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Unwanted Attention

Hi guys! This has been in my drafts for ages and I completely forgot about it until yesterday! Hope you enjoy. :)

Plot: Harry has this one friend who loves hitting on Y/N.

Warnings: Curse words and handsy moments while dancing. Nothing smutty and nothing violent though. 

There was something off about Jordan. His icy blue eyes followed my movements like a hawk observing his prey and when he noticed me staring back at him he flashed me one of his sleazy grins. He was a handsome guy, there was no denying that, but from the moment he’d been introduced to me I could sense that he simply wasn’t one to take a hint. It wasn’t even about me being too pretty and him just finding me irresistible, not by any means. It was that Jordan couldn’t bear a girl not wanting him. His brain simply couldn’t comprehend how I hadn’t fallen to his feet yet. I shuddered under his sharp eyes and shrunk further into the warmth of Harry’s side. Harry didn’t look at me but responded by resting his arm around my shoulders and leaning his head against mine momentarily while chuckling along to one of Nick’s jokes, giving me comfort without having even noticed that I needed it. My eyes found Jordan’s once more and my heart dropped when he was still grinning, wider this time and with his brows raised. Almost as if he was trying to say that he accepted the challenge. 

Harry laughed loudly, squeezing me to him and I straightened my posture staring back at Jordan confidently. My hand rested on Harry’s chest, the other arm wrapped around his back and my temple leaned against his arm. I was saying something back clearly. The only reason I was here was Harry and Jordan could fuck off.


It was a friday night what naturally meant that Harry wanted to go out. From the moment I opened the door for him to enter my apartment he’d been talking about nothing else other than this bar which had only just opened in East London. Thanks to his ever charming soul he’d become friends with the owner and owned one of the few invitations to the opening party tonight.

“You’ve got to come with me,” Harry insisted, “Nick and Jordan are coming, too.”

“Sounds like a guy’s night out then,” I murmured, trying to decline his proposal as nicely as I could, “I don’t think I should intervene, Harry.”

“As if you’d intervene,” Harry said quickly, rolling his eyes as if I was being completely absurd, “You couldn’t possibly. C'mon, love, you’ve got to!”

Honestly, a night out with Harry sounded perfect. I loved seeing him dance, hearing him sing and laughing along to all of the silly puns tipsy Harry could come up with. We had spent many fun nights out together, starting with him helping me choose a dress and me painting his nails and ending with the both of us dropping on either his or my bed, too drunk to care about sleeping in our cloths and in each other’s arms.
Harry was the best company and every moment I got to spend with him was one I treasured. I didn’t like having to avoid Harry in order to avoid Jordan, but he’d already invited him and no matter my feelings for Harry, his friend truly was the last person I wanted to spend my night with. But at the same time… ugh.
I groaned and let my head fall back onto the couch, turning to look at Harry who was sprawled out next to me. He wore a hopeful look, his sparkling eyes wide and his lips set in a pout.

“Please,” he whined, “Nick’s been bugging me by calling you ‘Harry’s best friend who never turns up’ and he’s kinda right with it.”

“Oh shut up,” I laughed.

He rolled onto his side and began pulling at my arm, making me lay down as well so we were both facing each other. I hummed when his hand found mine so he could move his thumb over my palm in a soothing motion and I smiled at him lovingly, enjoying to just be able to appreciate him without him noticing, his gaze set on my fingers. His forehead was furrowed and his lips still in a pout, his expression resembling the one of a little boy who failed to understand something.

“We don’t even have to stay long,” Harry mumbled, focus still on my hand, “let’s just go, please.”

“Ugh,” I groaned and let my head drop against his shoulder in defeat, “fine.”

“Yehi!” Harry cheered, surprising me by jumping up with a sudden energy bolt and he threw himself onto my body, not caring one bit that his weight was crushing me.

His lips met the skin of my cheek in a loud kiss and I grimaced, batting his face away while laughing.

“It’s going to be great, you’ll see,” Harry promised, his cheeks stretched in a wide and confident grin.

I smiled and chuckled at how happy and cheery Harry was all of a sudden, but at the same time I couldn’t help a tiny pang of guilt in my tummy. He was thrilled to be going out and looked forward to spending the night with his friends and all I could think about was how this meant I would practically be exposed for Jordan to ogle me all night, silently undressing me with his eyes.
I watched Harry laugh as he went on with a story Jeff had told him and I wrapped my arms around his chest, cuddling into his side and I made a point of humming whenever it fit, letting him know that I was listening. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be all bad, I thought as I noticed the crinkles around his eyes and breathed in his familiar smell. After all, I wouldn’t be alone.


The alcoholic liquid left a heavy taste on my tongue and wrapped my head in a cloudy daze making me dizzy momentarily. My throat burned and I mentally cursed Harry for making me engage in his stupid drinking games. Still, I set the empty glass down only seconds after Harry smashed his own onto the countertop, scoring in second. Harry cheered and let his dimples show when he grinned widely and he held out his hand to high five me just when Jordan and Nick finished their shots too.

“I’d say we all know who’s the winner,” Harry announced proudly with a drop of tequila running down his chin and Nick rolled his eyes.

The bar was as crowded as I had expected it to be on a friday night, causing people to stumble into me whenever someone tried to reach the bar. The music was loud and everyone around us was dancing and laughing, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the building. So far Harry had been right, at least up until a few minutes ago. We’d been drinking good drinks and my tummy ached from laughing so hard at his stupid jokes, so it was hard to deny I was having fun. The best thing was that Jordan hung out with a group of girls for most of the night so far, only joining us minutes ago when he was done bathing in the girl’s attention. I’d lowered my gaze under Jordan’s watchful eyes and had hoped he’d just leave again.
Harry had stayed oblivious to me scooting a little closer to him and so had Nick. Only Jordan had noticed and his eyes had narrowed, never letting me out of sight.

“Such a show off, Styles,” Nick laughed and playfully pushed Harry by his shoulder, “Your victory was a close call between you and your bestie over there so don’t get too cocky.”

“I’m aware,” Harry laughed and send me a proud smile.

I giggled and shrugged, fist-pumping Harry.
He looked incredibly handsome, especially with the newly gained growth of his hair, the stubborn curls already fighting their way back. I knew he missed the length of his hair, but I secretly loved the short strands crowning his head. They were less likely to shield his pretty face from my view. Though I admired him for his effortless attractiveness, it bugged me how he could pull off anything and looked good even with his typical jeans and dad-shirt look. Everything suited him, which was surely caused by his confidence.

“But that’s on me, too,” Harry continued proudly, pushing our used shot glasses together so he could pick them all up in both of his massively big hands, “Who do you think taught her?”

Nick raised both arms with a laugh and looked at me for confirmation. A giggle fell from my mouth at the memory of Harry spending the night at my place many months ago, the counter of my kitchen littered with shot glasses and different spirit bottles as he lectured me on how it was my tongue’s fault that I couldn’t do it right. He’d even argued that the muscle in my mouth must have been to big and that I’d need to move it to the side more. The result of me trying had been a stained shirt and wet chest and of course a laughing Harry, but at least I was good at it now.

“S'true,” I agreed, “You won’t admit it but your instructions only worked 'cause I’m a talented student.”

Harry laughed. “Oh, so my teaching skills are shit, then? S'that what you’re trying to tell me?”

I was about to reply when Jordan’s rough voice interrupted us in a snarl, “Jesus Christ we get it. You guys are fucking each other just stop bullshitting us.”

He rolled his eyes, no humor in his expression and he seemed as if he was completely done with Harry and me. I shook my head and wanted to bite something back, but reconsidered and stayed silent. Harry had been so excited to spend time with his friends, I didn’t want to ruin it by starting a fight.

“Oh, piss off, Jordan,” Harry scoffed with a laugh.

“Oi,” Nick called, raising his brows at me with a teasing grin on his face, “What did I miss?”

He looked at me expectantly as if I was about to tell him the greatest story he’d ever heard. I gave him a playful push back.

“You guys,” I began, “are assholes.”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head, “I’ll get us another round.”

He nodded to the other end of the bar where all of the bartenders were gathered and turned to walk towards it, taking the glasses with him. How the hell could he fit them all in both of his hands? Thinking the same, Nick was quick to offer help and so he was gone and after Harry before I could beg him to stay.
Well… fuck. I was left in the exact situation I’d hoped I wouldn’t be in, one I’d dreaded so much it had made me want to avoid coming here in the first place. Already I could feel Jordan’s creepy vibe on me almost like a haze covering my body and my skin prickled. Silently I climbed to sit on Harry’s barstool, hoping to get away with distracting myself by my phone and to avoid any conversation with the unpleasant guy until my friends returned.

Jordan seemed to have other plans.

“You’re ignoring me now?” Jordan laughed mockingly, “Really? That’s ridiculous of you, doll.”

I tensed at the nickname and bit the inside of my cheek, then I turned off my phone and met Jordan’s eyes. You’re a prick, my head screamed at him and my hands clenched in need to smack his stupid grin off his face.

“How about we just wait in silent for Nick and Harry to come back?” I asked, my voice surprising me with a lot more confidence than I’d anticipated.

Jordan laughed once more, throwing his head back. “Well, I’m a rather vocal guy. You’d know if you’d quit playing hard to get and just give in to me.”

I visibly cringed and jerked back from the guy when he scooted closer, leaning into me so there were only few centimeters separating us. He picked up the abandoned beer bottle he’d been sipping on throughout the night and took two more gulps, allowing his eyes to stay fixated on me. Again he resembled so much a hawk who had found his prey of choice and was not going to stop before he got it.

“So,” He began, voice now sweet like honey, “You’re hooking up with him now, huh?”

I but my lip at the mention of Harry and shrugged his words off with a muttered “no”, raising my head to search for Nick and Harry in the crowd, hoping to see them on their way back. Unfortunately they hadn’t even reached the bartenders yet and when I looked back at Jordan, I could tell we were thinking the same thing. I’d be alone for a while with no one coming to save me.

“Looks like they’re going to be gone for quite a bit,” Jordan commented and he grinned at me, exposing his perfectly white teeth, “would be a shame if we just sat here moping, wouldn’t it?”

“I’m good,” I replied calmly, hoping he would let it go which of course he didn’t.

Jordan stepped closer, titled his head to the side and looked at me closely, similar to how a costumer checks the meat at the butcher’s when selecting what to have. My breath hitched when his fingers rested on my knee and he chuckled, moving them in a scratching motion and squeezing every now and again, making sure he prevented me from moving away. His tongue slipped out, wetting his lips and I pushed his hand away forcefully, only for him to grasp my wrist.

“C'mon,” he announced, pulling me from the stool and to my feet in a swift yank, “If Harry can teach you how to drink with a man, I’ll show you how to dance with one.”

