and still staying in character

You can have asexual characters who date.

In fact, please have asexual characters who date.

Give me asexual characters who have loving romantic relationships with people.

Give me asexual characters who will only date other asexual characters, and asexual characters who will date allosexual characters.

Give me asexual characters who tries having sex once as a compromise and then decides they can’t deal with it and still have their partner stay with them.

Give me asexual characters who have separate bedrooms and/or separate beds from their partner.

Give me asexual characters who are in polyamorous relationships.

Give me asexual characters who have friends with benefits without (or with) the sex.

Give me asexual characters who have had many partners.

Give me asexual characters who have been with the same partner for their entire life.

Give me asexual characters who date.


I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.

  • Disney: Hey guess what we're planning a new animated show based on one of our movies! It's going to explore the world and relationships of Tangled as well as add new characters, while still staying true to the source material!
  • Dreamworks: Oh, cool, we're doing something like that too!
  • Disney: Really? What is it?
  • Dreamworks: Well, remember "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"?
  • Disney: Oh, that movie that got you guys a ton of awards?
  • Dreamworks: Yeah!
  • Disney: The one about the horse who won't let anyone ride him and instead lives free?
  • Dreamworks: Yeah!
  • Disney: And the one that discusses the antagonistic relationship between the Native Americans and Colonists?
  • Dreamworks: Yeah!
  • Disney: Wow, cool! There's a lot of potential for a show there! What's the series about?
  • Dreamworks: Horse-Riding Girl Club!
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney: Dreamworks what the fu

So after being peer-pressured talking about it with my friends, I brought Valkari into the DA universe as a companion, tho that was probably already made apparent by the collab I did with Domirine u v u

In the DAverse, Valkari is a hedge witch, aka a hobo mage. Her means of combat are much more physical and less flashy tho, hence why I’m considering having her be a shape-shifter and/or knight-enchanter specialization. I plan on doing one of the companion prompts for her later on. It actually been pretty interesting trying to create her backstory and character in the DAverse while still staying faithful to her TES origins. 

Also, as is the case with most AUs, she goes by Dawna, which is her birth name in TES. So my tag for her will be ‘DA Dawna’

Poe Party University AU: Mary

Mary Shelley the British lit professor, based on this post.

(Images courtesy of @shipwreckedcomedy@shirewalker, @cronusfallen, @wormwoodandhoney, and Google Stock.)


I forgot where I was going with these doodles tbh I just wanted to color space or something.

Click for better resolution or something cause I don’t think tumblr is liking me right now.

Ha! You fools! You’ve activated my trap card: Self-Insertion OC Nerd!


Stuck Between Good and Bad Luck part 5&6 - Fanmade Miraculous Ladybug comic

He was ready for disappointment, just like he’s used to. Bad luck. But Ladybug took it better than he expected. To his surprise, she even believed him. Not that he doubted her previous words about how she trusts him. Although, she wasn’t happy about him knowing her identity. She made him promise not make it obvious, if he acts differently around Marinette others might find out. Hawkmoth might find out. So to make this work, he has to forget Marinette is his partner.

DOUBLE UPLOAD!!! I just had this terrible cold, had it for a whole week now! But now when I feel better I managed to make both pages TODAY! CRAZY!! XD Anyway, thank you for noticing me! And stay tuned for next page if you’re still interested! XD

Characters belong to Thomas Astruc and the Miraculous Team

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5&6 - …


tbh the “another date lost to counting” joke would have been funnier but it just didn’t translate well to comic form.

in other news i love joey

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All of y'all fuckin ruined the ota community like this isnt directed only at you but hot damn my dude it was fien with some ocs and character breaking early on but its gotten to the point where literally nothing you fuckos do would even be slightly plausible to happen on a KIDS CARTOON SHOW. Like honestly y'all're fucked up with this shit there are literally only like 2 or 3 otas that still stay in-character for the most part

That’s the point


This…. may or may not have something to do with that self-indulgent thing I mentioned earlier……

More of my fatesona……… I….. made a proper expression sheet for her…. please help me I’m fallng into this hell I’m embarrassed how much I love this fatesona thingy….. Thank you @krazehkai for inspiring me and (indirectly) pULLING ME DEEP INTO THIS HELL………