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“Two Weeks”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A narrative that explores how Steve copes after your tragic death.

notes: implied character death (reader), a failed attempt at writing sad things

A/N: thank you to @buckyywiththegoodhair​ for beta-reading this mess. i adore you, and god rest this old bitch’s soul.

One week has passed since you left New York for a month-long guest curatorship in Germany. Before leaving, you kissed Steve goodbye and promised to return in one piece.

One week has passed since HYDRA agents infiltrated the museum. They put the entire museum on lockdown, claiming it had World War II documents that were essential to the HYDRA agenda. Even the Avengers wouldn’t stop their mission to obtain these documents, they declared.

One week has passed since a certain HYDRA agent recognized your face from a tabloid, the headline screaming “Captain America Finally Finds Love!” He also deduced your title as one of the United States’ leading experts on Nazi Germany. It was the perfect coincidence.

One week has passed since HYDRA attempted to use you as a bargaining tool. “Give up the documents, and we’ll let you go back to your precious boyfriend,” they said. Much to their surprise, behind your simple dress and ballet flats was a woman not afraid to kick men in the balls, both figuratively and literally. You proceeded to do the latter.

One week has passed since the Avengers compromised the guards and rescued most of the hostages at the museum. Only one remained, but when it became clear that they’re wouldn’t gain access to any of the documents, HYDRA decided to inflict pain in the best way they knew how - by taking away the remaining innocent life.

One week has passed since your tragic death.
One week has passed since Steve Rogers buried the love of his life.

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.5

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 4135
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mild language, sexual tension.
A/N: HEY IT’S BEEN MONTHS I KNOW BUT HERE WE ARE!! So remember how I lost the original 2000+ words I had written for Pt.5 before the file got corrupted? Well in this rewrite, I somehow doubled it so get comfy! Also, as a show of gratitude for your patience with me, I’ve been working really hard and I’ll be posting Pt.6 tomorrow and Pt.7 the day after! Three parts in three days, look at you! Just a heads up, Pt.8 will be the final update and then that’s it for this monster of a fic! I love you all so much and thank you for sticking around with me. ❤

P.S. I am such a little shit for extending the slow burn and I’m not even sorry about it…okay I’m really sorry, please don’t lynch me ILYOKAYBYE!

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5Part 6 | Part 7 |

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“I’ll see you tomorrow, James,” you said, blushing at the way he smiled back. Admiring the way his lips still looked full and plump as he grinned, and the way his long lashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Bucky passed his tongue over his fangs as he watched you walk away, just one more day and he would have you again.

“I made a promise, didn’t I?”

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Things I Have Been Reading ...(Feb)

This really has been a labour of love because I have tried to post it twice only to have my laptop crash and have to start again!!!  

As I have been off work for the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of reading a butt load of fic (I believe that is the technical term).  I have also had some AMAZING recommendations sent over to me and please do keep them coming, feel free to tag me or send a link or send it to me by telepathy (although maybe not the last one because my telepathy skills are a little off atm).  It was quite tricky to narrow down this months list but here are some of my favourite things that I have been reading in February 2017.

P.S. If you make your way through all this and still want something to read then check out @lucifersagents who has been writing the most amazing drabbles and I love each and every one of them!


A huge thank you for all the SPN recs I’ve got this month! I have found some amazing writers who I hadn’t come across before so please keep them coming or there is a good chance this list will just be Gabe filth.

Pull them Harder@wayward-mirage gifts us all with this amazing Gabriel filth.  As a Gabe girl I have to say this fic gave me several ideas which I will probably never actually get round to writing.

Bringing Tidings Of Joy@bkwrm523 has written this fantastic little series and I urge all Gabe girls to pay special attention to part 2 before going having a cold shower.

While You Were Gone @luci-in-trenchcoats has killed me this this fic.  I haven’t got the words to describe how amazingly sweet and adorable this is a fantastic insight into Dean that warmed my heart.

You - @eyes-of-a-disney-princess is a writer who has recently come to my attention and from what I have read so far I expect great things.  This bit of Dean smut is fantastic and please feel free to make your way through her masterlist!

Off Limits –   @dancingalone21  I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this fic, it is super cute and the relationship between Sam and Dean is brilliant.

Winchesters Don’t Giggle –  @rizlowwritessortof I read this a while back and it made me smile like an idiot.  I do love the softer side of Dean.

Research –  @nichelle-my-belle Here is another writer I have only just found but after making my way through her masterlist is definitely on my favourites list! This Sam smut is amazing and you should go follow her and read all the stuff!

Unexpected@percywinchester27 After reading this I want to have Sams babies. Lovely and fluffy and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


So as you can see this list is quite Steve/Bucky heavy so if you come across ANY other marvel fics that you think I should read PLEASE let me know. I love Steve and Buck but I’m a sucker for the underappreciated characters.

Not Over You@amarvelouswritings This series is killing me a little but in a totally good way.  

Try Again@promarvelfangirl A fine example of the breaking up and getting back together genre beautifully written and I may have had a stupid grin on my face quite a bit when reading this one.

Dirty Minded Cap – Steve - @fvckingsteverogers As a Steve/Chris girl I have no idea how I have not found this blog sooner but here is another masterlist I will be pouring over.  This Steve smut made me all tingly in my lady parts and I think I’ve found another favourite blog!

Homesick @thorne93 I have been reading this series from the very first part and as always my girl here has schooled me in the art of writing.  The fabulousness of series like this is why I don’t really write series because the bar is set really high x

What This Was@amarvelouswritings  THIS SERIES IS AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE AND I WANT TO BE ON HER FOREVER TAG LIST BECAUSE EVERYTHING I HAVE READ OF HERS IS AMAZING!  Sorry, fangirling a little there but in all seriousness, you should go follow her.

Screwed - @just-call-me-mrs-captain  It is entirely possible that I binge read this entire series and squealed several times.  Bucky is so brilliantly written here, go read it now!

Hallelujah –  @bovaria brings you a bit of Bucky angst for you all.  You may want to get a box of tissues handy before you start this one, you have been warned.

I think she likes you@emilyevanston I am feeling the whole coffeeshop AU thing right now and as someone who adores nerdy Nat this fic is super sweet.  The interactions between Bucky and Clint are brilliant and I pretty much had a grin on my face all the way through reading this one.

Exs and Ohs –  @civilwarkilledme I feel there should be more T’Challa, especially if this is what is created!  

Star Trek:

I’m a little light on Trek fics (possibly because I’ve been drowning in the Steve/Bucky trash) so send me your recs and hopefully they will make my list!!!

Carnival Fun@atari-writes creates a lovely version of the gorgeous doctor in this fic and I absolutely loved it.  

Stop Apologizing@kaitymccoy123 a super sweet bit of Bones here.  It’s all fluffy and awkward and really cute.

More Than You Know and The One by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord are two amazing bits of the lovely Captain. A beautiful little fic and an wonderful series that are well worth a read but then again she is one of my favourite writers and I would put everything she writes on this list if I thought I could get away with it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

Love and Spiders@little-red-83.  So I fully admit I’m a Fili girl and this adorable little fic crossed my path a while back and I thought it was super cute and super sweet and as someone who is terrified of spiders this would be something I would do. Plus @little-red-83 is my tumblr twin so go check out her work.

Sleepy –  @chrisevans-imagines I am a total sucker for a daddy Chris Evans fic right now and this one is super cute.

Treat You Better  - @dont-hate-relate-pls has written this beautiful almost heartbreaking little fic about the lovely Rob Benedict and she writes him so well I can hear his voice in my head as I read it.

Let Me Show You @wayward-mirage is a writing genius who I adore and her Mark Pelligrino fics like this one are absolutely sublime.  Go follow her and show her a little love.

Donnie x Reader - @totally-turtle-imagines this is a really sweet little imagine about how super cute, fluffy and awkward Donnie can be.

Sharpie Promises @another-tmnt-writer.  This Soulmate AU is adorable and the unsure, insecure side of Raph just makes me want to give him a hug.  I am really enjoying seeing what this fandom and this blog has to offer. Also check out Hold Me for an extra slice of @another-tmnt-writer’s Raph.

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All Tangled Up

Original request from my darling rose @formyfandoms:  Good Evening, Miss Erin! I was here, wondering if I could get a request? I’m thinking maybe a Steve thing, where your super close to Tony, Bruce and Vision, until one night, you’re having a super tough time, and the three are busy with one thing or another, and Stevie, who let’s say has been ‘crushing’ invites himself into your room to watch Netflix, and have cuddles, and then falls asleep with you, and wakes up cuddling you, and lil kisses? If you can do this, thank thank you so much! Love you!

A/N: Okay, it might not be 100000% true to the prompt, but it’s damn near close and I’m pretty proud of it. I really hope you like it!!!!

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 1615

Warnings: None

“Bruce, where are you guys?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), but Tony and I were asked to bring Vision to the New York sanctum. You know that Strange has been trying to study all of the infinity stones he has access to.”


“We don’t know what his magic can do, and we don’t want to piss him off. You know what happened last time we underestimated someone with manipulative powers.”’

“Yeah, I know.”

“I know it’s tough, but I promise we’ll be home as soon as we possibly can.”

I nod, regardless of whether or not he can see. “Okay. Alright, I can work with that.”

“What?” Bruce’s voice sounds distant, like he’s holding the phone away from his face. “It’s (Y/N). What? Tony, you have to look at me when you’re talking to me. Tony-Tony, please, I’m trying to talk to- what?” I hear him sigh in exasperation. “He wants to know if he can talk to you.”

“Of course he can.”

The other end is silent as Bruce hands off the phone to Tony. “Hey, kid, how’s it going?”

I roll my eyes. “I’m not a kid, Tony.”

