and stop procrastinating and do the dishes

are you familiar with the feeling of oh-my-holy-moly-my-life-is-a-complete-mess? me too fam. but now, it’s time for change. It’s time to get our shit together and here are some tips to get started.

note : this is just a beginning guide; which only includes 1/100 of the tips to get you life together. I’ll probably make a part two if this is helpful?

1. do not procrastinate.

sounds crazy? but honestly, just don’t. procrastination leads to stress and anxiety and helps you lose your shit.

but, how do we not procrastinate?

  • ‌get things done early. remember that sheet of paper your professor gave around in class having the list of all the assignments to be done that semester? yes, do that work months before if you have time.
  • do your homework the day it’s given. (no watching tv before you do)
  • ‌study in the time you’re actually studying. don’t go on your phone half the time. If you’re doing that, you may as well put your books away.

‌other resources -

2. become the master of  “fake productivity”

fake productivity is basically when you do mechanical work (i.e. stuff which doesn’t require much brainpower) to get into the real “productivity” zone. it helps you brain prepare for the big task ahead. here are some things to do -

  • make your bed
  • do the dishes/laundry
  • clean your room (i know it’s messy yo)
  • get your closet together
  • empty your inbox (be it gmail or tumblr)
  • do a smol workout?
  • make a to-do list/ organize you calendar
  • do a easiest or the most enjoyable task off your to-do list

3. plan, plan and plan

your planner/bullet journal should be your best friend. plan those essays you got to write, that research paper you have to do, down to the time you need to go out for dinner with friends. Plan. Every. Single. Thing. I. Really. Mean. It.

+ and follow up with those plans!! you have already wasted a lot of time on planning, you hAVE to follow up with that planning, right?

4. wake up early

why?  waking up early gives you the time to do things slowly and carefully so that you get it perfect in one go and your life isn’t a complete disastrous mess.

how to wake up early? i got you.

5. have a healthy lifestyle

an example -

x wakes up at 7 am every morning, goes for a short run to wake herself up and comes back to have hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, slices of bread and a mug of steaming hot tea. she starts on her work after that, doing it without stressing about it. Then, after a nice hot bath and a delicious lunch, she goes out to a cafe to work on her online classes and to hang out with her friends. coming back home, she does a quick workout, takes a shower and heads off to make dinner. Having an early dinner, she spends the remaining few hours relaxing, drafting blog posts and spending time with her dog. at 10 pm everyday, she heads off to her bed, looking forward to a glorious tomorrow.

..sounds like a fairy-tale, right? you can definitely live it though.

In general, your day should have the following stuff  -

  • ‌sufficient hours of work using which you can get all your work done
  • ‌a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (yep, no skipping meals)
  • ‌a workout, generally of 15 - 30 minutes at the least
  • ‌interaction with people, like hanging out with friends or family
  • ‌sufficient sleep and resting time (preferably 8 hours of sleep)
  • ‌a fixed routine consisting of you waking and sleeping at fixed time
  • ‌a ‘me’ time at some point of the day where you don’t worry about work or anything and focus on relaxing after a long day.

6. believing that coffee sucks

why? its basically a drug and if you need three cups of it just to get started on work, you’re going to have a really hard time during finals.

Instead, get enough sleep so that you have enough energy to study without being a coffee addict. or you can even swap coffee for water. (hey, you’ll be more hydrated!)
side note - a cup of coffee per day is okay though. I love coffee too and I totally feel you but don’t overdose on it, okay love?

some extra things to know about -

  • ‌have a companion to keep you accountable at the start.
  • ‌do have a laid-back day once in a while, you’re human after all.
  • balance work and play. reward yourself for shit done.
  • keep track of your spending, earnings, investments, etc.
  • stop being a perfectionist. seriously, you dont need to rewrite all those notes, trust me (comes from a was-a-perfectionist-kind-of-still-am-but-trying-not-to-be perfectionist)
  • ‌don’t stress yourself out. getting your shit together is a journey and not a result.
  • remember, change will come. yes, it will; but only if you take action. start now.

also, on a side note - and this might seem very ironic, but sometimes you don’t have to have your shit together. life is always a mess and trust me when I say this, no one - yes no one - has their shit together and sometimes it’s worth it to lead a messy life and enjoy it without having any fixed rules and regulations like you would have if you wanted that perfect life. enjoy the life you lead and stay wonderful, loves!

