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Van die mensen die gewoon zulke pure en lieve dingen zeggen. Van die simpele, pure, lieve dingen. Ik wil echt van die mensen houden tot ik erbij neer val. Ik wil ze in mijn broekzak stoppen zodat ik ze altijd bij me heb. De woorden die ze zeggen wil ik verzamelen in een pot met het deksel er heel strak op. 

How Can That Be (1/?) [Ft. Reader x Hulk x The Avengers]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

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This wasn’t planned but it happened. Bruce had “Hulked Out” and was destroying Tony’s lab, he had been working with Tony for months on a new project. However during a test run of a new Iron Man suit accessory it had malfunctioned. When Tony turned on the accessory it spun around firing little energy bean bullets around the lab. One of the E-Bullets (Tony’s name for the new accessory) wound up hitting Bruce’s face, which in turn caused Bruce to “Hulk Out”.

Acting quickly Tony ran to his ‘Iron Man’ suit and began flying around the lab trying to keep the Hulk contained in the lab. Hoping that maybe just maybe Hulk would calm down and not run around the tower destroying everything in his path. Tony felt bad about the current situation, he knew how much Bruce hated to become the Hulk and he hadn’t had an episode in two months and now because of a stupid mishap an episode occurred.  

Hulk was smashing various objects in the lab, he was breathing heavily and growling. Tony had to bob and weave around in the air to prevent the flying objects the Hulk threw from hitting him. Tony was thankful that he put away all of the really expensive/heavy equipment before he and Bruce began working.

“This was such a bad idea, I shouldn’t have tested it today,” Tony thought to himself. A new Avenger was arriving today, not knowing much about her or her abilities he aided on the side of caution and he decided that he should alert the others to the current situation. Calling out to F.R.I.D.A.Y he asked her to patch him through to the others.

Upstairs you were being shown around the tower by the other Avengers. Your abilities were still somewhat of a mystery. You knew you could move objects with your mind but you hadn’t mastered it. You were also able to see what others saw through their own eyes, but that was it. You felt like you could do more but you weren’t sure how to go about improving your powers.

“This is the kitchen, over there is the living room and to the right-“Steve wasn’t able to finish his sentence due to a voice cutting him off.

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Imagine:Robert making  you jealouse. Only for you to confess your feelings to Sebastian.

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You: you wouldn’t. 

Robert: oh yeah try me. 


You: umm… Seb can I talk to you?

Sebastian: Yeah, what’s up?

You: um well you see there is this someone that um.. …likes you but they are too shy to tell you…

Sebastian: oh really and who would that be. 

You: someone you know very well.

Sebastian: well you can tell this “someone” that I like them too.

You:*shocked* Y-You do?

Sebastian: *kisses you* Yes for a long time now. So how about I take this ‘someone” on a date?

You: they would love that.

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  • Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk? 

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- Drama Queens [Ft. Sam]  - ON HOLD

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het is weer zo'n zondagavond waar niets mee zit.
alles wankelt onder de bevende grond van stress en verwachting.
zo moe, maar geen zin om te slapen.
Als ik straks wakker word is er weer die maandagochtend, waar alles valt op de bevende grond van stress en verwachting, van school en teleurstelling.
dan is het weer zo'n maandagochtend waar niets mee zit en alles gewoon niet gaat.
—  ik heb hier geen zin meer in

Ironpanther because I can totally see it!!

They’d bond over tech and their suits and bounce ideas off of each other on how to improve each other’s projects.

They become so smitten by the other. Tony trying not to be obvious with his attraction but failing when he takes every opportunity be near T'challa and any excuse to touch him.

And T'challa fighting his arousal when Tony is explaining the theory of a solution becasue Tony just comes alive; it is spellbinding.

They dance around each other for a while, until finally, T'challa decides, it is not kingly to be pining when they obviously feel the same and makes a move.

T'challa sets out to woo Tony. He does so with Wakandan tech. With an encoded Wakandan tablet. He’d give Tony the most minuscule hint on how to crack it.

Tony takes it like a gleeful child with a new toy. He both loves and hates the tablet because it takes him YEARS (one week, he’s a drama queen we all know this) to hack into it. When he does, a message immediately appears on the screen:

Tony, if you’re so inclined, I would love it, if you’d do me the honor of accepting a date with me?


And Tony wants to laugh and make light of this but he can’t. He’s so damn impressed by this gesture that he becomes even more attracted than he already was to this man. He can do nothing less than gladly accept.

And then after a million and one dates, they get married. Rhodey cries tears of joy because he can now call Tony, Queen Stank, for the rest of their natural lives!!! What is even wrong with me lol

Lief klein meisje

Dag lief mooi meisje in de trein,
Je bent nu nog zo zorgeloos en zo klein.
Ik bedenk me dat jij straks zal uitbloeien tot een mooie, zelfstandige bloem,
maar tegelijkertijd ben ik bang voor wat de wereld jou (aan) gaat doen.
Nu nog zo zorgeloos, lachend en blij;
Ik hoop dat dit blijven zal,
Liefs mij.

Ze schrijven ‘goed bezig’ op mijn rapport maar ben ik dat wel, ‘goed bezig’? Ben ik 'goed bezig’ als ik een hele nacht doorleer om toch maar weer een 17,5/18 te halen op die ene toets ( ik haal immers altijd boven de 95 op bio), om dan de volgende dag weer uitgeput achter mijn bureau te kruipen voor het volgende vak.Ben ik 'goed bezig’ als ik ’s middags niet met mijn vrienden ga eten omdat ik nog even wil herhalen voor die toets van straks. Mijn punten waren lang het enige waar ik controle over had in mijn leven en nu ben ik de controle kwijt.
En ik hield echt van leren, maar ik haat school. Ik haat de stress die het me dagelijks bezorgt en de leerkracht die me vraagt of 'ik wel moeite moet doen voor de punten die ik haal’. Ik haat school zo hard maar ik haat vooral mezelf.