“Whatever,” He laughs. “What’s up? You doing okay?”

“I’m having a rough day. I miss you guys.”

“We should be home soon, don’t worry. We could be done faster if Mr. Mysterious would let go of Vision’s head and let him show the good doctor what he can do!”  From the volume of his voice I can only assume he’s leaning away from the phone and yelling at the sorcerer, trying to get him to do what he wants.

“It’s okay, Tony. I can figure out how to deal until you get back.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, just don’t get yourself killed while you’re there.” My brow furrows. “Sounds like you’re already picking a fight.”

“Don’t worry, (Y/N). The guy has some pretty fantastic facial hair. We’ll bond. Soon we’ll be awesome facial hair bros. It’s going to happen. Just you wait and see.”

I laugh. “Don’t forget to trademark that one.”

“Don’t worry, I’m already contacting a paralegal to make sure it happens. I-what?” Tony’s voice fades away as he pulls the phone away from his mouth. “Sorry, looks like I have to let you go.”


“We’ll see you as soon as we get back.”

“Alright, see you soon.”

The line goes dead and I flop down on my bed and stare at the ceiling.

“Hey, (Y/N), you alright?”

I turn my head towards the source of the voice and find Steve in the doorway of my room. I shrug and turn back to the ceiling. “I’m gonna be honest with you, Steve. I’m not really having the best day.”


“Yup. I’m having a less than great day and my support system is probably somewhere in Manhattan, yucking it up with the sorcerer supreme.”


“Tony, Bruce and Viz are at the New York sanctum so Doctor Strange can study the infinity stone stuck in Vision’s head and I miss them. A Lot.”

“Oh,” Steve’s tone indicates that he may have finally understood. “Is there anything I could do to help?”

I shrug again. “I don’t know. Unless you want to lay in bed with me all day and binge watch Glee, then the answer is probably gonna be ‘no’.”

He shrugs and saunters over to my bed, plopping down beside me and propping his socked feet up on the mattress. “What season are you on right now?” He asks, scooting up towards the headboard.

“Five,” I answer, heaving myself up into a sitting position and grabbing my laptop from beside my bed. He groans and lets his head fall back against the headboard with a quiet thud. I look at him with my eyebrows raised questioningly. “What?”

“Are you just starting the season?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m gonna cry.”

“Why?” I open up my laptop and select the first episode of the season. “Is Captain America a big fat softie?”

“I’ll have you know I am very in touch with my emotions.”

“Yeah, sure,” I snort and roll my eyes.

“Shh, watch the show.”

“What the fuck!?” I yell, slamming the laptop shut and rubbing tears away with the butt of my hand. “What the hell!”

“I told you!” Steve says, wiping away his own tears.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I have to listen to you.” I grouse. “Fucking Glee, messing with my emotions. Shit.”

“Do you need a hug?”

“Fuck you,” The words tumble out of my mouth before I can stop them. We sit silently for a moment before I turn to Steve and wrap my arms around his middle. “Yes.”

Steve laughs shakily and wraps his arms around my shoulders, shuffling us down the bed and pulling a blanket up and over us before opening my laptop again and starting the next episode. “It’ll get better.”

“Lies,” I growl into his chest. “Lies and slander.”

“Well, you’re just going to have to keep watching, now aren’t you?”

“Fine,” I grumble. “But I’m kicking your ass if it ends badly.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” He murmurs. I feel him smile against my hair as the next episode starts.

Somewhere around the middle of the Christmas special, I feel my eyelids growing heavy and I can’t stay awake any longer.

I drift in and out of consciousness, occasionally hearing the dialogue from the show in the background.

“Hey, doll, you still with me?” Steve asks quietly.

I shake my head no and press my face more firmly into his side, chasing after the warmth his body radiates.

I feel a laugh rumble through his chest and his body shifts a little before he pulls the covers up to my shoulders. He rolls onto his side and rests his arm over my waist, his warmth seeping through the blankets.

I hum contentedly and cuddle into him before drifting off completely.

If (Y/N) could see the stupid smile plastered on Steve’s face, she would probably laugh. He fondly remembers her teasing over him crying over Glee and shakes his head.

She looks so incredibly peaceful and the way she’s pressed against his body makes his heart pound so hard that he’s certain (Y/N) can hear it.

He runs the pad of his thumb over her cheekbone before gently combing through her hair. She makes a quiet needy sound at the back of her throat and takes a fistful of his shirt to pull herself closer to him.

Steve swears his heart stops and he can’t help wrapping his arms around her. He doubts she would let him do this if she were anywhere close to lucid, but he’s glad that he gets to hold her while he can.

(Y/N) buries her face in his chest and Steve’s eyes shutter closed.

He falls asleep to the sound of (Y/N)’s gentle, even breathing.

“Steve?” His name is out of my mouth before I’m even fully awake.

“Hmm?” He hums sleepily, one of his hands gently combing through my hair.

“Did I fall asleep on you?”

I feel more than hear the chuckle that jolts through his chest. “Yeah, kind of.”

“Sorry,” I mumble, hiding my face against his chest. “Wait, are we cuddling?”

I feel Steve tense up and slowly move his arms away from my body. “Sorry…”

“I’m not saying that was an invitation to stop.” I say hastily, pulling his arms back around me. “Why would you be sorry?”

“Well, I mean… you were asleep and I just…” He looks away from me, a dark blush creeping across his cheeks. I carefully reach up and push his hair away from his forehead.

“Steve, just tell me.”

“You have to promise not to laugh.”

“You know I can’t promise that.” I lift my eyebrows at him, prompting him to continue.

He sighs loudly and rolls his eyes before taking another deep breath and answering my question.

“I’ve had a crush on you for so long and you just looked so content, I couldn’t help it.” He finally meets my eyes and I can’t help the smile that finds its way onto my face. “Why are you smiling?”

“Because your an adorable, bashful, dumb dork.” I shake my head. “I’ve probably had a crush on you since I joined the team.”

“You what?!”

“I can’t believe you didn’t notice!”

“How could I have?!”

“How could you not, Cap?” Tony’s voice sounds from the doorway. “What with her constant mooning over you always saying things like, “Oh, Steve is so handsome! He’s so strong and capable!” He says in a mocking falsetto, his hands clasped together and fluttering his eyelashes. “I wish he’d let me show him what I’m capable of.”

“Okay, that’s quite enough from you!” I declare, grabbing one of my throw pillows and chucking it at Tony’s head.

“Hey!” Tony protests, batting the pillow out of the air.

“Get outta here!” I say, holding up another pillow.

“Okay, okay! I’ll leave you two to your gross shenanigans.” Tony says, running away from the second throw pillow as it sails through the air towards him.

I settle back into Steve and he chuckles softly.

“So you like me, huh?” Steve murmurs.

“Oh shut up,” I mutter, pulling his face down to mine and pressing my lips against his. He smiles against my mouth and wraps his arms around my middle, pulling me against his body before deepening the kiss.

He breaks away and peppers kisses across my cheeks and around my lips before pressing a chaste kiss against my lips. “As long as you keep kissing me like that, I’ll do anything you say, doll.”

Thank you guys so much for reading! If you liked the piece please reply to the post or shoot me an ask! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

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One and Only pt. 5 (final)

Prompt: You need a little bit of T.L.C. after being shot on a mission and that includes a new roommate. You have a massive crush on him and he’s clueless.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,111

Warnings: just super fluffy, per usual

A/N: and we have come to the end! i know it was short but that’s okay. it was fluffly and cute and nice (:

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


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The few days without Steve were hard, harder than you expected. But because of your pride, you tried to do things as you normally would, as if you weren’t still injured. But you struggled. And because of that, you made the couch your bed and ordered takeout for every meal. Netflix was your best friend. You’d watched too many movies to count. You’d downloaded way too many apps on your phone to pass the time without him, without any interaction.

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Battered and Bruised Ch. 4 (Bucky x reader)

Good afternoon lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s new chapter. It’s about to get super angsty up in here now. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I love you all.  

Description:  Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: Angst, hospitalization, mentions of death, seizures

Chapters 1 2 3 


The sound of you and the chair toppling over echoed in your mind. Your shaky and uneven breaths were fading. Your restraints were making angry redlined into your wrist, the skin beginning break. The Winter Soldier was kicking you in your gut as you laid on the ground, helpless. 

He was grunted and yelled every time his foot made contact with your limp body. And then suddenly, there was no more pain. A floating sensation began to ripple through you.

From the shadows behind the super soldier, emerged your mother.

“Mom?” You breathed out as she knelt down beside you, beginning to stroke your hair. “But, you’re dead…” It was true. Your mom had passed away when you were ten years old in a car accident. 

“My sweet F/N, it’s not your time.” She smiled as she kissed you on the cheek. Her touch left your skin tingling, and a tear rolled down your cheek. “You have to fight, baby.” A beautiful smile graced her face. She began to stand and walked backwards, receding into the darkness.

“Fight… I have to… fight…” Your words were slurred and drawled out as your eyes were lolling around, trying to focus. 

A loud bang erupted through the interrogation room. The door burst open and a black arrow flew across the room, hitting the Russian agent in the chest, electrocuting him. His body was convulsing on the floor next to you as the electric shocks pulsed through him. 

“F/N? Stay with me!” Clint shouted at you, cutting your restraints. His words were echoing through your brain as you tried to stay awake. He tried to carry you as gently as possible to not make your injuries worse. You became unconscious as your body began to shut down. Clint held you to his chest as he jogged through the many halls, making his way back to the quinjet. 

“Bucky! Look at me. It’s Steve.” His eyes were bewildered and filled with hurt. He didn’t blame Bucky, but he couldn’t believe the state you were in as he saw you being carried out. 

“I don’t know who that is!” The Winter Soldier growled, making a run to tackle Steve.

