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Someone asked if Jrey is the space lime, then who is the space lemon? which reminded me of an oc I’ve had in progress. Now he is complete cause of Anons ask and he has a name~ Temon.

BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jimin

Fatherhood BTS Series 

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  • his babies inheriting his chubby cheeks and adorable smile
  • it would be such a cute family in general like wow
  • smol and soft dad
  • they would also probably inherit his smol hands too
  • his babies doing the thing were they latch onto his tiny fingers with their even tinier ones

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I meant to stop posting about my Dad!Link AU, but I just had the funniest thought…

Whenever Link gets frustrated with baby Allen, he slips into speaking the same way he did when he was first assigned to monitor exorcist Allen:

  • “Walker, you’ve had too much pie. You’re a growing boy, and you need to eat a balanced meal!”
  • “Walker, our contractual agreement stated that you would NOT eat candy before dinner!”
  • “Walker, when I say it’s nap time, it’s nap time.”
  • “Don’t that make that face, Walker. It’s my job to monitor you.”

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Alright, fixed dark plot twist, sans cutted his neck in the middle of the forest (Even if he doesn't die from the head cutting, that should at least damage him enough to kill him)

To be fair, Sans could trip over a heavy branch and dust right there from the impact of the fall >3>

He has only one 1 hp, it would be so easy to kill him…

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Fuck Hatchimals and every parent, grandparent, aunt, and uncle who loses their shot because we're out of stock. I don't care if it's the only thing your kid has been asking about for months. You should have either bought them months ago or should have a talk with your brat about appreciating what they have. It's not my fault everywhere is sold out of the damn things. Stop asking to speak to my manager because I can't give you something we don't physically have. They hate you too.


Suho stop asking so many damn questions and sit tf down

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Hey everyone,

Now I have got a few comments on whether Good Night Calls is still going on.

And it’s all good news. 

It should be coming out soon-ish depending how quick we get back into gear. We have had a few ups and downs with my partner in crime  @johnlockedslashprincess getting ill and college work and such other excuses but now shit should be going down.

I also have other good news regarding writing. I am in the middle of writing something else, which the doodles are the only spoilers too whilst I have been waiting for GNC to get back into gear. That should be out very shortly too to make up for the lacking. 

Sorry about the waiting, I promise it will be over soon. 

Weetiebel, aka SexualPizzaBox

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See? I'm not trying to start a fight with u, I get your points, but this is mostly why Star Wars and its characters gets so much hate, because of people who take things in a whole new insane level. Not that I'm saying that we shouldn't be against racism or people who shitpost about Finn/Poe or any other character "no white" I'm Mexican and trust me I KNOW about racist people, but I'm not all over tumblr bullshiting everyone to hate british, or americans, or canadians and throwing hate all around

ok im sorry but what the fuck are you even on about at this point? First you tell me why I don’t care enough about  racism Oscar/Poe and now you’re telling me that I’m bullshitting everyone to hate?? What?  Like half the effort you put into this ask could have been directed towards the people who are causing the problems in this fandom, but instead I guess me even mentioning or talking about racism in this fandom is the ‘real’ problem here. 

I’ve never directed hate towards anyone other than those who are willingly ignorant or harmful to others and i don’t know where you got that idea from? The entire premise of your argument falls upon the idea that apparently ppl like me should just let the bullshit in this fandom continue cause there has to be some kind of measured appropriate response to it that only you approve of? No thank you! I’ll continue to call out the racism and shittery in this fandom even if it continues to make ppl like you come in my askbox constantly questioning my motives instead of fighting against it.

I mean this sounds like the same argument ppl make when they say just talking about race is racist somehow. I never directed my hatred towards any particular racial group, and I think you need to keep in mind that criticism doesn’t equate to hatred.  

  • Every shipper, all the time, screaming at their OTP: The frustration is real! Why can't you just kiss already, you're bad for my blood pressure!
Finally answering asks

Damn I really should stop piling them up for too long. I’m just extra shy and always hesitant on what I’m gonna say…. 

ok anyway 3… 2… 1…

@before-everything-changed @athenaowl1 @prettylittlerobbers @tatiawinchesterthesavior and dear anons, thank you!! your compliments always cheer me up. I’m not always confident in my art skills (or narrative skill lmao) but I’m glad you guys enjoy it^^

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I guess if you both are saying it then I guess it’s in May… (i don’t have much time rip…) oh well I may overlap… hnnnnnnn

*takes out tissue*

*wipes tears*


yeahh man go ahead. I’m usually faster with those

Ahh thanks anons. yeah I kinda felt that’s how Adrien thinks, he really seem to be more free with his powers

and yes… i love soft flowing hair

anti gravity hair