and still i dunno if i should still post it


Bejita to Buruma wa kawaiidesu.

In japanese “V” sounds like “B”. So they should be called “B&B” (bahaha like bed and breakfast :’D). And now both of them have blue hair ya know. Both of them are assholes. And stubborn. With pure unadulterated ego. So made for each other.

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Some Themed Posts Updates
  • New feature: Your theme’s accent/link color changes your post’s like/reblog/reply/etc colors! Whoa!
  • Big bug fix: The colors used to theme your posts now make more sense. Your title color is your text color (used to be your link color, which doesn’t really make sense), and your background color is still your background color.
  • Bug fix: “Keep reading” links on reblogs are now the right color.
  • Bug fix: Ask/answer posts are now themed better.
  • Bug fix: Added a line under your “contributed content” for a reblog, so that the space there doesn’t look as weird. Maybe it still does, I dunno.
  • Bug fix: The “follow” text above reblogged content should now be the right color.

I’m still working on lots of bigger changes, too. More info on those when they’re ready for release. As always, feel free to message me if you have any questions or suggestions!