and still be like the sexiest guy ever

don’t do anything

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.7k

◦ request: @damned-fangirl: GIRL I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG BC THE THIRST FOR HYUNGSIK IS REAL so I was wondering if I can request a fluffy scenario with him? Like tons of Kissen and all that stuff maybe cuddling and a little sexy smth? Lmao if not its fine too LOVE YOU WRITING THO ❤

@nct-127am: hyungsik scenario where they come back from a date and have a makeout session (your writing is really good btw!!)


◦ a/n: I don’t know why but I’m honestly always surprised at the amount of Hyungsik requests I’m getting <3 the poor boy don’t get love wherever he goes (@AhRo look what you missed out on ya loser) BUT ITS OKAY CAUSE I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE TO LOVE HIM

m a s t e r l i s t

You stumbled in backwards as the door pushed open, your chest lurching with panic at the falling sensation. Your boyfriend jumped forward, his strong arms cushioning your drunken hysteria with an amused chuckle. The fabric of his shirt was so soft, bunched under your tensed fingers at his shoulders. “You’re so strong…” you purred, hungrily dragging him in by the neckline of his shirt. The alcohol hummed through your veins and you could feel its grip on you as everything seemed to blur in your vision. The churning heat at the base of your stomach continued to burn strong as you felt your boyfriend’s strong arms firm around your back. Alcohol made you horny every time, without fail. Hyungsik pulled you up gently, keeping your body pressed against his to steady you. You let your lips drag along his neck sloppily as you soaked in the feeling of his heartbeat against yours. His skin was soft and warm to the touch, so familiar under your lips.

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Atom as boyfriend

-well let’s just say having kim sanggyun as a boyfriend made your life turn 360 degrees
- like you used to love guys with a great sense of fashion but BAM
- when u met him, you swear that even when he just wears basketball shorts that you’ve seen him wear like 4x a week + some hoodie, he is still the most handsome (and sexiest) guy you’ve ever laid your eyes upon
- and you used to hate hiphop and rap songs cause you think they were too noisy
- but when you met atom, your playlist was suddenly full of eminem, kendrick lamar, chance the rapper, drake, lil wayne, j.cole,and some other rappers names you can’t even pronounce
- and you had no problem listening to Aminé’s ‘caroline’ for three straight hours
- But it was not only you who learned to love his hobbies
- like he also appreciate watching make-up tutorials and he can even recognize jefree starr and manny mua like THAT’S AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR SOMEONE LIKE KIM SANGGYUN
- and he listens diligently when you explain to him the difference of a bronzer and a highlighter
- like seriously???? You’re an idol you’re supposed to know these stuffs
- and he’s like nah, “i just let the noonas do my make-up while i play games on my phone”
- and when i say lazy, i mean R E A L L Y L A Z Y
- like you would go to their dorm at around 3pm cause he wasn’t responding to your texts only to find him still asleep!!! On the living room couch
- and he refuses to take a shower but when you say you’ll take a shower w/ him he runs faster than a lighting to get his towel
- and believe me showering with atom can’t just be a regular shower
- like he would go soap your back but suddenly his hands would wander to your sensitive spots and he would place soft kisses on your shoulders and he would pull your body closer to his and you prolly know where this is going, ok?????
- loves playing games!!!!!
-like league of legend, overwatch, starcraft you name it
- and although he prefers staying indoors, he also loves having outdoor dates w/ you
- but nothing really fancy or far since his schedule won’t permit it
- just simply watching movies at the cinema, and when he starts putting his hand on your leg you shot him a glare
- like WTF this is a very important scene ???
- and he’s like we can just watch it online !!! and proceeds to nuzzle his face on your neck
- and tbh, you just give in cause seriously, kim sanggyun is irresistible!!!!
- you also go night markets, tbh you’re dates are mostly during night bc idol life DUH
- and he’s really apologetic abt it and is like, “i know u have classes in the morning”
- and you’re like “NO!!!! My friend just texted and our class was cancelled”
- and ofc it’s a lie u just dont want him to feel guilty
- cause tbh, you don’t care what time it is
- Heck, sanggyun can go ask you out on a date at four in the morning and you’d be down for it
- is actually a very shy boy!!!
- like when u compliment him, he goes all smiles and lowers his head and he can’t look at you in the eye and if it not’s the cutest.thing.ever
- but you’re having sexy time he’s like a whole new person & he’s very bold but at the same time very careful cause he doesn’t wanna cross the line
- BUT BOY SANGGYUN HAS THE SOFTEST LIPS and you think you are addicted on kissing him
- And you kiss him whenever he is not prepared like when is playing games or writing lyrics
- and he’s like “ohhhh, are you challenging me??”
- but seriously, you’re relationship w/ atom is so chill like u can tell him anything from school stuffs to make up brand he prolly doesn’t have any idea abt and he does the same thing to you
- and you love him so much bc he is just really sweet and nice and you’re super proud of him!!!!!

