and still no upd8 come on hussie

Okay, so some people may be on their knees thanking the heavens that homestuck will be over. But let me tell you a thing friend. For a lot of younger people, or people who didn’t join homestuck in it’s ‘glory days’ to experience all the fun and chaotic times, it almost seems as if they’ve JUST joined and the party’s already over. (keeping it real, it takes a few years to even process the fandom to even completely enjoy it.) Older fans have seen the octopimp videos, CASCADE (live, might i say), the crazy sea of cosplayers and panels at cons, the rush to cosplay a new kid or character in general, the relief of HOMESTUCK NEVER ENDING, HMM?? and just have seen the fandom at its top peak, being one giant family and having to see all of the ‘fabled’ stories now, for themselves. Younger fans cant drive to cons so easily, go to meetups (if you can even find any near you) can’t witness any of the hype it all used to be, can’t fight through a sea of grey assholes at a con, and faygo night runs?? Good luck. Sure you can be like “hiveswap is still a thing and homestuck will never fade away,” hey, I completely agree! But the fact that there’ll be a definite ending, no more predictions or crossing your fingers for your headcanon to come true, no more live updates, heck maybe the fandom will get smaller and quieter, and frankly, I’m sad


Thanks Hussie…

(( Silliness aside, I wanted to thank you all! I’ve been a fan of homestuck for 3 ½ years now and this weird, stupid, and messed up comic meant a whole lot to me. I’ve met a lot of really cool people in the fandom, and it also introduced me to other really cool show/games/movies/ect. 

You all have made it so much more enjoyable too! I know I’m reaaaallllly bad at upd8ing regularly(( sorry, don’t shoot me ono* ))but I love reading all the weird imagines everybody comes up with. Ya’ll are really creative and fun with your writing and I love it! I’ll still be updating this blog so no worries there(( despite the fact the queue is forever low now days ))and hey, maybe cronus will be in that epilogue hussie mentioned! ))  

twitchytyrant  asked:

When did you start reading Homestuck, and what was your experience with it?

iii started reading homestuck back in 2011 and i think the first big event i was in the fandom for was cascade? like i caught up during the lull before cascade dropped, i guess a little hiatus? so really ive had. a lot of experience with it over the years. 

i guess the main thing looking back at early homestuck life were how NASTY shippers would be abt “canon” ships like johnkat and davejohn and karezi and gamtav??? ppl who shipped those would get so nasty to anyone who shipped anything else (back when davekat was a crackship, i got so much shit from people who shipped karezi ?? and i got a lot of shit from gamtav shippers for enjoying flushed gamkar back then too). 

but then theres shit yknow the kids miss out on like emi hu??? ? emi was my IDOL (IS my idol) artistically speaking. she used to be so popular in the fandom that she was what sunny is now; hussies go to, various prints for sale on whatpumpkin, back when they sold their own merch all the time yknow, and she had. fucking. 4chords. which was like the first big humanstuck au to memory and is still to this day my hc for human karkat and gamzee. my shitkat?? basically 4chords karkat. it was supposed to wrap around to being gamkar in the end but she got so much shit for it and got so bored of it that it ended on a gamtav note and i to this very day am </3 abt it. i wish emi would come back to the fandom if only for one last huzzah,,,,, :(((

but then its like yknow obviously as time goes on people started shipping more and more out of the box shit and we had memes like pantskat wash thru the fandom and fucking broadway karkat who i still lowkey listen to a lot,, stuff like that i feel like someone who reads homestuck now would just ?? yknow ??? theyd just never come across shit like the magic cupcakes???? kk 2teal2 hand2??? or the fkn like

upd8 culture is a huge thing

people who read homestuck post-content (which we still,,, arent) are never going to get to see upd8 culture. and that bums me out. i miss upd8 culture when it was something that happened u know continually, now its just here and there whenever hussie throws us a bone. but the cosplays?? that would crop up within the hour?? the art?? the conversations and discourse and shit??? it was all so amazing, seeing the same frame 200 times in a row, seeing people react real time, seein gsomething specific and knowing exactly who on your dash is going to lose their shit and camping their blog. thats something im definitely going to miss big time.

