and stop tagging ppl in this

can u believe that some ppl hear the term “queer community” and automatically assumes it includes people who don’t identify as queer and so therefore is Problematic™ even though it LITERALLY only includes people who self identify as queer and absolutely does not include people who dont ID as queer like….. yah we know not everyone likes/wants to ID as queer so obviously the queer community isnt for you lmao just dont try to take it from those of us who DO identify as queer


The cast and producers of BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Escape the Room at New York Comic Con ~

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

dumbledore: i just dont have the strength to stay away from you anymore gelert

grindelwald: good….. i dont want you to albus 

Can ppl PLS learn the difference between something showing up in the tags and showing up in the search, and stop giving other ppl shit for just saying the name of the thing they’re complaining about as if they personally set out to upset you.

ur worrying ppl teru

pls stop teru

KNK as Exam-Takers

A/N: I stole this idea from @ncttrashaf
There’s so few things for KNK… tho they already took an exam once, I still felt like making this…
[I’m making this just for fun, I have easy exams tomorrow, so I was bored]
Good luck on exams if you have any!


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*has no clue what he’s doing*


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*whines and groans about the exam; a little rude to the teacher, loathing life- slightly emo*
“You said it was 50 questions, not 65.”


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*doesn’t know the answers, but has a great time bubbling in a cute design on his answer sheet, covering his paper protectively, laughing to himself*


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*has properly studied and reviewed the material, is well rested and ate a nutritious breakfast; judges everyone whining about the exam in disappointment*
“We learned this last year.”


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*casually cheats as he is left with no other option*

Notice how hard the antis are trying to “friendzone” sheith in our own tags and etc over one lil line from Keith that we all know doesn’t mean they are legit brothers? But just family and even more?

Yeah, I’m laughing at their pettiness too guys. They are desperate over the whole fact we had moments in nearly every episode, that Shiro accepts Keith as half-Galra, and it’s canon that Keith’s greatest hope is Shiro while his biggest fear is losing him.

Not Voltron. Not the other paladins. Not even finding out the secrets to his past. And not even Earth or the damn universe.

It’s Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane is Keith Kogane’s one and only weakness AND HIS ULTIMATE STRENGTH!

Man, they are LOADING US with tons of tropes in one omfg. I expect some implied sun and moon; light and dark; so on and etc references from them now.

Thank you Lion Goddess and Voltron and like idk Zarkon? For making Sheith legit real and for giving us tons of romantic tropes into one great package known as sheith.


the dark room, a karaoke lounge open late all days of the week; scout and her group visit frequently (because they’re geeks), tonight the girls sang the yuri on ice theme song 4 times in a row until kai begged them to stop

Bullshit claims that need to go away because anyone making them is full of crap:

- talking about being ace/aro with someone other than a Partner ™ is TMI (honestly anyone making this claim is despicable)

- most aces+aros on tumblr or in general have about Every Privilege Imaginable (like plz what the hell even)

- being ace/aro is not a legit orientation, they only get be modifiers (no)

- putting negative shit into a-spec positivity tags is somehow acceptable and justifiable (bc I guess the ppl who need those tags are Evil. Like honestly you hate us don’t try to claim otherwise)

- conservatives think aces are great and see us as “pure” (just no. no. stop)

- treating aces and aros like literal dirt is acceptable bc of problems within the ace and aro communities (an idea no doubt tied to most of the above stuff)

Keeping this short for now, but might add more when I have time.

But honestly just the fact that a lot of ppl have pulled the crap in this list is vile

the rest of yall: he killed innocent black ppl and he said he didnt care he believes in white supremacy theres photos around of him with a confederate flag like jesus christ the confederates owned black ppl as slaves lmao.

so like when will the ppl who fetishize him and fangirl over him/idolize him/call him a cinnamon roll uwu uwu like….stop? he’s an ugly racist murderer he doesn’t give a shit that he killed them. 

but for real why are there people actually mad that sportrobbie is a thing lol. is it cheesy and corny? yes, because lazytown is cheesy and corny. but it’s totally harmless? it’s two adult characters it’s perfectly fine…and a lot of us subconsciously shipped it back in the day anyways. I know lazytown was like 2-3 seasons in when I first started learning about slash in elementary school and then I started obsessing over every time Robbie ended up in sportacus’ arms lmao

but yeah. sportarobbie isn’t hurting anyone let ppl have their fun and stop posting hate in the tag

please stop….. tagging my jewish religious poetry…….. as ‘#christianity’………….. please ??? i specifically have tagged my religious poetry as ‘#jewish poetry’ for a reason, my religious poetry has Nothing to do with christianity and i am very tired of my judaism being ignored just because it’s the norm.

if you are christian, you are definitely allowed to like and even identify with my poetry!! in fact, nothing would make me happier, especially since we share part of the same bible. please don’t think i’m trying to exclude you from anything, you are 100% allowed to interact with me & my work.

but don’t erase my judaism. my judaism and my art are inextricably entwined, most importantly when it comes to my religious poems. 

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