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Yuuri is going to St. Petersburg to train with Victor

Okay so remember that scene from the ending 

It seems here like Yurri just got off the bus stop and is running to meet up with Victor and Yurio with Makkachin who I assumed ran up to Yuuri when he got off. From the looks of Yuuri’s longer hair and how excited and happy they are to see each other, some time must’ve past since when they were last together at the GPF.

Now take a look at where they are:

Doesn’t this look a bit familiar? 

It’s St. Petersburg, the place where Victor first left to go coach Yuuri. Okay so why? Well remember what Kubo-sensei said about paying close attention to the decision Victor makes regarding his career:

We already know that Victor has decided to come back into the competitive skating world but now we see that he has also decided to stay as Yuuri’s coach also. Kubo-sensei also mentioned to watch the whole episode until the very end so what we are seeing here in that ending is Yurri coming to St. Petersburg to be with Victor so they can train together and I’m going to cry. The fact that they made it this place instead of an airport or any other place is beautiful because this is the place that Victor left to go be with Yuuri and now it is also the place that Yuuri came to to be with Victor. THIS PERFECTLY LEADS INTO THE SEASON TWO THAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN PRAYING FOR, KUBO-SENSEI PEASE 


can we just take a moment and think about what would’ve happened if Bryan Fuller wrote Sherlock.










(look how fricking excited he is omg)





just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything

i hope no matter how long the show goes for, alec and magnus never lose that soft little ‘i cant believe i get to have you’ look they’ve been giving each other this season. no matter how long they’re in love for and no matter now comfortable and safe they are in their relationship i want them to never stop being excited about being together the way they look at each other is so healing

She’s snoring on my chest peacefully and almost rhythmically and seems so content. I can’t stop thinking about the way she looked tonight. I would glance over and there she’d be, smiling back at me. It was like a dream come true. But now that I think about it, all of it has been a dream come true.

The way she answers the phone and you can tell she’s excited to talk to me no matter what time it is. The way she loves baked brie and Chipotle as much as I do. The way she talks about neuroscience and California with a sparkle in her eye like they’re the guiding loves of her life. The way she always has to touch some part of my body, whether it’s my lower back in isle 7 at the grocery store picking out Apple Jacks or holding hands with just our pinkies while we watch a scary movie together. Her taste in music and how it’s as though I created her in a computer because it matches mine so well — she loves Ellie Goulding the way I love Lana. How we unintentionally sleep until 4pm on Sundays because we both love sleeping that much. There hasn’t been a single day in months where I haven’t died laughing because our sarcastic senses of humor align perfectly. Her voice. God, her voice. She’s the hopeless romantic to my cynicism. She loves black as much as I do and we take our coffee the same. She texts me right after we’ve just separated and still kisses me when we both have morning breath. Every time I pessimistically doubt something, she reassures me with her idealism. And she never lets me go a day without telling me she loves me.

Now that I think about it every single day with her in my life has been a dream come true.

—  It’s 2 in the morning and I think I’ve found the love of my life
How To Offend The Signs
  • Aries: Tell them their hair looks greasy and call them a pussy
  • Taurus: Speak in a baby voice and make them feel small
  • Gemini: Ignore them or walk past them while in a large group of people
  • Cancer: Try to convince them that nothing really matters
  • Leo: Tell them to quiet down or to stop getting so excited
  • Virgo: Change the subject when they're talking about something important
  • Libra: Ditch them to go hang out with other people
  • Scorpio: Talk shit about them to other people they're friends with
  • Sagittarius: Rush them when they are trying to get something done
  • Capricorn: Spill your food or drink all over their new clothes
  • Aquarius: Bombard them with your problems before even saying hello
  • Pisces: Not asking if they are okay or how things have been going for them

You where sitting next to the Christmas tree with Barry while Iris and Joe finished opening their presents. You pulled the present out from behind your back and handed it to Barry.

“Hey bare… I decided to keep this present for last.” You say handing him another gift. He smiled and took the gift off of you.

“(Y/N), I told you. You already got me en-” he stopped talking once he opened the present and looked at it. Iris and joe got curious about what the present was.