Waiting for an answer or my consent seemed to be a waste of time to him and before I could react he’d pulled me off my stool and away from the bar. Soon we were surrounded by sweating and moving bodies, the music over here so loud I could feel the beat drum through my body. Jordan pulled me further and deeper into the crowd of humping people until he seemed satisfied with our location, far away from the counter to which Harry would return to soon. Jordan came to a swift halt and turned around to face me, releasing my wrist but encircling my waist so quickly I couldn’t move away. His arms tightened and he hummed, pulling me into his body so my chest was pressed against his. My hands settled onto his waist and I tried to push him off with as much strength as I could muster, yet I failed. His skin was hot and sweaty beneath my fingertips and I shuddered upon feeling his breath at my throat when he leaned in. His head pressed against mine and his fingers squeezed my hips.

“Jordan,” I urged into his ear, “let me go.”

Panic started to crawl through every vein of my body until I went rigid and my skin was littered with goosebumps. My throat was dry and all my brain screamed at me to do was to get out of the situation, to run away and hide from this gross man. Only how? His hold on me was too forceful and tight I had no chance of fighting him off. The only people who could help me were Harry and Nick and they had no idea where I was and would surely not be able to spot me in the sea of people either.
Ignoring my request, Jordan grabbed my hips tighter, his hold almost bruising and I gasped in shock when he began to move his own hips forward in a rough thrust, allowing our crotches to meet. I squealed and flinched back immediately, only to be pulled forward and held against Jordan’s body.

“C'mon, babe,” he laughed and repeated the movement of his hips, “Bet you’d let Harry have a go, huh? Why not me? S'it 'cause I’m not as rich as him? Or famous? Trust me babe, I can show you a better time, you’ll see.”

My stomach sunk and I shook my head. Unwanted tears shot to my eyes and spilled over when he moved both arms so he could rest his hands on my back, pushing me against his own body and moving me so I was forced to dance with him. He treated me like I was a doll and that sickened me more than anything.

“Let go,” I demanded, my voice now nothing more than a weak whimper, “You’re hurting me.”

To my great luck one of the girls dancing around us slipped in that moment and tumbled into Jordan, catching him off guard and knocking him right off of me. His arms loosened and I took my chance to push them away before fighting my way through the mass of people and away from him as fast as I my feet could carry me. I didn’t care how ridiculous I must have looked and didn’t stop until my eyes landed on the familiar and comforting sight of Harry and Nick standing at the bar where they’d expected me to wait for them. Neither of them saw me coming and when Harry looked up I had already thrown myself at him, embracing his shoulders tightly.

“Wow,” Harry laughed and Nick chuckled, but I didn’t react and only pushed my face closer into Harry’s warm neck in an attempt at shutting everything around me out.  

My body was still trembling and I swallowed repeatedly to keep stop crying. Only now did it truly sink in how forceful Jordan’s hands had been as I felt his hold on my skin as if it was still there. The skin tingled and burned. Surprised by my sudden neediness Harry wrapped his arms around me loosely and leaned his head against mine, allowing his nose to run along my cheek. With him it didn’t feel threatening or harsh, quite the opposite. With simple touches and without intending it, Harry calmed my distraught emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked with a gentle hum, amusement clear in his tone.

I just shook my head and loosened my hold on him reluctantly, only enough to not be strangling him. Harry pulled me into his side and held me there, smiling down at me with warmth in his green orbs.

“Where were you anyway?” Nick chuckled in, “We go get drinks for you guys and you reward us by disappearing.”

“There she is!”

Jordan’s voice roared from my right and I whimpered quietly, scooting further into Harry’s arms and away from Jordan. My head turned into his direction and I caught him staring at me with piercing eyes.

“Back with your lover,” he spoke in a chuckle, shaking his head, “fucking perfect.”

My face burned and I clenched my hands into fists. “Go fuck yourself, Jordan.”

Nick’s eyes widened at my sudden outburst and raised voice and he stepped closer. I could feel Harry’s fingers curl against my bare back, yet he didn’t loosen his hold. Instead he turned his body so he was facing Jordan as well and when I looked up his jaw was set and his eyes narrow, yet not at me but at Jordan.

“You guys what is going on?” Nick demanded to know.

Jordan faced Harry’s hard stare. “Have fun with her, I’m done.”

“Excuse me?” Harry demanded perplexed, though I could hear a hint of anger and his body froze.

I let my hand drop and rest against Harry’s chest, earning his attention and shaking my head at him. “Leave it.”

Jordan sighed exasperatedly and rolled his eyes once more. “I need a drink. Let me know when you’re done gawking at each other.”

He stormed off before either of us had a chance to reply. Nick turned to me and Harry let go of his hold so he could look at me as well. Their expression said the same. What on earth had just happened?

“Bloody hell,” Nick blurted, “What was that all about?”

My cheeks still burned and I closed my eyes, brushing against the heated skin of my face as I tried to collect my thoughts and form a proper sentence, one that wouldn’t send Harry off and after Jordan.

“We danced,” I began timidly.

“Yeah, we figured that much,” Nick nodded, “And? What set him off? Your lack of sense for rhythm?”

“Nick,” Harry barked and the smile faded on Nick’s face, slowly realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“Well,” I cleared my throat, “I didn’t exactly want to dance. He sort of made me and I got really uncomfortable after he wouldn’t let go and once he did I came back here. That must have pissed him off.”

“He made you dance?” Harry inquired, his eyes hardened and he held his breath, “How?”

I looked at him hesitantly and bit my lip. There was no easy or harmless way of saying this so I stayed silent all together. Honestly, I felt bad. Though Jordan hadn’t been part of Harry’s friendship group for long, I knew he liked him and me having a problem with Jordan would complicate things.
Harry’s tongue slipped out, wetting his lips. Suddenly his attention fell down to where his hand had subconsciously taken ahold of my wrist. Something in his expression changed and my chest felt tight. Harry’s worried gaze met mine momentarily, then he raised my arm up so he could get a closer look of my skin. One glance sufficed.

Harry’s fingers interlocked with mine and he gave them a gentle squeeze, his eyes full of sudden sadness and set on my face, silently communicating that he was sorry. My eyes watered and I bit the inside of my cheek, my own fingers squeezing his hand reassuringly. It wasn’t Harry’s fault.

“I’m going to kill him,” Harry promised me, voice stern and his eyes wide, “I promise.”

“Wha-” Nick began but Harry interrupted him.

“Her wrist is red, Nick! That’ll bruise for sure! Where else did he touch you, Y/N? Does it hurt?”

“Maybe my hip,” I replied hesitantly, tightening my grip on his hand.

A small noise left Harry’s mouth and he responded by wrapping me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated quietly into my ear, his breath tickling my neck.

“And that was Jordan?” Nick asked form behind me, “I never knew he was such a prick.”

“I did,” I muttered into Harry’s chest, my words quiet but he heard.

Harry’s hands set on my ribs and he slowly pushed me off, careful to be tender. When my eyes met his I shuddered. He looked incredibly angry.

“Are you saying he’s done that before?” Harry growled.

“No,” I replied quickly, “But… he’d stare. Longer than he needed to and especially when I’m with you he wouldn’t stop. And whenever you guys would leave he’d make stupid innuendos.”

Harry shook his head, sighing and closing his eyes momentarily. “I should have noticed.”

A frown took over his face and he pouted, adapting his child-like look and I couldn’t fight the smile from crawling onto my face. I reached out one hand and squeezed his arm.

“Don’t be silly, Harry.”

Nick watched us observantly and nodded. “He’s right though. We should have payed more attention. And I was the one who brought him around for the first time, too. I’m sorry.”

“Wait 'till I get my fingers on him,” Harry promised, his eyes fierce as they locked with mine, “He has no right to so much as think of you in that way, let alone touch you. I won’t have it.”

His head shot up and his eyes searched for Jordan’s face. I shook my head and stepped closer to him, raising both hands to his cheeks so I could guide his head and force him to look at me.

“Harry, leave it, okay?” I spoke sternly, “Please. I’m fine, I swear.”

“Fine?” Harry barked, “Your skin is red! Because of him! Y/N if you think I will just stand by while some dick mistreats you then you’re wrong. I will-”

“No, you won’t,” I interrupted, “It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s gone. And in the future you’ll know not to leave me alone with him.”

“As if I’d let him near you again.” Harry rolled his eyes and shot Nick a warning look when he began to quietly laugh behind us.

“Jesus, Harry. Don’t go all caveman on us.”

I turned to look back at Nick and smiled at his big grinned expression. My hands moved down Harry’s arms and I let one of them linger and grasp Harry’s fingers. Nick noticed my action and his face lighted up.

“Let me deal with Jordan,” he proposed, looking at Harry, “And you take your girl home, yeah?”

Harry shifted his weight from foot to foot and raised a brow at his friend, then he sighed and let this thumb caress my wrist.

“You tell him to never come around us again,” Harry commanded sternly, but something in his tone had changed and I could sense that he was calmer now, “Or else I’ll fucking ruin him.”

“Want me to quote you on that?” Nick laughed but nodded, then he leaned in to kiss my cheek softly before making his way into the direction Jordan had taken earlier.

Harry looked after him with almost an envious expression and I clenched my fingers around him, trying to get his attention back.

“Please,” I quietly begged, “Just take me home.”

My eyes pleaded with his and Harry bit harshly into his pink bottom lip. He sighed and frowned at me, saying: “Are you sure that you don’t want me to go after him?”

“Yes,” I answered without a pause for a thought, “Please.”



Harry’s hand felt good in my own, this I had to admit. He was warm, soft and knew without me having to say when I needed him to hold on tighter.
We’d slipped out of the club without saying goodbye to any of the people who’d recognized Harry and had hurried to catch a cab on the busy Londoner street, which lucky for us wasn’t difficult. On the backseat was where I’d allowed myself to drop any of the boundaries I normally lived by when I was in public with Harry and instead had crawled into him without hesitating first. And he’d welcomed it. Harry’s hands had settled onto my hips and he’d leaned in to cuddle his head into my neck while I’d led my face bury itself in his chest to breathe him in.

“I’m sorry,” Harry had whispered, “You’re the most important person to me. I should have sensed that something was wrong.”

I’d shaken my head against him. “I should have said something.”

Shortly after our messy car ride we were stood in front of my home, still holding on to each other’s fingers and without any sign of letting the other go. Harry’s head was held low and I noticed how he turned my hand around so he could look at it closely. A huff fell from his lips and I shook my head.

“Don’t freak out again, please?” I asked quietly, “It’ll be okay.”