“I don’t want to do this. Don’t make me, Bucky. Please. For F/N.”  But, he wasn’t stopping. Before he could do any more damage, Steve hit him in the temple with the edge of his shield, knocking him out cold. He stood there, looking at his best friend sprawled out on the cold concrete unconscious. 

“We have to get back to the jet, now. We don’t have much time. And F/N is critical. Clint says she’s fading away fast.” Natasha huffed out, a trickle of blood streaming down the side of her face. 

A red energy enveloped Bucky, picking him up and moving him out of the door. Wanda was holding him up, trying to move as fast as she could without hurtling him through a wall. 

“Come on, F/N needs us.” Steve regained his composure and they ran out of that little room. A room you would never forget. A room where you witnessed the love of your life being ripped away from you.  

“Bucky, get off!” You were sprawled out on the bed with a shirtless super soldier putting all his weight on your body. 

“Not until you give me a kiss!” He nestled into the crook of your neck placing kisses along you jaw and collarbone. A big grin began making its way across his face and you could feel his scruff against your skin. You were giggling and placed a sweet kiss on his lips. You began to pull away, but he wouldn’t let you, deepening the kiss. You smiled against his warm lips as his hands began to explore your body. You managed to roll over so that you were straddling him. You cupped his face kissing him tenderly, whispering sweet nothings into his ear as you lightly bit his earlobe. That night was the first time you had made love with him. 

Bucky woke up a day later, that memory bringing him back to consciousness. Steve was sitting in a chair next to him, reading the newspaper. He groaned, trying to shift himself into a sitting position on the bed, when a pain spiked in his brain.

“Bucky, you’re awake.” Steve had a small smile, but worry and concern was etched on his face. He placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, giving it a light pat. “Lay back down, pal. You took a really hard hit to the head.” 

He complied and stopped moving around. A sudden sinking feeling hit Bucky. He suddenly felt nauseous at the realization that you weren’t there. 

“Steve. Wh- where’s F/N?” 

He didn’t reply. He pursed his lips, not knowing what to tell him. “Bucky, uhm..” The right words weren’t forming in his head.

“Steve. Tell me right now.” Tears were welling up in his eyes, and his lip began to quiver. 

“She’s in the hospital ward… She just got out of surgery.” Steve could see the hurt in his oldest friend’s eyes. It broke his heart to see Bucky like that. 

“Oh god, what have I done?” He threw the sheets away from him and ran to your location despite the unbearable pain in his head. Steve tried to stop him. He knew the site of you would be too much for him. 

When he reached the hospital ward, he saw you in a bed with many dark bruises and fresh stitches. You had a black and swollen eye, along with a broken nose. Bucky fell to his knees at the door, sobbing. 

“I’m so sorry, F/N. I’m so sorry.” He choked out sobs and yells. He felt a hand on his back, rubbing soothing circles on it, trying to calm him down. 

“She would want you to stay with her, be strong for her. Come on, Buck.” He looked up, it was his best friend. Steve helped him up and sat him down in a chair beside you. Bucky gently held your hand, kissing it, and put it on his cheek as tears streamed down his face. Steve left without another word, leaving him and you alone. 

Bucky spoke softly, telling you how sorry he was and how much he loved you. He begged for your forgiveness and hoped that you would still love him. You were his everything. 

He took your medical chart from the end of the bed, flipping through the pages. He found out that you experienced not on the many bruises, cuts, a black eye, and a broken nose, but that you also had broken ribs, internal bleeding, a dislocated shoulder, and that part of your lung collapsed. He couldn’t bear that the fact that he did this to you. He tried to fight it, but at the end of it all, it didn’t work. 

“I’m a monster. I’m a fucking monster.” He sobbed, putting his head against the bed. 

You woke up to the sound of crying. You couldn’t open your eyes, they were too swollen. But you recognized the voice. It was Bucky. 

You moved your right hand and it came in contact with his head. You lifted it and began to stroke his hair. 

“F/N?” He lifted his head, his eyes puffy and red from the tears. You gave him a small smile and found his cheek. You stroked it and he placed his hand over yours. “I thought I lost you.” Tears were brimming on his eyes again. 

You tried your best to speak, but it came out as a little whisper. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.” The words still slightly burned in your throat, and the pain in your ribs wasn’t as bad as it was before. 

He let out a sad chuckle and got up to kiss your busted lip. The sensation felt so good against yours, you missed the way he felt and tasted. 

He pulled away. “I did this to you. How are you not upset?” His eyebrows were stitched together and his eyes were wide and shifting along your face, looking for an answer. 

“That wasn’t you Buck. It wasn’t you in there. How could I blame you when I know you tried to fight it? I love you James Buchanan Barnes. I always have and always will.” The words came out a little easier now. You wanted to look at him, to study his features, but you couldn’t open your eyes.

He gave you a soft smile, a tear running down his cheek. You felt it and wiped it away.

“Don’t cry bab-” Your hand dropped away from his face. Your body began to shake, violent convulsions making its way through your body. 

“Nurse! Somebody- she’s- she’s having a seizure!” Bucky’s voiced echoed throughout the building and the medical team ran in, along with the team. He feared for the worst. He screamed out your name, tears rolling down his cheek. The once steady sound of the heart monitor began to send a long monotone note that echoed in the room, imprinting itself into his memory. Forever.


It actually didn’t end up really long, but I hope it did some justice. I hope this cliff hanger leaves you on the edge of your seat till tomorrow ;) leave me some feedback on what you think. Have a beautiful day, I love you all! 


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‘’Ok, you’re next oldie.’’

A/N: I saw this prompt, and the idea came to me. It’s a little silly but I’m proud of the outcome!  Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: On a night out with your boys, you’ve suddenly become a wing woman for the oldies. The question is, could you hook Bucky up with the girl he’s been eyeing all night? 

Warnings: A little language, mentions of smut if you squint your eyes and alcohol consumption 

Word count: 3447 (Bitch , I’m back)

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This wasn’t your ideal situation but you couldn’t complain about the company you were with. Feeling the heavy weight of Sam’s arm slumping over your shoulders, you rolled your eyes at him as you walked with him and Bucky into the crowded bar.  Music was playing in the background, not your preference but you thought nothing off it as you followed your two boys up to the counter to order some drinks. You felt the weight of his arm leave your shoulders as you sighed in relief of finding three available barstools and sitting between your two male friends. 

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Hey there! I've browsed thru the tags but I couldn't see a domestic tag( may have missed it, my eye site is shit) ? I'm just after some super fluffy domestic stucky fics, could you maybe point me in the right direction ? Love your blog btw 😊

there are pages and pages of it in this search but some of my faves are 

A Historical Relic and a History Professor Walk into a Bar- (series) by thecommodore_squid 

Steve narrowed his eyes. “I’m beginning to suspect I’ve been set up.”

“I would never,” Natasha said, feigning shock.

Steve sighed.

“God fucking dammit,” he heard someone say and looked up.

An AU in which Steve is still Captain America and Bucky is the unfortunate history professor selected to help him understand those references.

I Understood that Reference by RedBlazer

Polite, doesn’t know how to use a computer, tucks his shirt into his pants, and has exquisite hygiene. Bucky doesn’t know where this guy came from, but it sure as hell wasn’t Brooklyn.

Nothing’s As Sweet As Super Soldiers In Love by heartsdesire456

Informally titled: Bucky Barnes Loves The 21st Century Almost As Much As He Loves Steve Rogers

“Captain America’s mystery lover! That’s what everybody’s talking about.”

Bucky turned around as soon as he heard ‘Captain America’, only to see Tony had on some entertainment news report and his latest photo of sleeping Steve was flashed up on the screen beside the person talking. “Hey, what’s that?” he asked, hopping over the back of the couch to land beside Stark.

“Your Cap lovin’ gone viral, I guess,” Tony said, turning up the volume.

“Rumors spread like wildfire with the first photo of Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was posted to a comically named Instagram called ‘GodBlessAmerica36’.”

The Life of Bucky Barnes by stephrc79

The story behind the pictures from the Instagram The Life of Bucky Barnes.

This work is a series of ficlets that tells the story of each picture. As each chapter progresses, it will encompass one or two of the images, how they appear chronologically. These are inspired works for petite-madame with her blessing.

The Spin I’m In by victoria_p (musesfool)

Five times Bucky kissed Steve because of ~reasons~, and one time Steve finally believed he really meant it.

When You Say It

Requested by: @meep-meep22
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Trying to get back into writing every day now, but I’ve got a lot of uni work happening

Shifting your weight from one foot to the another, you nervously wring your hands and scan every surface of the compound living room. You’re always alert, making sure that you identified every entry and exit point, finding spots in the room that would be useful incase you needed cover, and even pieces of furniture and decor that could be used as a weapon if it became necessary. You couldn’t help it, it was second nature to trained assassins; and you were almost OCD about it when you were nervous.

“Stop stressing,” Natasha says with a hint of amusement, and you look over to see her smiling at you, “Barnes isn’t dangerous unless he wants to be, he’s actually quite sweet when he’s not a brainwashed Hydra weapon,”

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What would the Greasers do if it were my birthday?