“Hey Barry what is it?” She leaned over and saw the gift you got him.

‘500 Best Baby Names for Your Newborn’

“For Real?” Barry asked as he finally looked up at you. You nodded your head.

“I’m going to be a dad!” Barry said filled with excitement.

“Congratulations you guys! We’re so happy for you” Iris said smiling like an idiot.

“This is the best Christmas ever!” Barry shouted before hugging you.

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Hi can you do extremely awkaward first time with newt?

Sure! Thanks Anon!! ^^ I hope you like it. 

- - -

Newt Scamander Imagines: What could go wrong?

After dinner, you walked around New York, under the night sky, as Newt kept telling you everything there was to know about his creatures. His excitement as he spoke made him look painfully adorable. At the same time, he spoke so fluidly about many different species and you wondered how was possible for someone to not get confused with that much information. Specially because everything was coming out of his mouth, he knew every word he spoke by heart. You found that incredibly attractive.

After an hour of just wandering around New York, you two stopped and exchanged looks. His bright green eyes were fixed on yours, as you felt yourself blush.

“Y/N” He said. You felt your heart skip a beat, and smiled at him. “I-I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to ask you, if you wanted to come over to my place, so I can show you all of my creatures?” His voice was soft and a little bit raspy from the cold.

“Of course” You answered as he smiled widely, and looked at the floor shyly before he offered you his arm.

You two walked arm in arm as you followed him to his flat building. He kept telling you about his most recent research, which was the reason why he was going to stay in America for a few months.

* * *

You watched Newt as he made his way inside his suitcase, offering you his hand to help your way down. However, you couldn’t see clearly where the steps were and tripped. Thankfully, you were just a couple of steps from the floor, so Newt easily stopped your fall by holding you. You apologised clumsily and looked up, noticing that the tip of your nose brushed lightly his.

Startled by this, you quickly stood up and looked away, as you blushed bright red, without noticing how Newt was blushing as well. He fixed his bowtie, and took of his blue coat, and threw it over a table nearby.

“C’mon” Newt said smiling at you and walked towards one of the different rooms in his suitcase.

You followed him as he showed you all of his creatures, introducing them by their names. You petted as much as you could, since a few of them got all nervous around strangers, but you didn’t mind.

“Eventually they’ll get used to see you around” Newt whispered, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, since you told yourself that he was planning on bringing you often.

When you two finished walking around the suitcase, and meeting every creature there was to meet, Newt walked to a small kitchen he had, and offered you some tea. While he was getting everything done, you leaned against a wall nearby, staring at a wide room in the suitcase that looked like a forest at night.

“I hope you don’t mind to wait a few minutes while the water is ready” He said.

“Don’t worry, I don’t” You whispered.

Newt walked towards you, as his eyes slowly scanning your face. When you noticed, you felt yourself blush, and looked at your feet.

“Y/N” He muttered, standing in front of you and brushing your hair behind your ear. “Can I ask you something?” He purred.

You had to count to three to look up at his green eyes, and noticed how he was blushing lightly.

“Yes, Newt”

“Is it okay…” He sighed, and closed his eyes for a couple of seconds. “Is it okay if I kiss you?”

Your heart almost jumped out of your chest, as you felt your face turn hot like a kettle, and nodded, not being able to look at him in the eyes. Newt moved his hand from your hair, and softly ran a finger over your chick, as it made its way to your chin. Holding your chin delicately, he leaned forward, slowly pressing his warm lips against yours.

You had to take a few seconds before realising what was happening. And as soon as you did, you kissed him back. At the beginning feeling awkward and self conscious, but as your lips began to synch with his, you stopped feeling silly and got lost in the moment.

His lips were moving slowly, yet passionately against yours. With your back against the wall, he had his body pressed against yours, as his hands were resting on your waist. You played with his hair, feeling his scent surround you. He smelled really nice, bittersweet ish, with a musky touch.

God knows how long you two had been making out, but at some point you two started slowly getting rid of clothes. By the time his shirt was unbuttoned, and his yellow vest on the floor right next to your shirt, and your hair looked like a mess, the kettle started making loud noises.