- ̗̀   the adulting 101 series   ̖́-        

part one : kicking a rut

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A “Just Because” Gift -- Kim Junmyeon ❤

contains: 440 words / fluff / pillows / selcas / waiting

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Gifts from:
Minseok // Junmyeon // Yixing
Baekhyun // Jongdae // Chanyeol
Kyungsoo // Jongin // Sehun

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His plane was gone now, and you’d just have to wait for him to come back.  It would be a long two weeks, with very few opportunities for phone calls or Skype sessions longer than five minutes.  You weren’t sure what to do with yourself, even though you knew you had plenty of your own work to do, errands to run, and projects to finish.

You got home, kicked off your shoes, and decided, instead of working, that you’d take a nap.  Perhaps if you hibernated through the next two weeks, then it would seem like you and Junmyeon were never even apart.  You pretended for a moment like that would be possible, to just skip two weeks of your life so that when you woke up, Junmyeon would be hovering over you from his side of the bed, waking you up with “I’m back, let’s snuggle all morning” kisses.

But you had your own work to do while he was away filming, you couldn’t sleep the entire time.  Although, maybe you would get it all done faster with him gone, because normally you would take a lot of breaks for Junmyeon-related activities.  Too often you’d procrastinated a project on the couch, reading next to him, or hitting him with a book when he wouldn’t stop being silly, or cooking together and laughing at how poorly the dish turned out before giving up and going to a restaurant.

You sighed, trying once again to mentally prepare for the weeks ahead.  The nap would definitely help.

But when you got to your bedroom, you were surprised to find a small, wrapped box on your bed, nestled between your white and brown throw pillows.  This hadn’t been here earlier; you hadn’t even made your bed that morning!

You tugged off the blue ribbon and opened the box, revealing a gift card to the local bookshop and a handwritten note: “I hope the books you buy with this will sustain you until we see each other again.  Love, Junmyeon.”

You grinned, suddenly energized, and put your shoes back on.  You took a selca with the gift card on your way to the bookshop and sent it to him with a thank you text: “More photos to come when I decide what to buy!  Love you :)”  He would have a flood of photos coming to his phone from you as soon as he got off the plane, and you were excited for the moment you would hear from him again.  His replies would be rare, but you had a lot of reading to could do while you waited for him!

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SO HERE’S MY CONTRIBUTION to the greasykeith tag bc be the positive change you wanna see in the world and all that. I hope this formats alright my browser is kinda weird with formatting long posts

–Okay so like….. you know how some kids are obsessed with trains/planes/automobiles (haha good movie)???? That was Keith with spaceships he thought they were THE COOLEST he was obsessed with them

–That ended up being the main reason he went to the Garrison/space because it became a huge passion of his (that’s why he’s got posters n shit all over his wall, and a hoverbike)

–The kid who would stand up for kids being bullied by telling the bully to stop, and if the bully didn’t comply, punching the bully in the nose. He’s gotten several lectures from teachers about how he “did the right thing for standing up for someone but fighting violence with violence is never okay blah blah blah” which he’s never really paid attention to.

–He’s actually pretty organized as far as teens go but that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to procrastinate doing the dishes a little longer…. like yeah maybe he SHOULD but GET THIS he found some plastic forks in the back of the pantry and he’s got hubris to spare buddy

–Owns at least 15 bandanas

–His ideal night would be spent watching murder documentaries and eating Doritos straight from the bag, then drinking three bottles of water “to balance out the Doritos”.

