and steve then creates a tumblr for his art

Inktober feels like it comes around faster every year D:. Love doing these though, probably wont have enough time to them them all as detailed as this but wanted to start that way atleast.

Steve lichman for inktober #1. Loved this comic and have been a big fan of Dave Rapozas work for years, really love all the advice in his tutorials and also Dan’s advice who he created steve lichman with. Just 2 really cool down to earth guys who’s advice has really helped me with my own art.

Really happy to see how well the kickstarter for volume 2 is going also, doing amazingly well already and still over a month left on it.


Title: Astrophile: A Tale of Two Opposites
Fandom: Avengers Academy
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Summary: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers couldn’t be any more different;Billionaire Inventor Tony Stark enters the Avengers Academy in the middle of the year, and his reputation as a rich boy precedes him. Rumor has it that his special admission is due to his father donating an entire tower.Council President Steve Rogers came from a military family, ans isn’t too happy about the new transfer student creating a ruckus in his school. He’s got his mark on Tony from the very first time they meet.A love for stars brings starts bringing them together.


The gorgeous art above is made by the fantastically talented @takeshii​. Please, check’em out original tumblr post here and give’em some love. <3 <3 <3 Sorry if I forced you to make the second one but OMG, it’s better than I imagined~ 


Written for this year’s Reverse Big Bang. This is the first time I entered it, I may or may not have panicked in the middle of the way. It was really fun! If there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s do not cram. :)) 

Thank you to the mods, I’m not sure how to tag you individually on tumblr but I’ll tag the main group @cap-ironman <3 <3 <3