“Oh, I’m so sorry” He broke the kiss, running back to the kitchen. “I completely forgot about the kettle…” He muttered awkwardly.

You giggled at how cute he looked being all awkward, as he fixed his hair and looked at you.

“Do you still want your tea?” He asked with a small shy smile.

You chuckled and shook your head. Instead you walked towards him and kissed him gently. He kisses you back softly and breaks the kiss, looking around the place.

“I think we should go somewhere more comfortable…” He muttered and grabbed your hand, leading you to the forest room you were staring at earlier.

You two walked inside the room and he sat on the grass, pulling you softly, so you fell over his lap and began kissing your neck. You two were soon consumed again by the heat, and kept slowly getting rid of everything.

At some point you felt tickles on your back and broke the kiss, noticing how you were surrounded by several of Newt’s creatures. You flinched and let a little scream out. As Newt began muttering under his breath.

“Oh, dear. This is the worst” He muttered, as he stood up, naked now. “Shoo, all of you!” He said waving his arms clumsily. “Mind your own business, please” He said. “You have nothing to see here!”

From the corner of your eye, you saw a little bowtruckle climb up your shoulder. You held it in your fingers and put it back on the floor. Newt turned around, looking at you, blushing.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry for that. This is so embarrassing…” He said, covering his face with his hands, as you giggled and stood up.

“It’s okay” You whispered, holding his hands and kissing his forehead. “Why don’t we move this to your room instead?”

“Yeah, yes, that sounds like a great idea…” Newt muttered and walked towards the stairs. You followed him, as he pushed open the suitcase and popped his head outside. “Oh good lord, why?” You heard him mutter.

“Is everything okay up there?” You asked, as you climbed the stairs next to him and looked outside the case, popping your head next to Newt’s.

You found Newt’s roommate, Jacob on a couch having a slice of pie, and you remembered Newt had left the suitcase in the living room. Newt had told you a few things about Jacob, and you quickly assumed it was him.

“I thought you were going to be away all night” Newt muttered.

“I thought you were going to be away all night” Jacob repeated.

“This is awkward…” Newt muttered. “Uh, by the way, Jacob, this is Y/N. Y/N I’ve already talked to you about Jacob…” He introduced you, his voice dripping with awkwardness.

“Nice to meet you” You giggled uncomfortably.

Jacob stared at the two of you for a couple of seconds, as he assimilated what was happening. He held his place with pie and stood up from the couch.

“I’m going to bed now” He said noticing you two weren’t wearing any clothes and left the living room.

Newt ran his hands through his face ashamed.

“Oh Y/N I’m so, so, sorry for all of this. I’m the worst…” He apologised.

“Don’t worry, any of this is your fault” You said, trying to comfort him, and kissed him on the cheek. “Now, let’s go to your room before anything else happens”

“Yes, right” He answered walking out of the suitcase and helping you out.

You followed him to his room, and once inside, Newt closed the door, and locked it, making sure nothing was going to disturb you two now. 

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pt1/5 y'know sometimes i think abt ym and the eras... like you've got pre-debut and you could already see yg was so fond of jm and jm looked up to yg alot and loved his attention, then into debut 2013... yg with a little crush, maybe, not that he'd admit it and so gentle w/ jm but not being able to stop himself sometimes (*cough*rookieking*cough*)... then into 2014 and jm starts realising his feelings abt yg go beyond a dongsaeng looking up to his hyung... both a little confused and excited

