and stop looking at me like that

BTS as things my friends have said

Namjoon: “Nothing happened. You didn’t see anything. I didn’t just drop my drink, and the lamp is not broken. Stop looking at me.”

Jungkook: “You should come to the gym with me some time! I go at 8 every morning… Why are you looking at me like that? What? Don’t most people?!”

Seokjin: “I’m making dinner, and no, I don’t need your help. Last time was a bit… Tell you what. How about you sit waaay over there and grate the cheese.”

Hoseok: “Those people just gave us a weird look but like?? What’s weird about skipping through six flags? The real question is why aren’t they skipping too?”

Taehyung: “You guys all know that I’m secretly a furry, right?”

Yoongi: “How about everyone else goes for a walk and leaves me alone to sleep on the couch.” *Is asleep in 0.2 seconds*

Jimin: “I’m not cute!! I’m SCARY! Fear me! … Can I have a cookie please?”

A/N Obviously this is just for fun. I’ve seen some of these floating around tumblr and I thought “my friends say all kinds of weird things” and decided to do one of my own (it took like 2 minutes but it was fun). <3

Sometimes i feel like the shittiest horse owner ever. But when i get to the barn and see a horse who desperately wants to be with me i become sure that i’m at least doing something right. 

Like if i call her when she’s in the field, she instantly drops whatever she’s doing to come with me. 

I’ve stopped using a leadrope when i go get her because i don’t need one. She follows me anyway. 

If i bring one of the other horses in instead of her, she will look so concerned that i’m leaving her behind and tries to squeese her way in too. 

If i put her in her stall with a pile of hay before brushing or training, she will refuse to eat the hay and instead hang out of her stall waiting for me to bring her out. 

While the other horses are difficult to bring in, she refuses to go back out. Doesn’t matter how green the field is or how nice her friends are.

i’m a shit rider and trainer but at least she enjoys doing stuff with me. 

Let me explain to you folks how deep in the psych-oriented thinking I am. 

Me: Trying to figure out the best way to discuss a theory about Zuko’s lack of firebending skill as a child being due tio his inability to interalize the Sozin era’s anger-fueled firebending philosphy.
Me: …You know, looking at what I have, I could totally explain this as if it were an ABA study where anger/hate fueled firebending is the treatment condition, with Zuko’s firebending in the “Zuko Alone” flashback, and at the start of “The Firebending Masters” being the the baseline condition. It’s not scientific given how spotty my ‘data’ is. but it works. 
Me: …Why am I like this? I need to stop

I did manage to write a good description for the post though, so no graph needed!

purrsia you diiiid put this into my mind tho-

it’s like those one guys that were on the amazing world of gumball

Tough Like Dally
request: Imagine where Johnny tells Dally that he wants to get mean and tough like him –and Dal’s reaction? :)

“Johnny! Johnny, man, I’m talking to you.” Dally said as he chased after his friend. Johnny had just been let out of jail after been held over night but had been let off with a warning since he had a clean record.

“Well I ain’t listening, Dall.” Johnny said as he stuffed his hand in his pockets. Dally placed a hand on his shoulder and roughly forced him to stop. The two stared at each other for a moment before Dally pulled out a cigarette for himself. He was silent for a long moment and he looked pissed off. Johnny lit up a cigarette too looking annoyed.

“What so now you’re some tough guy? Some bad ass like me?”

“I wanna be like you. You know tough and hard. Nothing bothers you, man.”

“Hey look, you don’t wanna be like me, Johnny. That’s not a good way to be. I got screwed. You’re one of the good ones.”

“I got screwed too.” He snapped back.

“Yea and somehow you managed to not end up like me. Look I’m a real piece a shit. I know that, Johnny, and that’s how I like it. You are better than that and you are better than me and that’s how it should be. You are tough, man. You’re a good man in a fight and you don’t take crap from anybody. You put up with stuff at home that most people can’t even dream of but you’re still here. You are tough and you are badass. But you are nothing like me and you should never try to be. You don’t know what jail will do to someone like you.” Dally told Johnny firmly. Johnny just looked away from Dally and spoke.

“Hey it wasn’t so bad in there, Dall.”

Dally grabbed Johnny roughly be the front of his jacket. “Don’t say that. Don’t you ever say that. So help me if you ever wind up in that place again I’ll..” He stopped talking and shook his head looking incredibly angry. He kept walking with Johnny following him and smoked another cigarette before he had calmed down enough to speak again.