-Ponyboy would make a super detailed handmade birthday card, which is super sweet but also like??? boy, you got too much time on your hands??
-Soda would bake you a cake and no matter how old you are turning this boy puts one hundred and one candles on top- GO BIG OR GO HOME
-Darry has you over for dinner and also lectures you on the responsibilities of getting older ((thnx dad))
-Steve’s probably the only one to be normal about and gets you a small gift, maybe a music record or something that he knows you’d like
-Two-bit would show up half way through the dinner drunk, sing happy birthday the loudest, and offer you a beer even if you’re under age
-Dally at the most, would likely through a half empty carton of cigarettes at you the day after your birthday as a gift
-Johnny would wish you a happy birthday but honestly feel really bad that he can’t get you a gift or anything

Jerking Off

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Jerking Off

The halls were emptied, and deserted. As far as Bucky was concerned, that was the only plus to being stuck walking through the Avengers Corporation - The Avengers business, AKA: Avengers  manor - after midnight. He was irritated with himself. Which was nothing new, really. Recently, his thoughts have been clouded down to nothing but lust, his best friend was to be blamed. For he hired an innocent secretary. And demanded she wears the ‘uniform’ - which was quite stupid since Steve Rogers made sure it was non sexual (He is a gentlemen after all) . He supposed it was to annoy his best friend. Non the less, he had been careless enough to leave the Missions file That he was suppose to finish alone inside of his damn room when he was checking it, Bucky then had forgotten about the mission and the file in general. He wouldn’t have driven all the way from Toronto to New York if it wasn’t that important. Which resulted in having to cancel all the plans with his Avenger group, after receiving a phone call from the Manger of S.H.I.L.D, He was suppose to go undercover with a fake identity and interguate a HYDRA member that S.H.I.L.D had gotten their hands on.

On the bright side, once he had tried to enter through the garage the doors were already open. He didn’t have to shut down the security alarm and have to go through all of the trouble to disarm it. And make sure that the alarms don’t go off resulting in Hulk crashing down from the God knows where…

With an audible sigh of tiredness, he had quickened his strides in the darkened hall of the building, Bucky shoved his hands into his adidas black joggers, while slicking his hair to the side and behind his ears, then adjusting his cap. The sooner he got the file, the sooner he could leave and finally get the damn mission under his fucking control. Bucky wouldn’t lie, he was honestly enjoying himself in the party back in Toronto with his friends, it was just something so new to the former assassin. Although it came to an ebrupt ending  once S.H.I.L.D had called him for his missing case.

Drive from Toronto to New York, Grab the mission file, and drive all the way to New Jersey, get his mission done within an hour and hopefully make it back to the party Tony had thrown. That’s what he had in plan, or so that was the plan.

A double red oak door up ahead was left ajar - just the slightest crack - allowing a thin stream of dim light to pour through the tiny opening crystallizing the specs of dust flying from one place to the other. He instantly knew someone was in his Friends office. During working hours, no one was to step foot into Steve’s  room. His office was strictly off limits. Considering the fact he had all of his personal shit gathered in one special drawer. Had some baboon been looking through his private place in hopes of rumors?

Yes- the Avengers Corporation had been getting some… Problems with the media and reporters dug so low they offered millions of dollars for just the slightest of information. His thoughts clouded by anger, as well as the inner nagging that penetrated his brain to just get there faster and bust the idiot red handed. After clutching the metal knob he was just about ready to bust the door down with the impact his body and metal arm had collected…

But stopped, his metal knuckle released a little bit of force from the metal knob. Even though he had already created deep prints on the metal knob.

There was a peculiar noise coming from inside. Elegant pitter-pattering of small feet graced across the floor, heavy breathing…

Bucky was beyond confused. His perfectly arched eyebrows knitted together, while his forehead creased. Why on earth would Steve’s  secretary be in his  work study? Surely she knew that the building would generally be closed after six. Perhaps she had lost track of time? Or was she looking for information on his friends life? It’s not like he didn’t pay her well… She even got a raise this morning. After Steve had announced to her about her payment, she had gleefully embraced her boss and squealed. She was super sweet and nice, always made small talk with Bucky and tried her hardest to get a smile from former assassin.

Curious to find the answer, despite his duties to get the mission integration done and handed before tomorrow morning, Bucky leaned forward and cautiously peeped through the small crack opening. His wide green eyes hungrily scanned her body She was short in general, had about shoulder length brown hair twisted up into bun on the back of her head, chestnut brown orbs, and had a small, fragile body.

Steve’s secretary was practically the last person he had expected to sell out rumors of his or Steve’s life for money.

Not only that, he was also angry at him self to not be able to catch on on her innocent act wasn’t he suppose to be the worlds best assassin… She should have noticed things like these. It was probably because he had been imagining dirty things. Like bending her on the desk and slapping her throbbing clit, while pulling on her reddish nipple and demanding she doesn’t make a single noi— ‘Get your head together! She’s selling you out!’ Bucky though. As images of the small lady ate at his thoughts,

His next immediate thought was to call the cops - Quickly and quietly for no publicity. He needed to do it as fast as he could, his paw reaching down to his pocket clutching his smartphone before she could hypnotize him from being capable of thinking straight. He had more important things to be taking care of, his whole mission and make it on time for the party before it ended. He couldn’t just get hypnotized by a small girl rummaging through his friends now littered room. Papers everywhere. And keys being rustled from side to side as he watched her try and fit a million keys to one whole. She had been trying to open all the drawers, by the company’s keys collection. Little did she know Steve had never placed a spare key of his office in the corporations key section.

It was due to stupid people like her. He had trust issues, but only with his workers since all they seemed to worry about was money and crap. Never taking time to ask The Avengers or S.H.I.L.D  for a raise.

The young male ran a hand through his brown shoulder length hair, breathing in a lump and sighing. He grabbed his phone out and looked at the number he dialed subconsciously about few minutes ago. He had his thumb come across the call button… 'Punk Cap…’ But couldn’t find it in him to call on such an Innocent lady. 'Wait… I’ll just confront her when she’s done….’ He looked around the dark hall and smirked. He would catch her when she tries to escape. There was absolutely no need to call Steve. Bucky was just as scary, if not even more.

Suddenly, he heard a frustrated growl followed with a loud thud. She was already trying to give up, hopefully this wouldn’t take any longer.

She was sitting on the polished tile floor with her back facing the door, her long legs bent out in front her and trying to find another key to open Steve’s  personal drawer. With a sigh, the brunet took off her jacket and sighed of relief.

He knew for a fact her body language said many things. Like she was tired and sore. But he wouldn’t really care anymore. Her tank top hugged her upper body so tight it was as if a second skin. While her shorts were revealing a bit of her assets. Oh how he wished he could slap that ass cheek, and watch it ripple under his touch. While she whimpered for him to go easy, he would then demand her to beg— 'Damn it!’ Bucky cursed as he felt his member throb. This isn’t like him… He’s suppose to be a gentlemen.

All that mattered was watching her, her every move. He wanted nothing more than to witness her arch, bend, twist, stretch… He was captivated by her long legs, and amazing ass, with the thunder thighs- oh those thighs… He would shove her leg over his shoulder and bite her meat. He would leave love bites on the inner part of her thighs and slap it afterwards. While she squirmed and tried to struggle from his fat penis. Her eyes would be dimmed with tears, as he stretched her virgin vagi— 'FUCK!!! Stop with the thoughts!’ Bucky cried in his head as he now felt his shaft struggle to stay in one place.

The young man stifled a muffled curse of pain when he hit his head against the red oak doors from his sudden movement while trying to fix his 'problem’ down there. The thing was he forgot all of the pain he had endured when he realized that the secretary could have heard him. Damn! He’s been fantasizing about her when he should be calling the Avengers about her break and entering-

However, staring at her like a fucking peeping tom from behind the tiny crack of an opening of a door. Oh where did his mother go wrong with raising her son? It’s as if all the gentleman manners he was taught went to waste.

Bucky was trying his super hardest to not touch The secretary. He’s been demanding to him self he had absolutely no liking to the female in front of him. But oh such a waste it was. Bucky was different… He never compare girls’ chest sizes, or join in the men’s’ appalling conversations about 'conquests’. He didn’t care which girls were considered good kissers or desirable by the rest of the young male population.

But that never stopped him from imagining things, not only sexual but also cute and warm- he would wonder how she would take to kissing and study the softness of her pink plush lips in silence as she rambled on about her day to him. He would feel strange the urges to reach out and touch her - whether to simply brush a strand of chestnut brown hair that hung lose from her bun and laced her face, or simply cup her cheek with his rough large hand, or even pull her right into his waiting arms.

once he snapped out of those thoughts, he would become infuriated with himself for thinking of such things. It wasn’t uncommon for him to stalk off right in the middle of talking with her, or even turning around and heading the opposite direction when he saw her approaching. Bucky feared those thoughts and odd, inexplicable urges to touch her, feel her, taste her. He was a damn coward and that overshadowed even risking to hurt her feelings just for his own peace of mind. He is a monster, and doesn’t deserve such innocence.

If (Y/N)  - The  secretary knew the kind of young male he was shaping up to be, she would probably freely avoid him without him having to go out of his way to keep enough distance from her. However, he was far too much of a coward to tell her the truth. And to make matters worse, little by little, he felt almost as though he was truly breaking his promise. He needed to feel her, needed her in general.

He wanted to be closer to her. Even in ways he was certain were not appropriate. It was for her own good that he was pushing her away. At least until he got it under better control… Where he would be able to control him self.

And for the first time, Bucky admitted to himself that he was attracted to her. So much, in fact, that it frightened him.

The heat already engulfing his face was growing and spreading down, mixing and churning with a burning sensation that drifted all the way down to the area of his groin. How would it feel with her bare skin pressuring down upon him, he wondered, and his hidden shaft seemed throb with want at the thought.

He released an agonizing sigh, while slowly, he reached down to the front of his black joggers and carefully rubbed the aching bulge that had formed there, never once taking his eyes off the girl as he did so.

This was dirty. Dirty and wrong and he was filled with guilt as he proceeded to stroke himself while he peeked at the bad girl through the open crack of the door. Although he had done worse, this was simply an act of need.

