and still no shirtless scenes

It always astonishes me how, for a “kid’s” show, Big Time Rush had no shame when it came to James’ half-naked body.






I mean, not that they should have any. It’s like the staff collectively agreed “This man is hot as holy fuck. More shirtless scenes. MOAR” 

Reason #122424 why I am still a Big Time Rush fan at age 20.

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how about the RFA members reacting to MC giving their s/o an extremely visible hickey, like on the neck or something

~No problem!

◉ Yoosung

  • Woke up and went to the bathroom to take a shower
  • When he got out and stood in front of the mirror all sleepy and ready to do his hair 
  • He saw it
  • A giant hickey on his neck!
    • “So cool!” he thought 
  • He had never been one of those people walking around with love marks before!
  • He doesn’t even bother to cover it up 
  • Goes to class with it just as it is 
    • “Woah, what’s that?!” one of his friends pointed to his neck as he sat down 
    • “Oh, heh…girlfriend,” he smiled and shrugged
  • Inside and outside he was beaming 

◉ Jumin 

  • Normally would not like you to leave marks 
  • He’s the one to mark you
  • Not the other way around
  • But it happened 
  • He inspected it in the bathroom mirror for a few seconds before sighing and heading out for work 
  • Didn’t bother to cover it 
  • One of the guards was staring as Jumin gave orders 
    • “Repeat what I just said,” Jumin commanded 
    • “Oh…I-uh…I’m sorry,” he stuttered 
    • “If something as insignificant as this is enough to distract you then perhaps I chose the wrong person for this job. Should I fire you, now?” He asked 
    • “No! It won’t happen again, Mr. Han!”
  • People at C&R knew better than to make any comment about it 
  • Though Jumin still noticed a few stares 

◉ Zen 

  • Ah!
  • He had a rehearsal today but there was a giant mark on his chest!
  • And it was a shirtless scene!
  • He still kind of liked it though…
  • Grabbed for the concealer and powder to try and cover it up 
  • He thought he did a pretty good job 
  • Rushed into hair and makeup 
  • Of course the first thing the makeup artist did was point and smirk 
    • “What’s this, Zen?” 
  • He turned so red 
    • “My girl…she get’s carried away sometimes. Can you blame her?” he grinned 
    • “Hah, I guess not. But let’s cover this properly, before anyone else sees it,” she laughed 

◉ Jaehee 

  • So embarrassed! 
  • Woke you up to point it out and scold you 
  • You just laughed and she hit you with a pillow 
    • “How am I supposed to run the cafe today with this?!” she cried 
    • “Jaehee…calm down. It’s a hickey not a perverted tattoo or something…” you rolled over and went back to bed 
  • She rummaged through the closet to find a scarf 
  • Threw it around her neck and was off 
  • Omg she was sweatin 
  • The darn thing was making her so warm but she wouldn’t dare take it off 
    • “Isn’t it summer?” a customer asked, “why the scarf?”
    • “I just…think it goes nicely with this outfit,” she smiled 
  • The customer shrugged and left with their drink 
  • It was going to be a long hot day for her 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Hadn’t even noticed until he was brushing his teeth and looking in the mirror 
  • A giant visible hickey on his neck 
  • He didn’t even remember you doing that last night?
  • He inspected it with his fingers 
  • Finished brushing his teeth 
  • Ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed to wake you up 
    • “Saeyoung what the hell I was asleep!” you yelled 
    • “Look what you did”
  • He pointed to his neck when you turned to face him 
    • “So? Now let me sleep,” you groaned 
    • “No! Now I have to get you back!”
  • He nuzzled your neck and you laughed 
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Oh yes, lots of dramatic rescues and prison breakouts and sorry Chancellor, he’d love to chat but Master just got himself kidnapped again and also could you pass the gundark repellant please… it just struck me that there will probably also be shirtless jungle scenes involved as well��

Hahahaha, Palpatine STILL going after Anakin in this AU and getting foiled, this time by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Shirtless Explorer Nerd. I love it. 

Let’s not forget the time they HAD to share a tent on one of their Science Excursions because Oops Anakin Totally Forgot His By Accident. 

(There’s a “for science” joke in there somewhere but I haven’t had enough coffee yet.) 

The Many Looks of Harrison/Eobard - Part 2!

Apologies for the late posting of this, I know it’s been 6 months since my first part of the series and we’re already midway (quarter-way?) through hiatus period! But, I’m here now and ready for another round of Harribard’s different looks from Season 1b and even though we didn’t get to see the return of his ‘suit of sexiness’ and no shirtless scene yet, there’s still a lot to examine what with Harrison not being Harrison but Eobard and the Reverse Flash as well… so let’s get started shall we? *winks*

p.s - Some pictures may be repeated, I’m just going episode wise and some may be forgotten if I don’t remember all of the different looks… feel free to add them in!!! :D

(Part 1:

Beanie Harrison - (This was there in the first post but that was more for his winter outfit, we’re focused on the beanie now!)

Full Sleeved Black T-shirt -

Sneakers #1 -

Jacket #1 -

Jacket #2 -

Real!Harrison… in colors!!!

Jaunty Cap -

Jacket #3 -

Full Black Eo -


Sexy Jacket #4 -

Everyman Eo -

Blue Eyes -

Red Eyes!

We also got a look at the Reverse Flash outfit in it’s full glory -

Masked RF -

Unmasked RF -

Aaaand that’s it for season 1!!! Tune in to season 2 of “The Flash” starting this October, I’ll be ready with another round of this come s2 midseason finale… we know that TomCav is a series regular so now the main question we should be asking is - not ‘how’ he is coming back, not ‘who’ he is going to be playing, not ‘when’ he’ll show up (obviously it has to be the premiere!!!) but rather - ‘what will he be wearing?’

It goes without saying that we want/need/have to get a shirtless scene, but do we want more variations of black clothes? newer jacket styles? maybe the return of his suit of sexiness! or some colors like real Harrison wore… maybe white even? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!!