I wasn’t as shaken up about the incident anymore, Harry’s comforting nature having its usual calming effect on me. There was no denying that I had been in danger tonight with Jordan’s endless game having reached its peak but it was over now and given Harry’s reaction to his friend’s lack of manners I was sure Jordan wouldn’t be a problem any longer. Maybe I should have gone to find the girl who’d saved me by stumbling just in time.
The feeling of Harry’s mouth meeting my cheek in a tender kiss brought me back to the present and I smiled widely, humming when he let his cheek rest against my own. His eyes were squeezed shut and his hands found my waist, pulling me into his body. I breathed in his familiar scent and relaxed against him, loving to finally have him to myself.

“We should tell them,” Harry began quietly.

“Do you really think that would have stopped Jordan?” I asked with raised brows, moving back so I could look at him properly, “He’s been suspecting that there was something going on between us for ages now anyway.”

My hands took hold of his shirt’s collar and I allowed my fingers to scratch his neck.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Fucking hell. The way he kept running his mouth tonight I already thought Nick was actually going to believe him. Wanted to punch him even before you told me about what he did.”

“Don’t you think he’d rub it into our faces even more if he knew he was right all along?”

“Hm,” Harry shrugged, leaning his body into mine, making me giggle, “So you think we should just continue to hide our relationship?”

His palm cradled my face and he leaned in to connect our lips in a quick and tender kiss catching me off guard in the best way possible. He didn’t allow his mouth to linger but pulled back and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“I want them to know, Y/N,” Harry begged quietly, “Hate worrying 'bout some bloke trying something the moment I turn around 'cause he thinks you’re still single.”

I shrugged in his hold and gently scratched his chin, “I’m all for telling our friends, my love.”

My lips met the corner of his lips and I smiled softly. “But don’t feel like you have to. It’s really only been Jordan who’d behaved like a dick to me. All your other friends are fine.”

“Well, good to know,” Harry chuckled, pressing a kiss to my jaw, “Seriously though I want people to be aware of you and me dating. Maybe not the media, but at least our friends.

"They’ll never shut their mouths about it,” I predicted, wrapping both arms around Harry’s neck.

He shook his head and let his arms sneak around me and I laughed softly when he began to sway us slowly. He was so beautiful, I thought. How could Jordan ever think he’d stand a chance compared to the amazing and wonderful man in my arms?
Harry kissed my shoulder, chuckling when I squealed under the tickling feeling of his hair against my skin.

“We’re just two friends,” he began quietly, “who fell in love with each other.”

I nodded and sighed. “They’ll understand.”

Hope you enjoyed it! 

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When You Fail To Be 3

*Clears throat* Hello.

Been a long, time, how are you? Good? Yeh? Ok,done with small talk. Part three of this fic and please remember that this is basedon @kaxpha​ ‘s Humand Healing Pod Au (that it is still my baby and fave) and yeah! 

Part one ( ) and two ( )

That’s it from me! Kay, bye! 

Ps. Oh my god I really hope it’s good enough at least to read. I mean, ugh, whatever, take it, bye. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the AU.

Four weeks and a half.

That’s how long it took before Lance could be even able to stand up without anyone’s help.

The entire Team has been in high alert ever since he woke up, one of them always close enough, “just in case” as they called it. Lance would scoff every time someone told him that.

Everyone except Shiro.

The head of Voltron has been keeping his distance for weeks now. He had settled himself into watching from a distance the interactions between his team as they fussed over the healing Blue Paladin.

Even now, Shiro would stay behind the group whenever they trained or tried a bonding exercise. He knows most of the team had noticed, especially Lance if the confused and hurt glances he keeps sending him mean anything to go by.

Shiro doesn’t pick up the bait. He continues his way and keeps his distance.

‘I know what you’re doing.’ Keith’s voice from a week ago echoes inside him as he walks down the hallway, ‘And I’m telling you right now, this is not the right way to address the problem, Shiro.’

Shiro had ignored him, saying that he was the leader and he knew better. He knew what he was doing. Keith had only huffed annoyed at his answer and left the room without a word.

Shiro shakes his head, trying to brush those thoughts away and continues his way towards his Lion’s haggar. It is only when he hears muffled complaining near him that he raises his head in confusion and his eyes turn towards the training room door.

He can easily catch through the clear glass the two small figures inside the room and it’s not long before he recognizes the bright colors of their blue and yellow gym clothes.

Shiro’s changing his direction before he even acknowledges what he’s doing.

As soon as he steps inside, his gray eyes immediately fall on the two teens in the middle of the room, both of the on the floor and their training clothes wet from the sweat dripping from them. Hunk is pushing Lance’s hands away from the superficial cut on his right shoulder and Lance’s finger tips are barely glowing, only increasing when the fingers get closer to Hunk’s dark skin.

Shiro can only react.


The snap is so sudden and sharp that makes both teens to freeze on the spot.

Lance blinks, surprise and confusion filling his tired blue eyes as he stares at the sudden gloved hand wrapped around his wrist, faintly noticing the tight grip on it.

The brunet unconsciously tugs his wrist away from the hold but Shiro’s grip just tightens. Lance then offers a smile, small and unsure, as he meets eyes with his leader.

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Goblin in Review: The Kisses

As specially requested by @mynameishassie​ Here’s a review/reaction of all the kisses between Shin and Eun-Tak in Goblin. Just to play around cause I have nothing better to do.

Gif Credit | Rating: Innocence = 10/10, Dirty = 0/10, Satisfaction = 4/10

Ahh… good ol’ memories. The very first kiss between Shin and Eun-Tak in episode 6… a kiss so pure, innocent, and naive that all the snowflakes started floating upwards. What is gravity? Apparently it doesn’t work in the presence of these two sweethearts. So what makes this kiss important being their first kiss? Well this kiss set the stage for Shin to start thinking about life instead of dying. This kiss was initiated by Eun-Tak not because she necessarily loved him at the time, but because she didn’t know the consequences of Shin’s sword and what love really encompasses. This kiss compared to their last kiss is totally different in terms of romance and their mutual feelings. Shin was still only learning what it meant to be in love and Eun-Tak was still only desiring love. This is seen in their body language as Eun-Tak was struggling to stay on her tiptoes to hesitantly peck him and Shin’s shoulders were completely slumped forwards in utter dumbstruck. A perfect way to get our silly couple rolling. Despite this kiss being not hot and sexy, I appreciate this kiss as I love Shin’s reaction to Eun-Tak kissing him… to think this supposedly “weak” and “defenseless” girl can easily make this 939 yo Goblin confused and break down his defenses. But I desperately needed more than this kiss.

Gif Credit | Rating: Sweetness = 10/10, Hotness = 2/10, Satisfaction = 7/10

Now this was a proper “first kiss” of them being an official couple; what better way than for Shin to redeem himself by initiating the kiss while Eun-Tak asked for it in episode 10. The setting was perfect for our silly couple: fun date in a tent while drinking soju, a kick-ass entertaining performance, and a sweet and happy kiss shared between the two. This kiss was literally the definition of happiness as their kiss even has it’s own Sun shining a random light of unknown origin. It was quite hot of Shin to grab her face so gently as he kissed her and then Eun-Tak stole another kiss right afterwards. This made me love Eun-Tak more as she’s not afraid to ask for kisses… I understand why, lol. Just look at who her boyfriend is. I do like this kiss a lot, as said by Eun-Tak herself, “It’s perfect.” It was the perfect kiss to show how they mutually love each other after coming to an agreement that they will both fight to be together as compared to episode 4′s kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything hotter or sexier since our couple finally got together after jumping the hurdle of Eun-Tak finding out the truth behind Shin’s sword. But still, I needed more! lmao

Gif Credit | Rating: Cuteness = 10/10, Crime = 0/10, Satisfaction = 6/10

The cute photo booth kiss. That’s all that really needs to be said about this kiss, lol. It was a cute and off-guard peck that Eun-Tak gave to Shin which left him flustered and giggling like a little girl. >.< The funny thing is that Eun-Tak had pure intentions while it left Shin thinking about (most likely) not so pure thoughts … this girl can literally kill Shin on the spot whether she removes his sword or not, lmao. I just can’t get over how Shin caught himself using “tiny” and “small” in the same sentence! And then he proceeded to say he wants to come here every day, lmfao. This entire scene in episode 12 is adorable and especially how pure Eun-Tak’s intentions were to 1) get a picture with him and 2) give him an excuse to see his sister. Of course, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my fangirl desires and I was desperately hoping… praying… for a kiss that would exceed my expectations.

Gif Credit | Rating: Hotness = 10/10, Passion = 10/10, Satisfaction = 100/10 

Now we’re talking… this kiss swept me off my feet when Shin turned back to give her such a desperate, passionate, and engraving kiss before his imminent death. THIS WAS THE KISS WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR 13 EPISODES LATER!!! Just look at this beauty! Till this day… I love this kiss so damn much, it’s the kiss of the century. Just look at how Shin cupped her face as he kissed her with such a passion knowing that he might disappear forever. Look at Eun-Tak unable to say or do anything as she just closed her eyes in compliance… worried why he would suddenly kiss her like that. It was the perfect hot and passionate kiss to show how our couple loves each other and wants to be together. THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS OFF THE CHARTS! OMO! The only that that disappointed me about this kiss was how they DIDN’T FULLY CLOSE-UP FILM IT! Like why you gonna film a friggin hot kiss but not show us the whole thing close up??? Ugh… That was the good stuff there. >.> Despite my love for this kiss, I was praying that an even better kiss would happen once she was 29 yo. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Feels = 10/10, Longing = 10/10, Satisfaction = 10/10

This kiss was sooo good… a slightly melancholic kiss that was filled with feels as Shin immediately embraced a frantic Eun-Tak into a kiss as she finally remembered him. All I can say is that this kiss was so good from the angle it was filmed, from how it focused on Shin’s hand tightening on her, and to how both Eun-Tak and Shin’s eyes were filled with so much pain, sadness, and longing for each other. I started ballin like a baby cause they needed to be in each other’s arms and I was so happy when she finally remembered him! Ugh… To think this all happened in episode 15… T.T But this wasn’t the kiss I was waiting for… there was something else I needed to see from the episode 14 preview. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Lovey Dovey = 10/10, Rainbows & Unicorns = 10/10, Satisfaction = 8/10

Just another really lovey dovey peck between the two… oh wait… two pecks cause Shin wanted another one, lmao. I just love their height difference… *incoherent giggling* BUT I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE BEST KISS DAMNIT! DON’T FAIL ME GONG YOO!!! 


