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So uh. Keith and Hunk yeah? Y’all ever notice how they both have crop top jackets with popped up collars. Huh.

And wow ah look at that….they also both have fingerless gloves and not one, but TWO fanny packs on their hips. Interesting.

And wow, look at here, their shoes have some uh…very similar designs. A lot of white with that black running down the front middle. Very nice.

Now, I’m not saying this means much but…. I am saying they have similar tastes when it comes to fashion. Interesting…. yeah?

top 10 fics of 2016

okay i was tagged in two versions of this tag and i’m going to do both in one post i think? because i’m lazy and also because i don’t want to have two separate top 10 fics posts

i was tagged by @diggs4life and @daveeddiggsit to post the top ten fics that i wrote this year and here’s that list:

1. ruby woo part three (daveed x rafa x reader//smut)

2. unseasonable (daveed x reader//angst)

3. versace on the floor (daveed x reader//smut)

4. needed me (lin x reader//smut)

5. ruby woo part one (daveed x reader//smut)

6. like i would part two (thomas jefferson x reader//angst)

7. silver rivers (daveed x reader//smut)

8. truth (daveed x reader//smut)

9. wildfire part two (daveed x reader//smut)

10. diametrically opposed (alexander hamilton x reader//angst? smut? drama? i don’t know fam)

and i was tagged by @manuelmiranduh for a list of the top ten fics i read in 2016 so here’s that, in no particular order because i love them all a lot and also there were a lot that i loved that i couldn’t include and there was a rule that i was only supposed to do one fic per author but i broke it i’m s O R R Y:

- you’ve always hoped to experience domination (daveed x reader) @diggs4life

- it won’t happen with no waiting (oak x reader x daveed) @diggs4life masterlist

- still hurting (lin x reader) @manuelmiranduh

- street cred (daveed x reader) @manuelmiranduh masterlist

- i’ll be here (john laurens x reader, series, part 1 & part 2) @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait

- let it burn (hercules x reader) @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait masterlist

- vegas (daveed x reader, series) @daveeddiggsit

- change (daveed x reader) @daveeddiggsit masterlist

- kid (rafa x reader) @hamimagines masterlist

- closer (daveed x reader, series, part 1 & part 2) @gratitudejoyandsorrow masterlist


i tag anyone i tagged already that hasn’t done these tags thank u i have no more brain cells this is so much typing