and stephen amell is an absolutely amazing actor

Taken – 4x15 – Episode Review

So… it was not that bad, was it? Angst is back but for the best! Everything we saw tonight is extremely positive when we make the effort to look at the bigger picture. Everything is falling into place for Oliver to embrace the hero’s journey. We still have 8 episodes to go and from now on, we are going to go uphill.


Tonight, Oliver has lost almost everything he held close to his heart.

When the season began, he wanted to be a symbol of hope, inspire others and be the Green Arrow as much as Oliver Queen. He wanted to marry the woman of his life and build a life with her. He wanted to prove his friends and himself that he could love, that he could trust.

Tonight, Oliver has suspended his campaign, seen the woman he loves walk away from him (literally) and sent his son away. He had to face innumerable lies and accept the consequences.

The Oliver who wanted to be a hero in the light, as much as a hero at night, is on the ground, beaten by his own lies. He has lost people who could help him embrace his inner light. Nothing could be worse (it always could in Arrow… this is just a figure of speech…)

This is depressing… except it’s not! This is the perfect time to set up this obstacle in Oliver’s journey.

A true hero needs to find his own light, his own motivation, his own inspiration. If Oliver wants to inspire others, he needs to be able to inspire himself, to get the confidence and the charisma of someone who needs nothing else but his love for his city to be a leader and a hero in the light.

Left alone, like a phoenix, Oliver will arise from the ashes that this family disaster left behind. He will rebuild himself. Not fully complete as his heart will always seek his second half, but stronger.

By being stronger, Oliver will be more stable and will eventually give his life with Felicity a new impulse, a new chance, a new conviction. He will prove her that he is the man she loves, the man she hopes he could be, the man he deserves to be for her. He knows how to be this man with her by his sides, showing him the way. Now, he will learn to be this man by himself, grounded, true to himself and to her, knowing what his heart desires.

Being a hero. Being with the woman he loves.

Eight episodes to go to fulfill his journey.


FIRST : That Stephen Amell is a more than underrated dramatic actor and that his talent knows no limits. This scene was exceptionally well played, all in subtlety and reserve. It was absolutely brilliant and we need more space on Arrow to allow these performances.

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anonymous asked:

Is it strange I find Stephen Amell more attractive than Oliver Queen? I mean obviously they have the same gorgeous face and amazing body but the thing is, I love Stephen's smile, and he hardly ever gets to smile as Oliver. Honestly one of the main reasons I ship Olicity is because Stephen has broken character a few times because he can't help but smile at EBR. I really hope the next season includes more smiling and less brooding.

It is 100% NOT strange, anon, because I am the same exact way. We won’t get into the annoyingly obsessive daydreams I’ve had about Stephen Amell, alright, because then you might question my sanity. Not about Oliver Queen, but about Stephen Amell, that beautiful, amazing human being whose goodness and genuine niceness literally angers me (because I cannot handle my feels about this man).

How does he exist? He’s sweet, gentle, confidant, unassuming, smart, humble, understanding, in wicked amazing shape that simultaneously gets me heated and shames me, super talented actor, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, an amazing husband and father, and everything makes him smile - when he smiles the skies open and rains down happiness and joy in the shape of sunflowers and sunshine.

Alright, enough musings, I also wanted to say I’m with you on Olicity! Olicity has grown so organically and beautifully as a direct result of the chemistry and friendship and overall comfort level between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. People always talk about some chemistry being like lightning in a bottle and those two? ARE IT. If they had the ability to extract this from these two and mass-produce it, the world would be overrun with too many feels because we’d all be watching each other interact. Nothing would get done. I stare at gifs of these idiots (in-character and out) for so many minutes it’s shameful.

They just have to look at each other and I get butterflies. THAT IS CHEMISTRY. (Imagine what it will be like when Olicity is actually together?)

And let’s be real, when Oliver smiles, it’s not a Stephen smile. That guy’s entire face - nay, his entire being - lights up when he smiles! (I HAVE BEEN HAVING A STEPHEN AMELL CRISIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME.)

Hopefully some of that starts to bleed into Season 4, I want to see some more full-teeth grins, Oliver! Hopefully Oliver getting to this point of realizing that he can certainly be every facet of himself without having to sacrifice something will let him finally relax.

Let him smile.






So Oliver can fucking smile for once.

anonymous asked:

So many people are saying that Stephen lacked emotion in the final scene with Felicity. I have watched this scene several times now and his face is killing me. I mean, he looks absolutely upset and is close to tears and after she said THE line, his face falls even more. Anyways, what did you think of that scene?

he lacked emotion?


Were these people not watching the same thing that I was bc honestly, LOOK AT HIS FACE! LOOK AT HIS EYES!!! You can see his heart breaking and you can see him losing hope and he’s just so defeated. One of my favorite things about Stephen is that he can convey so much emotion without saying a single word. He’s an amazing actor and he delivers his lines magnificently, but it’s his facial expressions, especially in silent moments like this, that are so powerful and they just cut right through me. 

‘Stephen lacked emotion’. HA! I don’t know what those people were thinking when they watched that scene bc to me Stephen managed to display a number of emotions in a matter of seconds.