anonymous asked:

ok so I need to know. who's good at dirty talk and who absolutely sucks at it? who THINKS they're good but is rly awkward? who sucks but tries their best anyway? dirty talk is my jam, man

Cait: Anything that comes out of her mouth is dirty. She’s good at it, doesn’t have to try. But it’s not outrageously obscene.

Curie: When Sole asked her to talk dirty to them, she began explaining the dangers of bacteria and the necessity of washing your hands with soap and water. They stopped her, attempted to explain it, and it just still didn’t click. She tries. She really does.

Danse: Terrible. He’s terrible. At least he starts that way. He can’t find the words half of the time. He starts to get the hang of it eventually, but he still is just okay. Sexiest thing he ever said to Sole was when he began unbuckling his belt and said “On your knee’s, soldier.” (on a seperate note please for the love of god read this fic it makes me weep from laughter)

Deacon: Doesn’t dirty talk a lot, but when he does it’s a fucking delight to listen to. He’ll purr it right into Sole’s ear while he touches them. Sometimes he kills the mood though. Like the time he began saying nothing but Guy Fieri catchphrases. He started calling Sole’s genital’s flavortown.  

Hancock: A beast. An absolutely beast. The things that come out of his mouth would make the filthiest of people to a double take. He could make someone cum just by whispering into their ear. He probably has. Likes to come up behind Sole and begin whispering what he wants to do to them while he feels their inner thighs. Did I mention he likes to do this  i n  p u b l i c? He’s a monster. 

Kent: He tries, he really does. It’s sort of endearing when he attempts it. It’s weird when he does it well. Sole and him decided dirty talk wasn’t for Kent in  the end.

MacCready: Can hardly do anything but moan during sex. But if you are luck, and he manages to stop whining like the little whore, he’s pretty decent at dirty talk. Not on Hancock’s or Deacon’s level, but still pretty good. 

Maxson: Oh, he’s good. Very good, actually. Tells you when he wants. Tells you if you are doing a good job. Tells you what he’s going to do. The phrase “You like how my cock feels inside of you?” has been used more than once before. What people don’t know, is that the first time Sole tried talking dirty back, he turned as red as a tomato and literally came then and there.

Piper: She is horrendous at it and she knows it. Everytime she tries, she and Sole will end up laughing or making a weird face. “Maybe next time.” “Yeah, next time.” A good sport about all the jokes Sole makes about it.

Preston: The stuff he says isn’t dirty, but god almighty he knows just what to say in bed. “You feel amazing.” “You taste so good.” Unending praise. The one time he tried to really incorporate some dirty talk, it was a disaster. Sole ended up sobbing with laughter on the floor while he sat with his face in his hands. The laughter woke up Sanctuary. Deacon, Piper, and Hancock ran into the room because they thought someone had been hurt. Preston will never live that day down.

Valentine: He doesn’t do dirty talk. He doesn’t need to do dirty talk. The stuff he says to Sole in bed is just plain sexy. The way he purrs thing into Sole’s ear when he touches them is sensual as all hell. 

X6-88: His dirty talk isn’t soft and sweet like Preston’s is. It’s absolutely vulgar. Hancock over heard Sole and him in bed and spat out his drink with shock. 

Favorite Customer (Pairing #1 of 20 Different Pairings- Dean x reader)

Summary: You are surprised to see Dean Winchester, who was once a regular customer of yours, but has recently been out of touch. He needs you to give him some relief, and you are happy to oblige.

Warnings: This is all porn. Dom/sub, sex worker!reader, unprotected oral sex, rimming, bondage and use of a riding crop, slight come play

Word Count: 3350

A/N: I hope you guys like this one!