Gifs Credit | Rating : Sexiness = _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_, Dirty thoughts = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ), Satisfaction = ∞ w/ too much salt

What more can I say about how much I am absolutely obsessed with this long over-due sexy make out between these two? Just look at how Shin launched at her… but at the same time Shin is such a gentleman as he stopped to make sure she was okay with it.. OF COURSE she would reply back enthusiastically! BUT I DIED WHEN SHE JUMPED AND WRAPPED HER LEGS AROUND HIM! OMG! AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MAKE OUTS, when Shin started planting kisses on her face and she was smiling from enjoying his touch… that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!!! BUT DAMNIT! WHO THE FUCK CUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF GONG YOO AND KIM GO EUN’S KISSES??? WHY WOULD YOU DEPRIVE US OF THESE TWO WONDERFULLY AMAZING KISSERS??? WHY COULDN’T YOU SHOW US THE WHOLE DAMN THING??? (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

Seriously, the only issue I have with this kiss is that they abruptly cut the kiss at the GOOD part. They could have gradually transitioned out of the scene instead of just cutting in the middle of the kiss; they had plenty of time to add 30 more seconds – oh for goodness sakes, I would’ve been glad to see another hour. PLUS, WHY WOULD YOU NOT SHOW SOMETHING YOU TEASED US IN THE FUCKIN PREVIEW??? Two lovers who defied time, God, death, and were finally together would NOT just simply call it a night after sharing a passionate kiss on the couch AFTER staying together overnight in fuckin luxurious hotel (with probably a huge ass bed)… just saying. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

And that’s all folks… I can’t really say that I’m completely satisfied since I love Shintak so much… It makes me sad that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun will probably never costar together again since it’s rare for people to costar together a second time. WHAT A SHAME! YOU HAVE TWO AMAZING KISSERS COSTAR TOGETHER AND THAT’S IT? Like I would have been okay if they didn’t show any skin… just some more steamy moments between the two because their love is so fuckin tragic that they deserve some more lovey dovey couple scenes. Ugh… just because I’m a salty grandma, friggin 15 age rating ruined it! At least the kisses got better and better and we got a few Gong Yoo certified kisses in Goblin. T.T 

“The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn.” ~ Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One

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I really loved how they did this. Dean had moments of very clearly grieving for everyone, and then specifically for Cas. The "bring them back, bring them ALL back" was very interesting too. Possible reminder of "love and love" and "i love you, i love all of you"? Dean just needing to see Cas's sweet, still face one last time when they got back to the house UGH (he didn't need/have to do that; it's like he was hopeful it wasn't Cas under there this time).

I KNOW. He had to check again, just to be sure, not only was Cas still there, but his prayer had failed. God wasn’t listening and didn’t care.

And then it hit him so hard he had to stop… I mean… I know why he needed to do all of that alone.

(and because I can’t help myself, I’m just trying to imagine everything Dean is going to go through between now and when he suddenly sees Cas’s face again in 13.06…)

Can we like talk about this boi

Listen y’all

This boi literally gives me life. 
Y’all wanna know why? 
Because he is the perfect example that when puberty fails YOU CAN STILL BE HOT WHEN YOU REACH ADULTHOOD. 








Here I put together 4 songs:
- “God” by Tori Amos (the Thinking mix 2 by Carl Craig, 1994)
- “Open Heart” by Lydia Plain (me, 2015)
- “Mysterons” by Portishead (1994)
- “Felt Mountain” by Goldfrapp (2001)

It’s been some months since I fist tried using VirtualDJ and I’m still learning.. But recently I discovered I can record my mix.. so I got excited and experimented with 2 songs at first, Tori’s and mine.. because these songs talk directly about GOD.. and then one thing lead to another and I ended up with these 4 songs.. A process that I completed in 14 hours (12 one day and +2 the other day…), roughly 75 failed recording tries (ugh…) and 1 succesfully recorded mix… hehe..

So… Enjoy! ^^

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161. "Bite me.." For prinxiety???

Jesus, I cannot write porn even if I try.

I am so sorry

btw this follows my own headcanon that Prince is the most innocent of all the four so yeah


They had been making out for… Quite a while now.

Laying on the couch, while the other two slept, Prince was under Anxiety, holding him close, kissing his neck and holding him down by his butt. Anxiety was still trying to pay some attention to the movie on the TV, but was failing, his eyes closing almost all the time out of pure bliss.

“Damn it Prince! Let me watch the movie!” he tried one last time, shivering when Prince squeezed his ass in answer. “Ugh. You’re so annoying” he groaned, weakly, giving up and nuzzling against Prince’s neck while he continued kissing his neck and shoulder lightly.

“Sorry darling. I just can’t get enough of you” Prince said, kissing Anxiety’s earlobe and moving his hands over his ass up to his back. Anxiety could feel himself getting a little bothered, obviously, after an hour of being teased like that, and suddenly he looked up, eyes serious.

“Fine. You wanna play this game? Then bite me” he said, firmly, and Prince widened his eyes, before frowning, confused.

“Won’t that hurt you?” he asked, and Anxiety rolled his eyes. How the hell out of the four of them, Prince was the most innocent? How?! And how had he, Anxiety, the guy that held most of Thomas’ sexual drive ended up with the most innocent of all of them?

Instead of arguing with him, Anxiety moved down and pressed his face to Prince’s neck, biting it down and earning a light yelp from the royal, before he looked up again, eyes dark.

“Did that hurt?” he asked, seriously, sexually frustrated, and Prince blushed, before nodding slowly. “Was it good?” another nod. “That’s how it works”

“Oh okay” Prince nodded, and after a little awkward moment, he turned them around, straddling Anxiety this time and letting him lay comfortably on the couch. The younger trait looked at him, calm, and Prince leaned down, brushing his nose over Anxiety’s neck and making him shiver. Okay, maybe innocence wasn’t so bad when he used his touches so well. Slowly, the royal moved his nose down to Anxiety’s pulse point and kissed it, lightly, before nibbling it delicately, and okay somehow that was better than just careless biting and shit now he was biting him down for real and Anxiety moaned, sure that there would be a mark there.

Knowing that or not, Prince was a very fast learner. And soon he was biting and kissing and sucking all over Anxiety’s neck, making him melt down under him while the royal removed his coat and touched his chest under his shirt.

And fine, maybe Prince was still too vanilla for his liking, and maybe he needed to learn much, much more, but even Logic would have loved such a dedicated student.

Because if Prince was something, that surely wasn’t shy or self conscious about what he liked and what he wanted to learn.

And damn, Anxiety was glad.

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do you think armin is stupid (like intelligence-wise)

Not at all, honestly. I think he gets the “dumb one” archetype a lot, but I think it’s more that he’s a bit lazy and doesn’t fully apply himself. 

I mean, even Armin himself reflects on it a lot:

  • I’m not an idiot… I know that! Still, the gym is big.
  • I had to react right away. I know I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but still…
  • Ugh… Do you take me for an idiot?
  • You know, I’m not as stupid as I look… 

But if anything, he just doesn’t seem to bother if he doesn’t care? He’s clearly not failing, he has average grades. His report card in Episode 15 says that he’s “too distracted” and should “make more of an effort” if anything. I mean, just quoting him again for a moment:

He can’t be bothered with certain people’s names (though, he says he just messes them up for fun :P), but he can give you a whole list of synonyms on his lack of effort teachers have said. Or like with the whole drum set thing:

Which the whole effort thing comes up. If he doesn’t care enough about something, he won’t really bother (which I think also says a lot about when he’s dating Candy because he puts in… a lot of effort despite some of the things he did and he apologized for those instances. And there’s multiple moments of effort even if just your LoM is high enough and you’re not dating him). 

While I know people joke around a lot with his hacking especially with Iris’ phone, between what he did to get Iris’ email and login information and everything with why he got arrested, he clearly is a lot better at that too and that… requires a lot of computing and networking skills.

We also know he does raids and things which, even though I hate them with a passion, require a lot of quick thinking, good team work, and quite a bit of min-maxing. It’s not a simple smack until they’re dead.

Rhythm games also take a lot of hand-eye coordination along with a good tendency to keep calm under pressure (the latter being why I personally suck at them).

Plus, as mentioned in Episode 35, he keeps up with pretty much all Technology-related news, even if it’s not stuff he’s necessarily interested in because it’s still part of an overall subject he has a lot of interest in.

And, I mean, he memorized the Wonderland play: 

Candy: This is where we see the Queen of Hearts for the first time, right?

Armin: No, I think we see her in the thing with the flowers first.

Candy: Wooow, I’m impressed!

Armin: What…?

Candy: You didn’t just learn your lines, you paid attention to the others’ lines too!

Armin: I had to, do you know how many times we practiced?

While he just blames it on practicing a lot, I feel he had to care to some extent to actually remember it all. He doesn’t make any similar comments for the other plays and while I suppose being a Bear in Little Red Riding Hood isn’t a big deal, being Maleficent, even if not her dragon form, is still a decent part and gets around the same screen time as the Mad Hatter anyway.

I think he definitely lacks tact, but he just is a forward/blunt person. He gets caught up in moments and doesn’t think about it, so he says what’s on his mind and worries about consequences later. Or he just feels it’s over with and there’s no reason to dwell on it so he shrugs it off. Things we’ve seen him both admit and say he’s working on, especially if you’re dating him. He knows it’s a problem. 

And in general, the fact that he refers to how stupid he may look, that seems to bother him. (I would say insulting how much he plays video games, saying he’s an idiot/talking down to him, or calling him useless are probably some of the things that bother him most honestly). 

Also while it’s more my own headcanon, I think Armin is actually good at telling if people are, well, fake. I think he will go along with it/push it as far as he can, but I think he’s good at telling even if he doesn’t necessarily react to it… Such as if you say your issue with Deborah is “just a hunch”:

Or like when he’s asking Lucy/Laeti what cosplays she’s done which, while Armin is definitely a pervert so what he asks if she’s cosplayed as before aren’t that odd, they’re all generally considered very fan-service-y costumes (especially the Anime one >_>) and most girls who cosplay would not react even close to how Lucy did if they actually cosplayed because that means you’re talking to a dirty pervert who chances are you wouldn’t want to be near when cosplaying. And Armin is definitely a pervert and he’ll make comments, but he’s also shown to actually have boundaries too.

Or the multiple times where he mentions something is bothering you. 

And while he does lack tact and jokes around a lot, we’ve been shown plenty of times he knows when to be serious too. And while he can make light-hearted comments (when you go to talk to him about Nathaniel in Episode 23 or how he offers to walk you home after the call), it’s to try and put you at ease more so then anything. He wants a reaction so you won’t be sad.

…so yeah, I don’t think he’s stupid. I think he can be lazy and unmotivated if he doesn’t care about something, but I think he’s clearly really smart and observant with things he cares about and definitely clever (between the puns and references, two examples are getting you to allow him to help with the fabric in Episode 21 and for the Sleeping Beauty Play, getting help from you with Kentin without saying why), at the very least. He just… doesn’t always remember to think things through which doesn’t make him stupid–just a bit impulsive sometimes when he gets caught up in things. 

