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kinda wanna relationship, kinda wanna stay single my whole life, kinda wanna go on adventures, kinda wanna stay in my bed my whole life 


A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day

10 Reasons Why Deep Thinkers Have A Difficult Time Falling In Love

Believe it or not deep thinkers rationalize their feelings. They don’t let themselves feel without analyzing every potential action. And sometimes they don’t let themselves even feel something sincere because they don’t want to hurt the ones they love. They’re idealists at heart and extremely intelligent and highly intuitive people that are difficult to decipher.

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1. They are the world’s greatest idealists.

Since they are deep thinkers, then you know that they are all about ideas. They are always caught up with the contents of the mind. They tend to get preoccupied with the most complex ideas in the world. However, this can lead to them having very cluttered minds. Their physiological systems no longer have enough energy to process emotions anymore.

2. They would be the first to tell you that love isn’t enough.

They are natural skeptics. They doubt everything because they want to be able to experience and analyze everything for themselves. They’ve seen how love has failed so many people. They have seen so many examples of people who tried their hands at love and ended up losing. They have seen the detriments of heartbreak, disappointment, and betrayal. That’s how they know that love alone can never sustain people.

3. They try to rationalize their feelings.

They can often talk themselves out of falling in love because of how they analyze their feelings. They don’t really like to act on a whim. They will always try to attack their feelings and address them from a scientific perspective. Sometimes, this can be very irritating to other people and they understand that. But that’s something that they just can’t shake.

4. They will always rely on their own selves to go after what they want.

They are naturally independent people. These deep thinkers are just prone to acting out of their personal philosophies. They are also incredibly ambitious and they tend to always have a game plan for everything. They are able to map out their paths to success relatively well because of their thinking prowess. That’s why whenever they are looking to achieve something, they just go ahead and do it. They don’t really rely on other people to get stuff done on their behalf. They just like to act on their own accord. That’s why it really doesn’t concern them to not be in a relationship with anyone.

5. They are damaged and they will use their relationships as a healing mechanism.

The one thing you have to know about deep thinkers is that there are huge holes in their lives that they are trying to fill. They are vert introspective people and they know the areas and aspects of their character that are incomplete or flawed. They are very much aware of their personal vulnerabilities. And sometimes, these flaws can be the source of their greatest insecurities. They will end up trying to get into relationships as a means to fill a void in their life. This may take away from whether they are really invested in the relationship the way that they should be. 

6. They will try to deflect their weak spots by pointing out their flaws.

As previously stated, deep thinkers tend to be very self-aware. They know what their deepest flaws are and they are always able to point out the gaping holes of their character. When they are feeling like they are unable to cope with their faults, they will try to deflect by finding flaws in your character too. This leads to them developing a reluctance to be with people because they are rarely ever able to overlook the flaws of another person.

7. They trust what they see more than what they feel.

They are more interested in a person’s inherent character as opposed to how a person will make them feel. They will really try to dissect a person’s inherent characteristics and personality over what feelings this person can evoke in them. They don’t really like to react to their feelings much. They like to always be methodical and analytical in their approach. Feelings make them feel very uncomfortable.

8. They have the highest standards.

The deep thinkers always want the most out of life. They think that they are entitled to the best things that life has to offer and that includes love. When they do choose to engage in love, they always believe that they are only deserving of the best kind. That’s why they will always hold their partners to the highest standards. They will always have very high expectations for their relationships and sometimes, these expectations can be very unreasonable.

9. They are always the most hesitant when it comes to love.

They just don’t like to fall in love because they know that it places them in a situation of emotional vulnerability. When they try to look at it from a utilitarian perspective, the pros of staying single can always outweigh the benefits of falling in love. They don’t want to place themselves in a place of weakness and so they will not want to just dive into love at all.

10. They have the biggest fears.

They are afraid. They act like they aren’t emotional creatures, but there’s one emotion that they just can never seem to shake: fear.

15 things I wish I’d known before starting my studyblr:


You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.


You didn’t know there was such a thing as branded stationery, but heck, there’s a thriving market out there. 


LOOK AT ALL THE APPS. THE ADVICE. The resources! Be wary: sometimes simple is best.


People are going to share their dreams, fears,  doubts, hopes, ambitions and “oh my fuck what the fuck is happening moments” with you. You’re going to learn so much from people you’ve never met; who live half a world away. You’ll learn that exam stress is universal, as are feelings of inadequacy and loneliness and anxiousness. A whole new world will open up to you, one message at a time.


People will take your photos, re upload them, use them without credit. They’re going to delete your captions. It’ll piss you off. Its downright disrespectful. You’ll want to leave. Platitudes like ‘the internet is a free space’ will not dull the swell of anger. But don’t let a few fools ruin a good thing. Remember all the messages of support, the funny tags on the reblogs, the kindness oh god the kindness.


Stand up for yourself. Whether it be your study methods, your study philosophy or your style. Be firm, but respectful.


Sometimes you’ll wake up to messages which will make you cry. You’ve never wanted to move mountains before, you never thought you could have such a visceral reaction to someone else’s problems  - but in that moment you’ll want to cross international borders and give someone a hug. Oceans be damned. 


You’re no hero. You can’t help everyone, and your advice may be useful to some and useless to others. That’s ok. Find your own support network within this huge ass community and make it a positive experience for yourself.


Tumblr’s text formatting is a nightmare.