hiatus culture was obviously really fucking fun too. gigapause and omegapause memes were fucking hilarious. and the counter blogs that just got more and more incoherent as time went on??? no ones ever going to look back on those once its over yknow. new kids wont see stuff like that. im kinda sad abt it. theyll never see the reemergence of so many homestucks after a year long hiatus, appearing at the ring of a fuckin bell yknow. 

idk,,, ofc u have the convention shenanigans but as someone whos never bene to a convention that was never really relevant to me tbqh. but you can for sure see the impacth omestuck has had on cons no doubt lmao

mmm,,,, idk !!! idk. im just kinda. i feel kinda lowkey sad that theres just so much thats in the past now that people who read homestuck these days wont have. there wont be the same sense of community as someones reading as there was when the updates were coming out. there wont be the same baited breath when you can literally just hit next between two pages that were literally over a year apart. theres none of the build up and mystery when you can just cohesively read it. none of the wild fan theories and discourse that cropped up that was later proved true (success!) or entirely debunked (au’d). its,, just,,, kinda sad i guess. i wish more people could have been here for the long haul bc theyre going to miss out on what i consider a huge part of being a homestuck.

Im gonna drop my two cents here to this Gamzee bizz. So, by now we all realize that Gamzee wasn’t joking when he said he was both of his messiahs. We all also realized that only half of Gamzee is in the mess that ends up Lord English. Which means when Gamzee looked into Lil Cals eyes and saw all that, he saw his evil self(since we all can figure that was the side that was taken-sadly LE isn’t a happy, chill, clown dork). But when Gamzee did suddenly have that revelation, what happened to the part of him that was… well… him? That side of him just disappeared. Poof. Gone. Never to be seen from again. Besides here:

And when did this happen? After he had been under mind control for quite a long time. Legit mind control. And he’s only back to his old self for a few seconds. Now, Im just throwing ideas out there but, what if because of the mind control he forgot for just a moment that he was working towards becoming Lord English? 

Now, Gamzee is two personalities in one. That has been unmistakeably presented to us. His evil side, or rather, that side of him which represents Tragedy, has been in control for the past three years. Why though? It happened after he has his revelation of who he was meant to become. But, that also happened by him finding Lil Cal in a moment of emotional crisis, and looking into his eyes. And going back to parts of old theories, Lil Cal/Lord English from that moment on was manipulating him, able to get him to do what he wanted because he was manipulating himself. But wait! He wasn’t just manipulating himself, because he didn’t need to manipulate all of himself, he just needed to manipulate his “Comedy side”(if you will) to no longer have a voice and go along with what his other half wanted/needed. So when Araneas mind control breaks, he forgot for a moment, and had, if only for a moment, that side of himself unsuppressed. But of course it doesnt last long when youre made up of two halves, one far more powerful with a much more powerful goal in mind.

With that said, his good side was left. The good half of his soul is still outside, in his, er… half body? Who knows if he can die yet or not at this point. He’s either still alive or a ghost. And if he is alive, there is a chance that Gamzee, the one who we were originally introduced to, could come back and have a voice. Perhaps even a voice agains’t himself? A voice against Lord English? Which I know we have already all stated and are excitedly hopeful for. No one explained why this side of him would still exist though and I felt I needed to mention it.

However there is also the possibility that Hussie will be an ass and leave this other side of Gamzee to rot and all of us Gamzee fans will cry and all this text will mean nothing ahahha

You know, among the general disappointment and saltiness at the Homestuck finale I’ve seen a few people accuse Hussie of no longer caring about the comic and rushing it to the end.


The more I think about it the more I feel that’s actually far from the truth. I mean for one the guy actually saw this thing through to its completion seven years after it started. That’s a long time to work on the same thing and pretty much nothing else. At any point he could easily have just decided ‘fuck it’ and stopped. Yes that would have made people really pissed, but I doubt it would have put him in any actual danger. He could have moved on to other projects and over time people would have moved on and probably accepted his new stuff. As someone who also makes creative content and has seen projects big and small abandoned time and again by various creators, finishing Homestuck is something worth commending whether you’re satisfied with the ending or not.