Study Breaks

Author’s note: No prompt sorry!!
Because of the new announcement and the fact that I’ve been wanting to write MakoHaru again for a while uuuughhh pls forgive me

Summary: Haru wants Makoto’s attention.

Word count: 1k

Two weeks, eighteen hours and fifteen minutes.

That was how long it had been since their last kiss and Haru’s left eyebrow wouldn’t stop twitching.

Obviously his boyfriend had his reasons: exam week. He had four exams coming up starting next week and had already started reviewing three weeks ago like the good student he was. Haru had been watching him stress in those said weeks, offering massages, movie nights and of course, swim dates, but Makoto would decline every time with an apologizing smile, because, “I’m studying, Haru. Sorry.”

At some point Haru stopped asking him and decided to lay on his bed, texting Rin and the others, playing around with apps and —more often than not— watching Makoto write. This was the only way he’d get to hang out with him and since Makoto didn’t particularly mind, this became their routine.

Haru would enter Makoto’s dorm, completely wet from practice, take a shower, change (sometimes he’d borrow one of Makoto’s shirts but whatever) and join him in his room. It was nice to spend time together in silence, but Haru really started missing his daily dose of affection.

Why was this a thing?

Usually he wasn’t all about cuddling, hugging, smooching and all that mushy relationship stuff, but Makoto’s hugs were nice and warm, his kisses were soft and tender, his mumbled words were sweet and caring and god, this was killing him. He had grown used to it because Makoto had been doing these things every single day for the past three years, and here he was, longing for some attention like a drug addict.

It was one of those days again; Haru watching Makoto study from the corner of his eye and about to go grab a snack from the kitchen when an idea popped into his head. From his position he could see a patch of the skin of Makoto’s lower back as his shirt had ridden up just a tiny bit. It was enough to bare the dip and a glimpse of his boxers.

After blinking three times, Haru put his phone down on the pillow, slowly got up and walked over to the chair. As expected Makoto was so absorbed in his work that he hadn’t noticed a thing, which kind of made Haru doubt his future actions, especially since he knew how jumpy the other could be.

Oh, well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

He lifted one single finger and lightly ran it over the revealed skin.

The loudest shriek he had ever heard echoed through the small room and Makoto nearly leaped out of his chair if he hadn’t grabbed the edge of his desk. He looked up at Haru over his shoulder, glasses balancing on the edge of his nose, cheeks flushed and mouth open in shock.

“H-Haru! You know I’m ticklish!”

“I know,” Haru answered dully. “That’s why I did it.”

His response sounded like that of a sad puppy. “Is there something you want?”

“For you to take a break.”

“Ah… I can’t. I gotta finish this chapter. No, wait!”

Haru’s patience had officially left the building so he firmly grabbed Makoto’s waist with both hands and started squeezing. Since Makoto had pretty much grown immune to tickling due to his constant play fights with his brother and sister, Haru knew he had to catch him off guard if he wanted to get a reaction and go for his worst spots right away.

Poor Makoto was rocking back and forth in his chair, trying to grab Haru’s wrists while letting out one bark of laughter after another, accompanied with several snorts and yips. Most of the time their tickle fights were one-sided in which Makoto would have the upper hand, so Haru knew the tables could turn any minute and he had to be fast and thorough.

And so, Haru wormed his hands under the sweater Makoto was wearing and started fluttering his fingertips all over his back. This had Makoto literally screaming with laughter and his entire body jumping in synch with every little movement Haru’s fingers made, head thrown back against Haru’s chest and lips stretched into one of the silliest grins he had ever seen.

Haru was absolutely enthralled by the crinkles around Makoto’s eyes, the dimples in his cheeks and most of all his gorgeous laughter. The low and short chuckles he was used to were nothing compared to the cute high-pitched laughter Haru was hearing right now. Now that he thought about it, this was probably the first time Haru had ever gotten such a good look at his face during a tickle fight.

“Stohop! Haruuu!”

Poor Makoto was forever failing at getting a hold of Haru’s hands as they kept switching places, which was one of the techniques Makoto himself had used on him not too long ago. He pleadingly looked up at Haru with tearful eyes and Haru, wearing a somewhat smug expression, stared back down and stopped tickling for a few seconds.

“Take a break.” And give me attention.

“Ugh, can’t I at least finish my sen— Eeh! Okay, okay! Break, I’ll take a break!”

Unfortunately for him, Haru’s hands had still been near his ribs and threateningly curled their fingers, brushing lightly over the flesh.

Satisfied, Haru pulled back and sat back down on the bed, keeping a very casual posture. It was really hard to bite back his victorious grin that he was wearing on the inside so he hoped that Makoto would come kiss him soon. He sat there quietly as Makoto obediently took off his glasses, closed his notebook and went to join him.


Or not.

In less than two seconds he was struck down, fearfully watching as his merciless, thirsty for revenge ass of a boyfriend smiled down at him. His legs were trapped between the other’s, hands pinned on either side of his head and Haru knew that the next few minutes of his life were gonna be very long and very bad.

Makoto was the kindest person he knew, except when it came to tickle fights in which he was the most ruthless and experienced on top of that.

“If you wanted my attention that badly, you could’ve just said so.”

Shut up.”

In the end he did get his kisses and cuddles, though.

So Naive (Percy x Reader)

Character: Percy Weasley

Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: So Naive


Requested by tammigrier:

Hi! Could I have a Harry Potter imagine that Percy weasley likes the reader (same age as Fred and George) but he thinks since he’s a prefect she won’t like him even though she’s a do-gooder so the twins try to get them together. Thanks


A/N: Sorry this took so freaking long to write and upload. I’m not used to writing Percy imagines (this is the first one) and I found it extremely hard to do so. But here you go, I hope you like it! :D

George and Fred were outside, taking a break –or more likely, skipping class –and eating a bag of sweets from Honeydukes without a care in the world.

“Fred” George nudged his brother cheerfully, his glance fixed on something that had caught his eye in front of him. “Do you see what I see?”

The redhead stopped eating and narrowed his eyes to try and find what his brother was so amused about. He could sense in his tone that it was something good enough.

Soon, he saw them.

In the corridor were Percy and Y/N, standing before one another awkwardly.

“It’s so painful to watch, even from a distance” George laughed, munching down a bag of chocoballs.

Fred chuckled and observed the two.

Apparently they were trying to chat, but they were so inhibited by each other’s presence and mere existence that their attempts failed miserably.

“I still can’t believe Percy is our brother” Fred agreed, putting the bag of candy aside and focusing on the scene before him.

Y/N scratched her head, visibly uncomfortable. Percy stared at the floor with a blush that the twins could almost distinguish from where they were standing since it was so intense.

“Ugh, I wish I could hear what they are saying. I bet what Percy just said to embarrass himself and make poor Y/N uncomfortable was bloody brilliant”

“He was probably bragging about his prefect skills but messed up midway”

They both laughed, knowing that they weren’t too far from the truth.

Then they noticed how Percy tried to walk just when she did. The both of them stood in each other’s way and when they moved to the side to try and make room, the other moved in the same direction.

Finally, Y/N was bright enough to hold Percy by the shoulders and keep him put so she could pass. They saw him mumbling something that had to be an apology and flashing her a clumsy smile that intended to be attractive but really wasn’t.

Percy rushed to get away from there as he shook his head in defeat. But she was looking behind her, watching him walk away.

She smiled to herself as she observed him and put her hair behind her ear in a shy way.

Y/N definitely liked him as much as he liked her.

“George, we have a mission to get those two together” Fred smirked, a few strategies to achieve that goal already forming in his twisted little head.

“I agree, Fred” George nodded energetically. “And we’ll sure have fun with it”

Excited to get their plan started, the twins stood up from their seats and ran to their room.


After many deliberations and ideas, the Weasley twins decided that the best was to pay a visit to Percy and Y/N and tell them certain things that would eventually bring them together.

If they performed their plan correctly –which they usually did –they would barely have to do anything, but instead watch those two lovebirds getting closer and closer until they eventually started dating.

And what was better, they would get to see them making a fool out of themselves because they got so nervous around each other. It was perfect.

So Fred and George rushed to the Gryffindor Common Room and found Percy there, reading a book.

“Hi, Percy” The twins greeted him happily, plopping down in the couch next to him.

“Leave me alone” Their brother simply replied, not even lifting his glance from the book.

“Look, we noticed the way you look at Y/N” Started to say Fred.

“And we just wanted to tell you she may have mentioned you” Finished George.

Too curious to ignore them, even if they probably were teasing him, Percy closed his book and eyed them suspiciously.

“What did she say?”

The twins exchanged a subtle victory glare and carried on with their plan. It had been even easier than they thought.

“Believe it or not, she told us you make the best prefect”

Luckily for the twins, Y/N actually got along with them and they chatted on occasion. So Percy didn’t really have a hard time believing they actually talked to her.

Even if she hadn’t said those words to them.

“Why would I believe you?” Percy held his chin up in dignity and got back to his book. “You’re probably just mocking me”

“If we wanted to mock you, we would tell you that poor Y/N has a terrible taste for liking someone like you” Fred laughed, but his brother George nudged him angrily.

“Ssh, that was supposed to be a secret, stupid!”

Fred opened his eyes wide and covered his mouth with his hands.

“She… likes me?” Percy forgot about the book, not even remembering he was supporting it on his hands. In fact, he wasn’t even talking to the twins, but to himself. “I thought she would never like me because I’m a prefect”

“No, she doesn’t” George laughed, as if Fred had said something incredibly stupid.

The redhead stood up and pulled his twin brother up harshly.

“Let’s go before you mess it up worse” He told him off, loud enough for Percy to hear but low enough to pretend it was meant only for George.

“We have to go” Watching Percy stare at a blank spot in awe, the twins abandoned the room.

It worked.

Once they were out of his sight, they high fived and headed to perform the next part of their plan as they praised their brilliant acting skills.


The crime scene for their next mischief was the Quidditch field. Since Y/N belonged into the Gryffindor Quidditch team, they met her there and ended up getting along surprisingly well taking in consideration how much she reminded them to Percy.

The twins had to practice before the match against Slytherin, and they thought that would be the perfect opportunity to ‘subtly’ let her know that Percy liked her.

Once they got there, they said hello to Harry, Oliver and the rest of the team before they approached her.

Y/N was chatting with Ron and Hermione, saying goodbye to them as they had to leave.

“Hello, Y/N” They greeted her at the unison.

“Hi, lads” She smiled at them in a friendly way.

“You look quite pretty today” Fred started, initiating their strategy.

“Thank you, that’s really nice of-“ But before she finished speaking, she noticed how George laughed under his breath and how Fred was struggling to keep a straight face. He had to purse his lips together to accomplish his goal.

