and still can't look away

we stan him…

and him too…

although they are the same person 😂😂


so sak is this weekend yea, and i was getting all clean, and it just so happened that i was having one of the best showers of my life, so i was really feeling the clean spirit. 

I was thinking, gosh wouldn’t it be nice if i had some like face creams! make my skin look nice! and lo and behold, i looked over in the cabinet, and i saw a like…dead sea salt face mask, and i was like !!! now, i don’t know how old it is, and i should have taken the hint by the fact that this thing is clearly OLD, and yet hardly been used, anyway, i was like…YEAH LETS DO IT! so i slap it all up on my face. 

I was having a good time, until i went downstairs and passed by my room mirror, and i saw that my skin was like GETTING ALL RED AND LIKE…POX?? now i still have terrors from having Steven’s johnsons, so seeing myself have any kind of spots on my skin puts me in FULL PANIC MODE. I WAS LIKE AAAAHHHH!!! NOOOOOO!!! IM GONNA DIE!! and like, I am NOT having an allergic reaction on my face RIGHT before con NOOOOOO 

Lucky me, i only had it on for like 30ish seconds, and i have NEVER WASHED MY FACE FASTER LET ME TELL YOU. it mostly went away, but my face still kind of burns. 

that was a wild like, minute, let me tell you. this is why you don’t trust any kind of tubes kids. 

insanereddragon  asked:

Thought: Eggsy and the other knights out at a pub, and it's karaoke night. The more boisterous knights get in on it, Harry and Merlin stoic at the table drinking. Eggsy and Roxy are happy but not singing. Finally, the others convince Eggsy to go up. And as he goes he makes eye contact with Harry, and his smile falls away. He goes up and selects his song, and then starts singing Stay With Me. Harry goes still, and there is this electric tension between them, he can't look away. My heart aches <3


Harry smiles in thanks when Merlin comes back from the bar with their drinks. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be here tonight, but one definitely need to not be sober to get through a round of Bors singing. At least the Knight has been mindful enough to wait for everyone to have their drinks in hand before going up on the stage. Percival might never have a career as a singer, but at least he doesn’t sound like a cat scratching their claws on a black board.

Percy nods at them as he walk past their table, a hand brushing lightly against Merlin’s shoulder, quick enough that only Harry’s trained eye could have notice that brief display of affection between the couple. Another night, Richard would have sat with them, but he understands how he would rather sit down with Roxy and Eggsy than their two boring selves. The two younger agents don’t seem like they plan on singing tonight, but at least they are enjoying themselves.

Not that he and Merlin aren’t having fun, but they’re more at an unwinding stage and will probably stay in that stage for the whole night. Someone needs to keep a level head anyway just in case any of the Knights become too inebriated and their antics become destructive rather than amusing.

They suffer through Bors’ performance, everyone cheering when Dagonet chase him away from the mic at the end of his song. The old tailor’s repertoire might only be comprised of Sinatra’s songs, but at least he’s got the voice for it.

They must have been there for a couple of hours already when Eggsy finally gets up from his table to get to the stage, not so subtly pushed by Richard. Except for Merlin and Harry, he’s the only one who hasn’t sing yet, even Roxy having been convinced to do a duet with her uncle after being plied with one too many shot.

The first notes of the song he’s selected ring through the bar and they’re vaguely familiar to Harry, but the reason his breath catch in his chest is the way Eggsy is now looking at him. He couldn’t say if everyone else also feels it, that this is a moment, if they can feel the electric tension between him and Eggsy, because the world around him, around them, seem to fade away.

It gets worst when Eggsy starts to sing and even if the young man breaks the eye contact when he closes his to focus on his singing, Harry cannot look away. He’s never understood the meaning of the word mesmerized, always thought it was a writer’s fancy, that it could never happen in real life, but now, he finds out he had been wrong.

And the thing is, their romantic relationship is still relatively new and they are both more tentative than any of their friends expect them to be, but Harry has never doubted for one second what Eggsy feels for him. Listening to him tonight, he can’t help but wonder if maybe he’s not been as clear with his own feelings.

It’s why he gets up and walks up to the stage as Eggsy finishes his song, why he’s offering him his hand to help him down and doesn’t let go, even once they’re back at the table he’s been sharing with Merlin. Why he ignores the cheering, the applause, the cat-calls, and press a reverent kiss on Eggsy’s knuckles before linking their fingers together.