“Listen close, Johnny, because I will only ever say this one time. But I care about you, man. You’re my best friend.. or whatever.” he said cringing a bit at the words that had previously been foreign to his vocabulary. “I don’t want to see your life turn to shit. So whatever reason that you feel like you need to be tough like me for knock it off. If you have to we can.. talk about.. or whatever. But so help me, kid, if you wind yourself up in jail again.. Just don’t okay? I’m telling you this straight. You do not want to be like me. It ain’t no way to live. Promise me.”

“Alright..” Johnny muttered in defeat kicking the ground and not making eye contact.

“Alright?” Dally asked expectantly.

“I promise, man.”

“Alright..” Dally said looking relieved. “Now let’s go see the others. They’re worried about you, man.”

You really have to be a terrible writer to write that Kara, the former avatar of rage, the genius Kryptonian scientist, the woman who squared up with DARKSEID, FUCKING DARKSEID, (ALONE BTW CUS HE HAD ALREADY MOLLIWOPPED SUPERMAN) would be attracted to a man who told her she’s to him the equivalent of a rock that was used to try to kill her 

This is the woman who punched the god of death and destruction in the face for shit talking Kal-El are you telling me she has patience for a Daxamite man who doesn’t even stand up for her



are you being serious

he’s not even that cute, fuck off

James makes him look like stale hummus


Well, stop the fucking presses! Lipstick Alley has fucking spoken and it is now the gospel! LMAO 

Just because YOU think she was making it seem like she was going to Atlanta instead of LA, does NOT mean she was making it seem like she was going to Atlanta instead of LA. You all literally sound like the Turnip president of the United States. You say it is so and therefore “it is so”? Really? WOW

It’s a shame Sebastian can’t see right through you all, as you talk out of both sides of your mouths. left side: Love you, Seb! right side: His girlfriend is a wizard-level, master manipulator, using him for her ill deeds.

GRADE: B for creativity. Margarita isn’t posting pictures of Sebastian on her IG anymore, so you’ve become pretty fucking crafty.

A Fan of What? Part 3

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Here it is, part three! I am really liking this series so far and I hope you all do to. As always, if you would like to be tagged in this series, send me an ask! I also have a forever tag list that you are more than welcome to join. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,000-ish

Warnings: Fluff, Language

The song used in this fic is “Tougher Than the Rest” by Bruce Springsteen. 

Summary: Jensen uses his fame to get the girl, but she has no idea who he his. But he’s not giving up so easily.

Chapter Summary: Before your date with Jensen, you start researching him with your friends. 

To get caught up, here is the masterlist!

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

“So what’s the deal with this guy?” Your friend stopped pouring the glass of wine immediately and looked at you like you were born yesterday. Currently, the both of you were sitting on your couch in your apartment with YouTube videos queued up of Jensen and the rest of the cast of his show at their…conventions. “And why are we watching YouTube videos of him?”

“Because,” She hissed, glaring at you. “You need to see how charming he his and why you need to go on this date with him, Y/N!” You rolled your eyes and took a large gulp of the merlot, then leaned back into the couch and sighed. “Get ready, because your world is about to be rocked by Jensen Ackles.”

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kokiri85  asked:

Every time Clark doesn't get something, a joke or an opinion or why a certain song makes some people cry--the kind of stuff that hits all people differently anyway--he secretly worries it's a Human Thing that's just beyond his ability to understand.

three cheers for feeling like, instead of punching through steel, superman just punched through your heart

and i hate to be that person but this gives me a lot of emotions about clark and bruce, because nine times out of ten, jokes are going over bruce’s head rather than clark’s. it’s not an alien thing, it’s…. just a thing, it turns out. whenever someone makes a star wars reference, bruce looks at clark helplessly - “who is yoda why does tim keep calling him space shrek clark please stop laughing at me” - and whenever someone (hal, or barry, or both) makes an elaborate pun clark looks at bruce with a pained expression

Champagne - Alex Galchenyuk (SMUT)

Requested by Anon: Alex Galchenyuk smut ? ;)

A/N: I hope it is good enough. I never know if my smutty writing is good or not.

Word count: 2494

Warnings: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Mentions of alcohol. Swearing.

