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Judge Dredd, but written by Dr. Suess.

I will judge them with a boom.
I will judge them on a zoom.
I will judge them as they run.
I will judge them with a gun.
I will judge them in a block.
I will judge them with a rock.
I will judge them here or there.
I will judge them anywhere!

I do not like
Mean perps and creeps.
I do not like them,
Y’got that, Tweak?

Imagine if in The Avengers 2, at one point Steve is surrounded by enemies, and so are all the other avengers and it’s clear to Steve that he’s not gonna be walking away from this.

All of a sudden, they all start falling around him faster than any of them can realize what’s going on.

Steve looks up at a nearby building and just sees


I got a new sketchbook, so here’s some of my recent doodles!!

Click for captions

Art by me

Please don’t use without my permission


When 7 year old Daniel went on a easter egg hunt he noticed he was missing his bunny ears. He began to try and search for them but as a result lost his tracks. It was then when he met a 12 year old boy named Phil. 

late easter art? inspired highly by the newest easter nest video. the colors were amazing and I loved drawing this so much. child! phan is rly my guilty pleasure pfft Also phil with his still ginger hair coz idk if he’d dye his hair when he was 12? hm 

“Us worse gems stick together, right?”
“That’s why we’re the best.”

A sketch of Steven & Amethyst I did when Smoky Quartz was revelead, never got around to finish it. But oh boy I got so emotional over their relationship and I love Smoky, definitely one of my fav fusions. ;w; (I’ll draw them, too, some day)

Don’t tag as any (romantic) ship name, pls

So uh. Keith and Hunk yeah? Y’all ever notice how they both have crop top jackets with popped up collars. Huh.

And wow ah look at that….they also both have fingerless gloves and not one, but TWO fanny packs on their hips. Interesting.

And wow, look at here, their shoes have some uh…very similar designs. A lot of white with that black running down the front middle. Very nice.

Now, I’m not saying this means much but…. I am saying they have similar tastes when it comes to fashion. Interesting…. yeah?