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Silly Rabbit

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Warnings: Mentions of smut, but no actual smut.

Summary: Pietro and Wanda are about to spend their first Halloween in America and Pietro really wants to impress you with a costume but he has no idea what to wear! He does some research and ends up getting a slutty costume…

A/N: Happy Halloween guys! I know I haven’t been on much but I’ve been very busy. But I found some time to write a quick imagine for you guys on Halloween! I hope you all enjoy!

“What should I wear Wanda?” Pietro groans as he sprawls out on the couch in the Avengers living area. “There’s so many options for costumes! And I can’t seem to find a good one!” He complains. 

“It doesn’t matter what costume you wear as long as you like it!” Wanda tells him. She had been dealing with this for the past week. She knew that Pietro was taking so long to decide on a costume because he wanted to impress you with it. Ever since the two of them had started training with you Pietro has had a major crush on you. He was doing everything in his power to impress you. And sometimes that literally included his powers! But this was something that both of them were unfamiliar with, and Pietro was extremely worried that he would mess up some how and embarrass himself. 

“But I don’t know what I like!” Pietro argues while sitting up. “The only ‘costume’ I’ve ever worn is my suit and I can’t wear that, I wear it all the time. I want to wear something that no one has ever seen me in. Something that will show a new side of me, and blow Y/N- and everybody else away.” He quickly adds, trying to keep his secret that he was only concerned about his costume to impress you. “What are you going as sister?” He asks, trying to change the subject. 

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anonymous asked:

How do you think got7 would react to you getting horny while on your period and getting really frustrated about it (story of my life)

Going to assume that you both made the conscious decision to abstain from sex during this particular week in order to avoid any sticky business.

Mark - Weak. Weak, I tell you. Mark is the sweetie who would set his mind to not having sex during this particular week. You two made the decision to abstain, so he will do all in his power to carry out this promise. Keep in mind though, that this power is minimal. Seeing you so horny would make him want to satisfy you. He’d hate seeing you so needy and he’d feel obligated to make you feel good. But no, he really wants to keep his word. And oop, you just sat on his lap. Game over. 

JB - JB would keep fulfill his agreement of no sex…for now. Okay, not really. At first he would because of what you two discussed before. But the night would progress and he’d see those occasional wanton glances you’d throw at him every so often. There’d come a point where you “accidentally” rub against him and it’s all sexy time from then on out. Promise? What promise? Pfft, a little blood never hurt anybody…wait…

Jackson - You’d literally be sitting on him and asking for him to take you when he childishly points at you and goes, “You said no! No, no, no!” He’d playfully accuse you for attempting to go back on your word, “HA! Can’t keep your hands off of me can ya?” When you smack him and tell him to shut up and fuck you he’d still be obnoxious and continue to disregard your come ons. And once you get ridiculously horny to the point you’re about to rip his pants off, he’d finally get serious and drop it down a notch, “Not now, you have to wait like we promised remember?” 

Jr - Borderline scared for his life. You’re horny as fuck, and he really wants to give it to you. But if he does, you might destroy him because well…you’re horny as fuck. Plus you two both made the decision to abstain from sex during this one measly week, so he’d do whatever it takes to keep that promise. This is going to be an interesting week of cat and mouse though, because you’d try to lure him in and Jr would flee to the other side of the house to avoid your desperate come ons. 

Youngjae - So distraught and torn. His mind would be a whir as he thinks, “She wants sex, but she specifically said no! No sex! None! None! No-oh my god” The moment you come on to him, he’d glup in fear. Panic would be apparent when you kiss him on that certain part of his neck. He’d groan when he realizes that all hope of keeping the promise is lost. Just continue kissing the boy and he will be putty in your hands within minutes. 

Bambam - Yeah, no. Bambam would have no self-control whatso-freakn-ever. You want sex? “Oh great, okay then. Let’s go.” There’d be no “oh but you said” arguments here. If you want sex, you will get sex. Bambam doesn’t careeeee.