It’s just guilty pleasure, And it was a weakness of both mind and body… He watched as she stretched down to grab another file and skim through it… Oh he imagined her fingers carefully stroking his abs and stomach all the way to his metal arm as he stared at her gleaming face. Tthis was Wrong, Dirty, Perverted–

Nagging thoughts are at his mind, are giving in completely. There was absolutely no one  else in the building. It was dark, cameras wouldn’t even catch him. And even if they did he would surly delete them. He is the the best pal of the CEO of S.H.I.L.D… No one would know. If he could keep himself quiet, even she wouldn’t know. Her innocence would not be lost, or damaged, or even threatened. She would never even know a thing-

Relief… he needed to have it. He couldn’t have her. And if he wanted to protect her, then this was the only way to reach satisfaction by coming as close to being with her as he could without actually touching her or damaging her purity. This is the only way.

“Ughhh…” Bucky winced when he pulled his stiff manhood right out from his pants and boxers, the cool hallway air making him realize just how sensitive that part of him truly was at the moment…

He turned his back flat to the oak door, he returned his gaze to the object of his shameful want. She was simply bending down…

As the young man curled his right hand’s fingers around his length, he knew he had just sealed his fate - one he did not have the mental or physical strength to even try to defy. And there was no turning back now.

And like that, he slid his hand up and down over his erect penis at a languid, careful speed.

He could imagine pinning her down to the floor just like that, her legs open and inviting, brown eyes pleading for all of him…

Bucky found him self panting as he gripped himself with a little more force from the unnecessary image his brain had conjured up. The thought of her vunriable and bare beneath him should have bothered him, at least for her sake. But as sickening as it was to admit it, that scenario excited him terribly. Oh but he was just a man… For heavens sake, this was terribly revolting.

He almost expected her breasts to fall free of confinement, given how low of a dip the collar of the small tank top was.

He squeezed both sides firmly in his hands, relishing in the moan of pleasure from the brown head as he teased his large shaft to a hardened, ready state.

“Ughhhh… Ughhh!” Bucky struggled to hold his quickening breathy gasps in while his hand stroked rough and fast over his erection. Whether there was still any amount of guilt left or not, he had abandoned his earlier restraint and started to move against the gliding motion of his hand. And still his eyes remained glued to her, hazed green eyes unable to break even a precious moment from regarding her every move. He needed this before he would never see her again.

Damn, thoughts of her naked and pressed against the bed sheets, cheeks flaring pink and fingers curled down to hold on either side of the bed to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her legs would be entwined around his back with glistening sweat that would be collected between her little bouncing breasts. She would choke out his name over and over in ecstasy as he slammed into her tight walls of warmth and rattled the bed.

Bucky inhaled sharply as a white hot sensation poured through his whole body like Niagara falls. What he had just indirectly imagined doing to her on his own bed is quite unthinkable. And now he had already stooped low enough to envision having actual intercourse with her. Dirty imagery that formed while he secretly spied on her and masturbated to watching her steal from S.H.I.L.D…

Jame’s panting breaths had turned shallow and more quick, his fisted hand wildly thrusting over his hard length with an uncontrolled pace. Being inside of her, moving within her wet warmth… just wondering about how it would feel was nearly enough to drive him insane with desire.

Thoughts urged him to lean closer to the door, his hand not pumping over his shaft. He could fix his clothing and walk in easily, demand for an answer and then when she tried to beg for mercy he would suggest fucking. He would ask to have sex, with her.

Bucky released a strangled breath, He dared think of taking her innocence while he was trying to protect it? Damn, his sexual thoughts were taking control of him Faster then he liked. If he can’t stop him self now, it’s safe to say the girl in front of him would be severely damaged by the end of this.

He needed to feel her, His hand immediately sought its former grip on his manhood, instantly having an inappropriate fantasy to mind before he could prevent it.

Her lips teased along the very tip of his shaft, closing around it for the briefest moment that made him twitch in anticipation. He dug his fingers into her hair and tugged forward, eager for her to take him into the waiting warmth of her mouth. And she complied, mouth opening further to allow more of his manhood inside. He gave a staggering breath which swiftly turned into a deep groan when her tongue licked the base, then licking the veined area on the underside with her warm, wet tong. He recklessly pulled her forward by the grip of her brown locks, forcing her to take more of his length in and then out, in and out…

Bucky’s hand followed those motions as she continued to bob the shaft down, his fingertips flexing and squeezing around the erection to mimic her gesture from his fantasy.

His orbs became weary, the binding heat that held him captive all exploding at once and ate his vision with bright white. A lounging, whispered cry of her name escaped his throat as he was consumed by euphoria, his cum spilling out of his tip and over the hallway floor below him.

Bucky wasn’t sure how much time had passed before he could finally see and think straight again, but he found himself sitting down against the red oak doors and breathing harshly, limp shaft still held loosely in his fingertips. He could feel the stickiness of cum on his hand, and twitched when he noticed the substance on the floor in a mess in front of him.

He instantly stood up and shoved his shaft back in his boxers cleaning his hand with a tissue that he had in his pockets. Then threw away the object.

He looked from left and right then pushed the door open only to be bombarded by a female body pressed roughly on his board chest. They fell together with a thud.

“Sir?” She squealed, aha… Now if hadn’t just came, he would have had fantasizes about that.

“What were you doing in Steve’s office (Y/N)?”

“I had noticed you forgot these!” She scurried off him and stood up, fixing her booty shorts and tucking in her tank top only to have her breast spill out. Her jacket forgotten in the room. Her messy bun only added to her devilish features.


“These mission document! Nick Furry would kill you if you can’t send those reports  to New Jersey by twelve tomorrow!” She smiled, then tilted her head to the side, small strands of hair followed her movement.

“How did you-?”

“I had gotten a call from Mister Steve Rogers, he said he knew you would forget. And wanted me to get them ready.” She handed Bucky the files and smiled. Dusting her shirt- even tho Bucky would most likely like it off- 'Ahhhh fuck not now!’ He thought. If Bucky didn’t know any better, he would say Steve had this all planed out with Natasha. Get Bucky alone with (Y/N) so they could hit it off.

“Yes-… Do say, would you like to get to know each other-?” He asked, while holding his files in one hand and watching as she blushed under his ruthless gaze. 'And to think I thought she was robbing The Avengers—-’ Bucky chuckled when he watched her trying to make a choice. “How about I pick you up tomorrow and take you on a date to Tronto… You deserve it.” Like that the male walked away with less dignity then he came in with…

“What’s the white stuff…?” (Y/N) asked, as she looked at the ground. If anything it looked so bad and she was just curios to know what it was.

The male that had only took a few strides stood stiff in his place. “Just go home before I cancel  our date!” He shouted. Taking a sharp turn and pushing her out of the building with him. Damn, he would have to Thank the cap for setting him up with this fair lady…

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Captain America Head Cannons????

Lmao I’ve noticed a pattern every time I do a fic with a new character ya’ll ask for head cannons like the next day ya’ll ain’t slick I see your game - haha, but yea, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on my red, white, and blue eyed friend! 💖

Originally posted by hridi

Steve Rogers Head Cannons!

  • This blue eyed sweetie pie absolutely loves listening to Audio books while he works out
  • Listening to literature or reading it just relaxes him, as a child he was a bookworm. He loved to read about the brave but still kind-hearted It characters in books, hoping one day he too could make a difference like they did
  • Hums/showers when he’s in the shower
  • Loves jazz music
  • Taps his foot when a song has a good beat
  • If he ever decided to get a dog he would go to the pound and be like, “Which dog has been here the longest?” And adopt that one because IT IS THE UNDERDOG AND DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE
  • Tbh he really wants a dog but he doesn’t think it would be fair to doggo because he’s not home very much and lives in a tiny apartment
  • “A dog deserves a stable home with a yard, ya know?”
  • Will literally STOP WALKING and cross the street to pet your dog
  • Like, he’d be eating in a sandwich shop and see some kid ask his parents for a quarter for the bubble gum machine, and they didn’t have a quarter to give him, so the kid was really sad - Steve would reach in his pocket and give the kid like 3 quarters
  • He will pick up trash on the sidewalk and throw it in the trash because he hates littering
  • Idk probably is really dense and jokes will fly over his head
  • Not like he’s stupid, NO THIS MAN IS SUPER FUCKING SMART, but like puns and sarcasm will go over his head
  • You’d be trying to figure out where to get lunch and Steve would be like, “Where do you wanna eat?”  You’d say something like, “I dunno, that trashcan probably has half a hot dog in there if I dig deep enough.” OBVIOUSLY SARCASM, but Steve would look at you in ABSOLUTE HORROR LIKE HE WAS Genuinely WORRIED AND CONCERNED
  • Despite this he makes a lot of senior citizen jokes about himself
  • Ya’ll are gonna go get lunch and he says something silly like, “I wonder if I can get the senior discount this time”
  • Sleeps on his back with his hands on his sides like a weirdo
  • Is very minimal, only has two pillows a nice white sheet set and a light blue comforter
  • When he wakes up in the morning he gets in the shower, brushes his teeth, eats breakfast, goes for a jog and takes ANOTHER shower because why the fuck not
  • Loves the simple things in life like reading the newspaper, comfortable shoes, and a sunny day
  • “Yes ma’am” “No sir”
  • Never complains.. about literally anything but maybe the Government??
  • He is actually a very bad dancer (Poor baby has two left feet) but loves to dance because it’s fun and brings him back to simpler times
  • Baby boy blushes really easily
  • He could be out shopping and buying a button up shirt and the cashier would be like, “This color compliments your eyes!” And he’d blush redder than an strawberry
  • is the best friend you could ever have
  • Likes to eats out a lot and try new foods - So, if you wanna hang out with him expect to be eating out at some mom and pop place lol
  • Constantly is given free food when he goes out to eat but always leaves a $20 bill on the table or something because he feels bad


