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  • You’re the Cas to my Dean,
  • The Dan to my Phil,
  • The Fred to my George,
  • The Nico to my Will.
  • You’re the chemical to my romance,
  • The fall out to my boy,
  • The panic at my disco,
  • All of my joy.
  • Your eyes are the sea,
  • Your hair is the sand,
  • You are my ocean,
  • I am your land.
  • You are the sun,
  • The stars in the sky,
  • The whispers in the breeze,
  • The moon in your eye.
  • You’re the Gerard to my Frank,
  • The Sherlock to my John,
  • The Eleven to my Amy,
  • You’re my only one.
ships bc 5sos is stoopid

i think i just always have 5sos feels, sometimes more than usual


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