and stay there !


did u kno i took a “which bnha character are u” quiz and I got bakugou, i was like ??? but then i remembered we both love kirishima so makes sense

the paladins as iconic vines

shiro: “how much did you pay for that taco?” “ay you know that this boy’s got his free taco“ *falls and drops taco*

keith: “road work ahead? uh, yeah, i sure hope it does”

lance: *jumping in a bouncy house on phone* “you can’t be on your phone!” “fuck you” “you can’t be on your phone!” “fuck you obama made me do this—“

pidge: “stop saying i look like chicken little. he’s dumb, and a coward, and i am not a coward”

hunk: *sees bear* “it’s a fucking bear” *bear disappears in river* “NOOOOOOO” *bear reappears seconds later* “oh shit he’s right there”

allura: *walking up to a small child* child: “daddy?”


a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has hit the kurdistan region.

  • so far, over 500 people have been injured and at least 6 have been killed in southern kurdistan
  • 4 people have been reported dead in derbendîxan, southern kurdistan and 50 injured
  • more than 50 people were taken to the hospital in hewler
  • 6 people have been reported dead in the qasrî şirîn area in eastern kurdistan, as told by the mayor of the town
  • the earthquake is said to have also hit surrounding areas including kermanshah
  • residents in amed, northern kurdistan are also said to have felt the earthquake
  • at least 61 people in kermanshah province are said to have been killed