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bruh you’re a newtual (new mutual) and I’m Lovin It. I’m still fucking dying over the v’ore related pjo jokes like lmfaoooo,,,,, Plus you seem super chill and fun ayy

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OKay a DEH headcanon from me: Connor Murphy didn't actually commit suicide, he just ran off to some rehab, and didn't hear of the things that had took off, and so when he got back, everyone's s o shocked and Connor is just like, "what the,,, fuCK"

GOOD HC!!! also like… good au idea..

Richonne 7x12 headcannon

It’s moments like this I wish I knew how to write fanfic…This is just a headcannon.

At the beginning of 7x12, Rick and Michonne are ecstatic to be going out alone and give each other knowing looks.

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After a bit of playful banter about where to look, Rick whispers something to Michonne we can’t hear and she gives him a cute, bashful smile.

Rick and Michonne are scavenging like crazy and are hitting up several locations, trying to find the guns they need. At several stops, they take breaks which lead to flirtatious looks and some intimate kisses.

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The scenes after the kisses fade to the next scene and we can conclude what happened (wink, wink). They continue to scavenge and Rick seems to be counting how many places they have looked.

It’s day two and they’re still taking breaks that lead to sweet Richonne lovin’, while continuing to gather supplies. While driving, Michonne notices that they are losing day light so this scene happens:

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Rick says “Just a little more, okay?” and gives her a knowing smile which she answers with her own. Rick then says “Promises were made and I intend on making good on those promises”. He says this that with his serious, sexy, squinty-eyed look he does, but you can feel the humor in it. His face then softens and he gives her his sexy smile again.

They end up finding a house with a lot of supplies in it, to their delight.They gather up the goods and about an hour later Rick and Michonne start taking it to the van. They load the last of the items in and decide to take a break.They give each other satisfying looks as they sit and look at all the guns and supplies they gathered. The satisfying looks turn into seductive looks and they are all over each other. We get the scene below from the promo and Rick is in his underwear in no time and begins working on getting Michonne’s clothes off.

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The scene fades and we see Rick on top of Michonne saying softly “One more time for me baby”. We can’t see Michonne’s face but we see her arm wrap tightly around Rick’s neck, like she’s holding on to him, and she let’s out an almost whispered, shaky “Riiick!” before the scene fades again. The scene comes back and they are entangled in each other. Michonne is laying on Rick’s chest (she was riding him of course) and Rick is playing with her hair as they lie, sated.

Rick says “Fourteen” and Michonne looks up at him shyly with the biggest grin. She says “You’re so silly” and playfully tickles him for a few seconds. He lets out this wonderful laugh and says “I made a promise to give you 10… and I’m a man of my word.“ He raises his eyebrows and says mock surprise “In fact we did better than I would have thought”. Michonne looks at Rick, almost embarrassed, but playfully rolls her eyes. Rick says in response to her look “It seems like you enjoyed yourself…I know it” and Michonne let’s out a cute laugh. Rick’s face gets serious and he cups Michonne’s face. He says “There’s something else I know”. Michonne looks at him, her expression getting serious too, and says “What?” Rick then says “I love you” and strokes her cheek tenderly. Michonne’s face softens while tears start to pool in her eyes and she says “I love you, too”.

They lean in to kiss each other and Rick turns over onto his side still kissing Michonne until she is on her back. Rick breaks the kiss and says “Fifteen?” and raises his eyebrows in question. Before Michonne can answer, Rick starts kissing down her body playfully like he did in 6x15, as she laughs out a pleading “No”. She covers her face with her hands and Rick stops his kisses and looks at her face. She peaks at him through her fingers and he says in a husky voice “Yes.” Michonne bursts into laughter and the episode ends.

*Please forgive my grammar errors, this was supposed be a short post, but i guess my imagination got the better of me, lol. I didn’t get as freaky as I could have, but I feel like this scenario might be something they could get away with on AMC.

Jehanparnasse Flower Shop and Tattoo Parlour AU. With a twist

  • Jehan’s flower shop is bathed in light with its big window and they sell everything from tulips to venus fly traps. There’s a very cozy atmosphere, bead curtains everywhere…
  • The back doubles as a wiccan supply shop with crystals, coloured salt, sage, other important ingredients.. Jehan also uses it for seances every Thursday night
  • A tattoo parlour opened right across the street. Originally, it was just supposed to be a front for Patron-Minette, used to launder money, but Montparnasse liked it, so he’s doing part-time tattoo artist part-time Patron-Minette
  • Jehan, being the good neighbour that they are, went to welcome the new owners with homemade lemon bars. But they couldn’t help but feeling a strange vibe once in the shop. It may or may not have been the glaring yet handsome owner who seemed really eager to get rid of them asap. Or something else
  • So they came back, offering red and black roses this time to “liven up the shop”. Something was definitely weird there. They could feel it in their bones. Montparnasse, thinking that Jehan was nosing around and suspecting that some illegal (yet very real) things were taking place in the back, did his best to be as unbearable as humanly possible to make them leave. He’s good at that.
  • Jehan got the memo and stopped trying, since apparently they weren’t welcome there. Until Montparnasse showed up unexpectedly during seance night, looking both annoyed and defeated
  • “You’re here for the spirit hanging out in your shop, I assume.”
  • “I…. yes. Can you get rid of it?”
  • “Depends, looks like you don’t want me there. I’m like vampires, I like feeling welcome.”
  • Montparnasse, who’s scared shitless of anything supernatural, gave in and apologised. He just really needed Jehan to get rid of that… thing
  • Cue some ghost hunting shenanigans, some back and forth flower and tattoo design exchanges and a ouija board that spells “Y.E.S” when Jehan asks if Montparnasse loves them (Parnasse moved the arrow)

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