and steve would be super sweet

Silent Night

On the fourth day of fanfics steves–starsandstripes gave to me…

Pairings: (Y/N) x Dad!Steve

Summary: When (Y/N) wakes up to find Steve gone, she finds him with your baby boy being super fluffy and adorable.

Warnings: Fluff that is so sweet it will give you cavities

Word Count: 410

Author’s Note: Seriously guys, this is so cute I might actually die from choking on all the fluff I just wrote omg

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You awoke from your “nap” realizing it was quite a bit more than just a nap. It was 12:03am, and you assumed that your husband Steve would be in bed beside you. Yet, when you reached over to his side of the bed, you were met with faint warmth and nothing more.

Finally opening your eyes, you saw that he indeed wasn’t there. You looked around your bedroom groggily, and saw that a little bit of light was coming from the hallway. Getting out of bed, you immediately regretted it because it was freezing in your apartment.

Shivering, you grabbed your blanket and wrapped it around yourself. You then grabbed your fuzzy boots, putting them on your icy-cold feet. Satisfied that you would be warm enough to make it down the hall, you went to investigate.

You quickly found that the light was coming from the nursery. When you walked in, a huge smile spread across your face at the sight before you; Steve was sitting in the rocking chair in the corner, cradling your baby boy, James, in his arms.

When you walked in, he looked up slightly alarmed, but relaxed when he realised who it was. He whispered a small “shh”, and you nodded. You came and stood next to Steve, careful not to disturb James, who was asleep. James snored lightly, and your heart melted in your chest. He then began sucking his thumb, and you leaned down to kiss his soft little head. Steve looked up at you with a huge grin on his face, admiring your love for your baby boy.

Staying as quiet as possible, you asked Steve what he was doing with James so late.

“I didn’t want him to be alone when his first Christmas started,” Steve began, holding James a little closer to him, “I know it doesn’t make much sense, since he won’t remember, but I just thou-”. He was interrupted when you grabbed his warm cheeks gently, pulling him into a small kiss.

“It’s not silly, it’s actually one of the most adorable things I’ve ever heard,” you assured him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders from behind in a reverse-hug.

And that’s how the three of you stayed. You stood there with your small family, welcoming in Christmas together for the first time as a trio. You loved your boys more than anything in the entire world, and you wouldn’t want to finish off the year with anyone else.

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Hc on if the greaser boys were girls, and how they would act on their periods?? Thx!!

Ha this is a great prompt 😂

💡Darry would be the kind to just rough it out

💡 Bad ass bitch going to work. Doing all the stuff like normal

💡 Even though the cramps hurt like a bitch

💡We all know Two would get drunk and eat cake to relieve the pain

💡Dallas would sleep it off because he has nothing better to do

💡Pony is SO complain-y

💡Cried a lot more because the puppy on TV looked sad

💡Soda would be way more cuddly

💡Like at work he’d be all over Steve

💡Steve would cuss and yell at Pony more often

💡 Which makes Pony cry

💡 Johnny would just be that kid who’s chill and is super sweet while on their period

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a headcannon of what a relationship with soda would include...

of course!! thank you for requesting💖

  • soda’s super sweet, always making sure you know he cares for and appreciates you even if he can’t afford to buy you flowers or gifts regularly
  • loves taking you on fun dates like to a carnival or a roller rink, he’s not one for dinner and a movie
  • you two rarely argue, but if you do, he’s the one who suggests you two cool down and come back to the situation later, things always work out
  • lots of double dates w steve and evie which are always ridiculously fun, you four have probably gotten kicked out of a good number of places for being too loud
  • you get along pretty well with ponyboy and darry, which makes soda happy bc he wants more than anything for his favorite people to get along; you’re relatively solid with the rest of the gang too
  • the two of you will go on little day/weekend trips to some random destination that isn’t too far, usually to a small town with a niche tourist attraction
  • these trips usually involve you two spending most of your money on weird souvenirs for each other and the gang
  • he’ll hold your hand all the time, even in summer when you have sweaty hands, see if that stops him
  • he’s always so excited when you visit him at the dx, even if you’re just dropping in for a few minutes, it makes his day
  • sometimes he’ll get insecure or stressed due to ponyboy and darry fighting and his whole situation, and it takes a bit to coax any kind of venting out of him bc he’s kept it all in for so long
  • he really does have the best intentions when it comes to you, and even if he says or does something that upsets you, he tries to make things rights as best he can

I found this song when I was working on my very first stucky fic, just trying to get a feel for what Steve and Bucky would have listened to back home.  And I loved the song, it’s super sweet, and I planned to put in a scene where Steve is working in the kitchen, singing quietly to himself, feeling happily nostalgic, aww, so cute, and Bucky sneaks up on him.  Steve catches him though, and he turns and starts singing right at Bucky.  So Bucky says, “What would you have pretended I wrote to you?”  Steve thinks for half a second and says, “That you forgive me.  For letting you fall.  For not finding you.  For…”

And then I cried.  But the crying wasn’t why I cut the scene, I just didn’t want to have to describe the song.

The Outsiders as Avengers.