Second, we still have Homestuck-related content coming down the pipes. Hiveswap, Homestuck 2.0, and a proper epilogue are all coming at some point. Hell, Hiveswap has had several setbacks and he’s still doing it. If Hussie really didn’t care anymore about this world he’s created and his characters, I doubt there would be any more content related to it. If he was dead-set on ending it, this last upd8 would have been it. But it’s not.

I think it’s clear from the latest newspost that Hussie still cares deeply about this comic and the fanbase and that it’s very personal for him. And if these other projects are anything to go by, maybe he’s not quite ready to leave this story behind either. Maybe he doesn’t want to be done with it yet.

Either way I admire his dedication and I’m looking forward to whatever he decides to do next.

Everything about this supposed “ending” feels so fake.  The climax of Act 6 is an 18-minute Strife! flash where our heroes fight a miscellaneous collection of mostly-irrelevant baddies and easily win, with no major surprises or plot twists?  And it’s followed up by a saccharinely-happy reunion sequence which – with its beautiful, storybook-style guest art and complete absence of dialog – feels like something that would come at The Very End of the story, but we know it can’t be the very end because Lord English is still here (and a million other plot and character threads are still unresolved)?

This has to be a fakeout.  I don’t know if Act 7 is literally two pages or if ipgd’s leaks are fake, but Hussie has to be pulling something on us here.  An ending this simple and straightforward is completely out of character for the comic and for him.

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen Hussie’s Horschedule for Homestuck, but I am convinced there is definitely a pattern in the horses.

I color coded the chart, and realized something. Some of the poses seem to be just another one but flipped, I circled those in neon green. Can someone help me find the message?

Because, come on. If there were one person in the world to leave a message in Horse Code(pun intended), it’d be Hussie.

EDIT: Accidentally messed up the previous ones, but this is the final version. Notice the first three horses; Pink, Red and Yellow. BUT THEN there are three backwards horses right next to each other; Yellow, Red, Pink. They’re in reverse order, mirrored from the first three. Coincidence?

I think it marks a specific point in the timeline, maybe where things… reverse? Like this can’t be the main timeline, come on.  They’re gonna go back in time and change it. Aradia’s still alive, remember?

anonymous asked:

grandma english changed her name to english because the condesce is afraid of lord english --> jake english --> caliborn decides to take jake's name --> ?????

yEAh that’s how some time loops work haha the consequence of something turns out to be what caused that something to start with, better not to think too much about it imo

Anon:Have you seen the 4/15 update yet? I think I’m more confused than before. Also, do you know if we’re back on hiatus, or if it’s just the act that is ending?

yes! basicallyy Lil Cal is now a host to Caliborn’s soul, a buff horsey sprite, half evil clown and possibly a memer auto responder (I’m not sure if Arquiusprite still happened in the retcon or it was just Equius)

as for the rest, if I got it right, when Lil Cal’s presence successfully infiltrates an universe, that allows LE’s appearance in that universe (I assume through different vessels each time, and the last one was Doc Scratch, this would be his real connection with Lil Cal -ectobiology aside-), aand what happened in these last updates shows the origin of LE as he is now, by defeating Caliborn and putting his soul into Lil Cal they set up the ground for him to become stronger in the future

so now that we’re (supposedly) getting back to the present time, I think this is where that foreshadowing about Dave fighting Caliborn -before all of this can happen- comes into play :? unless this version of the story happens anyway in which case there would be 4 people trapped inside a juju to rescue and a riiiipped skull alien still on the loose to defeat lmao

(and no I don’t think we’re on hiatus, Hussie will announce the new schedule soon and he said he’s drawn the next 400 pages so there’s more than enough to post for a while)

What could have happened:

- The kids are excitedly waiting to open the door, the forge is stoked, the frog is released. So far, so good.

- Cut to vriska, using the weapon, in a twist everyone fucking expected, the house spits out the beta kids, doomed beta kids. Vriska seems unsettled, bc this can’t be right, but the house continues to grow, so mayve something else is going on? They advance on LE to buy some time.

-Cut to Callie who is at the green sun, she detroys it, creating a black hole and calling about the destruction of this universe so that the new one will not have Lord English in it. The black hole spits out the fridge, arquius, and the crowbar. this is important.