Be vulnerable. Writing about your personal experiences will be cathartic. Giving advice will be cathartic. In guiding others you will be guiding yourself. In doing so, you’ll need to be brutally honest about your own failures, your own doubts and misgivings. You will feel vulnerable, a twisted form of quid pro quo you’re not sure you love. Share your stories of success, your stories of failure so that others will step forward and share theirs. Cheer at other’s success; lend a shoulder to cry on when they don’t. Reach out and start a dialogue. 


Taking a photo will not dull the pain, or tears. You will still have bad days.


People won’t believe that you use natural lighting. They evidently haven’t spent Summer in Australia before.


The number of notes or reblogs your posts have does not reflect the impact that they have on a person’s life. Who the fuck cares about reblogs when you’re sitting in the exam hall the next morning. 


There’s going to be a pointless debate about 'aesthetic’ vs 'effective studying’ which will make you groan and smack your forehead against the closest wall. And then you’re going to remember livejournal. And then you’re going to feel old.


You’re going to meet people who are kind, lovely, whose opinions differ from yours - and that’s ok. There are going to be people you’ll be able to have long 3am conversations with, whose music library you’ll want to freaking raid, and others whose tags will always brighten your day. There’s going to be people who consistently pop up on your activity feed, shadowing your every move and you’re not sure how to express your appreciation but trust me, they’ll know.

+ You started this project in a midnight ramble not expecting anything out of it. You’re going to be in for one hell of a ride. There is no reason to be afraid.

With love,


When making your brother an ARMY backfires …

Me: Mom, after the divorce, when you leave Dad, you don’t plan on staying single forever, do you?

Mom: I’ve never thought about it, why?

Me: Well, there’s this guy. A Korean guy.

Mom: A Korean guy?

Me: Yeah, can I set you up with him?

Mom: Uh, how on Earth did you get in contact with a Korean man? We live in South-Asia.

Me: I have my ways.

Mom: I need details.

Me: Well, he’s 45 years old, you’re 40. It could work out.

Mom: Name?

Me: Bang Shi Hyuk.

Mom: Anything else? Has he been married before?

Me: Nope. He has seven sons, though.


Me: No, they’re all older than me. And very well-behaved, too. Like they’ll take care of you. Not the other way around.

My brother *walking into the room*: One of them wrote a song with the lyrics, ‘I’m a master, baby, with your bra.’


My brother: And if you think they’re brothers, it’s anything but that. Incest left and right.

Mom: What kind of nonsense-

My brother: Oh and one wants to be Sex Porn Star.

Me *shoving hand over my asshole of a brother’s mouth* It’s not like that. They’re really nice. They do their homework-

My brother: Their youngest failed his English exam.

Me: They’re modest-

My brother: Their computers get invested with viruses because they watch too much porn.

Me: They go to bed on time-

My brother: Two of them play videogames until five in the morning.

Me: They’re down to earth.

My brother: Their eldest thinks he’s worldwide handsome and once said his own mother cried when he was born because she could never be as beautiful as him.

Me: They’ll help you with the house chores-

My brother: One of them said he wants to be a rock in his next life so he could sleep and not do work.

Me: They’re very quiet and not noisy like-

My brother: They scream on the top of their lungs when they’re excited no matter what the setting.

Me: They’re super smart-

My brother: Once, during this interview, they were asked what their favourite American food was and one of them said Sprite. No joke.

Me: They dress well-

My brother: Did I mention this really short one stripped down at an award show to flash his abs?

Me: Mom, don’t listen to him! You’ll inherit a company-

My brother *snorting*: Yeah, a company that doesn’t equally distribute lines.

Mom: Get out of my room.

Mom: Get out of my room, right now.

Ring Once

Story by reddit user Pippinacious

I’d never been good in storms, but I was even worse in hospitals, so when the choice came to go visit Nana, my ma’s mother, or stay home and brave the thunder and lightning on my own, I only hesitated for a moment before making my decision.

“You sure you don’t want to come, Hannah?” Ma asked, hovering uncertainly in the doorway leading to the garage.

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“ever” music film 。・゚✧


In which Bakugou is me

Zodiac signs words suffixed with -philia
  • Aries: theophilia - love for gods
  • thermophila - love for heat
  • sexophilia - love for sex
  • Taurus: iconophilia - love for symbols and pictures
  • photophilia - love for light
  • symmetrophilia - love for symmetry
  • Gemini: logophilia - love for words
  • anuptophilia - love for staying single
  • psychophilia - love for the mind
  • Cancer: ombrophilia - love for rainfall
  • malaxophilia - love for softness
  • nephophilia - love for the clouds
  • Leo: heliophilia - love for sunlight
  • chrysophilia - love for gold
  • catoptrophilia - love for mirrors
  • Virgo: phytophilia - love for plants
  • bibliophilic - love for books
  • epistemophilia - love for knowledge
  • Libra: anthophilia - love for flowers
  • anthropophilia - love for people
  • dikephilia - love for justice
  • Scorpio: lygophilia - love for darkness
  • algophilia - love for pain
  • zelophilia - love for jealousy
  • Sagittarius: philalethia - love for honesty
  • xenophilia - love for foreigners
  • eleutherophilia - love for freedom
  • Capricorn: notaphilia - love for cheques
  • ergophilia - love for work
  • hypegiaphilia - love for responsibility
  • Aquarius: technophilia - love for technology
  • astrophilia - love for space/stars
  • Pisces: retrophilia - love for things of the past
  • hydrophilia - love for water
  • kenophilia - love for empty spaces