Twobit would be Pietro maximoff because they both are very cocky and fast paced in their everyday life. Also, With having the abilities of super speed, Two could pull a ton of pranks without being caught.


Okay, Darry would be captain Steve rogers for multiple reasons.   Steve is super strong, like darry. He has a sweet side but can become cold exactly like darry,. They both make great Leaders as well.They both Are amazing dancers. (Dirty dancing, anyone?) The thing that makes them most alike, is that they would do anything for anyone and never put themselves first.


Dallas would be Bucky because they were both robbed of their youth. they were good guys turned bad. Deep down inside both of themselves they were caring and were good guys- But the world changed them. But really.. They could both kick some ass.


Tony and Soda are a lot alike because they both love to have fun and are reckless. Everyone paints them as just another place but they both know that they are much more than that.


Bruce Banner is a very calm, quiet person like johnny but,under that all they both are filled with anger. Both lived lives where they were treated for much less than they are. When they bioth get upset- They don’t stop.Like a time bomb.


let’s face it- Steve would Be Nat all the way. Even though steve is very underappreciated we all know that he is strong and sarcastic. Both in the outsiders and the avengers, Steve and Nat are not taken very seriously- With nat being a girl and many thing steve is a dumb greaser. They both easily prove their strength though.Nat and him both won’t go down without a fight and don’t hesitate to protect the people they care about. Also, Let’s face it… Steve as a chick would be pretty funny.. Just sayin’.. 


Ponyboy would be clint because they both don’t hesitate to help out others. When Nat was in trouble- Clint was the first to be there for her. They both are very strong but don’t show it off much. Also.. They both enjoy the outdoors. Clint, for shooting arrows into guys and Pony, For sunsets.

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Can you do the character thing for Sodapop?

First Impression: I WANT TO LICK HIS FACE

Impression Now: I want him to be my brother

Favorite Moment: When he cuddled with Ponyboy and told Pony how it felt to be in love

Idea for a Story: A cute and fluffy Soda marriage imagine

Unpopular Opinion: Soda is not some innocent bean, he would have talked dirty to Cherry with Dally. Yes, he is sweet, but he’s not innocent.

Favorite Relationship: Steve and Sodapop (I hate Sandy)

Favorite Headcanon: That he’s super affectionate, that always makes me smile.

Masterpiece - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So there was this super cute anonymous potatoe request and I just have to write this fanfiction.

Here’s the request:  Anonymous said:”I think you would write amazing as fuck bucky x reader series. Im gonna drop some ideas here and i would be amazing as fuck if you use them and turn into a masterpiece. insecure!bucky who plays it cool but reader sees through him like a glass, jealous!bucky and reader who have really close friends with steve he even gets jealous over steve and pietro etc., savage as reader who is only sweet to him, reader getting hurt and my fave overprotective!bucky.WHY NOT COMBINE ALL OF THEM AND MAKE A SERİES”

So I try to make you this masterpiece ♥

Summary - You and Bucky are best friends. But everyone knows there’s more going on between the two of you. While Bucky finally admits it to himself, you still deny it, just your heart playing a trick on you, because you feel lonely.

Words - 1,041

Warnings - some angst, nightmares, swearing?, that should be it ;D

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

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Best friends.

They’re people who share your interests, might even have the same job as you, have the same humor you do, make you laugh just doing weird faces, but also take your hand and pull you out of the pit of darkness that gets you from time to time. They are always there for you, listening to your problems just like you are for them. They are in your life making you smile, laugh, cry, scream and love.

For you it was the same with Bucky.

You two were inseparable. You two worked better in a team then alone. You laughed about jokes, no one understood. You could communicate without saying a single word. And you two were there for each other, when your nightmares haunted you in your sleep.

You surely were friends with everybody else of the Avengers as well, but you two had something special. Something you couldn’t put into words. You just had to look at Bucky and felt it.

“Get your fingers off my candy, or I’ll break your hand”, you tell Sam with your back turned to him, as you get yourself a glass of water. You heard him leaning forward, secretly trying to steal your last twinkie. “And they call you Falcon…”, you laugh, getting back to the couch. “You’re mean.” He pouts and crosses his arms, like a little baby. “You gonna cry?”, you poke his cheek as he glances angrily over to you, but he can’t hold off a smile. “Can we share? I’ll give you some from my pizza too.” You really wanted a slice of that delicious smelling and looking pizza. But no one’s getting your last twinkie. It was a privilege to eat it completely yourself. “Nah, that twinkie is mine.” You lean back, cough out a laugh seeing his dissappointed face and turn back watching the movie.

You could see Sam glancing over to the twinkie, laying on the coffee table, really wanting to eat it. But you just enjoyed teasing him with it laying there. Near the end of the movie, you decide to take it and unwrap it. And the moment before you want to take a bite, a shadow appears behind you and suddenly a face right next to yours.

It’s Bucky, pushing your face away with his, taking a bite of your twinkie.

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Headcanon: Bucky has cat slippers. Only Steve knows why and it's because Bucky has always wanted a pet cat, but is afraid he'll hurt it so one day he walks in and sees about 50 different stuffed animal cats in his room and y/n is standing there and Bucky just smiles super big and then they get a real cat and name it "Buster"

Awwwww, if I were a cat person this would be adorable. 