-Cut to caliborn, who is recieving his boon. he breaks the clock, and, in his usual style, becomes “immortal” on the technicality of being dead. His session is doomed. We see him reunite with Gamzee via dream bubbles, and this gamzee is barely holding his body together after being sawed in half. PSYCHE, THAT’S THE WRONG CLOWN. The kids pop in, the battle ensues, and lord english is born.

-Back to the battle, the fridge lands just south of the battlefield, along with the crowbar, gamzee is thrust from his prison to a mass of chaos and fighting, he’s even more confused and distressed that previously. He looks down, sees the crowbar, looks up and his friends getting their ass whooped, and then snatches is up. In typical bard wildcard style, he strikes lord english with what we all know is the juju breaker, making his loop of death be shattered, rendering him vulnerable.

-Back to the doomed alpha kids. Gamzee’s other half lies on the ground, they all seem tired and overwhelmed, one of them attempts to open the chest, but is interrupted by a startling turn of events. Gamzee still cannot die. his body, refusing to quit, twists and contorts a new half-body in order to compensate and be able to fulfill his final role- placing the ultimate boon in the bubbles for (vriska) to find. He is also maybe the horrorterrors? Just to tie up that loose end of their motives and why they exist at all.(would be nice if, here, we got some explanation as to what’s going on, either by narration or by gamzee actually speaking, his plot needs this sort of closure whether you like him or not.)

- Back to the battle, Lord English is FUCKING PISSED bc how dare is servant turn on him, so he goes to fucking town on the kid, tossing him to the ground and beating him up in ways that are terrifyingly similar to how game over gamzee attacked terezi, everyone who was looking on in hopeful surprise is now looking on is distress and horror, because the kid is getting laid tf out, he ends up getting tossed aside. Brief pause, where the people important to Gamzee in the army all look at him, hoping he will rise, and Vriska focuses on LE, who apparently is now capable of having real damage dealt to him, because, shocker, he’s *bleeding*. She redirects everyone’s attention, and the angered and hurt ghost army now attacks with even more strength and vigor, and LE is subdued so that he cannot escape his demise of being sucked into a black hole. (davepeta likely did most of the fucking his shit up be they are cool and important)

- After that’s cleared up, everyone turns their focus back to gamzee, who has yet to get up. Hussie, waddles over and in a comical fashion relatable to his character (albeit sadly) declares that Gamzee has in fact died. Queue either sad faces or vriska throwing a bitchfit about how the “save everyone and die” trope is shitty and cheap and how she won’t fucking stand for it. She refuses. She didn’t come all this way for this comic to end on such a stupid, cliche, nonsensical trope. Hussie, being who he is, and loving vriska either is like “okay then” and makes gamzee not dead, or the gamzee from the game over session appears, and offers up his own still-existing life so the version of him who did something good can live on. Meenah steals his life force and replaces it to gamzee, who wakes up all confused to actually see another version of himself, dead.

-Vriska, Aradia, Gamzee and Sollux all watch on as the ultimate boon becomes the door to the new universe. They all go in the door at exactly the same time the other kids go in the door. Gamzee has the bodies in his sylladex, and Jane revives everyone. The troll race will live on, and everyone will be happy. Apologies are made, real closure is had, and lord english is sent to the void forever. The end.

What really happened:

-door???? egg??? frog???? cool pretty i like it okay.

-vriska???? is she dead? is lord english dead???? where’s sollux? is aradia okay???? where terezi??? what the fuck???

-where is gamzee??? why is his plot still open ended and has so many loose plot threads???? what the fuck?? what the FUCK???



-the end. fuck you.


In case you didn’t see the new news post, Hussie has been “surreptitiously collapsing several update horses into single, bigger horses” over the duration of A6A6I4.

What this means is the following: no pages have been changed or added or removed, the page count is the same, he’s simply combined a few of the scheduled updates, and now A6A6I4 will end on January 19th, as opposed to the initially planned January 26th.

Hussie reports that he’s still working on everything that comes after that: he’s written it mostly (and the implication would seem to be the entire remainder of the comic, not just A6A6A5), but has yet to begin drawing.