Yugyeom - Welp, you and Yugyeom would be so out of luck. Yugyeom is a patient guy, so he’d try to share some of that patience to you. How? By being a total prude during this whole entire week. Yugyeom is calm, cool, and collected, and it’s rare that he’s ever horny enough to lose that patience. He’d just count down the days with you and hope you don’t completely lose it. You can literally be sexiest woman alive and grind on him and he’d still be like, “Nope, remember what we said?”



just imagine(SMUT)

You’re in a relationship with the internet famous singer/songwriter, Jacob Whitesides.

In the media, Jacob is portrayed as an innocent, sweet and harmless guy. Jacob was those things, he just wasn’t as innocent and naive as his fans made him out to be. As his girlfriend you had the privilege of seeing a side of him that nobody else did…

… .

Jacob had to fly out to New York for a photoshoot. He would only be gone not even a week, but to you it seemed like months. Of course, you guys would snapchat, text and FaceTime each other but sometimes, it wasn’t enough.

On this particular Thursday evening, it wasn’t enough.

You were home schooled, so you had a flexible schedule. Despite having a flexible schedule, you had a routine that you followed almost everyday. The only exceptions to your routine were emergencies and spending time with Jacob.

So for example, this morning you woke up and began the day, bright and early. By 7:30 AM, you had showered and began your daily yoga session on the balcony. Once that was done you ran on the treadmill, ate breakfast, finished school work, re-showered and texted Jacob.

You continued through your daily routine, occasionally answering a phone call from your mother, who was at work and checking up on you, FaceTiming Jacob for a few minutes here and there to say ‘I love and miss you’ and whatever else you felt needed to be done.

By the evening, your mother and father had came home and left for their, ‘Lovers’ Retreat’ for the duration of the week and you were now sitting in your room watching YouTube videos and following fans on Twitter.

While on Twitter, you came across smut about Jacob and yourself that a fan had written. You’d seen hundreds of things like this. You didn’t usually look at such things, but you were alone and bored. You didn’t have anything better to do, so why not?

You began reading it, it was weird at first but you couldn’t stop. Once it got to the actual smut, you couldn’t help but get turned on. You hadn’t seen Jacob in a few days and picturing him eating you out while you were a moaning mess beneath him was too much to handle.

Still reading, one hand slipped from your phone to the waistband of your yoga pants. Reading this was making you wet, and Jacob wasn’t here, so you would have to take care of yourself.

Right as your fingers started teasing your pussy, you saw a notification from Snapchat that Jacob had sent you something. You groaned aloud, frustrated that he was gone and now he was interrupting you.

Quickly switching apps, you saw that Jacob had sent you a photo of him shirtless and getting ready for bed. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Even though he was thousands of miles away, he still had a way of teasing you.

You were now even more horny than you were a few minutes ago.

But, something that the fans weren’t privy to, was the fact that Jacob could be, and was, fucking dirty. He was the sexiest guy you had ever been with, the most experienced. He had tricks that could make any girl of any age literally melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

You needed him. Now.

You didn’t bother sending him anything back. Instead, you stripped to your bra and panties, took your hair from it’s bun and started a Skype call with him from your laptop.

He wasn’t answering quickly enough, you prayed he didn’t fall asleep.

After what seemed like years, he answered the call with his face appearing on the screen. You could tell he was still shirtless with sheets covering his waist as he leaned back against the headboard of the bed he was in. He was probably naked, he hated sleeping in anything.

Although you could see most of him, he could only see your face at the moment.

“How’s my baby girl?” He smiled, asking you in the sweetest tone.

You didn’t have time for this, your painted were soaked at this point. Just seeing his face accompanied with thoughts about that smut you read, was creating a puddle where you sat on the bed.

“Good.” As you replied with a smile on your face, you casually moved your laptop from your lap so that he could now see that you were only in a bra and panties.

A look of realization took over his face for a brief moment. He knew what you wanted.

“Good? Ohh.. I don’t think ‘good’ would be the right word to describe you baby. I think you’re being naughty.” His voice became husky, he too was getting turned on.

You whimpered, “Help me feel good J. Please, I need it.”

He smirked, “You need it, hm? Does your little pussy need it too?”

Your head lolled to one shoulder while your eyes shut, rubbing your legs together for some friction you replied, “Yess.. I’m so wet for you baby.”

“You are? I don’t believe it. Proof, now.” He demanded. God, dominant Jacob was the best Jacob.

Nodding your head, you slipped a hand into your panties. You swirled your fingers around your slit, getting them nice and wet.