“Alright, what’s so funny?” Knowing the twins and being bright enough to know they were up to something, she crossed her arms over her chest and sassily stuck her hip out.

“It’s just we’re not the only ones to think so” Fred briefly explained, looking over his shoulder to George as he hid behind his brother to laugh. “Are we, George?”

“We’re certainly not”

The both of them started laughing out loud, earning a loud sigh from Y/N.

“Spit it out already” The girl patiently waited for them to stop laughing so they could speak.

“Don’t tell him we told you, but…” George looked around, pretending to make sure no one heard. “Our brother Percy won’t stop talking about you”

For a moment, Y/N stood quiet and motionless there, staring at them.

She couldn’t really believe something like that coming from them. Still, it made her really happy to hear that.

“I would believe it if I didn’t know Percy wouldn’t speak about those things with you” She finally pipped up.

Fred and George didn’t even have to look at each other to point out she was blushing. They both noticed.

“We know from a reliable source”

“But who says he told us?”

Y/N chuckled, knowing what they meant. Even if it was a lie, it was believable that those mischievous lads overheard him or read anything Percy wrote to find out about his crush on Y/N.

And Y/N definitely bought it for real.

“You should kiss him before he can send you an embarrassing love letter” Fred joked.

The girl sent him a death glare as George burst out laughing.

“Everyone here!” With perfect timing, Oliver called to all the players.

That way, Fred and George could use it as an excuse to make a getaway.


It took Percy and Y/N around a week to have a normal encounter in which none of them messed up when trying to talk to each other.

Fred and George observed how their evil plan worked, proud that with those two simple conversations they got everything started.

Telling them the other felt the same way gave them enough confidence to actually interact. But since they liked each other so much, Y/N and Percy took their time to do so as it wasn’t easy for them.

But finally, while Fred and George were eavesdropping another one of their conversations, they noticed they were flirting. Or Y/N and Percy’s strange way of flirting.

“I really like your prefect badge” Y/N was telling Percy, and George peeked out from their hideout and caught her adjusting it over his chest as Percy admired her doing it. “I’ve always thought it would be great to be one myself”

“You’d be great at it” Percy rushed to say, smiling at her and finally managing to look attractive while doing so.

“Yeah” She nodded as she put her hair behind her ear flirtatiously. “And that way we could spend more time together”

“Ugh” Fred rolled his eyes. “This is just as painful to watch, I actually preferred them messing up, it was funnier”

George grinned at his brother and placed his index finger over his lips to ask him to shut up. He wanted to listen to the rest of the conversation.

“There’s no need for you to be a prefect. We can spend more time together if you want to”

“How about now?”

“I’m fine with that”

This time it was Fred who peeked to see them. They were staring at each other like fools, and that made him giggle in amusement, so he covered his mouth not to be discovered.

“They’re both sooooo naive” Fred grinned, watching the two of them as they smiled and talked to each other. Still a bit clumsily, but definitely smoother.

George emulated the gesture as he rested an elbow on his brother’s shoulder.

“Our job here is done, Freddie”

Observing Percy and Y/N getting closer to each other, they started to walk away.

Still, the twins left just in time to catch her leaving a kiss on Percy’s cheek and taking his hand as they walked away to be alone.

Just wanted to show my appreciation for @wearealltalesintheend ‘s awesome fic! So I wrote one for her.

“Evan…” It’s right in his ear and Evan tries hard to ignore it, pencil pushed down on the paper.

Connor is floating next to his head, leaning over him. “Evaaan,” He tries again, trying to sound stupidly haunting but after three weeks of having a ghost around Evan’s gotten pretty used to ignoring him. “Hey, fuckboy!”

That works, the lead snaps and Evan glowers up at the space above him. “What?” He hisses trying to be quiet. He still sees one of the girls across from him look up and eyeball him strangely. They mostly let it go. He’s always been twitchy to start. Now he’s grieving and twitchy.

“You’re putting the wrong answer,” Is Connor’s excuse. He looks bored as Hell just floating there and Evan damn well knows at this point that he doesn’t HAVE to be there. He just is. Probably making sure he isn’t talking to Zoe. Which he isn’t, thanks. Connor frightened him off from that after he nearly kissed her. He about destroyed everything in his room AND nearly shattered his computer screen.  

So why was he helping now? No clue. And how did he even know that it was the wrong answer in the first place? Evan hesitated though and erased out his bubble and lifted the pencil to the next one, questioningly.


He moved it up again, eyebrows up and barely glancing at the teen who was looking at his nails rather than the paper. Seriously, why did he come back with painted nails? Did he manifest that? Connor wasn’t very forth coming on the whole ghost thing.

“There you go, moron. It’s an easy equation you know.” He floated closer to look at the other questions on the test and Evan stiffened. As of late Connor had given much less of a shit about getting up in Evan’s personal bubble. Especially when he discovered he could touch Evan and send a wave of nauseating cold through him. He did this often. Mostly in the middle of the night for his own kicks.

Evan cast him a look that begged him not to do it in class and not during midterms.

Thankfully Connor either didn’t think of it or decided to be less of a dick today and moved his hand less toward Evan’s hand and more to the paper. “Next one’s B. I mean, show your work, duh, but it’s B.”

Evan wasn’t sure he should trust the guy who was pissily haunting him but he worked on it anyway. They went through the test like that and Evan tried very hard to pointedly ignore this was cheating. He was already a lair though. What was one more thing on his list?

“You suck at math,” Connor huffed as they walked through the hallway. Though he didn’t need to, he tended to weave in and out of students like he was still alive. “I mean, seriously. You couldn’t even get the last one on your own?”

Evan’s ears were red with embarrassment. “Why do you even care?” He asked under his breath. “Wouldn’t you rather I failed and fucked up everything?”

Connor snorted, “Fuck no. I don’t want my “Best Friend in the whole wide world” to be a dumbass.“ He lowered his hands and phased through a girl, shivering a little. Ugh. Gross. He hated that feeling. It was like flickering out and back in.  "Besides, I had enough of my mom’s bullshit about grades. I don’t wish that on even you.”

It was kinda sweet in a very mean way but Evan would take it. “You like math?” He asked carefully and kept his gaze on the ground. It was both natural and hid his talking to himself.

“Liked,” The ghost spat bitterly. “And I guess? It made sense. Better than anything else in this fuckin’ school.” He scanned the crowd. “I wish I could just use my ghostly powers to piss on the people who made fun of me or-”

“Throw a printer?” Evan chanced a very nervous smile at him.

To his surprise Connor gave a bit of a smirk, “Yeah. Somethin’ like that.”

Two weeks later and Evan was at least having a semi normal existence.  As normal as it could be with a ghost floating over him day after day or his lies building and building. He was laying in bed and staring up at the ceiling when Connor popped existence right over him and right in his face.

He shrieked and fell off his bed. “Don’t DO that!” He yelled at him and pulled himself up.

“Oh FUCK,” Connor was actually laughing and holding his sides like it was hurting him. “You should of seen your fuckin’ face. Did you piss your bed?”

Evan was caught off guard. It was the first time he’d actually seen Connor laughing or even smiling since he became  a ghost… or ever, actually. He didn’t think he ever saw him smile before. It was enough to shut off the anger that had barely flared up.  "No! Why did you even do that!“

"Because I’m -bored- and somehow even though you’re alive you’re also boring.” Connor was floating parallel to his bed, looking pleased as fuck with himself. “So do something not boring.”

“Why do I have to entertain you?” Evan asked in frustration. “I’m trying to think of how to help your family.”

“Yea, great job with that.” Connor was upside down now, mostly because he could. “You laying there all mopey is really working on that. Besides, you owe me. You’re the reason I’m dead, right?” It was a nasty statement that Connor used to get his way more than once.

Evan shrank back just like he had every time Connor mentioned it. “Sorry… What do you want to do?” He asked, nervous behavior in place. Back to apologizing.

“I donno,” He floated down to the floor and ran his fingers through his hair. “Do you do anything, like, at all? Games? Music? Anything -besides- trees. I swear to God, if you go on another tangent about trees I’ll kill myself again after I’ve killed you.”

The nerdier of the two of them rolled his eyes a little. “Sorry. I just…. like trees. They’re neat you know? Did you know that fir trees are more related to-”

“Evan, what the fuck did I just say?” It was a warning tone that cut Evan off.

“Sorry,” He muttered again and pulled out an old 64 from a box under his bed. “Uh, we could set this up? Play a few rounds? I’ve got some two player games. Not really sure why. I never really had anyone to play them with. Well, I guess my mom and I did before she got busy but-”

“Evan.” Connor’s was increasing in annoyance.

“Right, sorry, rambling.”  He hooked it up on his small TV and pushed a controller near Connor on the floor. “Uh, Donkey Kong? We could uh, co-op?”

Connor sank down to the floor and tested picking up the controller. It took him a few tries but he managed to get his hands around it. He was slowly getting better at this ghost thing. “It’s fine. I mean, not the shit I’m used to but, whatever.”

They played until Evan fell asleep on the floor next to his bed.  Connor glanced over at him and if the blanket just happened to be on Evan the next morning, well then it fell. Nothing more than that.

