and stiles is just totally oblivious

Imagine #2 - “You’re insanely attractive”

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Request: Can you do a Theo imagine? Maybe like Theo is finally excepted into the pack and at all the meetings he is always glancing over at the reader who I s always talking to Stiles since she is also human and Scott picks up on it and talks to Lydia and Lydia says the reader is oblivious to him looking at her. So the pack tries to get Theo and the reader together…
If possible, something along those lines

Word count: 1,127

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Warnings: slight swearing?

a/n: Hi! Okay so this sort of went in a different direction than you asked for and I’m so sorry if you don’t like it!  I hope it’s okay and if you want me to write something else for you I totally will! I was just struggling how to make all the characters fit together but I hope you enjoy it! 

It took a lot of persuasion and a few very large bowls of your homemade mac and cheese, but you finally convinced Scott and the rest of the pack to let Theo in.  After all, you knew what it was like being on the outs of the group and you didn’t think it was fair of them to dismiss Theo without at least giving him a chance.  Stiles was still hesitant and paranoid, of course, but you promised to watch Star Wars with him if he would just shut up about it for two seconds.

Stiles was protective of you. The entire pack was, seeing as you were human, but you didn’t mind. You liked that they cared and you were just happy to have a group of friends you could also call your family.

Today you were at yet another pack meeting.  The free time you had between school, homework, and pack meetings seemed to be dwindling as the threat the Doctors posed grew stronger.  You walked over to Stiles, sitting next to him in your usual place.  You nudged him playfully trying to get his attention.  He looked over at you and gave a forced smile and nod before turning his gaze back to the floor.

“Hey Stilinski! What’s got you in a sour mood?” you asked teasingly.

Stiles didn’t answer, shrugging his shoulders and continuing to stare at the ground.

“Seriously, Stiles is everything okay?” you asked again, this time a bit more concerned for your sarcastic friend.

“It’s fine y/n.  Everything is perfectly fine,” he snapped.  

“Okay, I get it.  Everyone’s still a little on edge from last week with Tracy and everything that happened but we aren’t going to get any closer to figuring out what the hell those things are if we sit here and pout about it.”

Stiles glanced up at you and shook his head, “I don’t get it.  Why do you trust him?  I swear you’re worse than Scott.”

“Oh so this is about Theo then?” you raised your eyebrows at him.

“He gives me evil vibes okay! Plus the kid stares at you 24/7,” Stiles answered exasperatedly

“Come on Stiles he does not,” you rolled your eyes at the brown haired boy.

“Oh really? Because I’m pretty sure he’s looking at you right now.”

You turned your head to find Theo’s gaze locked in your direction.  His eyes met yours causing your heart to flutter.  You would never admit it to anyone, especially Stiles, but you definitely had a huge crush on the new beta.  

Stiles cleared his throat, pulling you out of your thoughts.  You turned head back over to him, looking down trying to hide the blush you were sure was on your cheeks.

“Really y/n?  Please tell me you have more common sense in that trusting brain of yours,” Stiles groaned, disappointment evident on his face.

“Give him a break Stiles, it’s not like he’s murdered someone in cold blood!” you retorted trying to defend the boy.

“So am I supposed to think its just coincidence that his ‘Dad’ just happens to have a broken hand the day after I confront him about the different signatures?” he said, his voice laced with irritation.

“You’re being ridiculous!  Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to sit with Mason today,” you gathered your bag, throwing it over your shoulder, “talk to me when you get over your trust issues.”

Everyone in the pack could sense the tension as you abruptly stood up, stormed across the room, and plopped down next to Mason.  Scott gave you a questioning look but you dismissed it, motioning for him to continue with the meeting.  

You desperately tried to focus on the discussion but your mind kept wandering to Theo.  You wondered if what Stiles had said was true, had Theo really been stealing glances at you without you noticing?

You were completely lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice the meeting had ended until Lydia and Scott approached you.

“Hey y/n, whats up with you and Stiles?” Lydia asked sitting down next to you.

“It’s nothing honestly,” you responded quietly, playing with your fingers.  

“We can all sense the tension,” Scott added, prompting you to tell him and Lydia what had just happened.

“Stiles is just being overly paranoid about Theo.  He’s accusing him of things he has no proof even happened and now he’s saying that Theo keeps staring at me during the pack meetings which normally I would find extremely creepy if he wasn’t so damn hot,” you stopped mid sentence, suddenly realizing what you just said.

Scott and Lydia shared a knowing look before turning around and going their separate ways.

“Guys? What are you doing?” you wearily asked.

Each of them started going up to different pack members and whispering something inaudible in their ear.  One by one they all trickled out of the room, Lydia and Stiles last, her practically pushing Stiles out the door.

“Wait! Lydia! Stiles is my ride home,” you trailed off as Lydia sent you a wink and shut the door behind her.  

You sighed and reached down, grabbing your bag for your phone so you could call one of your parents to come pick you up.

“So, you really think I’m hot?”

“Jesus! Theo you scared me!” you spun around clutching your chest breathing in deeply.

He stepped closer to you, a smirk plastered on his face, “is it true?” he asked again.

“Well considering the fact that you’re a werewolf and you have super hearing there really isn’t any use in deny the fact that I definitely may have said that,” you shifted awkwardly, mentally face palming for not seeing this coming.  

Theo stepped closer to you, his smirk still prominent.

“But I mean, everyone thinks you’re insanely attractive so it’s not anything new for you.  I bet you get that from girls all the time.  Plus you’re like super super smart! Aren’t you in AP Bio with Lydia and Kira,” you began to nervously ramble as Theo continued to step closer to you.  When he was a few inches away he placed his hand around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“I’’m going to stop talking now,” you nervously gulped suddenly noticing the lack of space between your bodies.

Theo glanced down to your lips and then back up to your eyes, sending you one last smirk before crashing his lips into yours.  Your eyes fluttered closed, your hands immediately moving to his cheeks as your bodies melted into one another.  

Theo pulled away and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “you know I think you’re pretty cute too.”

You blushed and searched his eyes for some sort of reassurance he was telling the truth.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride home,” he said placing a soft kiss on your lips and grabbing your hand.  

You mentally thanked Scott and Lydia, you would definitely be making them some more of your mac and cheese.