  • Ummm, he could like you for years and you will NEVER know
  • baby boy is so nervous and he’s so scared he’s going to offend you or embarrass himself that he dare not make a move!
  • Idk, he would EVENTUALLY do it (It wouldn’t be until Sam got fed up with Steve asking him dating/romance advice and Sam finally cracked and was like, “I swear if you don’t tell then I am going to ask them on a date FOR you!”)
  • So when he does tell you about his feelings, it would be very intimate and private
  • He’s still hella old fashioned so it may be in a bit cliche way
  • Maybe he’d decorate your apartment with a bunch of flowers and make you dinner, he’s actually not the best cook (As you know) but he tries to make your FAVORITE meal because he’s so sweet
  • And you get home and see your living room filled with BEAUTIFUL flowers and you smell your favorite food cooking and you’re just wowed when Steve walks in from the kitchen with a nervous smile on that precious face of his
  • Yea, sorry about breaking in… I promise I wasn’t doing this to, eh, invade your privacy or anything.” He’d stroll over and smile sweetly, standing inches he’d shrug his shoulders awkwardly. “I thought you’d make an exception for an old fool just trying to woo you..”
  • Then he’d babble, complimenting the things he likes about you ”Y-Your heart really is special.. I have a real sense about people, ya know.. You’re a good person and y-you’re so beautiful” Just babbling away all nervously bless his heart
  • He’d kiss you, very hesitantly and softly
  • Kissing Steve???? PASSIONATE AND CUTE is what it is
  • He’s very respectful and will never force you into anything you don’t want to do, and he knows how strong he is so he puts forth an obvious effort to be the gentle man you deserve
  • His hands are strong, big, and warm and he will always rub his thumb against the side of your wrist
  • When you are walking in a crowded street or building he likes to put his arm around your waste so you don’t get separated
  • He will say funny shit like, “You’re dating a senior citizen, you’re gonna have to explain this lingo.”
  • Pet names galore!
  • “Baby girl”
  • “Sweetheart”
  • “Honey”
  • The way his eyes light up and he perks up a little, his lips smiling ever so lightly and he sweetly calls your name, he loves you so much!
  • You will probably never open a door again, he will literally run in front of you so he can open the door for you
  • He is totally the man to take home to your parents
  • Get ready for the sweetest pillow talk, laying snuggled up in the bed together late at night and just talking about everything; your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams, and even the small stuff
  • He smiles when you talk about your interest, he listens and makes you feel important
  • Mentally supportive and loving and you couldn’t ask for more tbh

And the NSFW stuff?

  • Um okay well, as ya’ll know Steve is SUPER fuckin’ vanilla
  • Just… Don’t get into this relationship expecting dirty nasty sex - You are not looking in the tight place
  • With Steve you will be blown away by the stamina and passion he possesses honestly
  • The first time he see’s you naked he will just stare with blushing cheeks and be amazed at how beautiful you are
  • He likes to let his hands roam your body, learning every inch of it, every inch and every curve
  • For real, ya’ll, I cannot express the passion enough having sex with Steve 9/10 percent of the time is MAKING LOVE
  • He leads you to a dimly lit room (Probably candle and rose petals because he’s a hopeless romantic) and with soft jazz music playing in the back ground - He’ll kiss you softly, undress you, and constantly whisper how much he loves you while he lips venture across your soft skin
  • Loves to kiss your neck
  • Very good with his hands
  • Can make you cum like 4 times in 6 minutes and his right hand
  • Likes you to say, “Yes sir,” to him in the bedroom
  • “You like that, huh, honey?” “Yes sir!”
  • Like seriously, he will take a firm grip of your hips and ram you, all while looking deep into your soul with those baby blues of his
  • the other 1/9 percent of the time will be an absolute animalistic like need to cum
  • Now, he’s respectful but Ol’ Captain here is VERY capable of jealousy and, seriously, when he’s jealous he turns into a handsy fucker
  • Like, let’s you guys are out in public (Maybe grabbing drinks with Sam at some bar) and you run into your ex, who Steve knows ALL ABOUT, and ya’ll talk for a few minutes just to catch up, you hug him and say bye, end of story.
  • Steve doesn’t feel threatened, he trust you and knowth ere is nothing to worry about, but he still just feels the need to remind you “Hey, I know how to ROCK YOUR WORLD” so the moment you guys go back to his apartment and he closes the door he throws you over his shooulder and carries your ass to the bedroom to give you the fuck of a life time
  • Tearing off your clothes he grunts things like, “You know I make you feel real good, right baby girl?” Maybe even bites your collar bone and slaps you around a bit (Not in an abusive way, but in a rough way, he’s still respectable so if you told him to stop he would in a heartbeat but he’s a hungry beat who needs to prove that you don’t need anyone else to be satisfied)
  • Okay, and I can see him maybe having a bit of an impregnation kink? NO, I DON’T MEAN HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH PREGNANT WOMEN
  • What I mean by ‘Impregnation kink’ is that the idea of him getting you pregnant is a turn on???? No, he wouldn’t get someone pregnant without permission I just…
  • He grew up back in a very family centered society where it was like, “Get married, have babies” and the idea that he WILL get you pregnant one day is really hot for him??? (I’m sorry I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I really see it for Steve lmao)
  • Will make you feel like royalty after sex
  • Will hold you and snuggle you, lots of sweet kisses on the lip and forehead
  • “Was it good for you?”
  • “Can I get you anything?”
  • “I love you so much.. You’re so great, sweetheart..”
  • ughhh he’s just perfect okay ya’ll
Home: Chapter 2

A/N- Part 2 of 7 for Angel’s @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s 2k challenge. Let me know if anyone would like to be added to the tag list. As always, feedback is welcome! Chapter 3 will be out soon too.

My song was Love Don’t Run by Steve Holy. Italicized in the story.

Word count: 1,849

Warnings: mentions of death (past) and I think that’s it? Little tiny bit of fluff if you think about it real hard. Oh and the boys being super sweet and thoughtful.

HERE is the Masterlist! It should be mobile-friendly.

Chapter 2

Dean’s POV

“Y/N? Shit. Sammy, she passed out on me! Help me get her back outside. I saw a porch swing on the way in.”

“Dean, I think we need to grab some of her things for her and bail…there’s blood over here and Sulphur residue on the windows. THIS was demons.”

“Son of a bitch! What the hell would demons want with her??? Alright, can you manage to find her room and grab some clothes and stuff? I’ll grab what pictures are salvageable down here, and see if you can find anything else that might be of sentimental value. You’re better at those kinds of things than I am man. I wanna be able to give her something from her family…”

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Drunk in Love (Bucky x reader)

Word count: 1,000

“Steve, it’s 3 in the morning, what do you want?” You groaned into your cellphone, stretching out your lower limbs. “The only thing I love more than food, is sleep.”

“Can I drop Bucky off at your place?” He interrupted, and you could hear laughing in the background. “I’m already almost there, and Bucky can’t stay at my place anymore, the neighbors complain.”

“Ugh.” You muttered, finally climbing out of bed and pulling up your long socks. “Why do you keep taking him out to bars if he ends up like this?”

“He was actually on a date…” He trailed off, and your heart dropped. Bucky Barnes had been dating? “I don’t think anyone really means anything to him, he’s just trying to…distract himself.” 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Before i get into it i just wanna say that i love your blog and spend like 70% of my times on it so yeah but umm i just wanted to see if you had any more coming out fics? I've read all the ones in the tag already and just can't get enough. Thanks!!

Anonymous said: Do you have any coming out fics you could recommend me? I’ve read all the ones in the tag but I just can’t get enough. Thanks!!

truhoe said: Hey! I just wanted to see if you had any more coming out fics? I’ve read all of the ones in the coming out tag probably 5 times each and just wanted to check if you had any others you could give me. Thanks!! Love your blog btw!

thank you to @stucky-ficrecs​ and @s-leary​ because Steph gave me a list with a bunch that we didn’t have! (post in reference)

 There’s an app for that by shirasade

Jarvis obviously decided Tony’s exclamation had been a legitimate question and not a rhetorical one, and repeated calmly: “Captain Rogers made an appointment using the well-known dating app Grindr…”

 Made it through another day by sherlockssexysocks

“Steve absolutely, 100 percent needs to get laid. Looking after Robocop is no mean feat and I’ll be damned if Steve doesn’t get the love and attention he deserves.”

Natasha shoots him a withering look and shakes her head.

“You just want it to be known that you’re the guy that helped Captain America lose his virginity.”

#LoveWins by Kryptaria, rayvanfox

The Supreme Court’s decision of Marriage Equality was near and dear to Steve’s heart. He felt it was his duty to reunite the Avengers, past and present, to offer their support and protection for a nation that would, as of the morning of Friday, June 26, need help, stability, and guidance. Anticipating trouble, he called together the whole team to have a presence in the thirteen hold-out states.

He never expected his best friend, a  member of his very first team – the Howling Commandos – to show up on this of all days.

Nothing’s As Sweet As Super Soldiers In Love by heartsdesire456

Informally titled: Bucky Barnes Loves The 21st Century Almost As Much As He Loves Steve Rogers

 “Captain America’s mystery lover! That’s what everybody’s talking about.”

 Bucky turned around as soon as he heard ‘Captain America’, only to see Tony had on some entertainment news report and his latest photo of sleeping Steve was flashed up on the screen beside the person talking. “Hey, what’s that?” he asked, hopping over the back of the couch to land beside Stark.

 “Your Cap lovin’ gone viral, I guess,” Tony said, turning up the volume.

 “Rumors spread like wildfire with the first photo of Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was posted to a comically named Instagram called ‘GodBlessAmerica36’.”