Richard taking away your virginity

„Why can´t we do this like normal, horny teenagers?“ I frowned and reached for Richard´s hand to hold him back from walking. He started to laugh mischievous, but his expression quickly changed after he looked into my face. His hand went under my chin and hold it up, so that I was looking directly into his eyes. „If you don’t want to do this just tell me“, his eyes were locked with mine. „I just don´t understand why we can´t rent a cheap hotel room. “ He took a deep breath and continued to walk forward his house and pulled me with him.
„I want to do this right! You have no idea what you mean to me. I am not going to fuck you in a cheap hotel room. You take prostitutes to hotel rooms and fuck them without having any romantically feelings towards them. I don´t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you“, his voice got quiet, saying the last words and his cheeks started to turn red.
That was something new. Even though Richard is a shy guy, he was always confident. There was not anything that made him blush. Well, until now.
„But isn´t this a crime? “, I tried to change the topic. I didn´t want to make him more uncomfortable than he already was. „Stealing your virtue? “, he laughed.
„No“, I jokingly punched his shoulder. „I mean breaking into your house. You don´t live there anymore. “
„Well, they are still my parents, if they like it or not. And it is not a crime, if you have the keys“, he reached into his pocket and showed me the keys. We reached the front door and I could hear my heart beat faster. „Are you hundred percent sure no one`s home? “
„It´s Sunday – they are at church and afterwards they will go visit my grandma. So don´t worry, (Y/N). There will be not a single person who can disturb us“, he winked at me.
He opened the door but before I thought about moving an inch in my body, Richard suddenly reached down for my legs and carried me via bridal style through the threshold.
„Richard! Let me down. I can walk“, I started to laugh. But looking at his face, he wasn’t even losing a single thought about letting me go. To be honest I was really glad, that he didn’t listen to me. My stomach felt like it would overflow anytime and Richard´s playful ways made me feel a little bit better. We reached his room and he let me down on his bed, but instead of sitting beside me, he just stood there, in the middle of the room and looked like a lost puppy. He didn´t know what to do next. So I needed to take this into my own hands.
„Erm, do you want to drink something? “, it was obvious that he was nervous.
I just shook my head and patted beside me. „Just sit down. “
Richard immediately listened to my command. Before he would start again to talk about, how we didn´t need to do this, I climbed on his lap and let my lips crush on his.
He was clearly shocked for a second, but then I started to feel his tongue begging for entrance. It was hard to control my breath, when he kissed me like that. He started to giggle, when he heard how I let go of him to be able to breath. He knew what he did to me and he was shamelessly enjoying himself.
He let go of my lips and started to kiss my nose, eyes down to my chin and collarbones.
I reached for his shirt and tried to unbutton it. But my hands were shaking too much. I didn´t know how long it took me to get rid of his first two buttons, because Richard started to laugh.
„Stop laughing and help me. “, he quickly got rid of his shirt and threw it over my head, which I did the same with mine. And his lips crushed on mine again.
I don´t know where the courage came from, but I reached for his hands and put them over my boobs. „Oh. We are bold, today. Aren´t we? “, he asked and started to grin like an idiot.
I was feeling my face turning red, but Richard didn´t care. He was busy with trying to open my bra, but failed.
„Ugh! This stupid… Which fucking asshole invented those stupid, fucking- “, before he could finish his sentence, I already took my bra off. His frustrated expression changed.
„You look amazing, baby. There is no need to blush. “
He was sweet, but I was still embarrassed. After all, he is my first. I needed to close my eyes to calm down.
Richard´s wet tongue was suddenly on my right nipple and his other hand was massaging the other one. I led out a loud moan and automatically started to grind on him. Richards hand went down my back to my butt and squeezed it for a moment. I felt him get harder under me.
„If you continue rubbing yourself on me, this won´t last long“, his voice was really rough. It sounded sexier than it already was. But he could have said what he wanted, there is no way I would listen to him. It felt too good to stop now. I heard him growling in my left ear and one second later I was laying on my back facing Richard.
He left kisses down my stomach until he reached my pants.
„You know we don´t need to do this? “
„I know, Richard. I know. But if you are not naked in a minute, I will have to do this all on my own. And you don´t want that. Do you? “
„I would love to see how you touch yourself, baby. But not today. Let’s safe that for another time, shall we? “, and then his underwear were gone just quickly as his pants were.
I was about to take my underwear off, but seeing his member made me stop. It wasn´t hard. I knew it would get much bigger, then he was now. But the size still scared me. I continued in a trance without taking my eyes off him. A little glance on his face, showed me that he was doing the same.
He started to pump his dick, while watching me trying to take my panties off. You could literally see him grow in his hand.
„Your cheeks are turning red again. “
„Hmm. “
„Can I come near you? No pun intended. “, he lips formed into a crooked smile.
„Yes, you can. “, I whispered.
He started to walk my way and I still could not take my eyes off him.
„Curious? “ He continued talking when I didn’t answer. „Where did the girl go, who threatened me to touch herself, if I didn’t get naked? “
Still no answer. There were too many questions running through my head.
He sighed and sat down at the corner of the bed.
„See. I knew it. You are not ready. “, and started to look out for his pants.
„NO. I am ready. “, I almost screamed the words.
„Baby, you are not and it is totally al - “
This was the second time today that I stopped him from talking with my lips. My hand went down his happy trail and wrapped around his member. He sucked the air between his teeth.
I started to move my hand up and down, without knowing if I did the right thing or not, but his moans were answer enough.
„Not so fast. “, he demanded and put his hand over mine to control my strokes.
His moans drove me crazy and I started to massage my breasts with my other hand.
„Shouldn´t this be my job? “, Richard moaned.
The next second I found myself on his bed, underneath him. His was hovering above me, so that his weight didn´t crush me.
He put my arms above my head with one of his hands and started to kiss me passionately. His other hand was wandering down my breasts until he reached his destination.
„Fuck. You are so wet, baby“, he whispered into my ear and then I felt one of his finger entrancing me after few seconds another finger followed.
„Richard! Fuck. Don´t stop! “, my voice was two octaves higher now.
„Don´t worry, baby. “ He was about to put another finger in me, but I stopped him. He looked at me inquiring.
„I want to feel you.”, I whispered. His eyes started to glow and he positioned himself at my entrance.
„This should not hurt, (Y/N). You are so wet, that it should not be uncomfortable for you. But if it hurts don´t hesitate to tell me. “, he was stroking my face while he spoke.
I put my hand on his neck and pushed him towards my lips, while he was slowly pushing his tip in me. He was very gentle and tried not to go so fast.
„You are so tight (Y/N). Fuck. Half of my dick isn’t even in you and it is already hard to control myself. “
He was slowly pushing forward. Too slowly.
„Please. “, I begged.
„Please what? “
„Please, Richard. Don´t go so slow. “, he pushed further this time. It felt uncomfortable at first, but it started to feel really good.
He was right. It didn´t hurt. Since Richard showed no action. I started to push my hips up. He understood and began rock his hips.
„Don´t hold back, baby“, his lips were on my ear and he was nibbling on them. „Let me hear you moans!“
I didn´t realize that I was biting on my lower lip. I immediately let go off them when Richard pushed into me harder. His moans were getting louder and so did mine.
He grabbed one of my leg and put them around him, which made him he reach another spot. Now, I couldn´t be quiet and started to scream. I didn´t care about the neighbors or anything at the moment. All I felled was Richard. All I smelled was Richard.
„Open your eyes, baby“, his hand was on my chin, making me look directly into his dark eyes. He lend down and started to kiss me slowly. He knew that this type of kisses always made me swoon.
„Harder, Richard! “
„Hmm. “He still pushed in me with the same rhythm. Because he wasn´t listening, I started to rock my hips harder.
„So, you want to be under control, hmm? “ His lips formed into a smile and his eyes started to shine and before I could say anything, he was underneath me.
„AAAAH“, I let out a loud moan, because all of a sudden I was feeling his full length in me.
„Come on, (Y/N)! Show me how much you want me. “His eyes were on my breasts, while he was talking, not that this was something new.
I put my hands on his chest and slowly started to move my hips up and down. Richard was covered in sweat, his dark hair was sticking on his face. I bend down and put little kisses on his chin. He wrapped his arms around me and thrusted faster.
„(Y/N), baby, I´m close. “ His right hand moved from my breast on started to massage my clitoris. I jumped up immediately, because the feeling was so intense. That didn´t make Richard stop. He was eager now.
I buried my nails in his arm. He is going to have prints of my nails all over his arm, but he didn´t complain, even though it must hurt, instead he started to thrust further.
„Let go, (Y/N). “ And I did, while screaming his name. It felled like I didn´t have any bones in my body and I collapsed on his chest. Richard was still thrusting into me.
„I´m coming. I´m coming. Shit, (Y/N) “, he screamed in ecstasy. His warm juice filled me. Both of us were breathing hard, both trying to control our breath.
„Fuck. That was great“, Richard said while playing with my hair. He showed no signs of wanting to pull out of me. I turned my face, so that I was looking into his eyes.
„Thank you. That was more than great. You were amazing. “And there was it again. His cheeks started to turn red. The awkward, shy Richard was back. My Richard was back.
„Hush! “ He smacked my butt. „I didn´t do all the work alone. You were not so bad yourself. “

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My favorite is when people (and the person I'm thinking of is a girl herself) talking about "Modern" feminism being a bunch of whiny people on tumblr or something along the lines of that and fail to see what other women have done for Feminism here let alone around the world. It irks me so much.

Ugh I know. You should be forever thankful and grateful of feminists in the past. You should think of that and respect what they’re still doing for us now. Like jeez people your rights are protected by feminists. We fight for more rights plus to keep the ones we have secured. Like abortion, maternity leave, birth control access, etc. (In some countries) and in some places fight for women’s right to vote and stuff.

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Do you hear this song?

Can you tell me how many emotions and memories it brings up? Because I can’t count them all. 

Do you remember when we discovered Kakashi was a bad ass?

Do you remember how Sasuke awoke the Sharingan?

Do you remember when we didn’t know who Orochimaru was?

Do you remember the grief when Sarutobi died?

Do you remember how we all laugh when Team 7 tried to discover Kakashi’s face?

Do you remember how exiting was to see them fight all together?

Do you remember when Sasuke and Naruto out-smarted Zabusa?

Do you remember Naruto’s speech when he tried to convince Sasuke not to leave the village?

Do you remember the tears?

Do you remember when part I ended?

Do you remember when shippuden started? How everyone was going insane because Naruto and Sakura met with Sasuke again? And Naruto was able to talk face to face with Kurama?

Do you remember how we didn’t know who Sai was, or who the actual fuck was Karin?

Do you remember how many things we didn’t know?

Who was Akatsuki?

Was Gaara gonna survive?

Who was the leader of Akatsuki?

Do you remember how we spent years thinking Itachi was the worst enemy?

Do you remember the anxiety of not knowing if Akatsuki would ever be able to capture Naruto?

Do you remember we ended up loving the Akatsuki members? Because they were such amazing villains. 

Do you remember when we didn’t know anything about Naruto’s parents?

Do you remember how Naruto’s speeches never failed to make you cry? Because he was so brave, he was so encouraging, he used to give us strenght. I dare to say Naruto help me when I had depression. Because, if he wasn’t going to give up, I wasn’t either.

Because, right now, I think no one in this fandom does. It has all been about PAIRINGS.

When Sasuke’s speech came, in Chapter 699. I think I barelly saw posts about it. They were all about “OMG SASUSAKU” “YASSS NARUHINA”

And I also blame myself, because I was kind of one of the persons that were pretty pissed off with the ending.

But you know what? I saw this ending, and I started to cry. It was so overwhelming, I was back to the start… and then I realized something. Maybe I’m unable to like the ending because, I never really wanted to end.

I was mad because I felt that my one, and only, long time friend, the one who never failed me, gave me a push, and told me “I’m done here. I fullfield my dream, it’s time you go and do the same”. I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want to let go. Not quite yet. I’m still afraid, I still need him to tell one of his speeches, to be clumsy, and make me laugh.

So I made arguments, so started to discuss what wasn’t right, because it couldn’t be over. 

A new generation? Ugh NO. Please just give back to me Team 7 adventures. Konoha 11 adventures. Tell me more about them please. I’m not ready to let any of them go.