Master list

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I can’t believe this is happening to me. Not today. Not the day of my interview. Of course, today had to be the day my car stopped working. It’s not like I hadn’t seen it coming, but still. I groan, looking at the time on my phone; I’m going to be late if I try getting to the office by public transportation.

“Be grateful that you haven’t quitted your job at Starbucks yet, (y/n)” I mutter, grabbing my bag and getting out of the car and kicking the front wheel out of frustration.

“(y/n)? You ok?” I hear a voice behind me and I turn around.

My neighbor is looking at me, a worried look on his face. I know he is a big deal around Montreal, he plays for the Canadiens; but being the Nebraska girl I am I know nothing about hockey, so for me he is just my really nice neighbor.

“Yup, I’m ok” I say, kind of embarrassed.

“You don’t seem ok” he scowls at me and I give him a small smile.

“My car has kind of bailed on me” I tell him pathetically, “I have an interview for a job in half an hour and…”

“Wow wow wow, slow down, sweetheart” he tells me and I blush furiously, I hate it when I start rambling, “get in my car, I’ll take you”

I want to say no, tell him that I don’t want to bother him or make him be late or anything, but he puts his hand on the small of my back and pushes me towards his car.

“Thanks Alex, it is really kind of you” I say when he gets in the driver’ seat and starts the engine.

“I’m just going to get some stuff from the store” he tells me, getting the car out of the garage and turning right into the busy streets of Montreal, “I’ll pick you up when you are done if you want…”

“Oh no, no, no” I say, “I’ll take the bus”

“Like hell you are” he answers me, giving me a dirty look, “it’s freezing cold out and you are wearing a skirt and heels”

I sigh on defeat, putting my hands up.


“Call me when you are done and I’ll pick you up” he instructs me and I nod.

The rest of the ride is kind of quiet, Alex hums to the music and I try not to shake too much. I’m not sure if I’m nervous because of the interview or because of Alex. We have had a flirty attitude since I got to Montreal, but it was mostly flirty conversation in the elevator.

“Hey, stop it, you are gonna be fine” he tells me, noticing the my nervous tapping when he pulls over in front of the big building.

“I hope so…” and he moves his hand from the wheel to my thigh and gives me a little squeeze, making me blush to the tip of my ears.

“If they don’t want you then it’s their lost” he assures me and I give him a small smile before getting out the car and walking towards my future.


“How did it go?” Alex asks when I get in the car.

“I don’t know” I shrug, “I went in there and answered all their questions and they seemed pleased”

“When will you know?” he wonders, getting the car back in the traffic.

“Sometime this week” I tell him and I know that I’m going to be on edge until then.

“Well, I’ve got a couple bottles of champagne to celebrate”

“There is nothing to celebrate yet” I mutter and he chuckles.

“Then we’ll use it to calm your nerves” and I can’t help it but to laugh, “see? You have such a pretty smile, it sucks when you frown”

Alex keeps throwing compliments at me and has me all blushed and giggly when we get out of the car and into the elevator. He holds my hand when I try to hit my floor’s button and makes the elevator go to the Pent house.

“Don’t leave me alone with all this champagne” he begs, showing me the two bottles he is holding on his right hand.

“Just for a glass” I say, raising one finger in front of his eyes and he smiles big.

“I’ll take what I can get, princess” he says and I shake my head.

Alex’s pent house is exactly how I imagined it, masculine and with pretty much no decorations. He guided me to the living room, grabbing my coat and bag from me and hanging them on hooks by the door.

“It’s your lucky day” he tells me and I raise an eyebrow, “my mom got me this nice set of glasses for Christmas, so we don’t have to drink champagne from mugs”

I let out a little laugh and help him with the glasses, grabbing them from a nice cabinet. He pops the cap of the first bottle of champagne and pours two glasses, handing one to me.

“Let’s have a toast” he says and I nod, “For… Americans killing it in Canada”

I laugh, but mimic him and our glasses clink.


We are a bottle and a half in, laying on the couch and laughing our asses off.

“How do you walk on these?” he asks, holding one of my heels up.

“Practice and suffering” I answer, putting my feet on his lap.

“Girls are weird” and I blurt out a laugh.

“We like to suffer… wear high heels, wax, put make up on at six in the morning, fall in love with bad guys…” I ramble and he looks at me.