Sweet Saturday!

ykoriana replied to your chatSteve: *Becomes young and attractive again in the…

YAY REPLIES ARE BACK :D So how did Steve get rejuvenated this time? Did they find a batch of Super Soldier Serum hidden away in S.H.I.E.L.D. storage?

Okay so the whole issue was pretty sweet, especially that story. We had Steve at first saying that he was going to die, because he was being hella beat up by crossbones. 

You also see how things actually went wrong in Pleasant Hill (the super-prison) and how Zemo held everyone hostage etc. Stuff goes down long story short, they find Eric Selvig (Kobiks handler) - Selvig says that after all this time, Kobik would be probably hiding in the bowling alley while the place is being terrorised, so while Selvig stays and helps Hill, Steve goes in search for her. Turns out Father Patrick who was helping them earlier, was actually the Pleasant Hill mask for the Red Skull. [something tells me that’ll be the topic of his solo!] 

Meanwhile, Steve goes back to the bowling alley to find Kobik (who he’d met in the previous issue of Assault on Pleasant Hill). 

Okay so Kobik is essentially the cosmic cube, Steve explains it here [she’s been in Pleasant Hill all this time];

And boom, Crossbones comes in and ruins the moment. Thats where we’re back to the start where Steve’s being beat up, thinking about his past as Cap; the battles he fought, the wars he faced - he reminds himself of all of those things to give him the strength to fight. 

You see some really cool parallels being drawn too. Of course, beautiful montage of the significant events in Steve’s life. 

He’s just about accepting death, ready for it when he hears a voice, Kobik, saying he doesn’t have to accept it. Saying ‘You don’t have to go. You can stay if you like. I can make you strong again, I can make you a hero again.’ And she reaches out his hand to him. 

Then a FLASH of bright light and he’s fighting Crossbones, feeling the strength come back to him. 

And then he forces Crossbones to stay down. Bucky and Sam rush in, in a panic assuming the worst, and then they see Steve young again, all thanks to the Cosmic Cube! 

Me too Bucky, me too. 

So it as OFFICIALLY been 1 year, 9 months and 27 days  (aka 666 days) that Steve has been old  and now he’s back to good health again! Thanks Cosmic Cube! 

Everything was amazing and nothing is bad right now. 

The bullet points

- Hayley loved my cast haha. She stopped the photo session so she could grab her phone and take a picture, and told me it made her day. Can’t think of a better way to start the day! 

- She’s super sweet, like ridiculously so.

- She signed my cast haha

- Says Steve and Peggy will never really ever move on from each other, cause they will never find anyone better. Said she disagrees with the Sharon/ Steve relationship, and that she’d have a lot of words for both of them. Would like to ground Sharon and lock her in her room, and tell Steve to go find another family, and to stay away from hers.

- When asked what her favorite ship besides Steve and Peggy was, she indicated it was Cartinelli. She also said she could see her and Sousa because he reminds her of skinny Steve in a way. Also open to having someone brand new show up. She’d love to see Peggy fall for a Gregory Peck or a Paul Newman if they are going to be out in L.A.

- Isn’t sure how much Howard will be around, but that he will tie in to a point because of Jarvis being there.

- Thinks it’s a load of crap that Maggie Gyllenhaal is too old to be a love interest, and that’s sort of why she loves theater so much, because theater allows you to age and isn’t stuck on youth as the important factor in a woman’s role. 

- Apparently Angie has secrets she kept from Peggy. Also Angie isn’t really mad that Peggy kept a secret from her, but is super proud that Peggy finally let down her walls a little bit and let Angie in.

- Hayley mentioned her role models being Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, and Judi Dench. Lyndsy loved Shirley Temple. 

- Lyndsy didn’t remember what the ending to How I Met Your Mother was going to be. She’d completely forgotten it by the time it rolled around, but was glad the audience member who said they liked it enjoyed it.

- Loves playing Angie and hopes we get to see a lot more of her. 

- Was asked about Chris a lot. Told the story about grabbing his boob. Said her favorite moment of filming with him was their kiss because his lips were so soft and he smelled good. Admitted she really wasn’t into comic books before all of this.  Talked about playing running charades with him.

- She and Lyndsy didn’t find out Agent Carter had been renewed until after everyone else had heard. Hayley had been asleep when it was announced and woke up to the news, Lyndsy had been with her ailing grandmother at the time and said she was sort of off in another world, but the news made her very happy.

- Would love to see an all female led superhero movie/show. 

- Said adding diversity to season 2 is very important to both her and the show runners, but said she’d have to kill the person that asked if she told them how it was going to be addressed. 

- The show was not planned before the one shot was filmed. Came about after the fact. She was asked if she wanted to do a show and said sure why not. 

- Was asked if she’d like to see Agent Carter shown in other countries to give representation to strong female characters and had a story to tell. Said she was asked to come to Dubai, and a woman walked up to her in a burqa and asked Hayley to write “Girls can be heroes, too” on the photograph and it made her cry. 

That’s all I can remember right now. Pictures to follow.