled backwards

When Xiumin smacked himself in the face with a toy

When Sehun tripped during the Monster stage

When Lay screamed bc of birds

When Xiumin also screamed bc of birds

When Tao turns into 007 when a bug gets close

When Chen tried to drink his microphone rather than his water

When Kai applied nail polish to his lips & cried

When Suho hid in a closet to scare Kai with a siren and failed

When D.O asked if everyones DNA was different

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Do you know any fics where stiles and Derek are totally dating but they don't realize it but everyone else does

OOooo fun! - Anastasia

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Is It Cool if I Hold Your Hand? by HalfFizzbin

(1/1 I 1,343 I General)

“So,” says Sheriff Stilinski, raising one eyebrow. “You decided not to play video games at Scott’s, after all?”

“Uh,” Stiles says. His eyes are wide and caught-out, and he’s got his arms wrapped around two giant tubs of popcorn. Beside him, Derek Hale—the same Derek Hale that the Sheriff last saw in his interrogation room—is handing a $20 bill to the cashier and clearly trying to appear as casual as possible. He fumbles the change three times before he gets it into his pocket, though, so it’s a lost cause.

Accident (Waiting to Happen) by Jerakeen

(1/1 I 1,247 I Teen)

“You’re just jealous of our friendship,” Stiles says cattily, butting the top of his head more firmly into Derek’s armpit.

“Right,” Scott says, putting his jacket on. “I’m jealous that I don’t get to snuggle on the couch with the two of you.”

“Obviously,” Stiles agrees.

The Catch by sir_yessir

(1/1 I 1,901 I  Teen)

“You know,” Stiles jokes (because if he has any kind of a superpower, it’s the power to make an awkward situation way more awkward) “If we keep doing stuff like this people are going to think we’re dating.” In which Stiles learns that he’s really super oblivious (but to be fair, Derek is also too subtle for his own good).

Welcome to Rosie’s Diner can I interest you in an eye-opener? by crossroadswrite

(1/1 I 1,999 I Teen)

When the unfairly attractive couple walks in, at their usual hour, Kat starts humming the wedding march.

Jason elbows her sharply in the ribs, trying to hide his snicker even as he waves nicely at them.

“Fuck they’re so pretty,” he sighs mournfully, “why did they have to be a couple, that’s just unfair.”

“I know,” she commiserates.

(Or: The one where Stiles and Derek are regulars at Rosie’s diner and exactly zero of the employees believe they’re not actually a couple, I mean come on look at them.)

Stiles is the Stupidest Person on This Side of The Milky Way by TenSpencerRiedPlease

(1/1 I 5,619 I Not Rated)

“Aren’t you at least the least bit curious why everyone keeps asking if you are dating?” Lydia asks.

“No, why?” he says, mostly to be an ass. He didn’t actually care why people thought he was dating Derek.

“Oh my god.” Lydia says taking a shallow breath, rubbing her temples as if she had just gotten the world’s worst brain freeze. “You are the stupidest person in on this side of the milky way,” she says, sighing deeply.

Lunches, Knitting and Definitely Not Dating by noxlunate

(1/1 I 10,107 I Teen)

“So, I uh, managed to get myself pregnant.”

“You what?!

“Got myself pregnant. Y’know, up the duff, knocked up, a bun in the oven, in a family way, eating for two, with child. I could go on Dad, really, stop me before I exhaust the list of pregnancy euphemisms. There’s still caught an 18 year STD, my eggo is preggo, building a person-“


“Hosting a parasite, harboring a fugitive-“

hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)