“You don’t have to wear high heels or wax” he tells me and I roll my eyes, “I’m serious”

I shake my head, but I don’t say anything, drinking what it’s left on my glass. He grabs the glass from my hand and puts it next to his on the coffee table and then pulls me closer to him until I’m almost sitting on his lap.

“And God knows you don’t need make up” he whispers, our lips almost touching, “you are way too beautiful for that”

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My best friend’s a butcher, he has sixteen knives
He carries them all over the town at least he tries,
Oh look it stopped snowing
My best friend’s from Poland and, um, he has a beard.
But they caught him with his case in that public place
That is what we had feared

He severed segments secretly you like that
He always took the time to speak with me
I liked him for that.
He severed segments so secretly you like that
He always took the time, he always took the time

My best friend’s a butcher, he has sixteen knives
He carries them all over the town at least he tries,
Oh look it stopped snowing
My best friend’s from Poland and, um, he has a beard.
But they caught him with his case in that public place
That is what we had feared

He severed segments secretly you like that
He always took the time to speak with me,
I liked him for that
He severed segments so secretly you like that.
He was growing on me.
He was growing on me.”

By Interpol. On SH playlist.
Umm, Poland? Best friend? A butcher?

@teapotsubtext @worriesconstantly @jenna221b @isitandwonder o still suck at this

Accidentally Hurting You

Request: can you write a Theo x reader where they have an argument and she’s about to walk out so that it doesn’t escalate? but then Theo grabs her because he doesn’t want her to leave him and he accidentally hurts her and feels really guilty / angry with himself?                                    Warning:None!                                                                                                   Note:Sorry if it’s short but I hope that you’re going to like it and if you do let me know ;))                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It’s been an hour of me and Theo screaming at eachother..We got in a fight because of something stupid and I can’t even remember anymore.’Why don’t you just trust me Theo?’ He looked at me and it was something between anger and annoyance..’I do trust you I just don’t trust him..’ I looked at him with my eyebrows furrowed ‘He didn’t do anything wrong,he just helped me to take a book from a shelf..’                                                                                             ‘Stop defending him.’                                                                                            ‘I’m not,I’m just hoping that you’ll see the damn truth,put obviously that you can’t so call me when you calm down or something..’Annoyed I turned to walk away but he grabbed me by my wrist and turned me around anger all over his face…’You’re not leaving Y/n,not yet’ And just like that I felt a sharp pain on my wrist I looked down at it and I could see his claws digging in my skin I looked back at him with tears ‘Theo you’re hurting me.’ And then his face completely changed from anger to fear…He released my hand and started walking backwards..’I’m sorry,I didn’t mean to.’ He hit the wall with his back and then slided down..He was actually crying by now ‘I’m so sorry,this is all my fault..’ I stood there for a couple of seconds trying to compose myself,then I walked toward him,crunching down..’Theo honey,look at me.’ But he didn’t so I used my hand to force him,gently I put a hand on his arm..’I’m okay please look at me.’He slowly removed his hands from his face looking at me still crying..’I’m so sorry..’ I hugged him ‘Hey,hey it’s okay,it’s nothing just a little scratch..’He hugged me tighter ‘This is all my fault,I should’ve listened to you.’  I pulled away holding my hands on his cheeks..’It’s not your fault stop apologizing,I love you okay and nothing’s going to change that.’ I kissed him and he kissed me back,..’I love you too and God I don’t deserve you.’ I hugged him again,yes loving Theo sometimes was hard..But when you love someone so much you’re ready to take the risks..Even the stupid ones…

Tao and Takeo corner M-21
  • Tao: We already know the truth!
  • M-21: What truth?
  • Takeo: No idea. I was blackmailed into comming.
  • Tao: The truth that M-21 only like big guys!
  • M-21: What?!
  • Tao: Look at Kentas and M-24, you clearly have a weak spot for big buff guys! The lean and beautiful type like me and Takeo have no chance against those kind of guys in M-21's heart!
  • Takeo: *mouthing "lean and beautiful"* ???
  • M-21: ...I like you guys too?
  • Tao: Goddamnit it M-21, you're easy.
  • Takeo: Hey, not cool.
  • M-21: I truly don't know what's going on...

“She’s in a really bad shape. I went out to get food for both and they surrounded me before I could hide.

I’m tired, hungry, sore. But I’m not alone, I can’t give up when a life depends on me. I’m that kind of person. It will probably be my death sentence. But my conscience won’t let me stop.”