‘Why am i so proud?’ and ‘suga-hyung, do you want to kiss?’… also those selfies jm tweeted about yg’s teddy bear liking him and the kissing the bear looking… kinda drunk and h*rny ngl… then early 2015… i need u… both of them realising their feelings fully and that their mutual and the flirting/playfulness just goes through the roof but still they’re dancing around each other… but then later half of 2015… mint and orange… run… smth Happened cause the trepidation/slight awkwardness (rooming together in kota anyone?) disappeared and they were honestly All Over Each Other (isac, mama, end of year awards, esp the one w/ perfect man)… then into 2016… young forever… that moment in the yf bts where jm looks at yg like he’s dying… like he’s finally realising how goddamn in love he is… ntm yg’s bday and all that Happened w/ that… yk/ik… the sweater… ‘ is it smth small but twinkle’ (??? confirmed yg wants to elope w/jm)… the way jm acted throughout that entire v live tbh and the now infamous ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminie’… smiling like it’s hands down best thing to ever happen to him and then further into the year…wings.. Ym in the bst mv… interesting how ym were probably one of the most explicitly coded romantic/sexual pairings in the storyline yet yg and jm are famously known as the ones that can’t act…then the Revelation of jm going’s yg’s house for chuseok break… all award shows where they were, tbh, Obviously Together… all of yg’s obvious staring when jm’s speaking…. The flower vases @ yg’s mum’s restaurant… the comfortable and intimate boyfriend poses in pictures… and so concludes our trip down yoonmin memory lane thanks for being one of the best blogs/people out there and keep doing you

Lenny’s Sister Location theory: A power struggle between two animatronics

Maybe its just my denial talking, but I present to you this narrative: Baby never betrayed us at all, Ennard was actively working against her.

Let’s first go to where this began, Ennards origins. In Night 4 we’re told that the suit we’re trapped inside came from Baby’s original pizzeria and that it was never used the way it was intended. That place was the place mentioned in the Gas Leak story.

Let me highlight a few key parts to this story

“In other news: The grand opening of Circus Baby’s Pizza World has apparently been cancelled due to reported gas leaks in the building. Sources close to the establishment question the report, saying that the strange activity around the area at night suggest something else is to blame.

One local is quoted as saying, "Everything just stopped. There was so much excitement built around this place opening and then they just stopped talking about it. There was only a handful of people that ever got a look at the inside, kids from here and there, making sure everything worked right, you know. I guess they weren’t quite as ready and they thought they were!”

A tenant from across the street claims to have witnessed a large group of cars surrounding the building during the night, and large pieces of equipment being taken out of the building under tarps. A few weeks later the building was for sale.”

That bolded passage in the middle is the key component here: The only people who got to look inside are children who were acting more or less like beta testers. Pizza World never officially opened, and yet Baby seems to remember fondly the one and only time she got to perform.. It was after the incident with Afton’s daughter (We pretty much know its his daughter at this point) that the gas leak story was made up and Baby and the crew were hauled off to the shipping center to only be used privately.

Ennard was probably a side character alongside Baby. Why was he never used? Perhaps Afton was testing out a new design of the Spring Lock suits since Freddy Fazbears shut down. Why Ennard was never used is unknown, but the point is The suit you’re stuck inside once belonged to Ennard

Ennard HAD to start somewhere, he had to have a base form before he could start assimilating the other robots. So whatever character he was in Pizza World is what he started out as. Now lets cut ahead to the time of the game which leads to another scenario in my head: The first three nights is a power struggle between Baby and Ennard

Isn’t it weird how the thing given to employees to aid them seems to actively want you dead? Telling you to electrocute the animatronics to make them angry? Giving you false advice on how to get past Ballora? Telling you to ignore Baby on Night 3? Baby states she recognizes this scenario, and even KNOWS that your guide is going to lie to you.

Your Hand Unit is Ennard’s voice: He’s done this before, killing off the technicians who come to work there, Baby’s watched it happen before, enough to know what lies he’s going to feed you. Then Ennard catches on that we’re being helped and some time between Night 4 and 5 deals with Baby off-screen. Notice how much more malicious sounding Baby is Night 4? whereas she was rather gentle to us in the previous nights? Baby even insults you in Night 4… At that point its no longer Baby, it’s Ennard messing with us. The Bidybabs even acknowledge the REAL Baby on Night 1, stating that they had to leave because she was watching them. Baby is still herself at that point.

Also we’re in the scooping room on Night 4. Baby wouldn’t be in there, but Ennard would be to go assimilate more animatronics. Which swings back to my theory that the suit we’re stuck in is what Ennard used to live inside because Ennard WOULD know how to open his own face plates. Ennards motives for not killing us right there is that he was more or less trying us on for size. The suit was barely big enough to fit a person inside, if we can fit into the suit perfectly, he can fit into us perfectly.