You brought your hand up to the camera, moaning and wanting to put your fingers back where they belonged.

“Fuck, you’re so wet baby. Let me see that pussy baby, show me.”

Slipping off your panties faster than ever, you spread your legs, exposing yourself for him.

“Touch yourself for me. I want to see you cum for me babe, hard.”

Obeying him, you had one hand on your clit and another hand stroking your slit and teasing your entrance. He watched you with hungry eyes, biting his lip.

Keeping in your moans, you slipped your index finger inside of you.

Immediately, Jacob spoke, “Don’t fucking keep those moans in. Let them out, I wanna hear your fucking yourself for me baby girl.”

It wouldn’t take long for you to fulfill his requests. You were gonna cum.

Furiously rubbing your clit and fingering your pussy, you yelled, “J-Ja-Jacob, I’m gonna c-cumm!”

“Cum for me baby, now.”

Right as he said that, your pussy spasmed. You were in pure bliss, your entire body was shaking just from his words. Uncontrollable moaning was all that could be heard from your end.

Eventually coming down from your high, Jacob spoke again, “Tsk tsk, my naughty baby girl. When I get home tomorrow, you’ll be punished for teasing me like this.”

Too tired to respond, you just grunted in acknowledgement. Jacob was sweet in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Sometimes, you couldn’t keep up.

You felt yourself drifting off, tired from the extreme pleasure you had just experienced. Still on a call with him as you nodded off he whispered, “I love you baby, sweet dreams…”

Even though Jacob was the naughtiest boy you’d ever encountered, he was still the sweetest, kindest and most loving guy you knew.

- - - - -



Manwhore - Part 10

Thanks for all the encouraging feedback on this fic you lovely, lovely people. if you need to catch up or a refresher, the other parts can be found here: Ramblings

Thanks to the gorgeous @redprairielily for sorting all my errors with her fabulous finessing.

Manwhore - Part 10

“What?  Are you telling me that you Mr Casanova and Lincolnshire’s finest lothario spend Monday nights watching Poirot?”  Rae snorted as she momentarily forgot her woes.

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How I imagine a meet-up with fellow Barduil trash would be like
  • Me: Guys, guys, guys. Wanna hear a joke?
  • Others: Yeah, sure!
  • Me: So this guy walks into a bar-
  • BT1: Wait, is that guy Thranduil?
  • Me: No, but--
  • BT2: Bussinessman!Thranduil. Dressed in a designer suit.
  • BT3: And it's still noon but he looks so pissed that he makes a beeline for the bar.
  • Me: Wait, guys--
  • BT1: But ofc Bartender!Bard noticed him immediately when he walked through the door, looking like the sexiest creature he has ever laid eyes on his entire life. He gets all hot and bothered and shit.
  • BT2: He plays it cool though. Because professionalism.
  • BT3: So he calmly walks over to Thranduil and asks, "What's your poison?" While flashing his I'm-so-not-freaking-out smile.
  • Me: *sighs exasperatedly* Fine. And Thranduil replies, "Your best bourbon. Leave the bottle." without even looking up from his brooding. But when Bard sets the bottle down he finally does, and whatever tirade he was about to let out died down when he notices just how HOT the bartender is. So he smirks instead and says, "Hmm. Maybe this day didn't turn out so bad afterall."


So I was like scrolling randomly on Tumblr then BOOM! : a wild manly and hot Marco appears ! I INSTANTLY FUCKING FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. ♥♥♥ Too bad there’s not too much versions of him like that, but anyways TT w TT …

No seriously guys, just look at how much this expression, beard , and hair fits PERFECTLY to him, he’s just gorgeous like that ! ♥

‘Am just still fangirling about it. Deeply. I don’t know if some of you guys can relate xD

I guess I’ll draw him to evacuate all these emotions ! XD 

*rolls away, still drolling*

Knight in Shining Armor

Summary: Kurt never thought just walking down the street would lead to him meeting his favorite musician.

Prompt: Famous Blaine is crowded and attacked by paparazzi, Kurt is a passer-by who sees the paps and runs over to help whoever is being harassed. Afterwards he’s a little shocked that it’s the gorgeous Blaine Anderson. Blaine ends up asking this stunning stranger out.


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