A6A6I4 will almost certainly be followed by another pause, but no predicted length has been ventured.

Certainly, the modified dates and subsequent pause should come as a relief for those of us returning to college in a few weeks!

you click the next upd8 still in somewhat of a shock. It’s been so long you thought you had completely lost interest along with everyone else. Despite having gotten involved with many other fandoms during the long hiatus the new upd8 pulled you right back in again like a SUCKER. the fact the HOMESTUCK ends in LESS THAN A WEEK fills you with some kind of feeling. Sadness? Peace? DETERMINATION? no, the emotions coursing through your body as you watch [S] COLLIDE for the 413th time is too elaborate to narrow down to one single feeling. You try to decide how to spend the last week of homestuck before its all over. maybe spending a whole night furiously making cosplays or upd8 art? maybe you’ll just sit back and relax and just let the end come. FINALLY, the SWEET RELEASE you always prayed to HUSSIE to happen!!! and yet…you still feel a bit worried….will the final click, the final ==> conclude with a satisfacting end? will it address every character arch and fill every plothole? Bringing every dangling thread of this confusing cross-stitched plot into a cohesive whole? Will davekat be canon? you ponder these questions as the metaphorical ticking of your laptop clock slowly ticks down.

Homestuck Fandom. its been seven years that you’ve been reading this goddamn webcomic. You fell in love with these characters despite the weird pixely style, heck that just makes you love it more despite how shitty and sharp the pages are, you appreciate how so much colorful greatness and beauty can be conveyed in such simple forms and for the most part homestuck has truly been AMAZING. you've watched every flash over 9000 times and sent selfies to hussie of the greatest upd8 ever with just the slightest provocation. you’ve grown from a small baby fandom to what could be considered a religion. No matter when each fan joined the colorful hoard, we were all in this together with memes and lyricstucks and crying at midnight when GAMEOVER happened. and no matter how intense it got or how dumb the memes or ship wars were we all joined together as one. Stuck if you will. Yes, homestuck will always hold a special place in your heart, every character, every flash animation, songs and openbound walk arounds, fanart, fanfictions, upd8 cosplay, fanimations and fancomics. EVERY JOKE AND CALL BACK AND LITTLE DETAIL THAT HUSSIE NEVER LET YOU FORGET. Homestuck changed your life. No matter how the final upd8 ends, you know deep down inside yourself that to you very core you will always be homestuck trash.


Thank you.

===> Are You Ready?

How I'll Be When the Gigapause Ends

(warning: long post w reaction images galore you have been warned)

me when the internet breaks come Final Upd8

External image

me when the internet finally comes back and i can actually read the Final Upd8

until eventually i just calm down enough to just be sorta like

followed by

External image

and then

but then shit actually hits the fan and it’s like

and then it’s like

and then hussie proves some obscure and underappreciated theory that hardly anyone expected that utterly destroys what we were all expecting out of the ending

and my friend who still hasn’t gotten to read the Final Upd8 and still thinks there’s gonna be some Ultimate Strife and all that bs suddenly texts me and i’m like

and then everyone, everyone i tell you finally gets their shit straight and comes together like

External image

and i’m like

and then finally

fucking finally

i make it to the EOA6 flash, braced for the final conclusion of everything we have put so much time and energy and anticipation and tears and so, so much else into, and everything we have waited in fear and awe and insanity for finally falls into its place, the culmination, the pinnacle of everything that is Homestuck

and i simply cannot handle this level of awesomeness

there you go

that’s how i’ll be when homestuck ends

there you have it

I’m still holding out for Vriska to meet up with Aradia when she goes to fight her ghost self and for the two of them to end up banding together to take down Lord English as the original two God Tiers of the troll session.

It’s probably the whole reason Aradia has been hanging around Meenah and Ghost Vriska this whole time, just waiting for Vriska to show up.

And Vriska still thinks Aradia is creepy, and Aradia still thinks Vriska is a bitch, but they know that they’re the only two living trolls who are strong enough to avenge their race and make the world safe for the rest of their kind.

Come on, Hussie, make it happen.

11/28/14 Upd8: Play The Wind

WHOO HOO! A lot of people saw some form of this coming, and it’s GLORIOUS!