On Night 5, Ennard has more or less taken control completely, yet has us going through the trouble of going to see Baby’s body. Why wouldn’t he just lead us to the scooping room right at the start? He wanted us to find Baby for some reason. He wanted us to get rid of that card in her arm.

We take the card and then we send Baby on ahead to be scooped, presumably so Ennard can finish assimilating her. Why would he want that card gone though? Because perhaps Baby’s ‘good’ really is in that chip, and if he had assimilated that her personality would conflict against his, like having your conscious yelling at you loudly.

TL;DR: Ennard and Baby are two conflicting forces in your story, and unfortunately Ennard won.


Ok, so today I saw Amélie the musical in LA (cause I live out here) and it was very good. But we are here for the story.

So, I went with a friend and we are hard core theatre geeks and go to an arts school and everything. Anyway, we are heading into the theatre and I’m talking to her and she suddenly stops responding. After about 15 seconds she whispers “it’s Darren fucking Criss”. Of course I immediately look around and she points him out. We both freaked out because we love him and OMG STARKID AND HEDWIG AND GLEE. So he was in line for tacos and we didn’t want to bother him when he was about to eat but we couldn’t miss this chance. We went up to him and said we were fans and we’re seeing the show (he was too) and how we were so excited to see Phillipa Soo and Adam Chanler-Baret. He then called us “hardcore theatre kids” and we died cause we just got called that BY SOMEONE IN THE INDUSTRY. Ok. Then we mentioned our school and it seemed like he recognized it. We then split off (unfortunately no pictures with him but we saw him later and I took a pic of him from the back lol ^).

We then saw the show and afterwards went to the stage door to meet everyone. We met the girl who was little Amélie and she seemed kinda familiar and I found out about an hour ago that she is LILLA CRAWFORD’S sister (Annie in Annie and Little Red in the movie version of Into the Woods). We met the rest of the cast including ADAM CHANLER-BARET (Henry in Next to Normal) and PHILLIPA (Eliza from Hamilton) and got pictures with Adam but not really Phillipa cause she was in a rush but this was probably one of the best days of my life. (Pictures up top)

Can’t stop thinking Victor is feeling jealous in that last scene…I mean just look at that lovey-dovey  Victor cuddling with Yuuri scene and with Yuuri’s fan’s arriving how Victor’s face turns from a excited and warm one to a boring and emotionless face like “*sigh, why now?”.

..well, he’s still cute anyway but…omfg…this pair is so f*cking CUTE–. 

Listen. I see antis getting mad again and I feel like I need to speak up. Do you think we are doing this for fun?

I wish Louis and the other boys were having babies for real. Just not under these circumstances. If I had a reason to believe Louis is straight I wouldn’t be here talking about Larry. I’d be excited at the thought of Louis being a dad. I would be talking about what a lovely couple Louis and Danielle make. But that’s not the case. For anyone with a brain willing to look at facts it’s clear this stuff is shady.

Similar case for Liam. I would love to be excited at the thought of him being a dad. Yet I’m not.

Babygate 1 and 2 are literally what our worst nightmares are made off. We don’t make that shit up cause we like drama. There’s enough drama without 1D. The reason so many Larries have left is (mostly) not cause they stopped believing. It’s because it was too stressful for them. These events are causing people stress, they are making us worry.

I would love to be able to just believe everything that’s being fed to me and not be bothered. But I can’t. I have a functioning brain and I notice things are not what they look like. I can’t and won’t ignore that. Please stop being so mad at us. If you believe Freddie is Louis’ son, go ahead. If you believe Liam and Cheryl are happy, sure. I don’t mind you thinking that if you don’t harass me with it. Yet you are the ones yelling at us for having a different opinion. Can’t we just leave each other alone? Time will tell who is right and wrong.