Flawed Coping Mechanisms by AnnaFugazzi

(STANDALONE) Sometimes a bed can get kinda crowded, even when there’s only two people in it.

till i wake your ghost by lanyon

There’s a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately.

update: Steph sent me a few more:

it’s a strange courage by mambo (rape/noncon)

“The question the entertainment world is asking themselves today is… Who is Steve? Hollywood superstar Bucky Barnes was spotted at a wrap-party last night, serenading someone named Steve onstage. Not only was Barnes more than a little tipsy, but he also sang a song from the Disney Channel Original Movie that started his career–a bold move, considering the fact that he always dodges questions about it. But who is Steve? Why did Bucky leave the club alone? What does this mean about the rumors of a relationship between Barnes and his co-star Natasha Romanoff? And is everyone’s favorite poster boy gay? All this and more after a quick message from our sponsors!”

Casual Encounters by MoreThanSlightly (cadignan)

“You have never once been careful in your entire life.” Bucky huffs out a laugh. He looks away. “Maybe I’m offended you didn’t think to ask me.” He says it like a joke, but he can’t bring himself to laugh again.“Bucky,” Steve says, scandalized. “You’re my friend. I’m not gonna use you to experiment sexually.”

Avengers Preference 7 - He Needs You

Thor - 

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Because it’s getting to him - not being able to travel from Asgard to see you all the time. Being you - the girl he loves - you understand, and learn not to worry about him too much, but he would go hour, after hour of feeling terrible. If he was refused to go to Midgard, he would sit in his room, relishing over the memories he would spend with you. When he eventually got back to Midgard, you were the first person he found; the second you came into his sight, pulling you into a hug which pulled you off the floor. Thor’s lips would soon find yours, making up for all the time you had spent apart. He didn’t let go of your hand for a while, either. He needed you right now, even if it was just your presence. 

Steve - 

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Because he missed everything - His old life, Bucky, Peggy… You held no feelings for the Super Solider talking about his first love, because it was her, and although he felt terrible for talking about her, he couldn’t help himself. The cure to fix him was always quite sweet - Steve would tell you a song, one he listened to. One he truly loved. Using the Internet, you would find it, and play it, gently swaying around with him; your hands round his neck, his around your waist, whilst his head rested on top of yours. It was his sign of comfort, and being able to protect something he loved. He found the homely feeling, and understood, you’d never let him go.

Tony - 

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Because his reputation was getting to him - alright, he still did the odd flirting whenever you attended a party or social event, but you had been together for almost a year. Yet, the press were eagerly awaiting on the day you would both split, leaving Tony Stark ‘King Bachelor’ once more. Once the news of a latest article reached him, he flipped, cursing everything and everyone. You eventually found him slumped in his lab - sore throat, red eyes. You rolled your eyes, making yourself comfortable on his lap pressing a kiss to his forehead, gently humming a tune from the radio. He couldn’t help but show a content smile, either. That’s when he knew you were there, that it was real, and he needed you. 

Bruce - 

Originally posted by dairxoxo

Because he can’t stop thinking. His job seems to be taking over his life, more than the ‘Other Guy’ did, and he blamed himself for not spending as much time with you as he could. He’d come into your room at night, close to tears, as he realized all the things you could of done. Instead, his brain continue to whir with ideas and thoughts, until he thought he’d go insane. You’d see him, breaking apart, and take his head in your lap, continuously pressing kisses to his forehead until he was calm. He knew he needed you - you were his antidote to the pain he couldn’t stop.

Loki -  

Originally posted by mrs-hudsonn

Because he’s lonely - you had gone on a trip with some of your friends, and he was still located at Stark Tower. He hadn’t made the best impression on the Avengers, so isolated himself, with books, as he used to. But, since you were in his life, the loneliness and want for companionship began to grow even more. When you returned, you could barely say hello to anyone, before he dragged you away, kissing you heavily. He carefully pulled away, resting his forehead on yours. He needed you, otherwise he would fade away, becoming something he knew you wouldn’t love.

READ - I need you guys to send me Preference Ideas…I’m running low. ALSO, CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU THINK I LOOK LIKE TONY STARK OR NOT?

Masterlist -

anonymous asked:

What do you think cuddles/ sex would be like with Steve Rogers?

I’ve answered part of this: how Steve would cuddle.

Sex with Steve would be amazing. He’s obviously inexperienced so I think he’d be a little nervous about doing the deed because he doesn’t want to disappoint you or let you down but you’d be super understanding and would wait until he was ready. But then when he was ready he’d be incredible. He’d be really sweet and gentle but then I think that he’s got a bit of a rougher side too - especially if he’s had a tough day. He’d be all about foreplay and would love teasing you until you were about to go crazy. Because he’s a supersoldier, he has loads of stamina - this means that he can go on for ages and can please you all day if you wanted (though you’d tire out v. quickly). He’d kiss you and learn really quickly about what made you feel good. He’d moan into the kisses and would moan into your neck. He’d groan your name and would ride through your mindblowing orgasm and then let to himself and he’d be groaning your name and it would be the hottest thing ever. He’d constantly tell you how beautiful you are bc chivalry isn’t dead. Steve would be amazing and i need this in my life. xxxx

I Saw an Angel *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by torinado

Requested by beautiful anon: The Avengers talk about you to Bucky, who still needs to meet you, only he literally bumps into you at one of Tony’s flawless parties. Where you are both speechless over one another, plus shy as hell.
Warnings: Fluff Bucky and Fluff Ro has officially landed.
Admins Note: I loved this request, thank you to the girl who personally messaged me for this, I love you and honoured you picked me to write this for you. - Ro

“You’ll love her, she’s super sweet and adorable, and it’s hard not to love her” Steve smiled at Bucky who just nodded at his friend, remaining silent; he had heard all sorts of nice things about you from all the Avengers.

 Bucky was nervous to meet you, you were described as sunshine by everyone and they all loved you, if you hated him then that was it; the purest human – Thor’s words- would hate him and he didn’t want that, he wanted you to like him, he wanted everyone to like him. 

Bucky was new and you had been on a much-needed vacation, as Tony called it, you went back home to see family and friends; meaning you missed Bucky’s arrival, but Steve did tell you all about it over the phone and you couldn’t wait to meet him, he sounded nice.

“She’ll be at the party tonight, I cannot wait for you to meet her, my two best friends finally meeting one another” Steve grinned and Bucky gulped, this was the first time he heard you’d be attending, he didn’t want to meet you at Tony’s party; he hated social gatherings they make him, uneasy and nervous. 

Bucky just nodded as Steve trailed off about the party, it wasn’t for anything special, Tony never really needs excuses for a party but it was kind of a welcoming Bucky to the Avengers thing; only Bucky didn’t want it but Tony was doing it anyway.

At least, he’d finally be able to meet you, see how you looked, see if your smile really does light up a room like he’s heard so much about; he wondered if you’d both get along, what you’d talk about and how you’d interact with him, Bucky was used to people being apprehensive around him or comfortable enough, he wondered how you would be. 

Bucky was nervous but excited all at once, he was mainly nervous about being around so many people, he’d pull through it for a couple hours.

When Steve and Bucky arrived at the party it was already in full swing, people mingling and drinking, a few dancing to the music and lots of people at the bar.

 Bucky swallowed down his fear and followed his friend through the dense crowd, smiling and muttering a few hello’s to people as he passed, ending up getting caught in a conversation with Sam Wilson and James Rhodes; not that he minded, he got on pretty well with both, despite trying to kill Sam… that was in the past but Bucky like’s to tease Wilson by saying he totally nailed his ass. 

Steve joined in having brought over a round of beers; the chatter quickly consumed the men, all laughing and joking, Clint and Bruce joining in a few minutes later.

“I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll meet you at the bar” Bucky called over the loud music to Steve, who nodded as Bucky pushed through the people, groaning and trying not to hurt anyone as he stumbled through; earning a few annoyed glares from certain people, an amused one from Tony, who he flipped off in his mind. 

Bucky pushed the door open to the hallway, the music becoming just thumping noise as the door shuts, placing his hands inside his leather jacket pockets he walks silently to the male’s room. 

Head angled downwards as he watches his boots, then something collides with him, jerking him backwards and almost to the floor. He knew instantly it was another person from their own groan, he sorted himself out, ready to apologise for not looking where he was going.

Bucky stops, mouth mid open, he watches as probably the most stunning women ever sorted out her (F/C) dress out; straightening her hair with small petite hands. 

Bucky was stunned as he watched the women, he couldn’t speak, he forgot how to form coherent sentences as he glances over her; she didn’t seem annoyed, in fact, she looked rather happy. She finally looks up (E/C) eyes meeting his own grey ones, they were the most brilliant shade of (E/C) he had ever seen, her plump pink lips were formed into a shy smile as a dusting of red graced her cheeks and Buck knew he should maybe stop staring but he couldn’t help himself.

“I, um, sorry” she muttered, voice soft and almost a whisper, Bucky blinked rapidly and nodded lightly and gulped down the air he needed to breathe steadily; giving each other shy smiles, nodding once again, Bucky moved to step around her only she went the same way, he shyly chuckled and allowed her to walk around him. 

Once she had gone through the door did Bucky breath again, her perfume lingering in the air, an intoxicating smell that Bucky didn’t want to forget; he had to know who she was, otherwise, he’d probably die.

“What’s got you all flustered?” Natasha asked, sipping a cocktail through a thin, red straw. Her glossy, sparkly red lips looking vibrant against her black dress, you laughed nervously and shrugged; drinking the same fruity cocktail as your best friend, she nudged you for answers “c’mon, you go to the bathroom perfectly normal and come back, flustered and shy; what happened?” she pestered and you chuckled lightly.