Reaction and speculation below!:

(Note: Still have trouble extracting images from flashes, so had to rely on others for images.)

External image

PIPEORGANKIND!!! :DDD Thank you Hussie!

I present, our [S] Play haunting piano refrain callback!:

External image

Look at at how far we’ve come! Look at how far John’s come! I just…give me a moment…

External image

The clouds are clearing, and the fireflies are being released! At long last!

If you look closely, you can also find CRUMPLEHAT! Re-watch the Flash and keep an eye out for him!

External image

I know what’s coming next! This ‘glow’ has signified John’s use of the Windy Thing on multiple occasions:

External image

External image


External image

I called it!:

A calliope is a musical instrument that produces sound by sending a gas, originally steam or more recently compressed air, through large whistles—originally locomotive whistles.

(Quoted from Wikipedia)

FUCK, you’re right!

This explains how playing that thing will ‘clear the clouds’. The act of playing it will send air through the pipes, and with those pipes everywhere, it’s going to turn Lowas into one huge instrument. The pipes spouting air from playing will likely produce wind strong enough to clear the clouds and break the spell.

Does that count? I can’t tell if it counts…

External image

Whoah, Typheus’ symbol is glowing…Wonder what that means…

External image

A glorious callback to the first time John did the Windy Thing!:

External image


External image

Look at that wind!

External image

Someone pointed out that a few frames after this picture, Lowas becomes a giant white ball. In other words, it becomes a cueball. Lord English’s only weakness:

Significant? Reading too much into it? At this point, I wouldn’t rule either of them out!

When I saw this, I thought, ‘Wait, is John teleporting the planet to the other timeline already? What about Roxy? She’s a Chekov’s Gunman here! Unless she’s already voided herself out…’ Or maybe he HAS teleported the planet and hasn’t realized it yet…

External image

The cartridge has been literally ‘blown out!’ Yes! No more glitches! A lot of people called this, and look, you were right! Though perhaps not in the way you originally imagined.

…OH SHIT the cartridge has been blown out!!!

Do you guys know what happens when you remove the cartridge of a game while it’s still running? The game turns off. And it RESETS.

Okay, so is the narrative going to insert the cartridge on it’s own? Or something? Like what happened with Homestuck Disc 2?

And how far back are we going, exactly?

Well, the cartridge is specifically for Act 6 Act 6:

External image

And was designed to allow the narrative to continue while Caliborn did his thing (before he discovered the cartridge):

External image

I did a bit of math to figure out if we may possibly be going all the way back to the beginning of A6A6I1. That was the point where the cartridge was inserted, and the session glitched up, preventing us from fully seeing [S] Act Act 6 Intermission 1:

External image

Let’s see, A6A6I1 is from 008178 to 008374. That’s 196 pages. Note I am not including A6A6I2 in these calculations, as the beginning of that Act is when Aranea appeared and set off the doomed timeline.

A6A6I4 has been confirmed to be about 450 pages. It has lasted from 008844-008998 (the current page), which is 154 pages. That leaves about 296 pages left. In other words, we could probably re-do all of A6A6I1 in this act and have pages to spare. If that’s the plan. Remove John from the Yellow Yard equation, and Aranea loses her hook into the session, preventing [S] GAME OVER. Finally, John ports himself and Lowas into the B2 session, ready to take up his proper role.

The only question mark is the Ring of Life. Is that thing lost now? John entered canon space before Act 6 Act 6 began, and with him gone from the Yellow Yard, he wouldn’t have picked up the ring. Unless the Furthest Ring isn’t affected by this (and there’s reason to believe it’s not) in which case the Ring is lost for now. I don’t think the Condesce picked it up, and there’s no way in hell she’ll be entering the new timeline anyway.

But that does leave an opening for the Ring of Void to make a reappearance, for when one ring is lost, the other reappears:

External image

Perhaps the Ring of Void will assist with Roxy ‘voiding out’ of the session, preserving herself? Even Aranea described their effects as ‘opposing’:

External image

Wearing the Ring of Void might give an effect similar to becoming a ghost of the Furthest Ring, unable to affect the timeline, but also immune to the changes.

So, epic upd8! Can’t wait to see what happens next!