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Founders trio being allowed to see their child after labor for the first time! And maybe them holding them



•Probably crying tears of joy. Tears are just spilling down his cheeks like omg he is so happy. He probably cried when he found out his s/o was pregnant in the first place, so finally getting to see his baby? He’s gonna cry a lot

•He’s just smiling so hard. Huge grin. His face is going to hurt. He’s so excited he’s just grinning down at his baby while he holds them

•Hashirama does a lot of that forehead touching stuff. Just wants to pick up his baby and touch foreheads or NOSE TOUCHING. HE’D TOUCH HIS NOSE TO HIS LITTLE BABY’S NOSE AWWWW. He can’t stop touching them. He knows he has to be gentle, but he just wants to bop his little baby’s nose and caress their face and play with the tuft of hair on their heads

•Just can’t stop talking to/about his baby. “Look at him/her! So small! You’re so beautiful…” With those tears still in his eyes

•He’s very generous and selfless though, no matter how much he’d like to hold his baby for hours. He’ll let everyone else get their turn, especially his s/o. If anything, no matter how excited and overwhelmed he is, he wants his s/o to hold and spend time with their baby too. They’re the ones who pushed the kid out, they deserve quality time together


•Tobirama’s honestly not going to be able to process the exhilaration of being a dad at first because he was so stressed about the birthing in the first place. Afterward though, like, the second he sees his baby, he’s just a little shook

•He won’t really know what to do when he’s holding his baby, but he’s probably not going to let go. Just going to be super possessive once he realizes this is his baby he’s holding and omg he’s a dad! and omg his baby is so beautiful! wow! Can’t believe he made this little thing

•It’s actually a bit of a problem how unwilling he is to let go of his baby once he’s holding them. He’ll even hesitate to hand the baby over to his s/o. He just needs to hold them and soak in this new reality. No one touch his baby. It’s his baby.

•He’ll be a little nervous probably? He knows how to hold a baby, but he’s just so paranoid. Doesn’t want to drop his baby, and doesn’t want anyone else holding his baby either in case they drop them. Overprotective from the start tbh. Typical Tobirama

•Just spends a lot of time staring and examining them, not saying a word, the smallest of smiles on his lips every so often

•The cutest moment will probably be when his baby stops crying and gets adventurous, starts reaching for things, and grabs his finger and holds it in their little chubby fingers. Tobirama will die


•You won’t see the eagerness or elation in his voice or expression, but it’s in his eyes. And sometimes, a short smile will break his face

•There’s nothing he’d enjoy more than seeing those little eyes peel open and watching dark Uchiha orbs stare back at him. Madara is just proud. He made this little thing. It’s part of him. He has a child now. A child to call his own

•Very proud of his s/o too. Will probably postpone holding them for too long in favor of bringing them over to his s/o and placing the baby in their arms. He’ll make an offhand comment to his s/o, like “You did it, ______” with an unusually soft tone

•Madara is also rather stubborn, and won’t let anyone hold the baby except him and his s/o

•He’s probably happiest letting his s/o hold their baby while he leans over and watches. It’s later at home, during nights the baby cries and Madara goes to soothe them so his s/o doesn’t have to get up, that Madara does most of the holding and bonding with his baby 