I need more Rock Lee, I need more Shikamaru. I need more Kakashi. I need more kunoichi interactions. I need another enemy like Zabusa. Lethal, but at the end, he was just human. He cried. Don’t take them away. Don’t take any of that away. 

I know, many of you don’t like the ending. Mostly for the pairings, I know. And I also know that some people bash other people because their pairings are canon. And I just… Let’s forget about it. It is what it is. 

You’re missing the whole point. You’re missing the impact Naruto had on you because 2 chapters out of 700 chapters. And a movie that you don’t have to see. 

I will always be mad because the end was all about the pairings. But I guess, it was because they needed their new generation.

If you don’t like it, then ignore it.

Forget about the pairings for once. They were never that important in Naruto. The pairings were the least important thing and everyone have gone crazy over it.

Try to remember all that Naruto did for you.  Remember how amazing the journey was. Bacause I remember how Naruto and Sasuke fought together, and how it still brings chills to my spine. Remember how Kakashi always got lost in the path of life.

If so many people stayed, I like to think was because Naruto became part of your heart, and your life. Not because just pairings. 

And we all should talk about what was amazing from this story, which moments we loved the most. Which fights were awesome. In which episode you cried the most. We should be talking about this. We should be remembering all these things.

The journey was amazing. It really was. 


Hey guys! So this is a post about my experience meeting MonstaX in Singapore! I’m going to be posting gifs and all that so I apologise in advance for the very long post! THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE SAVE-WORTHY! Enjoy reading!


I would like to start this post off from the very beginning which is of course, me welcoming the boys at the airport. I didn’t get to sleep the entire night because I got home late and saw no point in sleeping since their flight landed really early so I was pretty much exhausted. When I got to the airport, I managed to find a nice spot right in front of the doors they were coming out from thanks to this nice girl who let me stand beside her. Can I just say how proud I am of Monbebes because while waiting, we were greeting the people coming out of the luggage section with nice words like “good morning” and “have a nice day”. 

Anyway, the boys came out late and according to some people who came out, they were having a drink at Starbucks and chilling in the lounge. (I can’t confirm this information because I wasn’t in there obviously.) The wait was worth it of course! 

Minhyuk came out first with a bright smile on his face, waving to the fans waiting outside. Changkyun followed behind with his earphones plugged in and unfortunately, didn’t pay my side much attention. Wonho was the third to exit and took the fan gift my friend prepared before giving me a high five (to the best of his ability because he was holding something). Kihyun and Jooheon followed them and waved to all of us. Shownu then exited and he gave me a high five so I was real excited about getting two high fives in less than a minute! Hyungwon was the last to come out but he was being real adorable and waving to us all!


When I arrived at the venue, there were so many things happening and it really hit me that I was about to see my boys in person. People were handing out freebies, giving out banners for fan projects and selling merchandise. Let’s just say that I went home with a bag full of things… Anyway, I entered the hall and got to my seat, which wasn’t a great one because it was a last minute ticket a fan site couldn’t use but I’m still grateful.

The show started off with a bang and even though this is a MonstaX focused post, I’d like to commend Sistar for their stunning vocals and amazing performance quality. 

Fan site master Here, My dear sat beside me and I was helping her look out for guards while she took photos. She was thankful so she gave me this cute Hyungwon card and also tweeted me! 

When the boys came out, I was just sitting there and feeling very happy and thankful. As someone who has been following them since the start of ‘No Mercy’, I was so happy to be able to watch and listen to them in person. I’m grateful that I’m given this opportunity to walk them through this journey filled with tears, laughter and success so I got really emotional. 

Near the last few songs, fans started rushing to the front so I made my way there too. I was lucky enough to get a spot right at the front so I was in the first row! The amazing things start happening here and I’ll just be listing down the moments that happened!

1) Kihyun occasionally rapping to Jooheon’s part in ‘Rush’ and being adorable.

2) Shownu jumping off the stage to interact with fans and body waving to get to where I am. 

When we made eye contact, I thought he was just going to keep walking but he tilted his head to the side and did that thing with his eyebrows.

Then leaning closer to me to give a high five/handshake thing. HE WAS SO CLOSE I SWEAR I COULD SEE HIS SWEAT. 

3) Changkyun and Jooheon stopping in front of where I was to give people high fives! The former was holding onto a girl’s hand while performing and I’m so happy for her omg.

3) Wonho came over to where I was! 

I also got lucky because my boy noticed me.


4) Here’s a gif of our boys performing ‘Rush’ 

5) Jooheon being hot and ruining lives.  

6) Minhyuk being adorable, crossing his arms and moving side to side + Jooheon ruining lives part two.

5) Wonho killing us all during ‘Hero’ 

6) Minhyuk not following the choreography and falling backwards instead of forward. He’s such a cute lil bean help us all. 

7) Shownu because I like Shownu 

8) More of ‘Hero’ 

9) ‘Hero’ dance break!

10) The moment I made eye contact with Changkyun, I pulled a funny face at him and I’m proud of how much of a derp I can be because it made him laugh. I actually made Changkyun laugh guys asdfghjkl

11) Being caught in the act by Joohoney so he laughed at me as well and gave me a small wave pft. I WANT TO FIGHT THEM BOTH I’M MAD MHM

12) Grandpa Changkyun’s delayed reaction (poor bub must be tired) + Jooheon’s heart!

13) Minhyuk the cutest shooting hearts at the fans! 

14) Wonho feeling bad for stealing my heart so he’s sending one back :”)

15) The boys sitting at the edge of the stage for a group photo!

I’m the one in the choker! I’m so sorry I look like a turd hahaha


Okay so I had this genius plan where I made a box disguised as a fan board, put my phone in it and placed it on my head. The following gifs are from the video I managed to film. I’m generally chill with idols so this video was actually really stable. 


He was already waiting for me before I finished my high five with Bora so imagine how surprised I was to look him in the eyes. I told him “Thank you for being born.” To that, he smiled and thanked me twice! He also wiggled my hands when we linked fingers and that was absolutely adorable. 


This lil ball of sunshine smiled so brightly I forgot I was indoors and not out in the sun. I said to him “Your voice is amazing!” (rough translation because that’s what I intended to say? I said “좋다요”) I think Kihyun got shy because he was just looking down and smiling? HIS DIMPLES MADE AN APPEARANCE AND I THINK I DIED THREE TIMES. 


This angel was all smiles when I got to him and I told him “Minhyuk, please be happy!” He’s always the bright one of the group and I really hope that my angel will never get hurt. 


I’m real mad at the fact that my phone decided to fail on me when I reached Changkyun? When he leaned closer to high five me, I automatically bowed my head but my phone fell so I ended up saying “Thank you I.M- oh shit ugh”. My friend took a video from afar and you can see him looking at me all weird. (I have people who told me that they watched the video more than ten times and still laugh at what I said fuck.)


Okay, this boy is just adorable from head to toe. He gave me his cute/surprised face that he uses during aegyo when he saw me?I think he noticed my camera so I said “Jooheon?” He leaned closer to me and went “What?” So i pointed to the box on my head and said “Camera” before giving him a sneaky smile. He then stared at me incredulously and gestured at it before repeating “CamERA?” IT WAS HILARIOUS I’M STILL LAUGHING.


I think he overheard my conversation with Jooheon so you can see him looking at my camera and smiling before moving his attention to me. We were just kind of looking at each other and I went “bye” so he said “bye” as well pft. Put two awkward kids together and this is what you get.


Last but not least, we have Shownu! I planned to say to him “My dream is to dance with you one day” but I couldn’t say it anD I’M STILL HELLA SALTY ABOUT THIS OKAY. The guard at the end was suspicious and was going to question me so I was like fuck. In the end, we just did our high five, linked our fingers quickly and I said “love you, thank you!” before running off. In the video my friend took, you could see the guard at the end try to grab at me but I ran off so quick Usain Bolt would be jealous. I’m still sad that I couldn’t get a clearer shot with Shownu and to tell him what I intended to say but being able to interact with him is already amazing in itself. 


The last part of the fan meet was a photo taking session! They increased the number of people for the photo from 20 to 30 people so you can imagine how slim the chances were to sit in front of one of them. I wasn’t all that lucky so I was a row in front of them. However, I did make the most of the last moments with them. I thanked all of them for coming as I made my way to my spot because they must be tired and all that. I then waved to Wonho and my baby waved back! Jooheon was beside him so I did the “1+1=gwiyomi” thing and we did weird aegyo shit together before I turned around, laughing. My pose was of me kissing my Wonho fan (I’m the biggest loser around). When we finished taking the photo, they waved us all goodbye and that’s the end!

LASTLY, I’d just like to say that meeting and interacting with them is such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I sincerely hope that all Monbebes out there will get their chance to listen and see them in person. They are wonderful people, friendly, sweet and talented, so I’m very thankful. I met lots of great people during that day and I’m thankful to MonstaX for helping with that as well. If you made it all the way to this point, I’d just like to say thank you and a huge good luck because I want everyone to be able to meet these angels and leave with a smile on their faces. 

rae out 

(if you’d like to chat or anything just slip into my ask box or find me on my twitter @ jeonlights)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 this episode, there were soooo many emotions!!! They were literally all over the place!

First of all,

Zamasu is literally gay for himself.

Ugh. That’s just really creepy to look at.

Oh no wait! Zamasu is just gay!

No Zamasu! Goku is a married man you can’t just do that.

Ugh he’s being creepy again.

Omg no

Wait what?

Holy crap no!

Oh hell no!!! ChiChi! Goten! Run!!!!


Stop it!!!!!!!!!

You know…

The worst part about it was if Goten knew. He saw his own father kill. But did Goten see Goku? Or did he see Zamasu? How was he to know that Zamasu and Goku switched bodies.

You get ‘em Goku!

Avenge your family’s death!

Kick his ass Goku!

But then Goku falls and ugh we’re back to square one…

The Trunks comes in but he fails too :(

I still don’t ship you two but Mai help Trunks!

But then…

Holy sugar honey ice tea! Trunks?!

I guess they don’t call him the son of the Prince of all Saiyans for nothing!

I cannot wait for next week’s episode!

By the way was anyone esle confused by Zamasu explaining everything about the timelines? Cause I was.

anonymous asked:

I played a few comp matches ( gm) after this nerf, and I can say that it failed. I CAN still be just as effective and retain my rank, however. In all my time playing Mercy, this is the most STRESSFUL AND UNFUN SHES EVER BEEN. In s2 Mercy was considered one of the worst heros in the game, and even then, she was more Enjoyable at high master/ GM than she is now. I would rather be a fun agile, agressive res bot, than a boring damsel in distress healbot.

ugh right??