–Once ate a sage leaf directly off of the plant just to see what it would taste like (answer: Not Good)

–His favorite movie is Back To The Future 3 

–Practices cool sword tricks in the mirror when no one is around

–His ringtone is still the default because he can’t be bothered to change it

–Still uses a flip phone

–When he was at the Garrison he covered the carpeted floor with towels and old t shirts bc like who even knows what’s in those things

–Shops exclusively at thrift stores

–His skin is HELLA DRY and he used to put hand lotion on his face just for sweet relief from how crusty it felt

–Also has rosacea, which mainly flares up when it’s hot/he’s exercising. It also happens if he gets frustrated or embarrassed so if he feels like he’s done something wrong or if he’s getting in a heated argument he tends to subconsciously cover his face because he’s kind of insecure about it

–Listens to his beautiful boyfriend Lance rant about his skincare hyperfixation but also cries internally because he has NO idea what Lance is talking about

Countries and their bad habits:


Germany: Cracking your knuckles.

Italy: Speeding(literally saw this and it’s just. Italy no. Italy stop.).

Japan: Excessive salt.

Romano: Complaining/being unfriendly/swearing/emotional eating. (My poor Roma).

Prussia: NOT PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM THE SUN. (I headcanon so hard that this albino ass never wears sunscreen even tho he burns like a fuckin’ idek but oh mein Gott Prussia just put on some damn sunblock).

Austria: Eating cookies every damn day(omg why is this a bad habit, like I get it but why cookies? And why is it worded so angerly?) Putting dishes in the sink and not washing them.

Hungary: Eveasdropping/gossiping.


America: Procrastinating. (Because it’s America.)

Canada: Rambling. (Same, Mattie.)

France: Skipping meals/sleeping in/humming to yourself.

England: Being argumentative/drinking tea/hoarding.

Russia: Not holding eye contact/ humming to yourself/ cracking knuckles.

China: Nibbling while cooking.


Iceland: Staying up late/saying ‘um’ and ‘ah’/fidgeting.

Norway: Drinking coffee.

Denmark: Annoying people on purpose. (Denmark stop. Denmark please. Denmark that’s Finland. DO YOu KnOW WHaT hE WilL DO tO YoU?) Picking fights.

Sweden: letting fear stop you from trying something new/repeating yourself/saying um and ah.(I head cannon that Sve is actually really self conscious about his accent, because most people can’t understand him, even though the nervousness only makes his accent worse).

Finland: Drinking coffee.

*The fact that I have most of these habits is kinda depressing.

delphinium-phlox-deactivated201  asked:

afab enjolras having a baby and literally procrastinating giving birth. “enjolras, you’re having contractions” “yes, i KNOW that, grantaire, but there’s a 2 for 1 sale on breakfast cereal at the grocery store and you know we’re running out of apples too and i’d like to get some books from the library to read at the hospital since we might be there for a while, oh, i’d like to stop home and get my pillow, too, i want to have my pillow with me…have you done the dishes yet? i’ll do those too”



“what. what we need to do is return those cds we borrowed from joly. im sure he misses them terribly, yes.”

I would love you forever and ever if you did a young Jack one where he’s like super nervous and has a crush on this girl but she teaches him how to do it lol

AN So I leave for camping tomorrow, and it’s gonna be pretty far out there, so I’m pretty sure I won’t have service. So I’ll promise you guys an update the day I get back which is Sunday, and maybe if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll do a double update. Goddamn this was long, but hell, it was cute as fuck. Thanks so much for your guys’ support, it really means a lot to me. The conversation is between you and Jack. I hope you enjoy it xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

I was standing in the middle of the hall, at my locker shoving books in. It was the end of the day, and damn, I was exhausted. So much shit to do, so little time. I fixed the shirt I was wearing so that it wouldn’t ride up and reached in my locker to organize things.

It wasn’t before long that I saw that familiar black and blonde head bobbing up and down through the hallway. It was almost impossible not to notice him, he was so tall. Jack Barakat, his name was. He was in a couple of my classes and whenever teachers would force us to talk to each other, he’d get so flustered. I found it adorable as hell.

He’d usually just sneak a quick glance at me and continue with his strides, but today was different. “Hey, Y/N?” he said as he came up towards me. My friends had gone, so it was just us two.

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