Christmas Foxes

So it’s the first christmas after the series ends
and Neil hasn’t got excited about Christmas for a long time and now it just kind of means nothing to him. His mother never did anything to celebrate it while they were running- it was too complicated and they were constantly looking over their shoulders and she didn’t see the point on wasting money in such a frivolous way- and when Neil was younger he pined for the holidays and he wanted to family around the tree and then he came around to his mother’s way of thinking and started to understand and now Christmas means nothing to him
And he’s really apathetic about it. Obviously so is Andrew. Except he isn’t. Because he sees everyone else being excited and wonders why Neil isn’t. He wants to hurt the people who stopped Neil being excited about Christmas
Cos Nicky is just bouncing all over the place, Aaron is being slightly more tolerable, Dan, Allison, Renee, and Matt are all chatting excitedly and making christmas plans, and even Kevin is spending fifteen minutes less at night practices. But Neil just phases through. Doesn’t take part in conversation, doesn’t take up anyone’s offer to go anywhere or do anything. He just kind of remains the same
And everyone is talking about gift giving and Neil is telling everyone not to get him anything and Andrew is still curious about his apathy for the holiday
So Andrew starts putting small christmas things on Neil’s stuff. And Neil doesn’t remove any of it he just lets it pass him by
So Andrew steps it up and decorates a bit more and pretends that it’s not him
and Neil still says nothing but he doesn’t see any christmas cheer in Neil’s eyes either
And then, just as an experiment, Andrew tells Neil the percentage he hates him has gone down and that makes Neil panic cos if it’s going down then what has he done but now Andrew knows it’s not Neil just being apathetic in general, it’s something about christmas
And when Nicky suggests a road trip in the holidays Neil kind of blanches at the idea because Christmas was always spent on the road and it’s meant to be a time for family and really it’s all hitting him how messed up his life really is
And then Matt offers for them all to go to his again
And Neil can’t say no because, well, it’s Matt and who can say no to Matt?
So they’re packing to go when Andrew gives Neil a gift
And Neil is just really confused because he asked people not to get him anything and normally Andrew would listen to him but he didn’t so what is happening
And it’s just a rectangular box when he unwraps it and he’s even more confused
Inside it is a photo frame. And in the frame is a photo Nicky forced the twins to take a few years ago. All of them in front of the tree, a small pile of presents, tinsel and all the christmas shit hanging up
and it’s exactly the scene Neil always wanted on the first years on the run
and his heart breaks a little because he never had it
and he doesn’t understand why Andrew is giving this to him so he just takes it and nods and Andrew leaves
It’s not until Neil picks it up again later that Neil sees the note attached to the back
and Neil is pretty sure this isn’t Andrew’s handwriting
but anyway, it tells Neil that Christmas is a time for family. That the Foxes are his family and they’re not leaving any time soon
and Neil’s heart swells just a little
because he kind of believes he can have this family christmas after all
so he packs a little more excitedly
and when his hands hover over the presents he was going to give everyone anonymously he hesitates
and then he writes his name on them all. Because they are family. Dysfunctional as they are
and he wants them to know how much he appreciates them
and no one can beat the thankful look on neil’s face christmas morning
he hasn’t even opened one gift
and the look on his face is such pure joy
and everyone pretends not to notice
because they kind of realise that this must be his first proper christmas- possibly ever- and they know their cub. They know he wouldn’t like them saying anything. So they just go on and act like everything is normal. But Dan snuck a camera out that morning. And she takes lots of candid shots. And she frames the one of the pure joy and gratefulness on Neil’s face as he’s surrounded by people
and she puts it up on the wall
and no one says anything about Neil’s face
But they all love it

dating remus lupin would include...

- okay okay okay
- like when he first started liking you he was really shy about it
- and the marauders would tease him RELENTLESSLY
- “Y/N isn’t remus just the greatest???”
- “shut up shut up shut up you idiots”
- but like over time once you started dating
- he’d become so comfortable with you
- he’d want to hear all about your day
- i mean every single detail
- when you had a bad day
- he’d stop whatever he was doing and bring you so much chocolate
- and he’d hold you in his arms
- and draw little patterns on your skin
- you guys could just sit together in the common room
- looking at the fire
- he’d read you his favourite books
- and you would hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke
- after every full moon you’d sneak into the hospital wing
- with a shit ton of chocolate and sweets
- and curl up w him on the tiny bed
- and try and make him smile
- he’d run his fingers through your hair
- and fall asleep next to you
- until of course madame pomfrey runs in and kicks you out
- you’d have long walks along the lake
- and all around hogsmeade holding hands
- you’d pretend to disapprove of the marauders pranks
- but you and him would be so clever
- and just come up with the best ways to get them
- and they’d never suspect you
- him being so freaking nervous for your first time
- because oh god he just wants everything to be perfect for you
- and him being insecure of his scars at first
- but you assure him he’s absolutely perfect in your eyes
- sometimes he’d just sit and stare at you
- as you read or did homework or cuddled with him
- taking in how beautiful he thought you were
- and wondering how he got so lucky as to end up with a girl like you

i love this boy sm