“I just -literally- bumped into a really cute guy” you mumble, Natasha squeals with delight, she had been trying to set you up with someone since you met but it never worked or lasted, you laughed and sighed 

“I don’t even know his name, I doubt I’ll ever see him again, he was… so dreamy, almost, too perfect to believe” you sighed lightly, wondering if you’d see him again throughout the party, there were so many people you didn’t think luck would be on your side.

“You have a face, that’s enough, noq c’mon, details honey” Natasha urged and you smiled, beginning to talk about the mystery man, his grey eyes and tousled brown hair; Natasha had an idea on who your dark crusader could be.

Bucky drifts back to his friend, all of them filing a seat at the bar, Clint behind and mixing drinks for everyone; as Sam and James discuss war stories, Steve leaning against the surface, empty stool that Bucky takes as his own. 

He plonks himself down in a daze, your eyes clouding his mind, Clint places a cup of scotch in front of him but he doesn’t comprehend it at first; far too lost in his own mind to notice the weird looks his friends giving him. Steve chuckles as he snaps his fingers in front of Bucky’s face, he jumps lightly at the snapping, glancing up at his friend who has raised eyebrows at Bucky.

“I saw an angel” he muttered, all the men glance at one another before laughing, Bucky sighs and smiles at his own words but it was true; you couldn’t be real, nothing so beautiful and pure could exist, not in his world at least “I just saw the most beautiful women, ever, I bumped into her by accident” he explained “…either I’m drinking too much or I just found an angel” he muttered, glancing at the scotch placed in front of him, Clint leans on the bar and looks out over the crowd.

“Point her out” he demands, Bucky raises his eyebrows at Barton “c’mon I want to see this angel for myself, point her out, I’m sure the fellas are the same” everyone nods and Bucky spins on his stool, grey eyes gazing intently at the many women in the room, some even looking back at him; sending subtle winks his way, or the other guys, he ignores them and hunts solely for his Angel. 

Then like some miracle he sees you, clutching a long glass with some orange liquid inside, you are chuckling with Natasha and Maria, sipping the beverage through the straw, bumping your nose against the small yellow umbrella.

“There” he pointed and all men shoot their eyes forward, following his human finger, they all grinned at the women at the end of it, Bucky lowers his hand as he watches you from the bar, Steve chuckled which attracted his attention.

“That’s (Y/N)” Bucky raised his eyebrows, no way, could such a beautiful human be an Avenger. You looked far too pure, too nice, too beautiful to do anything like Bucky thinks you could; he wasn’t thinking you couldn’t, he knew you could probably take down entire armies but something about the way you smiled, laughed and blushed, he couldn’t picture you doing anything like he has to.

Natasha catches Bucky form from beside Steve, she grabs your wrist, plus nodding for Maria to follow and all three women walk towards the bar; you frowning but following because you had no one else to talk to, once at the bar you are greeted with all males, smiling at Steve to Clint. 

Natasha smirks as she notices your smile widen, the mystery guy was sat in front of you, talking fast to Sam about some mission story and he played with his glass of alcohol on the bar. Steve nudged Bucky, who was raising his glass to his mouth; following Steve’s eyes he lowers the glass as you stand before him, shy smile and kind eyes.

It slowly settled in that this must be Bucky, Steve’s best friend, you did an awkward wave “you must be Bucky, I’m (Y/N), I’ve heard so much about you” you tell him, he nods slowly, swinging on his stool to face you properly and everyone begins chatting away, whilst yourself and Bucky look at each other awkwardly, not bad but cute awkward. Shy smiles and glances, you sip lightly on your drink and Bucky fiddles with the glass, metal hand clanging against it making a weird sound. 

“Steve tells me you liked to dance” you toy with a small smile, Bucky glances up and straightens his back, remembering the days when he could easily ask any dame to dance and he nodded “well, isn’t it improper not to offer a dance?” you asked, you were never this confident, maybe it was the cocktail or maybe it was the fact you wanted Bucky to talk or do something.

“I’ve never danced to… songs these” he glanced across the room, never seeing anyone dance like that, ever and he was slightly intimidated by the way people moved; he knew old fashioned stuff, stuff which is probably long forgotten, you nodded lightly.

“Well, dancing has sure got different over the years, must be weird seeing how everyone dances now to back then” he nods lightly, watching as you look over the crowd dancing, you glance back and smile brightly at him “how are liking everyone so far? Clint and Tony can be a tad excessive but they all treating you right?” you asked, he chuckled and nodded.

“Everyone has been awfully nice” he admits and you nod “also, they mainly talk about you to me, all good things, wonderful things actually, I just didn’t expect…” he trailed off, you frown and look at him, urging him to continue “I didn’t think you’d be this beautiful or nice, it’s kind of intimidating” he confesses, an embarrassed smile tugging at his mouth, lowering his eyes to his glass as hands return to playing with them. 

You’re shocked, you’d never had someone outright say that to you, you could feel the heat returning to your cheeks and neck, you didn’t know what to say. You blinked rapidly before a small grin graced your features, eye’s glistening as you looked at Bucky, he seemed a little timid and shy.

“That’s really sweet” you mutter, he looked at you “if it helps, I don’t think Steve’s words do you justice either, he’s awful at describing people, isn’t he?” you giggled and Bucky nodded, his own laugh being pulled from him; the others watch with bright smiles as you two interacts with one another. As the party continues, yourself and Bucky are consumed and so invested in each other, you hardly notice people slowly start to leave the party. 

Drinks being forgotten and left beside you, Bucky talking about his days during the war, a little before then and you talking about family and how you became an Avenger. Bucky glanced around, a few people mingling, stumbling to the cabs and Bucky sighs; he didn’t want to stop talking to you.

“Um, I can walk you to your floor if you want?” Bucky offers, you smile and nod, hopping off the stool and following Bucky to the elevator; you idled in chatting away, chuckles and giggles between you both as rode the elevator, it was short lived as it came to your floor and Bucky walked you the few steps to your door. 

You stopped and looked at Bucky, nervous and hoping he’d ask you out for a date, after all, you really liked him and he seemed to like you back. He shyly smiles as you fiddle with the key, placing it in the lock; you glance back at Bucky who stroked a few stray hairs from your face.

Bucky leans down and places his lips onto your own, even in small strappy heels you go onto your tippy-toes in order to gain some height, his metal hand finds the small of your back and pulls you flush against him; your own hands resting on his shoulder and one on his neck lightly. 

He pulls away lightly, only to push his lips back onto yours, this time, licking your bottom lip and sucking into his mouth and your tongues dance together, he can taste the fruity cocktail on your tongue. He pulls away, eyes still closed for a few seconds, he flashes them open and despite the fact you kissed back he can’t help but think he over stepped the line with you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, we just met I don’t know…” you cut him off with a small giggle, nude-pink lipstick slightly smudged and faintly across Bucky’s lips he looks at you sheepishly, you smile fondly at him for a moment “I’d like to court you…I think people still do that, I think, Tony mentioned I should ask you on dates” he rambled and you smiled, taking his human hand in your own.

“I’m available for courting” he smiles lightly and nods “I have training with Natasha ALL morning, but I know a great coffee shop, they sell mini-muffins; we should go” you excitedly tell him, pulling at his fingers with a bright grin, Bucky chuckles, and nods at you.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, (Y/N)” he smiles down at you, you nod, a blush faintly crossing your cheeks as you look up into his eyes “have a good night” he nods.

“I already have” you counter back, opening the door to your room and giving Bucky’s cheek a peck you walk inside, Bucky lingers outside your door for a few happy seconds before walking back to the elevator with a victory grin on his face.

Bucky could hardly believe his luck, he met an Angel disguised as the kindest, gentlest women ever and he is meeting her for coffee and mini muffins tomorrow, if he knew this would happen, he would have marched to meet you at your families house sooner.

(This took a while to get right since it’s a private request, someone messaged me privately with a VERY detailed request and I love how this turned out. Hopefully, they do too, I love writing this, so much fun to get such a detailed one shot but have my own fun with it. Thank you. Remember you can request one shots and imagines by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

The Outsiders as Avengers.


Twobit would be Pietro maximoff because they both are very cocky and fast paced in their everyday life. Also, With having the abilities of super speed, Two could pull a ton of pranks without being caught.


Okay, Darry would be captain Steve rogers for multiple reasons.   Steve is super strong, like darry. He has a sweet side but can become cold exactly like darry,. They both make great Leaders as well.They both Are amazing dancers. (Dirty dancing, anyone?) The thing that makes them most alike, is that they would do anything for anyone and never put themselves first.


Dallas would be Bucky because they were both robbed of their youth. they were good guys turned bad. Deep down inside both of themselves they were caring and were good guys- But the world changed them. But really.. They could both kick some ass.


Tony and Soda are a lot alike because they both love to have fun and are reckless. Everyone paints them as just another place but they both know that they are much more than that.


Bruce Banner is a very calm, quiet person like johnny but,under that all they both are filled with anger. Both lived lives where they were treated for much less than they are. When they bioth get upset- They don’t stop.Like a time bomb.


let’s face it- Steve would Be Nat all the way. Even though steve is very underappreciated we all know that he is strong and sarcastic. Both in the outsiders and the avengers, Steve and Nat are not taken very seriously- With nat being a girl and many thing steve is a dumb greaser. They both easily prove their strength though.Nat and him both won’t go down without a fight and don’t hesitate to protect the people they care about. Also, Let’s face it… Steve as a chick would be pretty funny.. Just sayin’.. 


Ponyboy would be clint because they both don’t hesitate to help out others. When Nat was in trouble- Clint was the first to be there for her. They both are very strong but don’t show it off much. Also.. They both enjoy the outdoors. Clint, for shooting arrows into guys and Pony, For sunsets.

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