It’s why, as they are leaving in the early hours of the morning, Harry is still holding Eggsy’s hand.



For what?

For proving me right

365 Days of Olicity: Day 29


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i wanna be the very best, like no one ever waaas
to catch them is my real test but it wont let me waaalk

wanna travel across the land, searching far and wide
but when the app finally loads it craSHES EVERY TIIIMME



i truly cannot gif to save my life, but…do you ever just….think about myka’s face in instinct….. [clutches chest]

You know what I want out of fandom?

More stories about unrequited love where it isn’t the total center of somebody’s life.  Where you don’t throw your whole heart into pining uselessly for something you know you can’t have.  Where instead it’s just a little niggling at the back of your character’s brain, a constant, sure, I’d hit that if they wanted me back, and if your character ever looked at it a little deeper they’d have to admit it’s more like, I want to hit that and also hold hands and cuddle as badly as I’ve ever wanted anything in my life, on par with wanting to be an astronaut when I was eight, and it is about as likely to happen as the astronaut thing.  So they don’t look, just like they try to avoid the astronaut thing (or the pet dragon thing, or the superhero thing, whatever it was when they were eight and young enough to just want, purely and hard enough that there’s still a little scar of regret, all these years later).

They get on with their life.  They date other people.  They’re a good friend.  They manage.  They just never stop wanting.

Give me unrequited love that is like longing for the moon, something distant and fantastic and never to be, wistful and rueful and already resigned.  Give me the rare little pinpricks of hurt, when the object-of-affections says something, does something, throws an arm over your character’s shoulders and smiles, the shocked blossoming from casual yeah, I would (but you daren’t invest more) into wait, maybe? for me? and inevitable tumble back to seriously, no, never.  I’ve had so many characters who live perpetually on the knife-edge of hope and pining; give me one for whom hope is a brief, short-lived stab come out of the blue, weeks or months apart, there and gone in seconds, just enough of a reminder that oh yes, you do still want.

Give me a relationship where all the other feelings are more important than the unrequited love buried deep and not-quite-forgotten, where there’s room to fall in love with other people and mean it, and yet that subtle little prickle of oh, but I want never, ever quite goes away.  Give me that story.

anonymous asked:

Do you think would Deacon ever change back to his original face? Maybe if he were in a romance with Sole? I'm super interested in your thoughts

Heya Nonny! Sorry for taking so long to reply.

This is a really interesting question. 

Firstly, I’ll make my usual disclaimer that these are just my thoughts and aren’t things I expect or assume other people will agree with. 

Secondly, while you do specify a romanced Survivor in this scenario, I think Deacon’s platonic relationship with a high-affinity Survivor is amazing and important, and if he was trying to make a decision and wanted outside opinions and/or support, he’d include his BFF.

Personally, I don’t think he’d go back to any previous face because of the line above. I’m working under the assumption that the “Big Talk” is his final affinity talk, and for someone whose identity is a big question in-game and metatextually, I think this line is a Pretty Big Deal™. 

Deacon obfuscates himself in many ways (his face, name, disguises, humor) to hide from others and, I suspect, himself. Here he is, though, looking at himself in the mirror after, reflecting on what he sees, and finding it easier to do than before, thanks to emotional progress he’s made during his time with the Survivor.

What does he see when he looks in this mirror by this point? He could see that he is Deacon and the face currently wears is him. The choices he’s made and the events he’s been a part of have sculpted his face, name, and persona, and he might feel that he’s more himself now, or more ok with this face representing who he is, than the face he had at birth.

Also, his original face, more than any other, might have the heaviest memories that he might not want to revisit. That face is the one his parents gave him, complete with his dad’s nose and his mom’s eyes. It’s the face that his siblings knew, making fun of his big ears. It’s the face his first boyfriend kissed. It’s the face that took punches for being a smartass to the wrong big kid. If you’re a fan of his final affinity story being true, then that’s the face that joined the Deathclaws, the one that was complicit in lynching someone, that’s the face Barbara knew and loved. It’s the face that got him into the Railroad, that all of his first cohorts knew and trusted before the Institute attacked. His original face and all its associated memories might live squarely in the past for him.

In short, I think Deacon becoming ok with who he currently is, finding that it’s “easier looking in the mirror”, is part of his growth as a character that the Survivor, as a best friend, helps facilitate. I don’t personally think he’d go back to his original face.

Maybe it’s time you went h o m e.