Killing Stalking Zombie AU.

You don’t need laws to do the right thing.

murderxbaby  asked:

Yeah but now I want to talk about hummus......(no seriously, what's the deal? LOL)

OKAY SO. I have nothing against hummus as a food group, right. BUT a very silly mistake on my part has led me to be the biggest joke in all my friend groups. Because I can’t tell what hummus looks like, apparently.

Two years ago I was getting lunch with my friend in one of our school’s dining halls, right? And in the front there was free food samples which really isn’t that weird at my school. My friend went ahead, while I stopped to look at the samples bc free food is free food and why ever turn that down?  

Anyway the samples were apple slices and this brown creamy substance for dipping the apple slices in- which I assumed to be hummus since there was no food label. And I really didn’t think anything of it bc I had thought I’d heard about someone eating apples with hummus so okay whatever.

Well. The creamy brown substance was not hummus.

A few minutes later my mouth started to get itchy, I felt hot and had difficulty swallowing. I immediately realized what was the problem and went to my friend.

“Did you try the samples in the front?” I asked her.

“You mean the apples and peanut butter?” she said. “Yeah, why?”

I’M ALLERGIC TO NUTS. OKAY. I was having an allergic reaction- a mild one bc I’m more allergic to other types of nuts than peanut butter- AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAYS


I didn’t die of course but this story has led to numerous jokes ever since. This same friend gave me this card for Valentine’s Day THIS YEAR (TWO YEARS AFTER THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENED): 


Another friend of mine got a bunch of stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day and decided to name them after all the friends in our group. GUESS WHAT MY STUFFED ANIMAL WAS NAMED.


And then I made the huge mistake of telling my roommates this same story last night and they put this on my door:


So. The moral of the story is a) know what you’re eating before you try it, and b) I don’t talk about hummus unless I want this story to be retold for the millionth time in a row XDDD

(tagging @recyciedtrash and @youmeandhistory bc you know this story by heart by now damnit)

anonymous asked:

I used to lift a LOT and stopped because I started dating sugar daddies and didn't need to. So I ended up dating my fav SD full time, and he really likes the thrill of lifting with me. We both look like professional business people (I have a short dark bob cut & he's in his 40s with grey hair and always wears nice clothes) so he's the perfect distraction and can literally walk out of a store with anything. I just want to know what you'd do in my situation. I want to use this as best as possible

me and boyfriend are also a classy looking couple so lp usually ignores us too lmao. Just always stay vigilant anyway. Watch for lp at all times and never let your guard down (that’s how people get caught). Btw i love using my boyfriend as a blindspot. He is big and tall so i will just have my purse facing him when he is next to me and he blocks the cam while i conceal. then i will give him a kiss for helping me and to play it off like i did not just steal lol :~)

Paul Lahote Imagine: This Is Forever

Synopsis: Beach day (contains elements from What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like - if you haven’t read that please check it out).

The radios music filled the car. The beat vibrated in a gracefully aggressive way. I leaned back in my seat as I let the music soak into me as Paul and I made attempts at singing to the melody radiated into our ears. The world outside of the car stopped existing as we drove past it in our blissful familiarity. We pulled up in a gravel parking lot. I swing over and we both open the doors. I look over at the view in front of me; the oceans seem as endless and as empty as the sky that surrounds us. Paul looked over towards me, “Race you.” With that he sped off as my legs propelled me forward to beach.

Paul didn’t slow down to my accord or even hesitate to let me win. I willed my legs to go harder or faster with an unstoppable vicious persistence. He was a ravishing statue, just awaiting my arrival. Once I get to where he is standing his arms engulf around my waist. He leans down and softly kisses my forehead. I look up and meet his eyes, “You know if you didn’t have your all powerful wolf abilities, I totally would have kicked your butt!” Paul just smirks my way and shakes his head no. I slice the moment short as I pull away from the tide of his arms and emerge myself in the ocean. The waves hit my back in a constant soothing pattern.

I  wave my arms for Paul to join me. He pulls his shirt over his head. A blush immediately invades my face. I soon feel his arms wrap around me and lift me up in circles. A pathetic shout leaves my lips unwillingly. As the twirling stops I am stood facing his frame that towers above me. I stand on my toes and I wrap my arms around his neck as he kisses me sweetly. As I pull back a smile captures the moments as the gentle pain of it reminds me that this is forever.